Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 137

Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan

Chapter 137 of the Youngest Son of a Magic Noble Family

Decatra chuckled with amusement.

“Why? Is there a problem with the dragon on your shoulder?”

“Yes, there is.”

“Is it pestering you because it’s hungry?”

Lasen wasn’t particularly surprised. If it were Decatra, he seemed like he would understand.

“Yes. But I’m not sure what I should feed it. Even the library has no useful information on the matter.”

“So instead of thinking for yourself, you came straight to me?”

Decatra narrowed his eyes. It was as if he was waiting to see how he would respond.

“Yes, I am currently on a pilgrimage period, and I cannot afford to waste time. I thought asking father would be the most time-efficient method, even though I may be a bit disappointing to you.”

Decatra smirked again.

“No. You did well.”

“……Excuse me?”

“People who know about dragons, even if you search the entire continent, they would be numbered on less than the fingers of two hands.”

“Less than ten fingers?”

“It means not even the libraries have that information recorded.”

Decatra extended his index finger. The little dragon flew towards that finger and delicately landed on it. The sight of the dragon, the size of a puppy, perching onto the finger was somewhat bizarre.

As if the finger looked too small compared to the dragon’s feet. Nevertheless, the dragon managed to balance itself and sat properly on the finger.

“A Thunder Dragon, indeed. Thunder Dragons have scarcely ever shown themselves throughout human history.”

Decatra gently stroked the head of the Thunder Dragon with his other hand. The Thunder Dragon conveyed its thoughts to Decatra’s mind.

-I am a good dragon.

-I am very good.

-Good dragons are hungry.

Decatra continued speaking.

“Draconic beings born with an attribute grow by ingesting mana of their particular element.”

“A specific element’s mana?”

“This one is a Thunder Dragon, so it needs to eat the mana of the lightning attribute.”

Lasen felt a sense of constriction in his chest.

How was he supposed to feed it mana of the lightning attribute? The lightning attribute was known to be one of the most difficult for humans to master. It seemed he would need to seek out a wizard mastered in the lightning attribute and ask them to release some mana for the dragon to consume.

“And it has to be mana that hasn’t been refined by humans, natural as is.”

Not artificially processed mana then.

“I have a task for you, Lasen.”

“I’m in my pilgrimage period, father.”

Decatra liked the response Lasen gave. He didn’t care for a child who said ‘yes’ to everything. When speaking, one should be like Lasen. Not out of courtesy, but making sure to say what needs to be said.

“Thunder Dragons are an exceptional occurrence, so I’ll extend your pilgrimage by one year.”

“Please, make it an official command.”

“It will be documented.”

Lasen celebrated inwardly.

In truth, the ‘pilgrimage’ period was the safest time from his family. Typically, one underwent pilgrimage from 14 to 16 years of age. One more year meant until he was 17. At 17, the original Lasen in the story was purged. It was an added layer of safety.

“What is the task?”

“The North Sea. Go there. You have one year.”

“The North Sea?”

“Somewhere in the North Sea, there is a place called Edel Island. Go there.”

Lasen returned to his room. The little dragon that had appeared meek before Decatra had become ferocious.

-Give me something to eat! I am hungry!

-Master! Strike me with lightning!

The constant demands were like listening to noisy neighbors all day long, inescapable.

“If you keep being loud, I’ll starve you to death.”

But the little dragon was unbowed.

-I won’t die.

-Even if starved, I won’t die.

-Because I am a magnificent dragon!

The little dragon fluttered its wings, flying around erratically. The noise was loud, and its demeanor had grown wild.

“Oh, really? That’s good. For a moment, I worried you might actually die.”

The dragon stopped flapping its wings. Even though it stopped, it didn’t fall to the ground but just floated in the air as if by magic.

“Well then, no need to prepare food for you. Great, less worry.”

The dragon opened its mouth wide.


-You were preparing it?

-Really, master?

Lasen grinned.

“I was worried you might die if you didn’t eat. Humans die if they don’t eat for too long. You know that, right?”

The dragon began flapping again.

-Yes. Humans. Weak.

-They die if not fed.

-Dragon. Great. Can live without eating.

Lasen nodded.

“I forgot, that as a magnificent dragon, you wouldn’t need food like weak humans do. Phew.”

He deliberately let out a deep sigh as if he was relieved.

-Dragon. Hungry.

-Dragon too gets hungry.

Lasen shook his head disapprovingly.

