Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 141

Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan

The Thousand Eyes of Rasen discerned it. The name was Ralpon.

“Why is Ralpon here?”

He was a character who came to mind when he first acquired the ‘Black Cauldron’. Known far more often by his childish nickname ‘Shovel Prince’ than his real name, he was one of the key figures, a colleague of Kashin Seid.

Whether he was incredibly unlucky or exceptionally special, he kept getting struck by lightning. It seemed to happen every 15 seconds.

“Hey! Ow, that hurts!”

With a black shovel in hand, Ralpon ran towards us. Eventually, he was able to hop in front of Rasen, breathing heavily.

“What is this place?”

To anyone else, it might have seemed like a sincere question, but surprisingly, Ralpon was serious. Without being flustered, Rasen calmly replied.

“This is one of the islands in the North Sea, called Edel Island.”

“North Sea? Edel Island?”

Strange. I went down to the South Sea. He mumbled to himself like a madman.

“You came here without knowing?”

“If I had known, would I come to such a stinging place? Damn it.”

Ralpon raised his black shovel toward the heavens and swung it violently.

“This damn God of Lightning!”

Rasen had no words. Did Ralpon know of gods? The answer was no. Ralpon did not know of gods; he was just raging without aim.

“To describe the lightning strikes you’re receiving as merely ‘stinging’…”

“What else would you call it?”

“Normally, being struck by that would kill a person.”

“Nah. Who dies from lightning strikes?”

It seemed that Ralpon’s common sense was vastly different from Rasen’s. Rasen had characterized Ralpon as a ‘monster with a physical genius unmatched in strength’, fitting for a colleague of Kashin Seid.

“Where exactly are you from?”

“I’m from the north.”

“From the north?”

Only then did Rasen understand. Beyond the north. It seemed like a man who had crossed from uncharted territories. From the southern perspective, this place was the North Sea, but from the north, this was the South Sea.

‘I haven’t set up the details about what lies beyond the north.’

While the world was expanded for use in the latter part of the novel, detailed settings had not been made. That’s because before the story could proceed to that point, he was sucked into this world.

“Where in the north?”

“I don’t know. The north is just the north.”

“Are there many people like you there? In other words, meaning, are you the norm?”

“My mom and dad used to tell me I’m incredibly robust.”

Ralpon nodded as if he liked Rasen.

“But it doesn’t hurt when I’m with you?”

“It’s because of him.”

A Thunder Dragon whirled in the air, its open mouth absorbing the lightning that struck the area.

-Tasty! Delicious!


The Thunder Dragon seemed to really enjoy this place.

“I’m glad it’s not stinging. You’re a good fellow, aren’t you?”

The flow of Ralpon’s logic and conversation was hard to understand. He decided not to. In such cases, it’s more comforting to just accept it.

“How did you get here? From the north across the North Sea—or from your point of view, the South Sea—to here? Does that make sense?”

It’s no wonder humanity has never been able to explore the land beyond the North Sea. The North Sea is called the Sea of Death and is not constant in magic waves, making it impossible to use magic. Toxic substances fill the air, which makes breathing difficult, and strange mana waves break various navigation devices.

Not to mention the powerful storms that ravage the seas and the deep-sea monsters that occasionally surface to assault ships.

The sky was filled with mutant flying monsters, and the constantly changing mana of various attributes tormented humans—it was a truly dread-filled place. Hence, humanity had given up on sailing beyond the North Sea.

Based on pieces of shipwrecks and frozen corpses that drifted from the North Sea, it was inferred that humans lived beyond it.

“I got lost,” Ralpon answered as if it was obvious.

“You’re lost?”

He was calmly stating that he had crossed an uncrossable space by getting lost.

“Yeah. Lost.”

Rasen found it absurd. How does someone accidentally cross such a barrier? Ralpon was characterized as having great physical prowess but lacking intelligence.

A man of action who acts on impulse and has an extreme sense of direction. And a character that also had severe narcolepsy.

‘I did add the setting for bad direction…’

Based on that setting, the idea that he had come from beyond the North Sea was developed. Then Ralpon spoke up.

“But hey.”


“Do you have anything to eat? Like bread?”

Rasen pulled a piece of bread from his subspace and gave it to him. It seemed he hasn’t eaten for three months. In other words, Ralpon had been struck by lightning for three months, received no nourishment, and still looked fine. It was hard to tell what kind of body he had.

Having devoured a load of bread—28 servings by Rasen’s standards—Ralpon drummed his belly and lay down.

“After all, one needs to be full to be human.”

And he instantly fell into a deep sleep.


He fell asleep out of nowhere. Kashin Seid, the protagonist, had also suffered several times due to Ralpon’s narcolepsy.

‘Maybe such sleep is essential to maintain such a physique?’

When the Thunder Dragon moved away, Ralpon was struck by lightning but didn’t wake up. He only talked in his sleep, like ‘ouch, that’s stinging’. Even Evian found Ralpon’s incredible physique hard to get used to.

Evian observed the sleeping Ralpon carefully.

“What a curious body.”

“Don’t you think?”

“But it’s even more amazing that you can converse with this physically-oriented human.”

Suddenly, the Thousand Eyes showed a new interpretation. Evian’s gaze narrowed.

[‘Ice Slaying Empress (氷殺女帝)’ doubts the ‘lack of plausibility’ in the world.]

[‘Plausibility’ is partially destroyed.]

The Sky Sorcerer.

The Destroyer of Settings.

Now bearing the nickname ‘The Joker’, following those three, the ‘Ice Slaying Empress’ began to doubt the lack of plausibility. Rasen had to be somewhat surprised inwardly.


It seemed that Evian didn’t understand a word Ralpon had said. On reflection, this wasn’t so strange. It made no sense that two humans, with no cross-cultural contact divided by the North Sea, could easily converse.


