Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 138

Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan

Chapter 138 of “The Youngest Son of a Magic Family”

Evian said, “These mini wyverns are not wild wyverns.”

“How do you know?”

Approaching the ice block closely, Evian struck it with the edge of her hand, shattering it into several pieces. Blue energy swirled around her hand, melting the part it touched.

“Examine the body closely.”

On the chest of the mini wyvern, there was an emblem carved in the shape of the sun.

“That emblem belongs to the Gern family.”

“Gern family?”

Rasen knew about them. They weren’t one of the ‘great families,’ but they were one of the powerhouse families in the northwestern part of the continent. They possessed a special power: the ability to raise and communicate with magical beasts. People called this power ‘taming.’

“Experts in taming?”

“That’s correct.”

“So, the Gern family is located in the northwest of the Betia continent, across the Black Sea.”

In other words, Rasen was questioning why they had expanded to the Northern Sea, across the Black Sea.

“I do not know the reason either.”

Rasen frowned. From what he knew, the area near the Arctic wasn’t particularly suitable for mini wyverns to inhabit.

Mini wyverns normally lived in warmer regions. They were magical beasts weak to cold. So why release them here? For what purpose?

“Moreover, they did not hide their family’s emblem.”

“Yeah, they had no reason to hide.”

It meant they weren’t engaged in shameful deeds. They were doing legitimate work, but what were they scheming in the Arctic?

“I cannot guess the reason. Evian, do you have any idea?”

“That’s right. There is no treasure in the Arctic or Northern Sea worth guarding by them, at least to my knowledge.”


Discussing unknown matters would not yield answers.

“If the mini wyverns show aggression, I will eliminate them all. I am currently contracted as a guide for the young master.”

Evian adjusted her glasses and unwrapped a packet of chocolate, popping one into her mouth. Rasen’s heavenly eye attempted to interpret the packet of chocolate but failed.

[The level of the magic formula bestowed is too high to interpret.]

It seemed Evian had used an extreme magic formula to enjoy the chocolate at its best state or possibly to turn it into ice chocolate by freezing it.

‘A magic spell on a chocolate packet?’

Her impassive face while chewing chocolate resembled the calm presence of Mount Tai. Although she used such high-class skills for storing chocolate, she was undoubtedly reliable.

“I’m counting on you.”

* * *

Pherisya sprang from her seat, surrounded by rising flames.

“Huh? Say that again, Sando.”

“Seventh young master is heading towards Ban Perrignon village.”

“Why there?”

Pherisya’s empty sleeve fluttered. Ever since she presented her severed arm to Rasen, she hadn’t thought about regenerating it.

“The head of the family has commanded it. He has granted a period of one year.”

“Father has?”

Pherisya bit her nails. It wasn’t difficult to guess why her father had issued such a command.

“Has he asked to go to Edel Island?”

“I could not ascertain that, I apologize.”

“No, it’s alright. It must be Edel Island.”

The Thunder Dragon had awakened. Though Pherisya didn’t know much detail about it, she had surmised her father did. Certain types of dragons required specific mana attributes to grow properly. Edel Island, struck by lightning all year round, would be an excellent place for the Thunder Dragon.

“Are Heira and Hemton accompanying him?”

“They are moving separately.”

“Then he went with that little firebug?”

“No. Rudia recently unlocked a special skill and is under Princess Ibelia’s training to refine it.”

“Then who is he with?”

“There was no official dispatch…”

Sando now speculated. Speculation meant the information was not 100 percent accurate. Pherisya urged him on.

“Don’t beat around the bush. I’ll sift through the details myself.”

“A few days ago, Librarian Evian stepped down from working in the library.”


“And she has not been seen. When Young Master Rasen left, Librarian Evian also became unseen.”

“So that icy woman went with Rasen?”

“The circumstances suggest so, but I cannot confirm. I apologize.”

“No need for apologies.”

Pherisya made several deductions. It was factual that Evian went with him. It was impossible for Rasen alone to journey through the Arctic and the Northern Sea to Edel Island. Father must have known that and attached Evian. Father appreciated bravery and confidence and liked to turn the impossible into possible, but he wouldn’t set utterly impossible challenges.

“Evian is currently being pursued by the swordsmanship family.”

“That’s right. Her real name is Larvian. She assassinated the lord in the Levadon region and froze the castle solid.”

“That means Evian has taken a significant deal to leave her safe librarian position and journey with Rasen.”

The details of that deal were unimportant. One thing was certain.

‘Father has paid special attention to attach Evian.’

This revelation excited Pherisya. It meant that her father was paying close attention to Rasen’s unique value. It was intriguing.

“I do enjoy watching that guy grow, but…”

There was a problem. Ban Perrignon village was on their path.

