Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 144

Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan

Rasen had an experience similar to one from a decade ago.

“I can see it.”

He saw something different. A unique flow that only the Heavenly Eye could see. This flow was interpreted by the Heavenly Eye and presented another set of choices.


3. Ascension Elixir.


The third name, Ascension Elixir, was something Rasen was familiar with.

“A temporary boost in realm.”

Kashin Seid had used it occasionally to escape crises.

For example, if a 3rd-circle user takes it, they reach the 4th circle, or if a 4th-circle user takes it, they will also ascend accordingly. A 3-star becomes 4-star, and so forth. The limit was set at the 8th circle, 8-star.

Rasen immediately responded.

“I choose this one.”

He moved his finger, selecting the 3rd option instead of the first or second.


Togun looked at Rasen in bewilderment.

“What did you choose?”


What Rasen could see apparently was not visible to Togun.

“What is it?”

Togun scoured the choices in confusion, but he still couldn’t see it. Rasen had chosen the third one. The Ascension Elixir was conveyed into Rasen’s sub-space.

Togun asked,

“What did you acquire?”

“Do I need to tell you?”

“I’m just curious.”

Togun seemed truly interested. There was no need to keep it a secret, so he simply told him.

“I got the Ascension Elixir.”

“Th-the Ascension Elixir?”

“Is it surprising?”

“It’s an elixir recently completed by the master!”

Togun suddenly sat down and held his chin, deep in thought.

“Why did he give the elixir to that guy?”

Togun couldn’t understand. Rasen didn’t try to comprehend it either as he had to focus on hunting the Death Knight. He immediately used the Ascension Elixir.

Chalice. Song-Song found the elixir fascinating.

-Wow, this is amazing!

-I suddenly feel so powerful.

The additional ring was also visible to Rasen’s Heavenly Eye. Beyond the three existing rings, he now temporarily had a fourth, making him a 4th-circle magician for the time being.

‘If I combine this with transcendental magic…’

He could harness powers above the 5th circle. It would take a toll on the body, but that would be managed by sheer willpower.

Togun spoke,

“Then. Good luck.”

Togun concealed himself. Hiding in the shadows, he spoke very softly,

“Yes, master. I’ve prepared the Death Knight as per the rules of the Rare. Correct. Yes, I will proceed as such. I will continue to report any anomalies.”

Meanwhile, Rasen crouched down. The spot where his head had been was swept by the long spear of the Death Knight. Rasen felt as if a shadow had flitted by.


The power contained in the blade of the spear was quite chilling.

‘Even a scratch from this spear could engrave my body with all sorts of diseases.’

A normal person would die just from a scratch. The spear of the Death Knight was laced with numerous curse spells, carrying diseases.

The back of the Death Knight was visible.

[You use the 3rd-circle ice magic ‘Ice Hammer’.]

[The 1st-circle transcendental magic ‘Interplay’ is applied.]

The 2nd-circle ice magic used by a 3rd-circle magician and that used by a 4th-circle magician were different.

The four rings spun furiously. Rasen felt an abundance like never before. It was as if he could cast infinitely without exhausting his mana.

‘The ability of ‘Interplay’ has also increased.’

A giant ice hammer formed above the Death Knight’s head.


With the sound, the ice hammer smashed onto the Death Knight’s head, causing its body to stagger. Rasen didn’t miss this opportunity.

[Activating Intermediate Martial Art. ‘Strength’.]

Intermediate martial arts showcased by a 4th-circle magician.

Rasen felt as if his body had turned into a solid wall. He thrust his fist into the Death Knight’s face. Mana imbued with transcendental properties surged out all at once.

-Ah, losing strength.

Chalice seemed overwhelmed by the sudden elevation to 4th circle capabilities. Rasen too felt a momentary exhaustion as if all his energy had been drained in an instant.

‘Prepare for the next attack—Huh?’

Rasen encountered an unbelievable scenario. The Death Knight didn’t move. It didn’t seem to be unconscious.

‘Is it really dead?’

Even with his circle raised, he was still just a 4th-circle magician. Normally, hunting a Death Knight requires a minimum of the 5th circle. Despite the help of transcendental magic, this outcome was extraordinarily illogical.

Togun watched the scene unfold. He was supposed to report any anomalies, but he had not expected it to happen so soon. It was too swift, and even Togun was taken aback.

“Master. I’ve seen it with my eyes, but it’s hard to believe. Ah, sorry, I’ll send in the report. That is…”

Togun was somewhat confused on how to logically and rationally explain this phenomenon.

“In my view, he appears to be a 4th-circle magician. He’s handling mana as well, but his main strength is martial arts… and ice magic. The Nostrand ice magic. He used the 3rd-circle ice magic [Ice Hammer] to render the Death Knight to near death, then finished it off with a combined martial art in one blow. Yes. Without a shred of a lie, my report is based on what I’ve witnessed.”

Togun, too, found the situation hard to believe.

‘Surely it was 3rd-circle ice magic…’

The outcome of magic often varied drastically depending on which magician wielded which spell.

