Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 14

Magic Family’s Youngest Son: Episode 14

In an instant, Evian’s heart tightened. The words, “Help me, Evian,” pierced deep into Evian’s chest.

‘The 7th son who had been watched all his life since the age of 9.’

The 7th prince seemed to be well aware of his situation. And now, Soso, a former maid, disregarded almost like discard by the family.

‘The youngest son of the magic family who had to hide himself, downplay his presence, and act.’

It was the youngest son who sincerely asked for help. Sincerity was evident in his eyes. Of course, the sincerity Evian thought of and Lasen’s were quite different, but sincerity was sincerity nonetheless.

‘I want to protect my mother.’

Looking at the current Lasen, that seemed impossible. There were too many vastly powerful successors within the magic family of Mayton who had the bloodline. To them, this youngest son was nothing but a lowborn villain.

‘You’re dreaming an impossible dream.’

Yet, an impossible dream did not seem so wrong.

A dream is a dream only if it can be realized. The pursuit is what dreams are made of. That’s what Evian believed.

Evian looked at Lasen’s face and eyes with an expressionless face. Eyes are the windows to the soul, Evian thought. And Evian read desperation in Lasen’s eyes.


Evian spoke quietly.

“I’m not helping you just for chocolate.”

In the end, Evian decided to help Lasen. It wasn’t teaching ice magic, but merely helping to consume a spirit elixir. This much shouldn’t be a problem.

Evian explained for a long while,

“…is the explanation. To summarize, when you consume Cartiane, I will rapidly freeze the bursting mana and then slowly melt it to be absorbed by the heart.”

Lasen didn’t understand the details like ‘Laplace’s 12th Theorem’ or ‘Frand’s Time Coefficient’, mentioned in the middle of the explanation.

But he understood this part perfectly.

“Your body might freeze due to the side effects.”

“Freeze my body?”

“If you’re lucky, you might thaw out in a few months, and if you’re unlucky, it might take years. If you’re really unlucky, you could die.”

Evian, could you not speak so calmly about it?

“But I’m quite a skilled ice mage. I will try my best to prevent that.”


Lasen hesitated for a moment. Should I delay taking Cartiane?


The 3rd daughter brought it and left. It’s a test to see if I’ll eat it or not. If there’s a test, I should pass it. I have to pass hundreds, thousands of such tests in the future. This is just the first trial.

‘And in cases like this.’

A character with Evian’s personality doesn’t seem like it, but he’s considerate. He’s the type that tells all there is to know. Even though he mentions the danger,

‘The chances of success are much higher.’

He knows it’s a much bigger gamble with higher success rates.

There are no investments without risks. Lasen knew that all too well. Even the protagonist, Kashin, surely had to gamble at times. Life is a continuous series of choices, and Lasen decided to make a choice.

‘Think of it as a lottery with high chances of winning.’

Lasen prepared himself mentally.

“Let’s do it.”

Evian spoke lastly.

“Still, I am a mage. As you’re using a mage, you have to allocate a nominal fee for the service.”

“A fee?”

“Yes, nothing much.”

Then Evian said in a languid tone, as if in passing.

“Since it’s a nominal fee, about 24 chocolates should suffice.”

* * *

The 3rd Daughter.

Pershia laughed as if amused,

“That brat ate the Cartiane?”

A voice sounded from the air.

“Yes. He received help from Evian, the librarian of the Starlight Library.”

“Evian? That ice-cold person?”

“It appears Evian was moved by some compelling reason.”


“I apologize. I lack the ability to deceive Evian’s sensitivity and approach closely, so I could not investigate the details.”

“Is that so?”

Pershia’s expression became a little more serious.

“A big trump card that can move Evian’s heart must be in that youngest kid’s hand, right?”

“It could be a simple whim.”

“That ice witch? Doubtful.”

There must be something. The youngest has something that can move Evian. What could it possibly be? It seems like an interesting situation is unfolding.

It would be good to ascertain the Surani that can move ice witch Evian. Later, though.

“That Cartiane is among the top-grade, even Evian wouldn’t handle it unless he was a proficient ice mage, right?”

“Yes. If it had been consumed incorrectly, he could have died within days from the side effects.”

“Seeing that Sando is saying this, he must have somehow managed well.”

“It looks like Evian did his best.”

“Then the youngest already knew Evian was Larvian, right?”

“It seems that way.”

That’s interesting as well. The infamous lazybones, trapped in Maple Annex, has such information. How did he come to know about it? All the more intriguing.

Sando continued,

“But there’s something a bit strange.”

“What is it?”

“The 7th Prince’s physique seems preposterously sturdy…”

“Is that so?”

Pershia grinned. Preposterously sturdy. Considering how Sando put it, it must really be absurd.

“Yes. Even the ice mage Evian seems to be shocked. Absorbing mana frozen within him at an extraordinary rate, and yet his pulse is normal. Body temperature as well.”

“It means his heart is that sturdy.”

It’s not just sturdy, but incredibly so. Having yet to undergo the 10-year spell grafting, he seems to absorb the Cartiane’s mana correctly. Pershia also was slightly surprised.

“What does Sando think about the time it would take to absorb the mana?”

If he’s sturdy, then maybe around a year. Pershia thought it would take that long. Normally it’s over three years.

But the startling answer came back.

“At this rate, 3 weeks should be enough.”

