Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 140

Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan

Chapter 140 of “The Youngest Son of the Magic Family”

“I would appreciate it if you didn’t tell Rudia that I’m alive here.”

He couldn’t understand. Why not? It was clear how delighted Rudia would be.

“Because it would ruin Lady Persha’s careful arrangements.”


Lasen was momentarily lost for words.

-Master. Persha? Isn’t that the grand lady with the flame? She’s strong and beautiful.

He couldn’t reply to the brain dragon. Lasen was a bit confused. Lady Persha’s careful arrangements, he mused. Then what exactly fell under Persha’s scope of arrangements? Lasen asked:

“Let me ask you one thing.”

“Yes. Just say the word, young master.”

“The very first time Rudia came to look for Mayton was because you were sick. She came to Mayton head over heels to cure that illness.”

At first, he didn’t think it was strange. He hadn’t thought deeply about it while writing his novel either. But in hindsight, it seemed peculiar.

“Did you tell Rudia to find Mayton?”

“Yes. I told her that. That she could cure me if she went to Mayton.”

“Then how did Rudia travel all the way to Mayton? Did she use a teleportation gate?”

“That’s correct. Lady Persha took care of all the expenses and procedures.”


Then the picture became clear. Persha had deliberately called Rudia to Mayton on purpose.

‘In the original story, Persha cut off Rudia’s arm.’

Afterward, Rudia grew up cultivating a grudge against Persha and became the infamous Red Slayer.

‘Why go to such lengths to call Rudia to Mayton and then go as far as to cut off Rudia’s arm?’

There must’ve been an intention hidden in Persha’s actions.

To foster Rudia’s growth. That’s why Persha had behaved that way. At that moment, the world turned ashen. The single line that Lasen filled in last time was highlighted anew.

[Rudia, despite being one-armed, garnered fame as a sorcerer slayer. The reason was that ‘one-armed’ was one of several conditions for a pyromancer to achieve greatness.]

Lasen had inserted the phrase ‘one of several conditions’ to close a plot hole at the time. The rest of the setting book naturally composed itself. The world seemed to spell out the letters one by one, as if someone was typing on a keyboard. The world filled itself with its own life and consistency.

[Lady Persha, who had received the blessing of the fire god ‘Phoenix’, realized this fact long ago. It was because the fire god Phoenix had visited her in her dream and informed her of this.]

He could envision the scene at the time.

Persha had a nightmare that day. She woke up yelling. In Hyran, there is the Flame Tribe girl Rudia, endowed with ‘Eyes of Magic Destruction’. To awaken that Eye of Magic Destruction in Rudia, her anger must be stirred.

At first, Persha took the dream vision as such:

-Damn it, I must’ve had a filthy nightmare.

For she dreamt her whole body was ablaze. Yet, as time passed, the dream became more deeply ingrained, and eventually, Persha sent a search party to the Hyran region to find out if there truly was a girl named Rudia from the Flame Tribe.

-Is this true?

Dream vision.

Though she hadn’t believed in the reverie, she had no choice but to trust in the face of concrete evidence. Persha then became curious: Could a girl named Rudia really possess such a monstrous ability as the ‘Eyes of Magic Destruction’ and prodigious magical talent?

As the setting book continued to fill itself out, it brought new facts.

[To master supreme pyromantic mana, it was advantageous to have only one arm capable of drawing magic circles. Utilizing two arms to manipulate magic circles entangled mana flow, particularly pronounced beyond the 8th Circle.]

Lasen continued to learn new truths.

[This was a fact discovered by the great sorcerer Kirtel, who too had amputated his left arm when practicing fire mana.]

Next, he saw a vision. Two vague figures talked to each other in a sitting position within the vision. Although their faces were unseen, Lasen guessed those two were Kirtel and Alberto.

“Alberto. Do you know what conditions are necessary for a Pyromancer to surpass the 8th Circle?”

“I don’t know. I really despise flame attribute mana. It’s the least compatible with me.”

“You need to amputate an arm as soon as possible.”

“What are you talking about?”

“It’s about the nature of flame attributes. A heart circle is linked to the flow of a magic circle in one arm. To conduct an 8th Circle spell, eight rings and a single arm’s magic circle must work in unison. But we have two arms, right? We’ve been drawing magic circles with both. And we thought that was the more efficient way.”

“What nonsense are you spouting?”

“However, if you truly aspire to greatly succeed, you must practice with one arm. Only by practicing to complete magic circles with one arm can you transcend the 8th Circle. A fire mage accustomed to two arms will never truly succeed. The mana flow gets twisted. You know our definition of great success differs from ordinary people’s, right?”

Alberto didn’t seem to fully trust Kirtel’s words.

“Maybe that’s because you’re a bit crazy? Your rules might only apply uniquely to you.”

“Even so, isn’t it worth considering if I’ve breached the 8th Circle wall using this method? Think about it. Has there ever been a pyromancer surpassing the 8th Circle in recorded history? There were quite a few of other attributes, but never flame.”

The conversation ended there. If he could have seen their faces, it would have been better. There was no visibility, only their voices. It was a slightly shocking dialogue for Lasen.

As a writer, it was embarrassing to learn that the world had set things up this way without his knowledge.


A voice reached him. While Lasen was lost in thought, the newly completed setting book vanished, and the world returned to normal.

‘It seems the last setting book was filled out correctly.’

Had he inscribed different content, there would have been a significant conflict with the setting book just revealed. Significant conflicts in the setting mean a collapse in plausibility, directly leading to Lasen’s death.

“…Young master?”


Lasen looked at Rudia’s father.

“I understand what you’re saying.”

