Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 148

Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan

Chapter 148 of “The Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Family”

“I have something to ask you, Rasen Mayton.”

Rasen straightened his posture. He was not facing the warm Ibelia sister now but the eldest daughter of the Mayton family.

“You may ask me anything whenever you wish, sister. Please speak your mind.”

“Is the information in this newsletter true?”

Ibelia pulled out newsletters from her subspace. Rasen received them and reviewed the contents carefully.

– The disappearance of the Drug King Henker.

– What is the true identity of the Mayton family’s seventh son!

– A collaboration between the Mayton and Seyd families: The fall of the Northern Basin!

Most of the articles focused on Henker’s disappearance or death.

“Did you kill the Drug King?”


Rasen hesitated for a moment. Henker was now dead. Phaser would no longer operate under the name Henker.

“I did not kill him, but he is dead.”

“If you did not kill him, did Kashin Seyd?”

“That is not the case either.”

Ibelia’s eyebrows twitched.

“Then who killed him?”

“Henker took his own life.”

Rasen was puzzled by Ibelia’s behavior. What did Henker’s death have to do with her?

“I had met Henker a long time ago.”


“Henker was a being even I had difficulty killing with my powers.”


“So, when I heard that you people handed down the judgment of the hammer on Henker, I was puzzled and had to ask.”

Ibelia’s demeanor softened slightly.

“Mayton hates lies. Living falsely and cowardly is worse than death.”

“I am aware of that.”

In fact, the Mayton family was not as staunchly against lies and wholly in pursuit of justice as they portrayed. The creator, Cha Seong-min, knew this very well.

It was Ibelia, a character in the narrative, who judged the Mayton family as hating lies. Ibelia sincerely believed that. For her, Mayton family values were of utmost and noble importance.

“Do you think that I paid off the newsletter journalists to spread false publicity for us?”

“I thought these contents to be impossible otherwise.”

Rasen nodded.

“Do you think I’ve done such an unlikely thing? Was it too obvious?”


Ibelia was at a loss for words.

“I’m sorry. I underestimated you too much.”

“I think you have underestimated me. If I ever intended to deceive you, sister, I would do it properly.”

“I hope that day never comes. When the truth is revealed, I will have to punish you harshly.”

“If I am not caught, there will be no need for you to punish me, sister.”

Ibelia’s eyebrows twitched again. Rasen knew what she wanted to hear. ‘I have no intentions of deceiving you, sister. I never did, and I never will.’ She probably wanted to hear something like that.

Despite that, Rasen did not say so.

“Of course, I have no desire to deceive you, sister. However, if there comes a time when I must deceive you out of necessity, when I have to confess lies to you regardless of my intentions, I do not expect that day will never come. Therefore, I dare not make such a promise here. It is more frightening for me to greatly disappoint you in the future than to slightly disappoint you now.”


Ibelia looked at Rasen for a while, then let her shoulders slump.

“You speak well, little brother.”

Now he was little brother. Rasen relaxed a bit, too.

“Wouldn’t I just speak well, sister?”

“I was honestly worried.”

“What were you worried about?”

“You started off far behind the other brothers.”

There was no denying that truth. The youngest child is always at the greatest disadvantage in the competition for succession. Born the youngest and having lived nearly a decade as a good-for-nothing, during which he had almost vanished from the succession competition.

“So I thought you might be impatient.”

“So you thought I swayed the journalists with my impatience.”

“It seemed possible. Had Kashin been involved, it would have been even worse.”

The prestige of the Mayton family would shatter. If Rasen Mayton had bribed journalists to build his reputation with Kashin involved, it would be a grave matter.

“When humans are blinded by greed, they often do things they normally wouldn’t.”

Rasen continued to examine the newsletters. He could see why Ibelia might have had such worries.

“It’s understandable you might think that.”

Many of the newsletters focused on Rasen Mayton. Kashin Seyd was unmistakably the famous prince of the Seyd family, but Rasen’s exploits in the Northern Basin were quite extraordinary. Even the most skilled person would struggle to gain attention for being just a little more skilled.

– The seventh son of the Mayton family. Re-establishing his status.

Just reading the letters made his whole body itch and filled him with embarrassing adjectives. The contents were mostly similar.

The racketeer of the Mayton family, believed to be just a no-good youngster, was, in fact, hiding incredible abilities. He handled the Drug King Henker like a child and manipulated the situation to his taste with his outstanding abilities. That was roughly the content.

Besides the main content, the second-most discussed topic was Rasen Mayton’s appearance.

“So there’s even a mention of you not just being handsome but beautiful.”

“There are no photos of me.”

“Who would dare to infringe upon the portrait rights of Mayton blood?”

While the newsletters nearly praised Rasen in their content, there was no actual picture of his face to be found.

“And as time passed, the interest in me gradually faded.”

He checked the dates. When he had just left the Northern Basin, the newsletters competed to cover the incident, but interest dwindled over time.

It was a natural course of events. Rasen had spent a year on Edel Island. Since he had not made any public appearance for a year, interest naturally waned.

“For someone who needs to build a reputation quickly, it’s a bit of a pity.”

“I don’t see it that way.”

“Why is that?”

