Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 147

Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan

Chapter 147 of “The Youngest Son of a Magic Noble Family”

Rasen achieved the 4th Circle at the age of 14—a notable pace even for a scion of the Mayton family. Mages usually experience slow initial growth, followed by a sudden spurt. This is unlike martial artists or swordsmen who tend to grow more steadily.

“Attaining the 4th Circle at an early age doesn’t necessarily guarantee success,” mages would say. Martial artists or body technique users tend to grow quickly if they grow quickly early on.

It’s commonly said they usually reach their growth limits before the age of 10. However, mages grow in spurts, so early growth can’t predict their overall potential.

“Nevertheless, it’s better than being slow,” Rasen thought.

While immersed in these thoughts, and slightly intoxicated with the sense of achievement for reaching the 4th Circle, Rasen noticed a change in the Thunder Dragon.

– Master!

The urgency in the Thunder Dragon’s voice was palpable. Rasen went outside the igloo, involuntarily gasping when he saw it.


The Thunder Dragon had suddenly grown much larger. Its physical growth resembled the steep leaps of a mage’s progression.

– I’ve become too big!

Its size now rivaled that of an elephant.

– I feel much stronger, Master.

– I am strong!

– I am a powerful dragon!

The creature nodded proudly, stirring a gust of wind as it moved its head.

Rasen activated his celestial eyes to understand the situation, which offered an explanation:

[The dragon that chooses a master tends to grow with ‘the master’s growth.’]

[This can be a double-edged sword for the dragon.]

Some dragons choose a master, others do not; most dragons remain unattached, valuing their liberty.

[As the master grows, the dragon can also grow and may find the momentum to break through its limits.]

[However, if the master’s growth stalls, so does the dragon’s.]

Rasen’s growth would spur the dragon on. In turn, the dragon’s growth strengthens the bond and sense of belonging it has toward its master.

The Thunder Dragon soared high into the sky, spreading its wings that now seemed to fill the heavens like two elephants looming in the air. Strands of lightning appeared to be drawn to its massive body, and the thunder crackled across its skin, sparking like some formidable beast ascending from the depths of hell. In the dragon’s eyes brimmed a confidence the source of which was unknown.

– Master. Do I look gallant?

* * *

Soon after the Thunder Dragon’s growth, Evian passed him an intermediate magic tome.

“This will be a bit more challenging. From now on, it’s intermediate magic.”

“Is it okay to give me something so precious?”

Tradition holds that spell tomes are priceless, not even obtainable with a fortune—especially not the ‘Nostalan Ice System Spell Tome,’ which was for a 4th to 6th Circle mage.

“Yes. I cannot claim it encompasses the essence of all my magic; it’s merely a fraction. There aren’t many types of magic.”

Evian’s tone indicated it was nothing special, but Rasen knew better: each spell corresponding to a circle bore immense value. To think someone would teach these prestigious spells gratuitously…


In exchange, Rasen gifted the chocolates he had acquired from the village of Fen Perion.

“The chocolate isn’t to thank for this.”

“I know. Now that you’re free, you could even buy your own if you wanted.”

“Chocolate received as a gift tastes better.”

So, Rasen delved into deciphering the spell tomes within the igloo, engrossed in interpreting the ‘Great Allure’ and studying the ‘Nostalan Ice System Spell Tome.’ The higher-tiered spells required more time to explore and understand.

Months went by, and soon one year was about to come to a close as directed by his father to spend on Edelsen.

“I have three more days until the time granted by the Decatra patriarch ends. Will you return to the family then?”

“No, I think I’ll need to stay a little longer.”

“Why is that?”

“Well, I can’t go roaming around with that fearsome creature.”

The Thunder Dragon took flight.

– Master, just wait a little.

– I, the magic, is good.

After a year and the additional two months, the Thunder Dragon had learned to transform itself adeptly, taking on the appearance of a young girl.

Rasen was somewhat taken aback.

“Are you female?”

After all the references to Persha as ‘sister,’ Rasen had assumed the dragon to be male. However, it seemed much like Faezer, the dragon was female: blond hair, amber eyes, and fair skin—a dainty figure straight out of a children’s storybook.

“What’s a female?”

“… Never mind.”

Dragons defy human conventions, capable of becoming an earthworm at will. Why would it matter to them to appear male or female?

However, when Evian expressed some curiosity, he asked,

“Shin-nyong. You referred to Persha and me as ‘sister.’ Why?”

Dragons are said to adhere to the gender identity of the human they choose, following human customs.

“That’s because the master called it that.”

“I understand.”