If that was fatherly affection, could it be termed as such? To let the knowledge of his own survival remain hidden for Rudia’s growth.

“At least for you, Rudia’s magical growth is more important than her suffering. I understand that.”

“…It’s our tribe’s mission.”

“I understand that too: Rudia must be enveloped in grief because of that mission.”

Lasen felt a slight sense of betrayal towards Rudia’s father. He had seen Rudia’s sorrow himself.

She seemed as if part of her brain was damaged. She was smiling but not smiling. Though seeming carefree and cheerful, the mana around Rudia was always gloomy.

Even the monstrous ability ‘Eyes of Magic Destruction’ emerged. Intense and dreadful murderous intent that even made her friend and contractor Lasen recoil.

“And I understand that this rage is turning Rudia into a monster.”


Whether to reveal everything to Rudia, he didn’t know yet. In fact, Lasen didn’t know what was right. It was incomprehensible.

“And I also understand that you love the tribe’s mission more than Rudia’s existence.”

Without saying goodbye, Lasen turned his back to Rudia’s father.

‘Let’s think about it at Edelsom Island.’

* * *

Lasen was drenched in cold sweat.

“Damn it all.”

How many mental calculations and magical formulae must exist in Ebvian’s mind? At the moment, Lasen was standing on a small wooden boat. Oddly, it wasn’t floating on water but rather gliding over ice.

‘Creating a path of ice while just briefly freezing the North Sea.’

It was like making ice railway tracks for just a brief moment. In that fleeting time, the ice propelled the boat forward at high speed, slightly tilting and rapidly freezing the seawater before melting it again without damaging the boat.

‘Creating an icy path with almost zero friction.’

Although invisible, complicated magical formulas must have been whirling through Ebvian’s mind.

“At 11 o’clock. 30 meters ahead, I sense a sea monster. It will leap at us upon close approach. Please, young master, flick it away.”

No need to hunt. Just a request to flick it away. Lasen faithfully complied with Ebvian’s request.


He used a magic technique to flick away a 6-meter-long tuna-like sea monster.

“You did splendidly.”


While witnessing Ebvian’s magical application, Lasen doubted whether the comment was truly a compliment.

He had rarely seen a wizard of Ebvian’s caliber manipulate magic like this. It wasn’t offensive or defensive magic, just convenience magic of this level.

He swallowed nervously. He knew she was strong, but the closer he got, the more monstrous the mage felt.

‘She seems stronger than I set her to be…’

Perhaps much stronger than what he had written. Ebvian spoke up.

“If we continue at this pace, we will arrive at Edelsom Island in three hours.”


“Yes. We’ve arrived quicker than expected. Crossing paths with the white whales and going through the Strait of Death has expedited our journey.”

That meant white whales appeared unexpectedly, and to avoid them, they traversed the ‘Strait of Death’. Typically, seas have at least one ‘Strait of Death’, but those located in the North Sea were notorious for their particularly low passage success rates.

“This Strait of Death has an average 20 percent passage rate, doesn’t it?”

In other words, 80 percent sink to the bottom of the sea.

“We were lucky enough to pass through it well.”


“Yes. We were fortunate.”

Watching the icy witch of the North Sea brush off her glasses and speak nonchalantly, Lasen again broke into a cold sweat, unaware of when they had crossed the Strait of Death.

Lasen started to question why they had moved forward without his consent but stopped himself, deciding that the move was the priority.

-The scent is delicious.

-Master, let’s go quickly!

The brain dragon perched on Lasen’s shoulder drooled. The drool turned to sparks as it hit the air.

‘Between an ice mage who calmly says we were lucky after crossing the Strait of Death, and a thunder dragon who sparks just by drooling…’

He increasingly felt he had stepped into the wrong world. That feeling intensified as they neared ‘Edelsom Island.’


It resembled a scene from a disaster movie. The island itself wasn’t very large. A grown person could walk around the whole island in about four days. Yet, a thunderstorm hammered down upon the entire island.

‘How is it just here?’

Even in a fantasy world, this seemed too much. A thunderstorm was raging over just this island.

Ebvian moored the boat on the beach.

“The lightning strikes are plentiful, but the odds of being hit seem quite low.”

Although there were many strikes, it wasn’t as dense as rain.

Just because one enters Edelsom Island doesn’t mean getting struck by lightning is guaranteed. However, there was a human that did get hit. It was Ebvian. Bad luck.

“Ah. The tingling thunder.”

Ebvian adjusted her glasses. Once again, she spoke as if it were nothing.

“Young master, it seems you would die if struck.”

Meanwhile, the brain dragon was zipping around ecstatically.

-Lightning! Come to me!

-I shall devour everything!

Trying to remain calm, Lasen scanned his surroundings. About 30 meters ahead, lightning struck with a crackle! The sensation made his skin crawl. He would surely die if hit.

Even though Ebvian would protect him, danger was still danger.

But then he heard an odd voice.

“Ah! Ouch! Eek! That hurts! Darn it! Oh! Stop! Stop!”

The lightning struck again.

A man was being hit by the lightning and shivering all over, but he didn’t die.

“Ouch! It stings!”

Another strike hit him. It seemed as though the lightning was targeting him.

“Hey? A person! Over here!”

Despite being struck twice more by lightning and tumbling, the man ran towards them. He howled with each strike, but he seemed relatively unharmed by it.

The man’s hair was chaotically spiked from all the lightning, his body charred, but he appeared uninjured by burns. He was enormous. Seemingly human, but an immense figure reaching about 3 meters tall.

Lasen’s heavenly eye read the stranger.


The man’s name appeared.

‘Why is he here?’

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