Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 150

Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan

Chapter 150: The Youngest Son of the Magic Family

“I will certainly stop you, Sister.”

Rasen’s determination pleased Ibelia. A Meiton should indeed act like that.

In one corner, the Thunder Dragon flitted its wings as it hovered in the air.

Ibelia didn’t pay it any mind. It was a goner anyway. So she focused on Rasen, reading his every move.

‘He’ll probably put all his strength into the first strike.’

Rasen knew this too. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t surpass Ibelia herself. That’s why he’d pour everything into his first attack.

‘Right now, Rasen has no choice but to gamble.’

But what hand would he play? The Martial Arts of Matou? The Norserian Ice Magic?

Ibelia decided to receive Rasen’s first attack to make him fully aware of the overwhelming difference in their skills.

“I will allow you the first attack.”

“I knew you would.”

Rasen too was aware. He knew he only had the first attack, and that Ibelia would choose to receive it.

“The attack I will use is the 4th Circle Ice Magic, Icefall.”

“The technique you used before. It won’t be enough.”

“We’ll see about that.”

Ibelia’s eyes narrowed. She had already experienced the technique. He wouldn’t use it without any variation.

‘The ability he showed before exceeded even the 4th Circle.’

Ibelia was a bit surprised. The Icefall that Rasen used, a 4th Circle Ice Magic, had held the power of at least the 5th Circle.

It had felt like a skilled 6th Circle magician using 4th Circle magic. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the Sixth Prince had already been easily surpassed.

‘But can you show me something more?’

If he couldn’t, Ibelia would have to kill the Thunder Dragon. For Rasen’s sake.

“Here I come, Sister.”

1st Circle Transcendental Magic, Interaction.

4th Circle Ice Magic, Icefall.

Rasen drew upon both powers, but did not release the magic immediately. Instead, he held the power within him, his eyes bloodshot.

‘Even if I was lucky enough to make use of attribute magic…’

His main talent was Martial Arts. The creator Cha Seong-min had assigned this as the setting for the character Rasen Meiton.

‘I’ve practiced it only a few times.’

But once you’ve chosen to gamble, there’s no safe path. The Holy Grail spoke urgently.

-You’re going to cause a mana explosion! Release it now!

I know. Rasen concentrated his mind. He had fighting spirit. He used it to protect his body—if he didn’t have it, he wouldn’t have attempted this method.

Using ‘Both Eyes,’ Rasen drew upon Martial Arts. The mana circles, furiously spinning from the attribute magic, spun even faster.

-Your circles will break!

-You’re overloading them!

-The circle’s going to shatter!

He would have to release all the mana of the heart at once. It was best to hold out to the limit before doing so.

One of Grandel’s Four Wills, ‘Jueol,’ which he chanted out loud.

“Jueol is about turning a plane into a line.”

Ibelia watched. She was also well aware of ‘Jueol.’ It was a technique used by martial artists.

‘A technique to enhance the cutting force through fighting spirit.’

With enough skill, one could even slice through steel with bare hands.

‘Rasen. You are not a martial artist.’

Ibelia couldn’t be sure what Rasen was doing. He had raised the Ice Mana but did not release it. It seemed like it would explode, but Rasen’s superior physical strength kept it in check. And then he chanted the Will of Martial Artists.

Ibelia soon realized it wasn’t just simple ‘Martial Arts.’

[Intermediate Martial Arts—’Jueol’ is activated.]

He pulled up the will of a martial artist, but manifested it through Martial Arts. He blended the martial arts with the Martial Arts. The ‘Jueol’ unfolded by Rasen’s hand was wielded not with fighting spirit but with mana.

Rasen charged. Ibelia swiped the air with her hand once.

‘Light’s Shadow.’

Light rapidly sucked into Ibelia’s hand. It seemed to draw in all the light that existed in the world into a shield.

Rasen needed no such elaborate preparation. With a single swipe of her hand, she summoned a shield of light. Countless magical formulas melted into the shield of light, a web of light intricate beyond compare.

Even the 7th Circle mage Noah’s eyes widened.

‘Is that [Light’s Shadow] made with a single hand gesture?’

Light’s Shadow was 4th Circle magic. However, it wasn’t a spell for defending against physical attacks. Light’s Shadow was originally a buff spell to protect the caster from diseases or harmful toxins.

‘She’s concentrated the mana, making it both dense and solid.’

Ibelia had taken a basic spell like Light’s Shadow and shaped it into a shield. Noah could probably do it too, but not as quickly or sturdily.

Originally, ‘light’ attribute magic wasn’t specialized for defense. Ibelia’s ability to instantly create a shield out of it was astounding.

Noah realized something.

‘I was wrong.’

No matter how much the Seventh Prince had improved and displayed remarkable abilities now, the immense gap between him and the Second Princess was insurmountable.


The shield of light collided with Rasen’s fist.

The finesse of the ‘Jueol’ technique, steeped in Martial Arts, couldn’t penetrate Light’s Shadow. The intent of ‘Jueol,’ which could cut through steel, faded within the light.