For the first time, Pershia’s face stiffened.

* * *

Lasen Mayton woke up from his sleep with a start, shouting “Aack!”.

The current time was 2:42 a.m.

The peaceful hour when everyone else slept.

“Damn it.”

His body had grown hot. He had finally fallen asleep an hour ago, and now this. He picked up his clothes and headed out of Maple Annex. He ran for a while in the open area behind the annex.

‘Why am I not getting tired?’

He barely felt any fatigue now.

The rooster crowed—

It was 5:45 a.m.

The sun was rising; dawn was upon him.

Only then did he feel a bit of exhaustion. Gasping, he kept running. He felt he had to run.

‘My body has too much vigor.’

There’s an excess of vigor. It’s so overabundant that it seemed impossible to deplete. The mana accumulating in his heart felt like it was about to explode. Furthermore, the mana solidified as fat throughout his body was rapidly melting away.

“Damn it, I’ll die at this rate.”

Lasen ran, and he ran some more. It wasn’t enough just to run.

“Hampton, guide me to the waterfall garden.”

The huge estate was three times the size of Yeouido, containing extensive parks. The waterfall garden was one of them—a vast artificial waterfall, about 30 meters high. Lasen climbed upwards against the waterfall, drenched in its fall.

‘This is much better.’

This consumes much more energy than merely running.

“Hampton, bring me a weight made of lead, about 10 kg would be nice.”

Lasen strapped it around his waist and climbed the artificial waterfall. With every movement, he felt it—the condensed mana all over his body. And the mana thrust into his heart through Cartiane fought as if it would explode.

Each time, his celestial eyes activated and interpreted his physique.

[‘Beginner-level Martial Art “Firm Will” protects your body.’]

[‘Beginner-level Martial Art “Firm Will” is being trained.’]

[‘Beginner-level Martial Art “Firm Will” has been promoted to “Even Firmer Will”.’]

[‘Even Firmer Will’ provides further reinforcement to your body’s defense.’]

Not only that, but as he kept activating his entire body, climbing the torrential cliff and waterfall, another martial art got promoted.

[‘Beginner-level Martial Art “Weight Utilization” has been promoted to “Skillful Weight Utilization”.’]

‘Even Firmer Will’ shielded his heart and body from the rampaging mana, while ‘Skillful Weight Utilization’ precisely adjusted his body balance.

Lasen felt remarkably light.

His movements became much smoother than before, and he climbed the waterfall much faster.

‘Isn’t this fun?’

Even the process was enjoyable. He felt a sense of achievement as if he was accomplishing something. Before long, Lasen increased the weight.

“Increase the weight to 20 kg.”

Another week passed.

“Increase the weight to 30 kg.”

Then Hampton started to express his concerns.

“Your Highness, your zeal and passion are beautiful, but if you overdo it, your body will suffer.”

“It’s okay.”

He’s barely slept recently. Yet, he wasn’t tired. On the contrary, he was brimming with vitality. Another week went by.

It had been 3 weeks since he consumed the Cartiane. Pershia’s shadow, Sando, reported.

“It seems… he has absorbed all the mana of Cartiane.”

As it was reported previously, he managed to absorb the mana within just 3 weeks.

“Truly… a monstrous physique.”

“Is that so?”

“He climbs the waterfall in the waterfall garden with his bare hands every day.”

“Not using magic?”

“It seems to be using martial arts.”

“Good. At least he’s learning that properly.”

Martial arts, while they grow quickly at first, have a clear limit. It doesn’t matter. After all, the youngest is merely a pawn to use. He just needs to play the role of a ‘light footnote’, as he described himself.

“But… he’s climbing with a 50kg weight attached to his body.”

“5 kilograms, not?”

“Yes. He climbs about 30 meters high waterfall in less than five minutes.”

Climbing a waterfall, getting splashed, 6 meters every minute, a 9-year-old child with a 50kg weight. The most astonishing part is, repetitively doing this daily without getting tired.

Pershia laughed again in amusement.

“Well, his body must be brimming with vigor.”

And that’s when they confirmed something crucial.

“So how many more days can he live?”

“If left as is, he’ll die within 3 months. The mana within is excessively overwhelming. If there isn’t a special force protecting his body, it will explode.”

Pershia nodded.

Who would have thought he’d absorb all the mana of the Cartiane. Honestly, even the 3rd daughter had not thought this scenario would happen. That made it all the more amusing.

“Let’s see how the youngest survives.”

Of course, there’s a high probability that he’ll die.

‘I’ll hope for a miracle. Our cute little youngest.’

She felt a sense of desire for him to surprise her. If he seemed likely to die, she would force him to confess the trick that moved Evian before that.

“By the way, how can he survive?”

“A sophisticated spell or technique that can defend the body, or with the help of magick.”

Since such a thing is unlikely, it wasn’t considered. Pershia herself had no clue about Lasen’s ‘beginner-level martial arts’.

“He could live if he can make 2 circles within 3 months.”

“Isn’t that impossible?”

“If the head of the family or Ibelia moves, maybe it’s possible, or… if Pershia herself helps.”

“There will be no need for that. It’s bothersome. I did enough by giving Cartiane.”

Meanwhile, as usual, Lasen’s mother, Soso, visited the Maple Annex. She came to share a cup of tea, as always.

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