Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 142

Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan

Chapter 142: The Youngest Son of the Magic Noble Family

[The God of Cunning, ‘Raidione,’ admires your insight.]

For a moment, Rasen was at a loss for words. ‘Insight?’ It was more of an excuse than insight. He had only fitted his words to convince the Ice Empress Evian. Yet, Raidione perceived it as insight.

‘Does that mean I was right?’

It became clearer. This meeting must have been orchestrated by the God of Cunning, Raidione. The meeting with Ralph had also been artificially arranged.

[‘Raidione’ bestows a special gift upon Ralph.]

[By the wondrous power of ‘Raidione,’ Ralph can now communicate with the people of the southern North Sea.]

Rasen focused silently on interpreting. He could now communicate with Ralph.

‘In the original story, Ralph also conversed with others.’

With Kashin as well.

‘Did Kashin also show his insight to Raidione?’

In the original work, Kashin could not see the name ‘Raidione’, despite having the heavenly eye and never having read the messages of the gods.

There was a tremendous plot hole with the character Kashin.

‘Although he never communicated directly with Raidione, he received help.’

That’s what was scarier. It meant he was receiving indirect aid continuously. Indeed, this world seems to be designed for Kashin.

‘Then Kashin must have grown into a powerful protagonist because the gods were wholeheartedly supporting him.’

I’ve known this, but now I could feel it more profoundly.

This world was for Kashin, and it was evident that it was flowing for him. No doubt countless gods were assisting him in various ways. Due to the nonsensical opportunities thrown by the author, the world had bestown ‘Goddess’ legitimacy to Kashin.

‘Though unable to read the messages, everyone else must also be under the influence of the gods.’

Ralph must be the same, though he would be unaware of it. Suddenly, Rasen felt a chilling sensation and looked around.

“What are you thinking about for so long?”


Rasen was trapped in a square ice room. It was cold. Evian walked slowly over and hugged Rasen tightly.

‘All of a sudden?’

Evian spoke.

“I will protect you. In this land of lightning.”

“What is this ice room?”

“I’ve created an igloo to protect you, my lord.”

“I could’ve been protected without this.”

“But this way is much safer.”

“Weren’t you safe before?”

“I was safe. But I must admit, I didn’t protect you with all my heart.”

Rasen felt a bit stifled. It was nice to be protected, but did she really need to hug him out of the blue?

[State: Regrets of the Past/New Resolve]

It was because Evian’s demeanor showed a regret of the past. The fact that a mighty person like Evian would expose her state so vulnerably meant that the emotions she was feeling were fierce.

“I failed to protect the children I wanted to protect a long time ago.”

“In Bardon?”

“Yes. Innocent children came to me for help. I could’ve helped, but I was a bit late. Their mother was brutally murdered.”

He knew. Rasen knew everything that happened in rabaddon.

“Since then, I have vowed not to help anyone. I thought I wouldn’t protect anyone. If there’s no one to protect, there would be no sadness.”


It’s not a wrong statement. If there’s no one to protect, there’s no need to protect, and there’s no sorrow for failing to protect.

“However, I found someone I wanted to protect.”


“I will protect you, my lord.”


“And I plan on not being sad in the future.”

I’ll protect you perfectly. It seemed I could hear her say that.

“I’ll protect you, my lord.”

Evian’s warmth could be felt. She was the Ice Witch of the North Sea, but surprisingly warm. Though warm, it was also true that it was burdensome. This was the first time he saw Evian’s eyes so vibrant with life.

‘Is this… really a good thing?’

It was good, but a little scary.

* * *

Voices could be heard. It was coming from outside the igloo. Ralph seemed to have come to his senses.


That’s when Rasen gently pushed Evian away.

“Aren’t you going to let go now?”

Evian let go of Rasen. She adjusted her glasses and stepped back as if realizing her embarrassing behavior.

“I apologize, my lord. I was caught up in the thoughts of the past and acted on my emotions.”

“It’s not something you need to apologize for. I just stood still and let it happen.”


I didn’t say, ‘You are warm.’ Rasen explained what had just happened. ‘The God of Cunning, Raidione,’ is real and has performed a miracle to facilitate conversation.

“You should be the only one who knows this, Evian.”

“Of course. I swear it by mana.”

Evian was sincere. She had resolved to protect Rasen, and once decided, she planned never to betray him.

Thud! Thud!

The igloo shook with a sound.

“Knock! Knock!”

Ralph was knocking, but the whole igloo was echoing as if there was an earthquake.

‘He really has an insane physical prowess.’

Indeed, that was the physical prowess befitting the protagonist’s companion. Evian frowned slightly and then drew a circle with her index finger. A circular hole appeared on one side of the igloo.

Ralph crawled inside.

“Wow, is this a house?”

Ralph was three meters tall, and as he entered, the igloo expanded on its own.

“Lightning doesn’t strike here?”

Ralph lay down with his arms and legs stretched out.

“Now, I can finally get some proper sleep.”

“But you were sleeping a while ago.”

“It’s harsh outside.”


Ralph began to snore again. It was inevitable since he hadn’t eaten or drunk properly for months, and he couldn’t sleep properly. And for Rasen, this situation was naturally perplexing.

