Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 139

Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan

Chapter 139: The Youngest Son of the Magic Family

The Heavenly Eye was activated.



Ban Fernoc.

These three clues, along with Persha’s words, provided a significant hint.

“Do you really think I killed them all?”

The Heavenly Eye combined and interpreted these clues. It showed Larsen every event that had happened in this world. Larsen could understand now. The Hailan people were not dead.

They had been forcibly relocated by Persha’s confidant, Sando, and the place they were relocated to was the village known as ‘Ban Fernoc’.

The Heavenly Eye informed Larsen about everything that had happened in the world, and he asked with the utmost composure.

“Why didn’t you kill them, sister?”


Persha flinched. It seemed unexpected even to her.

“Explain yourself.”

“You did not kill the people of Hailan.”

“How did you know?”

“I read the traces.”

“What traces? I erased all traces cleanly.”

“When people die, a unique lifeless energy (死气) seeps out. I didn’t feel that.”

Honestly, he hadn’t felt it back then. It was because Persha had cunningly camouflaged it. In fact, Larsen hadn’t even tried to feel the ‘lifeless energy’. Thinking back, Larsen wasn’t quite himself at that time either.

“You caught on to that? You? Back then?”

“Yes, that is correct.”

Persha beamed with a smile.


Watching her smile, one could almost forget she was a witch who enjoyed dismemberment, a crafter of fire. The smile itself was genuinely pure.

It was like the innocent laughter of a young child, judging by the expression alone.

“That situation back then, it was impossible to be sane. I covered everything with my fire mana, and from there, you tried to feel the lifeless energy?”

“Yes, I did.”

“Then, did you act in front of me at that time?”

Back then, Larsen had truly been angry. Persha liked that side of him.

“I won’t forget today, you said. But since that time, you had already realized I hadn’t killed those Hailan bastards?”

Persha hummed a pleasant tune with a huh-huh, not taking her eyes off Larsen.

“To be honest, it seems like a lie.”

Larsen put a hand on her shoulder.

“But for now, I’ll believe you. There’s no evidence of lying.”

“I think it’s a rational decision.”

Evian thought the sibling’s conversation was a bit different than expected. In fact, when Persha first appeared, Evian had been a bit nervous too. For Evian, Persha was someone with an unpredictable nature. Besides, she was a cruel-natured fire magician.

‘But… she’s oddly friendly towards Larsen.’

Tone, intonation, content of the words… it was difficult to view them as friendly. However, mana does not lie. The mana around Persha was telling a story. Persha didn’t altogether dislike Larsen.

Larsen asked again.

“Why didn’t you kill them?”

Choi Sung-min also thought this was strange.

For the original Persha, this behavior wasn’t odd at all. Frankly, killing would have made more sense, as it was cleaner.

Moreover, if it were for the purpose of awakening Larsen and Rudia themselves, logically, killing the Hailan people would have been the more rational choice.


Persha twirled her red hair.

“I’m not sure myself. Just. I kind of wanted to do it that way.”


He expected some grand reason, but the response was unsatisfactory.

“Do you find it strange yourself?”

“Yes, it’s strange.”

It differed from the Creator’s setting. Although not a contradiction, her actions differed from usual patterns.

“I find it strange too. Anyway, I will tell you the conclusion. Will you keep the fact that the Hailan kids are alive a secret from the little flame?”


“If she knows the truth, her venom will fade.”

To Larsen, Persha’s eyes seemed to sparkle. It appeared she genuinely looked forward to Rudia’s growth.

“Just for that reason, you want to cover up that the father is still alive?”

“Shall I truly kill him then?”

At the moment the Heavenly Eye interpreted what had happened in Hailan, Larsen had already guessed Persha would react like this. He was not flustered and could continue speaking because he had prepared for this mentally.

“Would you like to make a bet with me?”

* * *

Evian watched the spot where Persha had left for a few seconds. The Persha he met today seemed a bit different from the usual Persha.

“Lord Persha accepted the wager.”

“Yes, I staked my life on it. It must be entertaining for her.”

The content of the bet was simple: whether Rudia’s growth would stagnate once she learned the truth, or not. That was the gamble.

“There’s some truth to Lady Persha’s words. Sometimes venom drives human growth.”

“I agree that the venom acted as a trigger.”

That motivated Rudia and was the catalyst for the awakening of ‘Destruction Eye’.

“Yet, what grows Rudia now isn’t the venom from that time.”


“The will to become strong on her own. And the determination to protect me, a contractor and a friend. These motivations are spurring Rudia on.”

Evian had been watching Rudia closely. That’s why he knew.

“And aside from those reasons, the fact that her father is alive should be known, right?”


“Regardless of profit or loss. Isn’t that right?”

As a human. And as a friend, that’s what he believed to be right. If the situation had been reversed, Rudia would have shared the truth without hesitation.

Evian adjusted his glasses.

“You have a good heart, Lord Larsen. However, the risk is too great if the wager fails.”

