Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 146

Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan

A tingling sensation began to spread throughout his body from his heart. The Holy Grail could feel it too.

– It’s tingling.

– It feels like electricity is flowing through my heart.

Lasen, too, felt this sensation. That was the beginning. He felt the ‘Brain Qi’ rise within his body, and eventually, the seated Brain Qi began to wriggle. And this gradually destroyed Lasen’s body.

‘It’s too destructive.’

The energy known as Brain Qi was excessive and inefficient for humans to handle.

For Lasen, it was no different. Moreover, he was learning transcendental attribute mana, which also placed a tremendous strain on his body. In such a situation, when Brain Qi emerged, fatigue and damage accumulated in his body.

‘This feels… very bad.’

The interpretation of Celestial Eyes appeared.

[Character Lasen Mayten is the ‘Master of the Thunder Dragon’.]

[The ‘Master of the Thunder Dragon’ has been exposed to the persistent Brain Qi.]

[The mana circle assimilates the Brain Qi and embodies it.]

Once the Brain Qi started to generate inside the body, it was unstoppable. Lasen immediately ceased the ‘Easy Mana Breathing Method’.

Using the mana breathing method felt as though the mana circle’s rotation was amplifying the Brain Qi.

‘I could get a heart attack if I’m not careful.’

Or the circle could explode.

‘This isn’t good.’

There was no clear solution. A month of time had been wasted. Lasen could not use the mana breathing method and only interpreted the great and north magical tomes. Even Avian couldn’t find a solution to this phenomenon.

Seven months had passed since Lasen arrived at Edelseom. He woke up from sleep due to the tingling sensation.

‘I didn’t even use the mana breathing method…’

The Brain Qi in his heart writhed on its own. Lasen woke up Avian, who was sleeping soundly a little distance away.


“Yes, Young Master.”

“I think something is wrong.”

“The Brain Qi you’re speaking of?”

“I haven’t used any mana, but the Brain Qi seems to want to convulse on its own.”


“Can you help me?”

“Do you intend to control the Brain Qi using the mana breathing method?”

“Yes. The Brain Qi inside me is growing bigger. It might explode if not careful. We have to try it now before it’s too late.”

“It’s dangerous. Even if I aid you with mana breathing, it’s the same. I know nothing about Brain Qi.”

Not every magician is the same.

Just because they play the same ‘sport’, it doesn’t guarantee a basketball player is good at soccer. They may understand the basic physicality and movements but it’s a different field after all. It’s the same with magic. Avian is a frost mage, and knows little about lightning attribute mana.

“Just make sure the mana circle doesn’t explode.”

“Perhaps you should ask for help from Head Family or Persha, or maybe even Iverlia.”

“They’re the power of the family.”

Avian was no longer part of the family’s power. He was no longer a librarian. But they were different. They represented the family’s strength and couldn’t be carelessly asked for help during a pilgrimage. It would be like Lasen cannibalizing himself.

Lasen sat cross-legged. Controlling the Brain Qi was dangerous, but it had to be done before it amplified further.

‘Maybe I held up fine because I’m strong.’

Lasen thought it might be due to the innate characteristic of a solid body structure and his combat strength that he was able to endure without major issues. He should have been more cautious when the Brain Qi first infiltrated his body. Dismissing the abnormalities was a clear mistake.

‘I will utilize the mana breathing method.’

He felt as if the Brain Qi in his chest might explode any moment. It was risky, but it had to be done. He had to make the Brain Qi his own.

The Thunder Dragon does not understand the speed of its owner, and it was sound asleep, sticking close to Lasen’s buttocks.

[The ‘Easy Mana Breathing Method’ is in use.]

Just to be safe, he continually observed his own body with Celestial Eyes, becoming a third-party observer, watching the character Lasen Mayten.

[The ‘lightning attribute mana’ wriggles.]

[The ‘lightning attribute mana’ amplifies.]

It was correct that it temporarily amplified. After sending this mana throughout his body, he had to collect it back to his heart. It needed to be finely controlled within the circle.


But it wasn’t easy. His limbs went numb. He felt a terrible sensation as if every cell in his body was burning and being destroyed.


Tinnitus rang out. His head hurt. He felt dizzy and nauseous.

‘Damn it.’

It wasn’t working out. He knew that lightning attribute mana was tricky, but he hadn’t expected this level of difficulty.

“Please regain your senses, Young Master.”

Avian put his hand behind Lasen and infused mana to help him. Avian managed the surging mana flow within Lasen.

But Avian’s voice didn’t sound right.

“… Young Master.”

The feeling of Avian’s hand on his back faded away.

“… Master.”

It was as if someone was calling from a far, distant place, like in a dream. Brain Qi had infiltrated his mind. He felt as if his nervous system had paralyzed.

‘This can’t be happening.’

Worst scenario.

He had thought about this possibility before using the mana breathing method. He wondered if such a situation might occur. He had thought maybe he didn’t have a particular affinity for Brain Qi.

Talents are innate to each person differently. He judged that his talent for Brain Qi was not exceptional. So, he envisioned the worst-case scenario.

‘Let’s get a grip.’

It felt like being drunk. Everything was foggy. He heard nothing, saw nothing. He was holding on with superhuman willpower, but even this had its limits.