That was common knowledge, but Rasen’s abilities stretched far beyond common sense. No matter how much mastered the ‘Ascension Elixir’ was said to be, it can’t be utilized so adeptly by someone experiencing it for the first time. If it could, it would transcend human talent. Only a magic martial arts genius could do such a thing—a genius among geniuses among geniuses.

Togun thought as much.

‘The ice magic exhibited by a 4th-circle magician was definitely not ordinary.’

At the very least, it was imbued with the power of a magician from the 6th circle. 3rd-circle magic employed by a 6th-circle magician. The destructive force was of that degree.

Togun revealed himself.

“Boy. May I ask one thing?”


Togun felt bewildered once again.

‘Even he himself is surprised?’

Rasen was thought to have thoroughly calculated every step to maintain control. But that didn’t seem to be the case. Even Rasen appeared somewhat dumbfounded now. He hadn’t expected to kill the Death Knight so easily.



“You’re definitely a 3rd-circle, right?”

“I’m 4th-circle now.”

“Ah. Right. Temporarily 4th-circle.”

There was no mistaking that fact.

“And the magic you used was the 3rd-circle Nostrand ice magic [Ice Hammer], correct?”

“That’s right.”

Togun had confirmed all the facts and had to accept the reality, however unprecedented it might be.

“Fine. I’ll acknowledge this absurd outcome for now.”

Togun snapped his fingers, and the Death Knight’s corpse turned to dust and disappeared. Then he continued,

“It took exactly 17 seconds to hunt the Death Knight.”


It felt much longer to Rasen, probably due to the property ‘to flow slowly’.

“There are several rules in this Rare.”


“Yes, those exist. Each level has a set difficulty, and according to your standard, hunting the Death Knight was the appropriate level of challenge. However, if you overcome that obstacle within 30 seconds, the master will bestow a special reward.”

“Your master is the Dragon, correct?”

“That’s right. Actually, this rule is nonsense. It was designed to be impossible. I thought you would die here.”

“But that impossibility was overcome, you want to say?”

Rasen didn’t merely view it that way. If a Dragon truly had near-omnipotent power, it would have made things seem ‘impossible’.

“Anyway. I shall present the special reward.”

Togun took something out of sub-space. It was an unremarkable wooden nameplate with one name engraved in intaglio.

[Carshia Seid]

Rasen rubbed his eyes.

‘Carshia Seid?’

What’s this?

“Is your master’s name Carshia Seid?”

“No, no. Carshia Seid is a human.”


Why would the head of the Seid family’s name appear here, on a nameplate nonetheless?

This nameplate had special meaning. It entitled the holder to ask for Carshia’s help once under any circumstances. There had been no mention in the novel of Carshia directly giving such a nameplate. It was just part of the setup.

“How come your master possesses Carshia Seid’s nameplate?”

“How would I know everything the master does?”

It was an admission of ignorance.

“Anyway, I give this to you as a gift. And your friend will be freed from the petrification spell. He will return to his original land.”

“Weren’t we supposed to meet your master?”

“That depends on the master’s will…”

Different. He was about to elaborate but couldn’t continue.

Togun prostrated on the ground. The air distorted, and someone appeared. It was a human, a captivating figure with flaming red hair like fire, a sensual beauty.




Togun, prostrate on the ground, roared.

“Do not carelessly call the master’s name.”

“It’s okay.”

Togun laid flat again, trembling as if in profound awe of Phaser.

“You receive Carshia’s nameplate along with my tears. You’re an admirable one.”

“Isn’t this the scenario you wanted and designed?”

“Is that what you think?”

“You’ve intentionally arranged an invisible third option and even presented a [Nameplate] as a gift. What’s on your mind?”

“Just. Consider it a whim of mine.”

“A whim that seems to have backfired on you.”

“Backfired? Can you see that with your eyes?”

To the Heavenly Eye, it appeared as such. It was not precisely captured, but ‘Phaser’ seemed to have incurred a slight crack in his existence.

A minuscule fracture that looked like it would heal, but the fact that there was a scratch on his being was true.

Phaser gave a wry smile.

“Dragons are powerful beings. Your humans wouldn’t dare to gaze upon such superior creatures.”


“Of course, some humans are crazy enough, but since that’s less than 0.0001 percent, let’s dismiss that, kiddo.”


“With great power comes great responsibility.”


“Perhaps what you perceive as damage is precisely that. My existence has been scratched.”

Indeed, Phaser had to endure some bleeding. For some reason, upon giving the ‘gift’ to Rasen, the Dragon’s heart began to hurt. It was an inexplicable phenomenon to Phaser.

“The truth is, when I gave away my tears as a gift… I would have liked to include that as well. But it didn’t work. It felt like a powerful law was constraining me.”

Rasen could roughly guess what that powerful law was.

‘Orbital Restoration Force.’

The tendency for the original story to continue as it should. It seemed to be affecting even the Dragon, Phaser.

In the original story, Rasen does not gain such encounters. In other words, he had acquired rewards difficult for the original world to leave unchecked, suggesting that ‘orbital restoration force’ was starting to influence the characters.

Phaser ran his fingers through his hair once.

“It’s annoying, right? Unknown rules constrain me? It’s like a challenge.”


“Why am I being so capricious and helping you, do you know?”

Phaser explained further.

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