Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 143

Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan

Chapter 143 of “The Youngest Son of the Magic Family”

I tried translating the ‘White Door’ through Cheonan. The name of the White Door appeared.


[Rare Gate]

This gate allows access to an unnamed dragon’s lair.


‘A gate that leads to a lair?’

If you think about it, this is still the early part of the novel. It can’t be helped. The protagonist of the novel, Kashin Seid, is still just a teenager.

‘Why would a dragon’s lair come up at the beginning of the story?’

It wouldn’t make sense for a monster like a dragon to appear early on, because in the world of the novel, stronger beings usually emerge as the story progresses.

‘But then again, considering Henker and the Brain Dragon have already made their appearances, it’s not strange for a lair to come into play.’

Lasen spoke.

“It’s a gate made for anyone to enter once it’s found. It must have been created relatively recently.”

“How can you be so sure?”

“My father hasn’t mentioned anything about it.”

Ebian nodded and then asked,

“Are you going to go in?”

“The timing is too coincidental. It’s almost as if it’s a door prepared to invite us in, so it would be weird not to enter.”

The identity of the unnamed dragon was intriguing. For what reason, and for what purpose, had someone created such a gate here?

Ralpon asked,

“Is there treasure inside?”


“Then let’s hurry in.”

Lasen nodded. The gate had opened just as Ralpon, a human from the North who normally couldn’t reach this place, and Lasen himself had arrived. The timing was too perfect. They decided to go in.

The dependable Ebian led the way.

“I’ll go in first.”

The voice of the Brain Dragon was heard.


-I’m coming too!

The Brain Dragon’s voice seemed excited.

Ebian was the first to push his body into the gate. Lasen went next, followed by Ralpon, then the Brain Dragon.

‘My body… it feels like it’s being sucked into a vacuum cleaner.’

The gate pulled fiercely at his body.

‘It feels like a long-distance transfer.’

It was dizzying. It felt like riding through several teleportation gates in a row. About ten seconds passed. The world around him was dyed in bright, various colors, and space-time seemed to be sucked away into somewhere.

‘I’ve arrived.’

He came to his senses. Looking around, he was in a dark and damp cave.

‘I’m alone.’

He hadn’t transported to the same location as the others. Just in case, he whispered very quietly,


There was no response. The lack of any sound from Ebian suggested he was completely isolated in space.

‘A wind is blowing.’

A slight, damp wind blew in.

Drip. Drip.

He could hear the sound of water droplets falling.

‘Maybe… I should move.’

There was a path in one direction. He decided to follow the path where the wind was coming from.

‘The wind carries a rotten smell.’

To be more precise, it smelled of magical beasts. It seemed he couldn’t reach the dragon’s lair immediately. Then, a voice called out.


As space warped, someone suddenly appeared. It was a magical beast wearing a black magician’s hat, but it was hairless, had red skin, and looked like a rabbit walking on two legs, about the size of a child.

“Let me introduce myself first.”

Lasen sensed that this rabbit wasn’t normal. It wasn’t just a simple magical beast. Substantial magical power could be felt.

‘It warped here. It must be quite skilled.’

This world can’t be judged by appearances. Even the infinitely gentle and beautiful Lady Ibelia could destroy a whole castle—this was the same context.

“My name is Tokun. I am the guide of this lair.”

Lasen looked at Tokun. A black staff appeared in Tokun’s hand. With the staff, Tokun hit Lasen hard on the head.

“I introduced myself first. Aren’t you going to introduce yourself? I can’t even find a shred of manners in you.”

Lasen didn’t get excited. He hadn’t seen the staff swing. It wasn’t just magic power; the being itself was strong. He responded calmly.

“My name is Lasen. I am the seventh son of the Mayten family, currently on a pilgrimage.”

“The Mayten family? I’ve never heard of it.”

It seemed Tokun had no knowledge of the Mayten family.

“Anyway. You have stepped into the dragon’s lair without permission. However, unlike other dragons, our master is very welcoming to guests. That’s why I’m not killing you.”


It seemed this was indeed the dragon’s lair. The creature before him, ‘Tokun,’ seemed to be a servant to the dragon.

“You must pass a few trials to enter the main lair where our master resides.”


“Yes, trials. It’s the natural process to enter the dragon’s lair. It’s the rule.”

“Are my companions also facing these trials?”


Tokun tilted his head and then seemed to remember something. He snapped his index finger and thumb.

“Ah, these guys?”

A magical image played in mid-air.


Ralpon had turned into stone. The stone statue was immobile. There was no sign of Ebian and the Brain Dragon.

However, the Brain Dragon’s voice was heard.

-Master, where are we?

-Master, I’m lost.

Tokun spoke again.

“To lift the stone curse on him, you’ll have to pass the trial quickly.”

As he spoke, the number ’24:00:00′ appeared in front of Lasen. It was a timer counting down.

“When this time runs out, your friend will become stone for good. Hehehe.”

Tokun moved ahead.

“Don’t lose sight of me and follow.”

Although Tokun seemed to be walking slowly, it was not easy to keep up with his pace.


Lasen tried hard to follow Tokun. Unlike Tokun, Lasen had to run. Although Tokun felt far away, Lasen remained composed.

‘I can follow.’

He had practiced exactly this before, struggling to keep up with the To King Magner.

Remembering that time, he used his attribute control. He harnessed the wind around him and made his body lighter.

Tokun glanced back at him.

“You’re fast for a human. Not bad.”


“Don’t look at me with those scary eyes, human friend. But I have good news for you. Normally, you would have to pass through seven rooms. But now, just one is enough.”


“But the creature that comes from that one room will be stronger than all the creatures from the other seven rooms combined.”

Lasen was confused. He didn’t know what the master of the lair wanted, or why he was doing this.

“What kind of creature will come out?”

“A Death Knight.”

Lasen was at a loss for words.

‘A Death Knight?’

Death Knights were ghostly monsters made of darkness, riding horses, and known for their cruel nature—killing all living beings in sight. They were also highly resistant to spells, making them difficult to hunt with magic.

‘You would need at least 5th circle magic.’

Tokun continued.

“Not looking too good, huh? Don’t worry. I’m aware that you can’t hunt that kind of monster right now. So, I’ll give you some options.”

Tokun snapped his fingers, presenting two choices:

1. The Snare of Ghosts.

2. The Stick-and-Pull Sap.

“Choose one of these. It will be a great help to you.”

Lasen looked at the choices.

“Do I just have to choose?”

“Yes. Just point at one. You can only choose one, so choose wisely.”

Tokun chuckled with glee.

“But it’s almost impossible for you to kill the Death Knight. To be honest, my master doesn’t enjoy inviting guests. We had a good time, human.”

It was as if he was saying farewell.

Tokun was convinced that Lasen would die there, thinking the master had just called this kid out of boredom.

Meanwhile, facing the choices, Lasen finally allowed himself to smile.

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