Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 151

Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan

Episode 151: The Youngest Son of the Magic Family

Rasen saw the blue tulip in Ibelia’s hand. It was identical to the flower he had gifted her in the past. It hadn’t wilted at all.

‘She must have applied preservation magic.’

Why would one place such a spell on a trivial flower? The flower Rasen had gifted was a living one.

Even with superior magic, maintaining such pristine condition would require intricate magical formulas and regular maintenance. This indicated the immense care Ibelia had invested in it.


Brain Dragon flapped its wings, flying towards Rasen.

-Master. That sister. She’s kind.

Confused, Rasen approached Ibelia.

“This flower. Is it not beautiful?”

“I did not expect you to keep it so.”

“It was the first flower I ever received.”

Ibelia smiled lightly. The change in her demeanor from earlier was so stark it was hard to believe she was the same person.

Ibelia spoke.

“Were you scared earlier?”


It would be dishonest to claim that he hadn’t been afraid. The murderous intent unleashed by Ibelia could have shattered Rasen’s mind in an instant.

“I was afraid. But it wasn’t merely the murderous aura that scared me.”

“Then what?”

“The fact that the person exuding it was you, Sister.”

This seemed like an unexpected response to Ibelia. She looked intently at Rasen.

“I’ve been wishing that you wouldn’t direct such energy towards me.”


“Because you were the first to gift me a flower.”

Ibelia chuckled softly.

“What a romantic and beautiful sentiment.”

“However, we are Maytons, and any of us could be aiming our staffs at each other at anytime. I momentarily forgot that. It was my mistake.”

“Yes, your mistake.”

Ibelia toyed with the tulip in her hand. The blue flower still smelled fragrant.

“Nevertheless, I do not wish to scold you for that mistake.”

Ibelia seemed oddly pleased. Her fingertips grazed the petals of the tulip. Her gaze had softened significantly from before. Rasen asked,

“Were you serious earlier?”

“I was serious.”

“Did you really intend to kill me?”

That’s impossible.

-However, your growth scares me. Seventh Son.

Ibelia was not that kind of person. She would delight in her sibling’s growth, not fear it.

“The moment was serious. But I didn’t truly wish to kill you.”

“I found it strange. I wanted to hear it directly from you, Sister.”

“I wanted to see whether that creature would risk its life for you.”

Brain Dragon.

In that mystical dream, this dragon had killed Rasen. Such an event could happen in the future.

“Yet, it risked its life. Had the dragon not been there, you could have died, Rasen.”


“I genuinely attacked.”

Ibelia’s gaze landed on Brain Dragon. This creature named Brain Dragon, sitting on Rasen’s shoulder, could also betray and kill him. In the dream, it had done so.

‘But this Brain Dragon saved Rasen once.’

Rasen was effectively living on borrowed time; the dragon had saved him from death, so they were even. Whatever happened in the future was up to Rasen.


“Yes, Sister.”

“I still consider Brain Dragon an unpredictable variable. Nothing provokes unease in humans as much as uncertainty does.”


“But I’ll observe. I want to see how you handle this variable and how you grow.”

Rasen nodded.

“I’ll show you.”

“You’re always brimming with spirit. I like that.”

“Without spirit, I’d just be a corpse.”

Although not particularly funny, Ibelia laughed heartily. After all, conversations with those we favor are always more enjoyable.

Rasen spoke,

“Sister. And thank you.”

“For what?”

“Thanks to the critical situation you created, I have fully awakened a new ability.”

“The combination of martial magic and elemental magic you used earlier?”

“Yes. Had it not been that desperate, I might not have succeeded.”

Ibelia shook her head.

“You would have managed it some time. I just accelerated the process.”

“Regardless, I’m grateful. I can now set a clear direction for my growth.”

“It warms my heart to have helped.”

Ibelia and Rasen exchanged stories typical of siblings. Mostly minor, trivial chatter.

Then Rasen sensed someone climbing the stairs to the second floor. The presence didn’t feel threatening.

‘This aura is…’

Familiar. Knock-knock—the sound was heard. Ibelia, it seemed, already knew who it was.

“Come in.”

* * *

The Sixth Prince, Carlton Mayton.

He had worked tirelessly, combining the blood of the Maytons with his own efforts, which made his progress remarkable.

He had already achieved the 5th Circle and was on the cusp of the 6th. Even considering Persha’s significant support, he was growing fast.

‘I will… surpass Rasen.’

He visited the training annex every day, driven by memories of his humiliating defeat by Rasen Mayton, then only a 2nd Circle sorcerer. That disgrace had been the driving force behind Carlton’s growth.

Practically and personally, he had grown a lot.

“Noah. Objectively, do you think I have a chance against Rasen now?”


Noah, the 7th Circle magician and steward of the Leaf Annex, was at a loss for words.

Until yesterday, he would’ve bet Carlton was stronger, considering his rapid advancement and support from Persha.

“It’s okay to be honest.”

If it were a year ago, Carlton might have responded with an outburst, but not now.

“Earlier, the seventh prince and the second princess had a magical duel.”

“A duel?”

Not instruction, but a duel? Duels aren’t meant to be fair for the junior; it’s when the senior matches their power.

“Yes. The princess vowed to use only the power of the 4th Circle.”


Noah simply relayed the fact.

“The princess was defeated.”

“That’s what happened.”

Carlton took the news rather calmly; his expression turned grim.

‘Has he grown more than I have?’