‘I’ll use this.’

He couldn’t ask for the family’s help but Lasen had other aid. He gripped hard the ‘Dragon’s Tear’ he had in hand.


The jewel-shaped Dragon’s Tear shattered. Instantly, mana burst from the Dragon’s Tear. Countless mana converged towards one place. It was as if a mana black hole had been created.

A woman in pajamas with bunny drawings walked out from a torn space, step by step. She was a woman with red hair. Faijar the fire dragon.


Faijar looked at Lasen and chuckled lightly. Lasen had fainted.

“This is really something else.”

Faijar approached Lasen.

“If it was a bit later, it could have been too late.”

Faijar’s eyes turned crimson.

“Since promises are promises, I have to help.”

A red aura wavered from Faijar’s body. Flames gathered in Edelseom, a place where the aura of fire should not exist, and a huge amount of steam arose as the cold of the Northern Sea mingled with the flames Faijar summoned.

Faijar’s palm was on Lasen’s forehead, and the other on his chest. Faijar chanted.

[Endew peno Porschia Metapino Grache.]

Avian had never heard of such a magical incantation. It might not have been a magical incantation but entirely a different language.

Unbeknownst to Avian, this was a dragon language incantation. A privilege only dragons could use.

Mana lines sprayed from Faijar’s palm touching Lasen, enveloping his body. They melted like sugar in hot water and absorbed into Lasen’s body.

Approximately an hour passed. Faijar wiped the sweat from her brow and stood up.

“I’m very tired. Ice mage. You’re strong, right? Take care of me. I need to sleep a bit.”

Faijar collapsed. Using Lasen’s stomach as a pillow, she fell into a deep sleep. A day went by.

* * *

Lasen awoke groggily.

The Thunder Dragon was still attached to his buttocks, sleeping, and the Fire Dragon had collapsed on his stomach, using it as a pillow. He didn’t remember well, but it seemed there had been a big commotion. Alphon was snoring, fast asleep. Somehow, everyone seemed to be at peace.

Avian, who had been watching Lasen in a seated position, said.

“Are you conscious?”

“Yes. What exactly happened?”

“You, Young Master, summoned this woman.”

Avian’s eyes shifted towards Faijar, who was still deep in sleep.

“This woman used a special magic incantation, and carved a magical formula into your body that is so sophisticated it has no equal.”

Lasen took off his robe. He undressed his top. Symbols and glyphs unknown to his chest had been etched on him. The general shape of the markings resembled a ‘sun’.

It seemed like a tattoo with various magical characters in the shape of a sun. The exact purpose was unclear but the markings seemed to closely relate to the mana circle.

“I don’t think it’s just to help you control Brain Qi.”

“Right. If it was just that, I wouldn’t be this tired.”

Faijar had opened her eyes by then. She stretched after getting up.

“Kid. It’s the first time a brat has troubled me this much.”

“Do I owe you a word of thanks?”

“Of course. Imagine how much power a dragon must’ve exerted to feel this drained. It’s been 1,000 years since I used the dragon incantation.”

Avian flinched.

‘Dragon incantation?’

Then is this woman a dragon?

‘A dragon.’

Avian accepted it surprisingly easily. He had vaguely felt the presence of dragons himself. The reference to ‘dragon incantation’ confirmed it for him.

“Since you’re a smart kid, I’ll explain quickly. You don’t have a good affinity with Brain Qi. Your body’s very own mana is too ferocious, and adding Brain Qi on top of that? That won’t do. Even with the body of a dragon, it would be hard. But you’re the owner of the Thunder Dragon, so you’ve managed to absorb Brain Qi well. In other words, you’re ingesting a poison that could explode at any time.”


“So I used some of my power to convert the Brain Qi that has entered you into fire mana by engraving a magical formula around your heart.”

“Is that even possible?”

“It’s because it’s possible that I’m a dragon.”

Faijar briefly recalled an old friend.

“My old friend used to call this a purifier filter’s power or something like that…well-gen? He also talked a lot of nonsense. Anyway, this formula helps filter the Brain Qi and convert it into fire mana. Fortunately, you have an excellent affinity for fire mana.”


“Therefore, if you absorb Brain Qi in the future, you can convert it into fire mana for use. It’s not a 100% real-time conversion, so continue converting with the mana breathing method as much as you can. An overflow of capacity will cause the Brain Qi to convulse and kill you.”

Lasen nodded his head.

“Anyway… thank you for saving me.”

A new mana formula had been carved into his chest. Faijar bragged for about three days ‘how impressive the formula I carved is’ and then disappeared through a warp after those three days. Meanwhile, Alphon slept nonstop for those three days.

And then three more months passed.

‘Soon it will be the fourth circle.’

This place was full of abundant Brain Qi, which was converted into fire mana to assist Lasen’s growth. The accumulation of mana was much faster than expected.

He felt like he would soon reach the fourth circle. Continuous use of the ‘Shin Grandel Meditation Scheme’ with two sets of eyes almost allowed him to reach a nearly three-star combat strength.

A week later, Lasen succeeded in creating the fourth circle. At age 14, a fourth circle magician was born.

But that was not the end. When Lasen achieved the fourth circle, another phenomenon began to occur.

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