Meanwhile, the Thunder Dragon joyously flew outside before conveying a voice message to Rasen.

-Master. I’m full.

-Master. I’m going to sleep!

Then, it flipped on its back and started to sleep on the ground. Although dragons didn’t need to sleep, anyway, the Thunder Dragon comfortably fell into slumber.

“Evian. I have also expended a lot of mental energy.”

“Understood. I shall stand on guard.”

There couldn’t be a more reliable situation. Rasen supplemented his mana and strength at the same time by using a mana cultivation method that was easy to understand and the Grandel meditation technique.

About three hours passed. Rasen opened his eyes, and Ralph also woke up.

“Good friends you have. They gave me food and found me a house.”


“I’ll be taken home now, right?”

Ralph shamelessly spoke. There was no hint of remorse to be found.

“I’m sorry, but that’s not possible.”


“I don’t know how to cross the North Sea.”

“What? Then?”

“Either you go down south with me, or you stay here.”

Ralph seriously considered it for two seconds.

“Then let’s go down.”

It seemed Ralph didn’t have a tiny bit of regret about not being able to return home.

“But when do we go? I hate it here.”

“In a year.”

“In a year?”

Ralph’s eyes widened.

“Do I have to stay here for another year?”


“I don’t like that!”

“There’s nothing you can do.”


Ralph looked as if he was about to throw a tantrum, but he accepted it surprisingly quickly.

“If that’s how it is, then that’s how it is.”

And then he smiled brightly, showing his white teeth. He was very quick to give up.

“Alright. Is there anything I can help with for a year?”

“Help with what?”

“Yeah. We’re companions, right?”


Rasen found it impossible to keep up with the conversation flow with this newly appeared character. The thought of a new type of opponent who couldn’t hold a conventional conversation was quite challenging. Suddenly, they had become companions.

‘But again, this guy doesn’t betray his companions, he’s simple like that.’

Though foolish, he has a character that never betrays trust once established. But was it that easy to become companions? That didn’t seem right. In the original work, Ralph says this.

[“If you help me find the pair to my sword, I will become your companion.”]

Originally, he becomes a companion under such conditions, but this time, Ralph offered to be a companion first. It was just for giving him food, staying together for a year, and then escaping together.

“We’ve known each other for less than a day, you know?”

“Is time important? Fate is what’s important.”

Ralph laughed heartily.

“I believe in fate. I crossed over the South Sea which was said impossible.”

From this perspective, it’s the North Sea; from the other, it’s the South Sea.

“I met you on this island where no one had come for months. This must be fate. Something like the guidance of a god.”

“Do you believe in gods?”

“How else would you explain my crossing over here!”

Ralph might not know about Raidione, but it seemed he believed gods truly existed.

Days passed. During that time, the Thunder Dragon absorbed mana with lightning attributes, and Rasen was passionate about interpreting ‘Da’alwi.’

The one-year extension of his pilgrimage was fortunate for Rasen.

He could interpret ‘Da’alwi’ more comfortably. Moreover, he had a capable ice mage beside him. He decided to also learn Northland ice magic.

A week after Rasen arrived on Edel Island, Ralph, who had been leading a tedious life alternating between sleep and wakefulness, went out because he was bored.

“Argh! It’s burning!”

Having ventured out complaining of boredom only to be struck by lightning and returning, Ralph suddenly remembered.

“Right. I forgot about that.”


“There’s a special gate on this island.”

“A gate?”

Ralph’s story was not something that could be ignored.

“Yeah. A gate. It was white. I tried to open and enter it, but it wouldn’t budge.”


“So, I got angry and tried to break it down.”

Ralph lifted his black spatula.

“This is tougher than anything.”

I know. The black spatula. That too was very likely a relic of a god.

“I banged on it hard with this, but it was unscathed.”


Ralph’s insane physical strength. And the gate was undamaged even after being hit with the godly relic, the black spatula. Rasen looked at Evian.

“It’s not a natural occurrence, right?”

“There are natural dungeons in the world. Fields mysterious beyond human comprehension.”

“But natural dungeons don’t usually exist in such an artificial form.”

“That’s correct.”

If it was in the form of a particularly white gate, it was more likely an artificial dungeon. Decatra had not mentioned an artificial dungeon. Did he intentionally keep silent, or did he not know?

‘It doesn’t make sense if he didn’t know.’

Who is Decatra?

He knew about the Thunder Dragon and recommended Edel Island to feed it. Would Decatra not have looked into Edel Island?

At least he would have sent a subordinate to survey it once. If so, then he wouldn’t have failed to discover an artificial dungeon gate exposed enough for Ralph to find.

‘But there’s no reason to keep it a secret.’

He even gave the special assignment of accompanying Evian. It was hardly an exaggeration to call it a privilege. So why remain silent about the artificial dungeon? This time, I felt it wasn’t a test.

“Let’s go check it out.”

Moving along with Evian, I saw the ‘white gate’ as Ralph said. I interpreted it with the heavenly eye.

The identity of the ‘white gate’ could be known. It was not simply an artificial dungeon.

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