“A reputation built on a solid foundation is beneficial even to a successor candidate like me, but a reputation without foundation is nothing but a bubble.”

Ibelia’s eyes narrowed. She covered her mouth with her hand and laughed.

“It’s a good mindset to have, but have you built your foundation yet?”

“As you may guess, sister, I have completed the 4th circle.”

“Mmm. Not bad.”

Completing the 4th circle at 15. For any other mage besides Mayton, it’s an unreachable realm. Since magic grows slowly and in a stepwise fashion.

‘Is that her only reaction?’

Mmm. Not bad. That was the only reaction. The fact that that was Ibelia’s sincere response flabbergasted Rasen.

‘Normally one would be praised for even completing the 3rd circle at 15.’

It would be the case in any other family. Unfortunately, this was the Mayton family—a place swarming with magical geniuses. Where geniuses gather, genius becomes the everyday routine.

“I thought you’d come to see me at least once before you left for Edel Island.”


“Yes. Didn’t you say you’d gift me a flower?”

Rasen remembered.

-I’ll give you a flower from the garden later. The blue tulips there are really pretty.

That night. Ibelia had received a blue tulip from Rasen.

Ibelia placed the blue tulip in a vase by the window. The blue tulip that greeted her every morning, and the sunlight that shone through the window bars, always warmed her heart.

“Much time has passed, and the flower withered.”

No matter how cared for and watered daily, flowers wither. It’s the law of nature.

Ibelia placed a new tulip in the vase. However, the feeling wasn’t the same. It no longer felt as beautiful as before.

“I’ve realized something.”

“What is it?”

“A gifted flower is more beautiful.”

Rasen laughed, “Heh-.” It almost seemed like a threat to give her a flower. But the threat didn’t feel too bad.

“I’ll gift you a flower, sister.”

“Then I’ll repay you with dinner.”

* * *

Rasen had dinner with Ibelia. Grilled lamb chops with various vegetables were the main course, and they finished the meal with a dessert accompanied by pineapple and blueberries.

Ibelia wiped her mouth with a napkin.

“It’s nice to eat together.”

“Let’s eat together occasionally when I’m home.”

Ibelia smiled broadly. She thought this boy was rather fascinating. That was probably when she began to notice him. When he started to stand out in her sight.

-Sister. It’s been a long time since you visited. Would you like to chat with me?

-Rather than that… I’ve become a little curious.

-What was your last year like, sister? Did you have dinner today?

-If you have time, would you like to eat with me?

It wasn’t anything grand, but from that moment, Rasen caught her eye. It was the same today. There wasn’t anything particularly important to talk about. Nevertheless, the mealtime felt abundant.

“Yes. And I want to offer you a little help.”

“I’m on a pilgrimage now, so it’s difficult to accept help from family, sister.”

“Then let me be the one to receive help.”


Ibelia had many matters to deal with as the eldest daughter of the Mayton family. She suggested she would pass one of those tasks to Rasen.

“There’s so much to do that I’m busy. My time is limited, but there’s too much to take care of. I’d like you to help me.”


It sounded like she was asking for help, but really, Ibelia was giving Rasen an opportunity. Ibelia’s request was for him to investigate a special place called ‘The Donkey Saint’s Stable.’ Rasen already knew about ‘The Donkey Saint’s Stable.’

‘The Donkey Saint’s Stable.’

This was set by Cha Seong-min. The main setting of the novel was ‘Seyd family.’ Therefore, the participation of the Mayton family was not significantly high. However, there were a few important facets involving the Mayton family, and one of them was ‘The Donkey Saint’s Stable.’

“There’s a half-finished map. It won’t be hard to proceed with this as your basis.”

The Donkey Saint’s Stable.

The Mayton family’s exploration team obtained clues for opening ‘The Donkey Saint’s Treasure Vault’ in this place. They secured various treasures from ‘The Donkey Saint’s Treasure Vault,’ which would later prove to be a great help during the war against the Seyd family.

“Have you been there, sister?”

“I’ve been there. I didn’t have enough time to explore extensively.”

“So you have a rough idea of the place as well.”

“Yes. It’s a first-stage base. There ought to be clues leading to the second stage.”

Rasen realized.

‘She may be saying “perhaps,” but she is certain.’

This was an opportunity for him. Get through the first stage and proceed to the second stage. There will be things there that provide significant help. That’s what Ibelia seemed to know.

Rasen brazenly replied.

“I will heed sister’s request.”

“Thank you.”

Ibelia was pleased with Rasen’s audacity.

“When do you plan to leave?”

“In two days. I intend to report to father about the thunder dragon and then leave.”

At that moment, Ibelia’s body twitched.

“Thunder dragon?”

“Yes. I thought you knew, sister.”

Rasen assumed Ibelia would have already felt the energy of the thunder dragon and known about its existence.

“Is the thunder dragon within the Mayton family right now?”

“Yes. That’s right. It’s in Maple Annex. It should be sleeping now.”

Ibelia stood up abruptly.

“Let’s go.”

“Why is that, sister?”

“I need to check something.”

“Okay. I’ll guide you.”

They moved together. Ibelia walked much faster than usual. It was a bit strange.

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