Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 149

Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan

Chapter 149: The Youngest Son of the Magic Noble Family

Ibelia had a nightmare. It was a nightmare she never once had while passing through the 6th circle of magic. Now that she had passed the 7th circle and was on the verge of reaching the 8th, she was suddenly plagued by a nightmare.


Ibelia sat up abruptly, her white nightgown soaked with sweat. She removed several strands of hair that were sticking to her forehead.

She let out a deep sigh.


Using mana, she drew a white towel from the table toward her, repeatedly wiping her forehead where beads of sweat had formed.

‘It was definitely the brain dragon.’

The dream had been incredibly vivid. A brain dragon, born from an egg, destroyed several villages and cities. After a long time, the dragon killed a person.

Ibelia had to expend a great deal of concentration to see who the person was in her dream. The Ibelia in her dream had put in a painstaking effort. After some time, she recognized the person who died in her dream.


It was Rasen’s face that appeared. He looked older than he was now. Though time had passed a bit, it was unmistakably Rasen.

‘Years from now. The brain dragon kills Rasen.’

It was hard to write it off as just a dream. It was too specific and realistic. In the dream, Ibelia even saw the young days of the brain dragon. It was a young girl with blonde hair and amber eyes. The girl had a mole on her left shoulder.

‘This is not good.’

She immediately sought out Rasen.

“There’s something I need to check.”

“…Yes. I will guide you.”

They walked through the hallways. While walking, she asked.

“Have you named the brain dragon?”

“Yes. We have given it the name Shinryong.”

“Shinryong. It’s a pretty name.”

Rasen felt that Ibelia was walking unusually fast. Something also seemed odd about her attitude.

“Why are you like this?”

“It’s nothing.”

The name of the girl in the dream was also ‘Shinryong.’ Could this be a coincidence? The name in the dream and the name in reality were the same.

“Is this the room?”


Without knocking, Ibelia opened the door and walked briskly into the room. Shinryong lay sleeping soundly on the bed, mumbling in her sleep about how great beds are.

“This is Shinryong?”


“I see.”

Ibelia’s heart throbbed. The vision from her dream came vividly to mind. Shinryong kills Rasen in the dream. She moved closer to Shinryong, rolling up the left sleeve to reveal the girl’s shoulder.

‘A mole on the shoulder.’

There it was.

‘Everything’s the same.’

Ibelia didn’t usually believe in dreams. But this dream was too strange. Then, Shinryong opened her eyes. Yawning widely and appearing as if she had been fast asleep, she rubbed her eyes and looked up at Rasen.


“Say hello. She’s my second sister.”

Sensing Ibelia’s strength, the brain dragon, ever so weak against powerful beings, quickly got out of bed. She lightly lifted the ends of her nightgown dress and gave a light bow.

“Hello? My name is Shinryong.”

Shinryong looked up at Ibelia with a curious gaze. All the humans in this household were incredibly strong. It was a shattering of dragonkind’s unique perception that dragons were mightier than humans.


Ibelia sat on the bed and spoke to Rasen.

“Rasen. I saw this child in a dream.”


“Yes, she had the mole on her left shoulder, amber eyes, and blonde hair.”


“Do you know the girl’s name in the dream?”

“Was it… Shinryong?”

“Yes, it was Shinryong. That Shinryong was born from an egg, absorbed a massive amount of mana on Edel Island, and came back. Am I right?”

“Yes, you are correct.”

Ibelia nodded. Rasen asked,

“In the dream, was the name of the dragon Shinryong?”

“Yes. It was Shinryong. What are the chances all of this is just a coincidence?”

“Perhaps the mana around you has gathered information and presented it to you, my lady?”

“If that were the case, I would’ve received other information too. I’ve never had such a dream before.”

Rasen seemed to realize what Ibelia had experienced.

‘A premonition dream.’

The kind of premonition dream that Persha had experienced seemed to be what Ibelia was going through as well. Normally, characters in the story don’t mention ‘premonition dreams.’

If there had been even one instance of a premonition dream, it would have been noted somewhere in the dialogue. However, author Cha Sung-Min had never once described a premonition dream before.

Rasen realized something.

‘The meddling of the gods is becoming frequent.’

Persha. And now to Ibelia as well. It was different from the original work. The variable was indeed Rasen himself.

‘I’m wreaking havoc in the original work. The meddling of the gods has intensified.’

It was the only explanation. If that was the case, what exactly did the ‘god’ show Ibelia? Why was the message delivered through a premonition dream?

“That sort of thing is called a premonition dream.”

“Premonition dream? Do you know about it?”

“Yes. I’ve heard from Lady Persha.”

“Persha heard about it.”

Ibelia nodded. She thought to herself that talking with Persha would yield more information.

“Premonition dream. It’s a mystical phenomenon. But, Rasen.”

Suddenly, flames erupted from Ibelia’s hand.


The flames engulfing Ibelia’s hand soon enveloped Shinryong, who screamed in pain.


Struggling in agony, Shinryong rolled across the floor.

“It’s hot! It’s hot!”

Rasen did not have time to think. His body moved before his mind.

[A 1st circle transcendental magic ‘Interaction’ has been applied.]

[Using 4th circle ice magic ‘Frozen Waterfall’.]