“Because I staked my life?”

“Yes. Lady Persha might very well kill you. In a perfectly legal manner, as part of the wager.”

Larsen smiled thinly.

“Are you worried about me?”

“…Not particularly.”

Evian clumsily pulled out a bag of chocolate-like candies from his chest.


Succumbing to a mishap in power control, the bag of chocolates rapidly froze and then turned into fine dust and disappeared.

A chocolate piece thus vanished to the molecular level. Evian’s expression rapidly darkened. It was the saddest expression Larsen had seen on him.

“Anyway, thank you. But the lady won’t be able to kill me.”

“Do you have evidence?”

Firstly, he believed in Rudia. Rudia was a companion of the protagonist Kasin Seid and would become notorious as a mass murderer. Larsen had seen her ‘Destruction Eye’ bloom. Rudia would never settle for this.

“First. I trust Rudia.”

However, that alone wasn’t sufficient justification. Larsen was not so emotional to bet his life on that basis alone.

“There was something odd about the lady.”


Having regained his composure, Evian nibbled on another chocolate. He seemed to be carefully avoiding any crumbs on his lips.

“I’m not sure yet…”

Larsen saw something strange in Persha. It was a fantastical interpretation.

It was as if he saw some kind of illusion, feeling like a dream. The footage had tons of noise. The image was blurry. In the footage, Persha was agonizing. And in that image, Persha hated killing someone.

In the illusion, Persha, who usually found dismemberment amusing, was crying.

Then Persha murmured.

-I don’t want to kill anyone.

-I don’t want to cut.

-I… won’t kill anyone.

Larsen couldn’t tell what the interpretation of the Heavenly Eye meant. It was unclear.

“The lady doesn’t want to kill me. No matter the wager.”

The final judgment was postponed.

“If I get a chance, I’ll tell you. For now, let’s head to Ban Fernoc. We have to meet Rudia’s father.”

* * *

They arrived at Ban Fernoc.

Ban Fernoc was a medium-sized village. It was surrounded by high fences. It looked more like a fortress than a village. It probably was Persha’s work.

‘She hired Gern’s Tamer to keep a secret.’

So, it wasn’t strange to fortify this place with high fences. At the gate. A man in silver armor spoke.



Larsen didn’t hide his identity. Seeing Larsen’s identification, the guard promptly assumed a formal stance and spoke respectfully.

“Please come in. I apologize for any offense.”

“Nothing to apologize for.”

The fences were divided into outer and inner walls, and Larsen could freely access the inside of the inner wall.

Between the outer and inner walls was a rather strict ID check, but Larsen was able to enter immediately without waiting.

‘Having power sure helps.’

Power is good. With this power, one could live happily for a lifetime.

Many people waiting to go through the procedure to enter Ban Fernoc looked at Larsen with envy. Larsen entered the inner wall. It was a village with nothing much special. Two-story buildings were lined up all along.

Two days passed. Larsen and Evian had no difficulty meeting the forcibly relocated people. They lived in a district called ‘Special Management Area’ within Ban Fernoc.

“Your Excellency!”

Meeting Rudia’s father, Larsen bit his lip.

‘He’s really alive.’

Imagine how delighted Rudia would be. Rudia had rushed headlong to the distant Meiton without hesitation just to heal her father.

She had demanded help without restraint in that place. She was a child who would go through fire and water for her father.


Suddenly, Larsen felt something was odd. It hadn’t seemed strange previously, but looking back, it was surprising.

‘How did Rudia manage to reach Meiton?’

That state of mind, Rudia, didn’t seem to have properly used a transit gate to move. Rudia had no money, either.

Even if she had organized her route correctly to use a transit gate, she couldn’t have afforded the use fees.

Did Rudia move to Meiton by herself without a transit gate’s help?


One must cross at least five undeveloped regions.



‘And why just Meiton?’

The Meiton family is a famous magical family. However, they were not the only magic house. Even the surrounding Dragon Mountains near Hailan could have been approached for help. So why would they go to Meiton?

Larsen briefly ended the hug with Rudia’s father. He shook hands with him, noticing his eyes were reddening.

“You came looking for us.”


They exchanged greetings. Rudia’s father led them to the house he was living in. He offered them warm tea.

“What type of tea do you prefer?”

Evian spoke instead.

“His Excellency likes iced black tea.”


No, not that. I really hate iced black tea.

He wanted to say that but remained silent. Seeing Evian’s control over instant freezing and thawing, he lost the urge to speak.

“It’s black tea. I’ve added special Arctic ice to it. It will be much more refreshing and deeper in coolness than regular ice. And these are cookies I baked myself.”

“Thank you.”

After some time, Rudia’s father brought up an unexpected story.

“Your Excellency. May I ask you an uncomfortable request?”

“What is it?”

“I would appreciate if you wouldn’t tell Rudia that I am still alive here.”


An even more astonishing statement leaked from his lips.

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