Evian seemed to grasp what was meant; ‘sister’ bore no special significance. Simply, Rasen referred to Persha as such, and the dragon had mirrored his words. Quite similar to human children, there was not much difference in their patterns of behavior.

Evian then asked,

“Shin-nyong can now transform into human form. What will you do next?”

“I have to return to the family. I need to report about the Thunder Dragon.”

“My contract with the Mayton family has ended. After escorting you, I will depart to attend to my own matters.”

“What matters?”

“It is not appropriate for me to disclose at the moment.”

Rasen gazed at Evian for an extended period. Normally, Evian would go on to continue as a librarian at the Starlight Library before perpetrating a massacre in the ‘Northern War.’ Rasen sought to confirm only one thing,

“Will you be staying up north?”


It likely had something to do with the Northern War. Lalfon was itching to start, seeming quite excited.

“Hey, Rasen. Are we heading home now?”

“Isn’t your home up north?”

“Wherever you are, is home to me.”

Lalfon erupted into laughter, bearing no trace of homesickness.

“I’m curious how humans in the south live.”

Clutching his fist, he shook his gigantic 3-meter frame.

“Is this the adventure of a man?”

Lalfon was genuinely enthused—a southern expedition unheard of among northern humans. He was thrilled.

“They say the south is a world consumed by fire, endlessly battered by storms, blanketed in darkness, and on the brink of doom.”


“My heart’s pounding.”

Rasen remained silent, not wanting to shatter Lalfon’s imagination. He would see the truth soon enough with his own eyes.

But what awaited Lalfon was not a world shrouded in darkness and doom, but debilitating seasickness.


He was incredibly weak to teleportation gates, and his continuous retching delayed their return to Mayton by two days. No magic could alleviate his sickness.

Lalfon was genuinely grateful for that.

“Thanks, friend. You didn’t leave me. I won’t leave you either.”

Simple-minded as it may seem, this bond was not bad for Rasen. Eventually, they reached the main gate of Mayton, where they bid farewell to Evian.

“Please take care of yourself. Once my task’s complete, I will ensure your safety.”

Rasen extended his hand. Evian looked at it for a long moment before grasping it.


“Yes, Lord Rasen.”

“I don’t know what you’re about to do.”

Probably something related to the massacre in the Northern War.

“But I hope it doesn’t make you sad.”

That was Rasen’s sincere wish. Having spent a year with Evian, he cared for her. It wasn’t an empty promise when he expressed hope for her happiness.

“You’ve promised to protect me, so keep that promise.”


“Stay alive, whatever you do, Evian.”

“I understand.”

Evian thought Rasen’s hand felt warm.

The once unruly Rasen had grown up. After letting go of his hand, Evian also bid farewell to Lalfon and the Thunder Dragon, then turned and walked away slowly, her eyes filled with contemplation.

* * *

Rasen returned to the Maple Annex, finding Dectatra out and going instead to greet his mother, Soso.

Soso embraced Rasen with tears.

“You’ve become even more handsome.”

Reuniting with her beloved son who’d been to the Northern Sea after a year, Soso was overjoyed.

“Let’s see, have you lost weight?”

“I’ve gained weight, Mother.”

Mothers always wonder if you’ve lost weight after a while, even if you’ve grown taller and stronger.

“You’ve been through a lot.”

“Not really.”

“Who is this girl?”

Soso looked at the young girl with blond hair and amber eyes, the Thunder Dragon. The Thunder Dragon spoke clearly,

“My name is Shin-nyong, Mother.”

“How are you related to Rasen, young lady? How did you come to be together?”

“The master conceived me and raised me.”


“I’m being raised by the master. Oh, I’m said to be female. I’m growing as a female. Do you know what that is, Mother?”

Rasen had to break a sweat over Shin-nyong’s unexpected conversation style. There seemed to be a need for some etiquette training and human common sense. Heira took on that task.

“Master, I do not like this sister. She is scary.”

The Thunder Dragon felt a natural sense of crisis and fear. It seemed to recognize the world’s most powerful assassin. Heira spoke,

“It’s not sister; it’s Heira, Shin-nyong.”

It would take about 3 days for Dectatra to return. Rasen decided to spend these days resting and intensively studying the Nostalan Ice System Spell Tome and the Great Allure.

That night, at 11:20 PM, someone knocked on Rasen’s door.


When Rasen opened the door, it was Ibelia standing outside. The normally warm Ibelia looked quite rigid.

“I have a question for you, Rasen Mayton.”

She used his full name, indicating a formal, not familial, inquiry from Mayton’s eldest daughter to its youngest member.

Her voice was much chillier than usual.

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