He maximized the output of the Holy Grail to use ice magic. He knew too well that it was nowhere enough to neutralize the flames Ibelia had conjured but it could give the brain dragon a chance. If he could just help a little, the brain dragon could extinguish those flames by itself.

‘Unless Ibelia’s full strength was behind the attack.’

He bit his lip and glared at Ibelia.

“What are you doing, sister!”

“I do not care for that brain dragon.”

That dragon will kill you, Rasen. If indeed that premonition dream is true.

“I cannot acknowledge your actions right now, sister.”

“You don’t have to. I’m going to kill that brain dragon.”

“You can’t.”

A faint anger appeared in Ibelia’s eyes.

“Rasen Maiton. Do you think you can stop me?”

“I will have to.”


“Because I’m the first one to have given it a name.”


Amidst everything, the Holy Grail murmured ‘I wasn’t the first?’ annoyingly, but Rasen didn’t hear it. His focus was consumed by the conversation with Ibelia, lacking in any effort to pay attention elsewhere.

“I was the one who named it Shinryong.”

In the meantime, the brain dragon had extinguished the fire on its body itself. Her face was charred, some hair had been singed, and her skin was slightly melted.

She was trembling all over from the burns she had received. The brain dragon was shaking, not out of anger but fear. She kept retreating until her back hit the wall.


Her back hit the wall.

Her hands and feet shook like trembling aspen leaves. Her teeth chattered against each other with a loud click. The brain dragon, paralyzed with fright, could not do anything.

Ibelia’s mana overwhelmed the brain dragon’s, and the yet-to-grow dragon was drowned in fear, unable to resist Ibelia’s overpowering mana.

“If you cannot even protect the first life you’ve named, can you truly call yourself a Maiton?”

“You’re not wrong.”

However, Ibelia didn’t seem to have softened. She hadn’t changed her mind about killing the dragon.

“Sister. Why do you want to kill the brain dragon?”


Because that dragon will kill you. If the premonition dream is true. She did not say that. She could not say it. It was not the Maiton way to kill the dragon as a substitute for an unconfirmed threat to ‘Maiton’. Nor was it a fitting Maiton method.

To protect you, I must kill it. That, in fact, would be an insult to Rasen Maiton.

‘Better to be resented than insulted.’

Insult is what Rasen ‘receives,’

Resentment is what Rasen ‘gives.’

They are different. So Ibelia chose to be resented.

“I want to kill the brain dragon because I dislike it. Do I need any other reason?”

“No need. Sister, you have never once failed to achieve what you want.”

Rasen was a little angry. He didn’t understand why Ibelia was doing this. Suddenly deciding to kill the brain dragon – and that killing intent was real as is the dragon trembling in terror against the wall.

All of this was real.

“Yet, I will protect the brain dragon. I stake my name on it.”

“…You’re serious.”

Rasen couldn’t read anything from Ibelia’s expression. A chilling coldness could be felt, an unfamiliar sight. It was reminiscent of the final mage who had troubled the protagonist Cassin Seyde so much.

“Yes. I am serious.”

“Then, let’s see you try.”

“I shall.”

Ibelia continued calmly.

“I will knock you out, and in your insensible state, I will kill the dragon.”


“But not here. Follow me. If you wish to protect the brain dragon, that is.”

Rasen walked silently behind Ibelia. The two headed toward the training annex called ‘Leafy Cottage.’ The manager, Noah, ran out barefoot.

“I, Ibelia, the noble lady?”

Noah was flustered. Not only was the 6th prince but the 2nd princess appeared in such a remote place. With the 1st prince gone missing, the 2nd princess was effectively the most likely successor to the family head. Why would such an influential person come here to duel in magic with the 7th prince?

“Manager. I will engage in a magical duel with Rasen Maiton.”

“With Lady Ibelia?”


Noah swallowed hard. He was a 7th circle mage himself, but he couldn’t dare compare to Ibelia. Even within the same circle, there could be a difference in powers. Let alone, Ibelia from the magical noble house of Maiton? It was harrowing to think why such a figure would come here for a magical duel with the 7th prince.

‘If things go awry, this is going to be a beating.’

There might be a report or an inquiry. It seemed a tiring affair was about to unfold. It wasn’t even a fair duel. And now, the 7th prince was on his pilgrimage. What if he’s gravely injured here? Things would get incredibly complicated.

“Lady Ibelia. It’s quite difficult to say, but as far as I’m concerned, the 7th prince is currently on pilgrimage.”

“That’s why we’re dueling. Rasen is currently a 4th circle mage. I, too, will only use magic up to the 4th circle.”

“…Are you sure it’s a duel? Seeing as it’s the 7th prince’s pilgrimage period, I must record the event.”

“If that is the rule, then so be it.”

Recording it. That’s something that the absolute being would find quite irritating. But Ibelia seemed rather indifferent about it.

Noah cleared his throat and said,

“I will summon the duel field. You must only use your strength up to the 4th circle. Leafy Cottage cannot withstand your magical power, Lady Ibelia.”

A wide dueling ground unfolded before them. Rasen swallowed nervously. He had competed here against the 6th prince Kalten before. Rasen was familiar with this place.

Ibelia declared,

“I will only use up to the 4th circle.”

It was a duel that was far from fair. Rasen knew that well. Even if the same sword was wielded, the outcome would depend on who wields it. The same goes for the 4th circle magic; the outcome entirely changes depending on who employs it.

“I will most certainly stop you, sister.”

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