If Heira and Hemton were moving separately, they would likely spend time in Ban Perrignon village, waiting for Rasen for a year.

“Are the Hyran folks there?”

“Yes. As per your orders, they are completely cut off from the outside world. Their secrecy was to be maintained for another three years.”

But Rasen’s group is moving towards Ban Perrignon. Survivors of Hyran dwell there.

Having staged everything to awaken Rasen and Rudia, it would be counterproductive to expose it all so soon.

“Is it too difficult to relocate them now?”

“It is. We cannot use large-scale warp magic, and they would have to move by land, which doesn’t fit the schedule.”

“I see.”

Pherisya pondered for a moment before breaking the silence.

“I guess I’ll have to go there myself.”

Before Sando could ask where, Pherisya had vanished, having already used warp magic. Sando was dumbfounded and repeatedly called, “Lady Pherisya?”

“She really did leave?”

She had warpped directly out of Mayten House. It was unusual.

In the Mayten House, warping was avoided out of respect for the head of the family. Warping could disturb Decatra’s focus with its mana waves.

It wasn’t an absolute rule but more of an unspoken agreement.

‘Lady Pherisya isn’t one to follow that rule to the letter…’

Yet, no one expected her to warp so blatantly. Besides, warping to the Arctic required multiple jumps, a long-distance journey. The longer the distance, the larger the mana surge.

‘To warp so openly…’

Sando unwittingly frowned.

‘I’ll be the one writing the report.’

* * *


Another ice block fell. Four mini wyverns had been hunted already. Initially high in the sky, the mini wyverns were now immobilized by Evian’s freezing magic and deprived of life.

Evian’s stride was utterly tranquil, and Rasen felt both secure and apprehensive. Once again, he realized the world was a frightening place.

Suddenly, Evian stopped in her tracks—Rasen sensed the reason. A surge of mana erupted nearby.

‘What is this mana fluctuation?’

About 100 meters ahead, mana was converging.

A ferocious aura was palpable. Even the usually composed Evian felt a twinge of tension. A mana fluctuation strong enough to alarm Evian signaled the arrival of none other than Pherisya.

‘Third sister?’

Why had Pherisya suddenly appeared here? Evian, the stable companion, was the first to inquire.

“Lady Third Princess, what brings you here?”

“Do I really need to explain myself to you, Librarian Evian?”

Beads of sweat trickled down the back of Pherisya’s neck. The observant Rasen took note of this.

‘If she has used long-distance warp magic, the physical strain must be considerable. In other words, whatever it is, it must be urgent. But what could it be?’

What could be so compelling as to make Pherisya rush here? Evian continued.

“I am no longer a librarian. Currently, I am guiding the youngest master through the Northern Sea as contracted with the head of the family. I have disclosed upfront that I cannot divulge the specifics of this agreement.”

“I get it. Understood.”

With a gesture reeking of irritation, Pherisya waved her hand dismissively. The look on Rasen’s face was visibly more relaxed than usual.

Evian had never felt more reliable. If Pherisya and Evian were to fight one-on-one, the outcome might be unknown. But clearly, Pherisya couldn’t easily dismiss Evian either.

“Anyway. You’re heading to Ban Perrignon village, right?”

“Yes. We were planning to rest there before moving on.”

Pherisya furrowed her brows.

“But first, would you wipe the chocolate off your mouth?”


Evian’s face stiffened. She quickly conjured mana, cleansing her mouth area.

Frozen chocolate pieces, too small to see, disintegrated into fine particles and vanished—a sophisticated spell work.

“Anyway, no beating around the bush.”

Pherisya looked at Rasen.

“Ah. I shouldn’t have mentioned this so soon. But now that it’s out, no choice. Kid, remember the Hyran folks?”


Rage began to simmer within Rasen, Rudia’s face mourning her father who loved rock pears came to mind.

Pherisya smirked.

“That’s a good look.”

“Sister was responsible for the massacre at Hyran. I remember it quite clearly.”

“That’s right. I did give you quite the lesson. The injustice suffered by the weak. You must’ve felt it so deeply it seeped into your bones.”

Pherisya liked the way Rasen held his anger- present but not eruptive. It was quite the appealing sight.

Pherisya continued.

“I can tell you’ve learned from the way you display your feelings like this.”

“Yes, I’ve realized I must become much stronger. Thank you for the valuable lesson, sister.”

“Thanking me while glaring like you want to tear me apart? I’m so happy I could die.”

After a bout of laughter, Pherisya finally got to the point. Better out than hidden, so she decided to go with a straightforward approach.

“Do you really think I killed them all?”


And just as she spoke, the interpretations from Rasen’s heavenly eye began to unfold before him.

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