Just how far can one grow with the half-baked craft of martial magic?

The craft has clear growth limits; its early progression is merely swift. But to attribute it all to early growth would undersell Rasen; he’d covered too much ground.

“I sense Rasen’s presence upstairs.”

“Yes. He is with the second princess.”

“Take me to him.”

Carlton wanted to see for himself just how much Rasen Mayton, his closest competitor, had grown.

Upon reaching the second floor and knocking on the door, Carlton saw Ibelia seated at a distance with Rasen standing before her.

“It’s been a while, Sister Ibelia.”

“You’ve become quite composed, Carlton.”

Ibelia greeted Carlton warmly, though her mood wasn’t entirely cheerful. It was strange to herself too.

‘Momentarily, I felt bothered.’

The thought struck when Rasen was recounting events on Edel Island, specifically mentioning a friend named ‘Ralpon.’ Ibelia, while attentive to Rasen’s story, was disturbed by this. However, she knew this wasn’t a reason to feel bad, composed herself, and dismissed the thought.

Rasen smiled lightly.

“It’s been a year, Brother.”


A year ago.

Carlton had fallen to Rasen here. His 3rd Circle water shield had been splendidly penetrated.

“Sister, may I speak with Rasen alone for a moment?”

“Go ahead.”

Ibelia put the blue tulip into her spatial pocket, as if to not disturb their conversation, and stood looking out the window.

Carlton said,

“Rasen. I’m aware of the growth you’ve achieved.”

“You’ve been working hard too, I see.”

Rasen’s Heavenly Eye caught Carlton’s details.

[Name: Carlton Mayton]

[Primary Attribute: Water]

[Secondary Attribute: Fire]

[Trait: Incarnation of Tenacity]

[Circle: 5th]

He had climbed two levels in a year. An impressive pace, even for a Mayton.

‘Looks like I changed this guy’s settings a bit.’

He had unleashed his potential. Carlton’s constitution and even his personality seemed altered. Initially described as ‘Incarnation of Revenge,’ he was now ‘Incarnation of Tenacity,’ with an added ‘Secondary Attribute.’

“Well, the sixth prince of Mayton can’t be outdone by the seventh.”

Carlton’s eyes gleamed. Though he seemed more composed, his hostility towards Rasen blazed inside him.

“Your dedication is commendable.”

“That’s kind of you. I’d like to test my accomplishments against you.”

“Are you proposing a magical duel?”

“Yes. A magical duel.”

“It could be a good opportunity for you.”

Rasen nodded. Carlton Mayton was now a 5th Circle mage. Inside the Mayton household, he might be considered weak, but outside, he was more than capable of fulfilling a mage’s role. He decided to test himself.

“Alright. A magical duel.”

“I will approach it with the intent to kill. You should do the same.”

“Why? Because of your added fire attribute?”

Carlton was taken aback but didn’t show it.

‘How does this boy know?’

It was a secret never revealed. How had Rasen figured it out? Carlton glanced at Ibelia’s back.

‘Did Sister Ibelia inform him?’

It was likely early on she had, and subsequently relayed to Rasen. Suppressing his irritation, he ground his teeth.

‘What does she find so appealing about him?’

Pity for someone practicing a craft with clear limitations like martial magic? Showing favoritism because of it?

Carlton had seen Ibelia and Rasen conversing quite comfortably earlier. They appeared truly close—something the other siblings couldn’t achieve with Ibelia. Envy turned into resentment.

‘Why do you favor him so, Sister Ibelia?’

Even Persha would often compare him to the youngest, saying, ‘Rasen wouldn’t have done it like this, you fool.’ Those words had tormented Carlton for a year, constantly compared to Rasen. If he could surpass Rasen here, then Persha would cease the comparisons.

Carlton clenched his teeth, endeavoring to mask his resolve.

“You still have remarkable intel.”

“Just intuition.”

“Good intuition then.”

Such nonsense. It was clearly Ibelia’s doing. The words remained unsaid.

“Brother. Remember what you once said?”


‘Once a bug, always a bug.’

Rasen let out a wry smile.

“You said that to me.”


Carlton hadn’t changed his view. Rasen was of lowly origins. Incomparable. Born of the maid Soso, while his own mother was from a distinguished family; they were different from birth.

“You also said, bugs belong on the ground. You’ll end up crawling.”

Rasen’s eyes narrowed.

“You charged at me with those words, and now you pretend to be respectable by challenging me to a magical duel?”

Pretending now won’t erase the past. Past actions can’t be undone. Yet, apologies can be made. That should have been the priority.

“Shouldn’t an apology have come first?”

An earnest apology before requesting a duel might have changed the narrative. Carlton maintained silence; he didn’t lash out as before, but neither did he apologize.

“It seems you still have no intention to apologize.”


Rasen chuckled to himself.

“All the better.”

Leading the way downstairs, Rasen declared,

“I will show you. The extent of our difference, Brother.”

“That is what I had hoped for.”

Carlton followed. As he watched Rasen’s back, rage resurged but he restrained himself. He would break Rasen’s arrogance in the magical duel.

He had confidence this time. For a year, he had labored to counter Rasen’s martial magic, enduring humiliation from Persha.

Upon reaching the first floor,

‘Your martial magic will be useless.’

Then Rasen spoke,

“Oh, considering the gap between us, Brother, I’ll limit myself to just elemental magic.”

This was not in Carlton’s plans.

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