The world hadn’t turned to ash. If he had actively detected the insufficiency of plausibility, he could have filled the gaps with the power of ‘adding lines’, but this time it was different. He had to convince the suspect, the ‘character of Ice Slaying Empress’.

‘How should I explain it? What on earth is the nickname Ice Slaying Empress?’

Evian bore the chilling nickname, despite only ever showing herself munching on chocolate. In fact, she was a top-class wanted criminal pursued by the Seid family. The ice witch who froze the entire Levadon region. How could she be convinced that it was possible for them to converse?

“Evian. How much of my conversation with Ralpon did you hear?”

“The information I acquired is that he came from beyond the North Sea. That he got lost. That he was hungry. That’s about it.”


Rasen smiled as if he were at ease, though on the outside he appeared quite confident. He chose to melt the Ice Slaying Empress’ doubts.

“Evian. Do you think it makes sense in your common sense to have gotten lost and come this far? No matter how strong his body is, the North Sea—or from his point of view, the South Sea—is it possible for him to cross it?”


“If it were possible, Mayton would’ve already conquered the unknown lands beyond the North Sea.”

“Of course.”

“Then how do you think he got here?”

Evian adjusted her glasses.

“I apologize. I’m not sure.”

She waited for Rasen’s word.

“It’s simple. He must have had help.”

“Even with assistance, for a human to cross the North Sea alone…”

Her eyes then turned towards the Thunder Dragon. The Thunder Dragon was flapping and flying around with its mouth wide open.

“Could it be?”

“That’s probably correct. It must be the arrangement of a dragon, or an even higher being—though I’m not sure if such a being exists—perhaps even the will of a god.”

Evian was silent.

“Some dragon, for some reason, brought that sturdy human down here. I’m not familiar with that [Black Shovel] he’s carrying, but I just mentioned a higher being, didn’t I?”


Rasen looked around. Knowing that no one was around, he deliberately did so. He stepped closer to Evian and whispered very softly.

“Evian. I’m going to confide in you my most precious secret. It’s a real secret that only I hold.”

To ensure the Ice Slaying Empress wouldn’t doubt the world’s plausibility, he decided to add a bit of flavor to make it completely believable.

“I consider you my friend. That’s why I’m revealing everything to you. You’ll keep the secret, won’t you? I hope you promise.”

Evian’s pupils wavered a little. It seemed she was somewhat worried about what Rasen was about to say.

“Am I your friend?”

“I think of you as one.”

“Then I understand.”

She pledged to keep the secret to herself. Rasen continued speaking softly.

“I used to be a good-for-nothing. You probably know that. Then suddenly, I changed one day.”

“Yes. The Maple Guesthouse. Starlight Library. And all of Mayton’s households were shocked, and even now, many doubt that change.”

“Right. That’s natural. But why do you think I was able to change like that?”

The reason is simple. The Creator possessed him. But Evian didn’t know that. She couldn’t even imagine it.

“What’s the reason?”

“A god assisted me.”

Mixing three parts truth with seven parts fiction.

“The God of Cunning, Raidione.”

“That’s the first I’ve heard of it.”

“Haven’t you heard of gods before?”

Evian was silent again.

“Anyway, if what I’m experiencing isn’t a delusion or fantasy, then gods exist. I believe Ralpon was helped by a god to come here.”

“Do you have evidence?”

“Of course.”

Rasen took out the ‘Black Cauldron’ from his garment.

“It’s the Black Cauldron. It protected me from a trap set to kill the ‘Black Rose Albleca’.”

Evian was silent once more.

“This Black Cauldron was made by the God of Blacksmiths. Over time, the cauldron was given to the God of Wisdom, Athe, and then gifted to the new god, Raidione.”

“An artifact synthesized with a substance not found in this world.”

Once evidence was presented, Evian seemed somewhat convinced.

“You can test it. Although its mysterious power has almost vanished throughout the ages, it will still be stronger than anything else in this world. You’re welcome to test it.”

“There’s no need for tests. It’s a special substance I’ve never seen before.”

He nearly had it.

“This Black Cauldron, and that Black Shovel he’s carrying. Don’t they seem like a set?”

Evian examined the Black Shovel. She felt it.

The Black Cauldron.

The Black Shovel.

Both were made from mysterious substances. Materials that humans had never before handled.

“The gods want to connect me and him. Using a transcendent power to do so. That’s why they removed the language barrier between us. I don’t know their intent, but I’ll find out in time.”

Evian adjusted her glasses.

‘There is no logical flaw in Prince Rasen’s words.’

Gods. Preposterous and amazing. However, all of Rasen’s inexplicable actions were now explained by ‘extravagant reasons’. The explanation bred acceptance.

[‘Ice Slaying Empress’ is persuaded by the character Rasen Mayton.]

Then Evian spoke up.

“I sincerely thank you for trusting me and sharing such a secret with me. I had not thought of Prince Rasen as a friend.”


“However, now I will definitely confirm it. Prince Rasen has first recognized me as a friend, and likewise, I will also think of Prince Rasen as a friend. Thank you.”

[‘Ice Slaying Empress’ begins to harbor a deep affection for character Rasen Mayton.]

[The scenario direction of ‘Ice Slaying Empress’ is modified.]

It was a continuation of interpretations, just like during ‘The Joker’s’ time.

[‘Ice Slaying Empress’s’ epithet is dramatically revised.]

[‘Ice Slaying Empress’s’ epithet has changed to ‘Ice Guarding Empress.’]

Only one character had changed. From ‘to kill—살’ to ‘to protect—호.’

As Rasen was feeling uneasy, another interpretation followed.

A message from the God of Cunning, Raidione.

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