Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 145

Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan

Episode 145: The Youngest Son of the Magic Family

“Do you know why I am whimsically helping you like this?”

In truth, Rasen didn’t actually know. That’s why he remained silent. Phaser didn’t seem to expect a reply from Rasen either.

“I have a peculiar nature where I want to do something even more when I’m told not to.”

Phaser also wondered why he couldn’t just give the nameplate to Rasen directly, even he himself was perplexed about it. Even the dragon Phaser wasn’t immune to the mysterious forces at play.

“I wanted to test just how much this strange compulsion could force my hand.”


“So, I used a loophole known as the rules of Rare to gift you the nameplate. They couldn’t stop that. Hehe. Aren’t you grateful?”

“Should I be thankful for summoning the Death Knight?”

“It was a perfectly calculated move to ensure you could handle it, wasn’t it? And in the end, you did a good job.”

“What if I hadn’t seen the third option…”

“Then you would have died. That would have been a pity.”


“Dragons don’t often make mistakes, you know. The results have proved it. So, how about a little gratitude?”

Phaser laughed out loud. Despite his beautiful appearance, he looked anything but. Dragons, as they say, truly do have peculiar personalities.

“It seems the peculiarity is correct.”

Considering a dragon took human form and masqueraded as a Drug King, it seemed likely he was deeply connected to Saido. Based on the nameplate, there seemed to be a significant connection.

“By human standards, that would be considered peculiar indeed. Dragons are a bored species.”

“Is impersonating a Drug King something you do out of boredom?”

“Is it just the Drug King?”

Phaser chuckled softly.

“More dragons than you might think are active in the world.”


Rasen was speechless for a moment. This was a setting even the creator, Rasen, had not known about. The fact that dragons were operating in this world.

“Ah, don’t be so scared. When in human form, dragons can only use human powers. Except in special cases, of course.”

“Why is that?”

“Because we’re too powerful? If we were to unleash our full might recklessly, what would become of this world?”

Phaser chuckled again.

“Of course, there are humans who are stronger than dragons, but let’s say they’re the exception.”

Rasen acquired a lot of information from Phaser. Even dragons were subject to ‘orbital recovery power’, and this world didn’t want the nameplate of ‘Carsia Said’ to fall into Rasen’s hands.

Phaser had used a trick to surpass the orbital recovery and gifted the nameplate. There seemed to be more dragons in the world than Rasen had thought. He didn’t know how many there were, but it sure seemed like more than just one or two. And not all of them were prominent figures.

On the contrary, most enjoyed extremely ordinary lives.

‘Bored enough to live the life of a country boy.’

Dragons end their life as country boys – pretend to, anyway – and then return to their dragon form to sleep. Being human, it seems, is an incredibly fun game for them. Some twisted dragons even live as creatures like worms, although it’s rare.

Phaser offered an explanation for this as well.

“The human form is the safest and most rational choice for enjoyment.”


“Didn’t I say there are people born human who become stronger than dragons?”

He nodded. There were such monsters. Carsia Said, Dekatra Maiton, or perhaps even Belatudo Grandel.

“It means human potential is infinite. That’s why in human form they can exert significant power, compared to other life forms.”


“Furthermore, humans feel a multitude of emotions within their short lives. They find joy and happiness in the most trivial things, or despair over really nothing at all. It’s a species whose life graph fluctuates wildly. To dragons, humans are the species with the most diverse emotions. In simple terms, they’re interesting. Humans are.”

“So the safest and most interesting amusement is living as a human?”


Rasen smiled lightly. While dragons are powerful, they are not omnipotent.

“If they die in human form, do they lose their life?”

“That’s normally the case. There was even a water dragon that drowned.”

“Why didn’t it just transform into a dragon?”

“It was too immersed in the amusement. A dragon who seriously enjoys their playtime might seal away their dragon self entirely.”

“…So you’re telling me it drowned without knowing it was a dragon? A water dragon?”

“Yep. There have been about three cases like that.”


“Or was it four?”

Rasen was stupefied. There were quite a few dragons who died while enjoying their amusements. It seemed the dragon race wasn’t particularly sensitive to death. Perhaps it was because of their incredibly long lifespans.

Pushing aside his disbelief, Rasen asked another question.

“Why are you being so nice to me?”

“I told you, it’s a whim.”

“That’s it?”

Rasen was receiving too much kindness. Phaser was readily unraveling secrets related to dragons, information that could be incredibly valuable, and not something ordinary people could easily obtain.

Rasen asked again.

“What I mean is, why are you kindly telling me everything? Is it because I was chosen by the Brain Dragon?”

“Well, there is that reason. The Brain Dragon is a special being.”

Rasen thought that Phaser must be aiming for something. No favor is given without intent, and constantly bestowing favors without expectance of reciprocation is foolish. What are the chances that a dragon is a fool? Very slim, he concluded.

Living through the world where Cha Seongmin had resided, both South Korean standards and the standards of this fantasy world held true.

“Kid, I can hear your brain whirring from here. You think I have some intention, right? That you’re trying to figure out what it is with those rolling eyeballs of yours.”

“Right. I don’t understand why you’re being so nice to me. Even going as far as to harm your own existence.”

Phaser smirked with a light laugh.

“It is a simple whimsy, but…”


“When I look at you, it stirs a response that’s enough to cause such whimsy.”