Ice covered the light forming the shield.


Icefall poured over the Light’s Shadow. It wasn’t a simple Ice Magic but Icefall infused with Martial Arts. The ice mana devoured the light mana.

Light burst from the shield Ibelia had created.


At that moment, the shield was gone.

Ibelia was slightly surprised.

‘He managed to combine attribute magic with Martial Arts.’

Attribute magic is powerful but has complex formulas and consumes a lot of mana.

Martial Arts are quick and simple, but they have clear limits.

‘If you can intertwine Martial Arts with attribute magic, you could mix the advantages of both.’

It seemed like this was the growth direction Rasen had set for himself. In a way, he had done something even a master mage could do. It was in itself highly commendable. And when combined with Martial Arts, the destructive power seemed amplified.

“You possess power exceeding the 6th Circle, though it’s 4th Circle magic.”

“Huff… Huff…”

“The Light’s Shadow I created could block even 6th Circle magic. Your growth is undeniable.”

No one had expected Rasen to grow so much. The same went for the past Ibelia.

“But I will win this duel.”

Light gathered in Ibelia’s hand. She used the basic magic ‘Light’ for an attack, intending to momentarily blind Rasen and easily knock him out.


-Master! I attack!

The Thunder Dragon lunged forward. It opened its mouth.


The dragon’s prerogative, the Breath—a body of mana known as the dragon’s breath was fired.

Ibelia’s body flinched.


The Thunder Dragon’s Breath was quite powerful. It had at least the force of the 4th Circle. The Breath hit Ibelia’s back as she was focused on Rasen.


Sparks flew as intense electrical energy spread across Ibelia’s back.

Rasen’s eyes gleamed.

‘This is the moment.’

He knew he couldn’t overcome Ibelia with the dragon’s attack, but it created a fleeting opening.

[Beginner Martial Arts. ‘Swift Resolution’ is activated.]

He used all his remaining mana. He had waited for this moment. When Ibelia was off guard. The only way to fight the absolute was to seize a moment of negligence.

[Attribute. ‘Let It Flow Slowly’ is applied.]

They were close. Rasen extended his fist toward Ibelia’s temple. Ibelia was an outstanding mage, but her physical prowess was not spectacular.

‘After all, Sister allowed me to close the distance from the start.’

A magical duel typically doesn’t occur this close. Movement spells like Warp and Blink are used continually to maintain distance from the opponent, and numerous traps and magical formations ensure they can’t be followed.

Wielding various attributes for a complex battle is the way of a mage’s combat. But Ibelia had allowed him to get close from the outset. That’s what Rasen was aiming for.

‘In this situation, Sister will move instinctively.’

A magician’s instinct. He counted on that. Right before Rasen’s fist could touch her temple, Ibelia used Blink to create distance.

“I win, Sister. Blink is a 5th Circle spell.”

Ibelia had not been hit, but she broke her promise to use only 4th Circle spells.

“You must have intended for me to use Blink.”

“What other way would I have to beat you, Sister?”

“Had you prepared the Thunder Dragon’s Breath in advance?”

“I had to use everything available. I capitalized on the fact that even exceptional mages can’t fully perceive the dragon’s presence.”

Ibelia nodded. Rasen’s strategy was commendable.

“I have no choice but to acknowledge your skill and cunning.”

She was satisfied.

“You were complacent with me, Sister. You allowed me to close the distance.”

Watching her youngest brother, Ibelia was pleased. There was something satisfying about witnessing Rasen’s growth. Her eyes narrowed. For a moment, she seemed like someone else.

“But your growth scares me, Seventh Prince.”

A murderous aura erupted. Ibelia’s eyes resembled those of a snake. Rasen’s body froze. He was immobilized. It felt as though all mana was restraining him.


Rasen had a momentary vision of the future.

‘My neck is being cut.’

Surely not.

‘Orbital regeneration?’

Was the character Rasen Meiton, who was supposed to die at 17, going to die right here? It seemed unlikely Ibelia would do such a thing. Above him, he saw a blade of light falling. Rasen sensed death.

-Master! No!

The Thunder Dragon charged. It threw itself at the blade of light. Rasen remembered up until that point.

When he came to, Noah was by his side.

“Are you alright, my prince?”

Rasen shot up.

“The Thunder Dragon?”

“The Thunder Dragon is…”

Rasen couldn’t feel the dragon’s presence. He remembered the dragon throwing itself at the blade of light.

He asked again.


“She is on the second floor.”

Rasen hurriedly moved. The murderous intent he felt from Ibelia had been chilling. He hadn’t expected Ibelia to emit such killing intent towards him.

When he reached the second floor. He heard the Thunder Dragon’s voice.

-Master. Awake?

He witnessed a baffling scene. The Thunder Dragon was snuggled in Ibelia’s embrace, nuzzling like a cat or a dog.

‘What am I looking at?’

It seemed the dragon had been cleaved in two by the blade of light. He struggled to understand the situation.

‘An illusion?’

Then, Rasen noticed something held in Ibelia’s hand.

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