“I am reminded of old friends.”

“Old friends?”

“Yes. Among them, I was particularly close with a magician who wielded martial arts magic.”

Phaser appeared to reminisce with a hint of a smile on his lips. It seemed they were not unpleasant memories.

“That magician’s name, could it be…”


Phaser gestured with his hands. It seemed he didn’t like hearing the name, though the memories did not seem to be bad.

“There’s no need to say it. I don’t wish to hear that name again. Memories are more beautiful when they remain buried in the past.”


Alberto. The now-forgotten sage. What exactly did he do in the past to be called a friend by Hwaryong Phaser?

“Anyway, seeing the martial arts magic you used, it reminded me of an old friend. I had a fondness because of the good memories, so I took a liking to you.”


“And I liked your behavior because it reminded me of that lunatic.”

Alberto’s name was definitive. So Rasen responded.

“I agree with the ‘lunatic’ part.”

“Pfft! You know my friend?”

“I’ve only encountered him through books and arrangements, but he’s definitely a lunatic.”

Providing gifts indirectly, making people go crazy with twisted ways—The forgotten great sage with immense efficiency in transcendental magic who gave it such a childish name as ‘The Great Magic of Sage Alberto.’ Indeed, a lunatic.

“Right, lunatic. He was a lunatic. Anyway, you have many similarities to him. That’s why I helped you. That’s all. Any more questions?”

“One last question.”

“Sure. I will answer specially for you.”

“If I use your tears to call you, will you become my ally, regardless of the reason?”

Phaser nodded.

“Yes. As far as my power reaches, I will help with everything, even if it means committing parricide.”

“Do you know what parricide means?”

“Parricide. In human language, it’s a deviation from the inherent duties of a human, or a term that refers to such phenomena, right? It’s usually used when someone violates celestial relations.”

“What you’re saying is, even if I have to oppose my father, you’ll still help me?”


“Do you know who my father is?”

“I do.”

Phaser didn’t deny it. His gaze became a bit more serious.

“The Heavenly Sorcerer, Dekatra Maiton.”


The epithet ‘Heavenly Sorcerer,’ which Rasen had only seen in the interpretation of heaven, was now spoken by Phaser. Honestly, it was a bit surprising. So dragons were aware of the term ‘Heavenly Sorcerer.’

“Of course, I’d prefer you not summon me for such matters.”

“Why’s that?”

“I have attachments to this life, unlike other dragons. I’ve got my next amusement planned out.”

Rasen shivered. Even Phaser the dragon was uncertain about winning or losing against that human monster—his father.

“And if by chance, that kind of situation arises.”

Phaser’s expression relaxed. He wore a light smile.

“You’d probably be beheaded before you even got the chance to use my tears. That man knows about dragon tears. So, the moment you show tears, you’ll likely be dead already. Even handling me would be quite bothersome for him.”

* * *

The Northern Sea’s Edel Island. As lightning struck, a single person was expelled through the distorted sky. It was Rasen.

The voice of the Brain Dragon echoed.

– Master! I thought you were dead.

– Dragon. I almost felt sad.

– But dragons are tough and wouldn’t feel too sad.

Ebian and Ralpon were also searching for Rasen.

“Master. Are you hurt?”

“No, I’m okay.”

Rasen checked on Ralpon.

“Ralpon, are you okay?”


Ralpon let out a hearty laugh. Such lightning is no longer painful! But then, in the next moment.

“Ah, it’s hot, it’s hot! This isn’t right!?”

Watching Ralpon scream as he flinched, Rasen shook his head. Anyway, he seemed to be fine. From what he had heard, Ebian, the Brain Dragon, and Ralpon hadn’t been able to enter Rare at all. They were bounced back out as soon as they entered.

‘Ralpon’s petrification was a hoax then.’

It appeared to be a trap meant to unnerve Rasen himself. Everyone was safe. He had obtained much information and experienced the realm of the 4th circle once. The difference between experiencing that and not could be significant.

“Ebian. We have to spend a year here anyways.”

“Yes, that is correct.”

Rasen decided to stay with Ebian’s help during this time. Technically, he could’ve just left the Brain Dragon here and taken a break in Ban Pherignon Village. Because there were hardly any threats that could endanger or hunt the Brain Dragon in this place. But, he couldn’t.

– Master.

The Brain Dragon had grown to the size of a large dog.

– I think I’m…

The Brain Dragon’s voice wavered.

– Master. Don’t leave.

– I feel like I’ve developed separation anxiety.

– Of course, dragons are tough, so I would be fine alone.

– But, I’d be happier if you didn’t go.

Tears glistened in the Brain Dragon’s eyes. He couldn’t understand why sudden separation anxiety developed, or why such attachment to the master arose.

It must have been a characteristic of a dragon. Therefore, Rasen decided to stay on Edel Island. Only when necessary did he go to the nearby Village of Ban Pherignon to get essential goods.

In the meantime, Rasen translated the ‘Daalwi’ and interpreted the Norse Ran Book of Ice Magic. With a year at his disposal, he had to use it well.

And so, six months passed. That was almost 200 days. Rasen used that time as efficiently as possible, especially by actively harnessing his dual sight.

Then one day,

While practicing his mana heart method as usual, Rasen felt a tingling sensation throughout his body.

‘What is this?’

A change was beginning.

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