“But if you’re hungry, you still won’t die.”

-I’m so hungry it’s as if I’ll die!

“But you won’t die.”

-Being hungry is suffering!

Lasen shrugged helplessly.

“Can’t help it, then. If you’re not going to die, just endure.”

The little dragon fluttered about, banging its head against the walls all over.


-The dragon is hungry!

-Dragon! Hungry!

Lasen yawned intentionally, acting as if all problems were solved. He lay on the bed and even sang a little song.

‘Let’s see who wins.’

Dragons do not die from not eating, but they do feel hunger. It seemed they don’t die from it, but still experience hunger just the same.

After a week passed, the dragon collapsed from exhaustion, flipped on its back, and flapped its wings weakly.

-I will behave.

-Master. I’m good.

Lasen replied.

“Well, I doubt it.”

Meanwhile, Lasen continued his translation work on ‘The Great Magic of the Great Sage Albert’, and concurrently, worked on the translation of ‘Norlan’s Beginner Ice Magic Book’. As a result, he was able to master the third circle ice magic, ‘Ice Hammer’.

Now, Lasen had mastered four attribute spells:

1st Circle Ice Magic ‘Ice Crystal’.

2nd Circle Ice Magic ‘Ice Pick’.

3rd Circle Ice Magic ‘Ice Wall’.

3rd Circle Ice Magic ‘Ice Hammer’.

The translation of ‘The Great Magic of the Great Sage Albert’ was exceptionally slow. During the entire process, he managed to gain nothing new.

-I am. A good dragon.

The dragon grew docile. But Lasen did not stop there.

He waited another week. The young dragon almost whined.

-I am an obedient good dragon.

-I want lightning.

The voice transmitted inside his head had become very small.

-Whoosh whoosh. Lightning.

-Nyum nyum.

Then it fell asleep. Lasen decided it was enough.

The next morning, he spoke.

“If I give you lightning, you’ll be good?”

-I promise.

-I keep my word.

-I am the Thunder Dragon of trust.

The Thunder Dragon of trust, Lasen thought. From that point on, he decided to call the little dragon ‘Shinyong’. Lasen said,

“Let’s go eat some lightning.”

The Thunder Dragon sprang up with excitement and hit its head on the ceiling.

-Master, I love you.

* * *

The places where a Thunder Dragon could eat lightning, where lightning continuously struck, were in the North Sea at a place called ‘Edel Island’, and in a mysterious forest known as ‘Sandyah’.

Decatra provided information about Edel Island in the North Sea.

Heyra was tidying up Lasen’s clothes.

“Have you checked the pocket dimension?”

“Yes, I have checked it.”

“Let me check one more time.”


Lasen opened the pocket dimension, and Heyra’s body disappeared into it. After a while, Heyra reappeared.

“Everything is well packed.”

An odd sense of relief appeared on Heyra’s face.

“Hampton and I will await your return in the town of Ban Perunok, located near the North Sea.”

“Ban Perunok?”

“Yes. It’s a port city close to the North Sea. According to Hampton’s research, new herbs are being discovered there.”

Unable to properly manipulate the pocket dimension, Hampton had slung a large bag over his shoulder. His expression was solemn.

“Your Highness, I shall escort you to Ban Perunok!”

“……Are your legs shaking?”

“Absolutely not! Hampton the Shadow. I have diligently worked on my leg exercises.”

Hampton, overzealous, had in fact not gone far as he had packed too many items. After getting a scolding from Heyra, he repacked the bag, taking only what was essential.

“I’ll be leaving first then. Heyra, Hampton, wait for me in Ban Perunok.”


Heyra didn’t oppose either. It was because Lasen wasn’t going alone.

“There. Librarian Evian is coming.”

A woman with blue short hair, pale face, and round glasses approached them.

The Ice Witch of the North Sea, Evian. She came closer and bowed her head.

“Evian greets the Young Master.”

“You’re not introducing yourself as a librarian?”

“My librarian duties officially ended today. According to my contract with Lord Maiten, I shall assist the Young Master for a year.”


“Yes. However, the details of the contract are confidential.”

As ever, Evian remained expressionless.

“Alright. I’m counting on you for this year.”

Lasen took out a piece of chocolate from the pocket dimension and handed it to Evian. A tiny hint of a smile twitched on Evian’s lips.

“I am not one to be bribed with chocolate.”

She accepted the chocolate. It was from Verdun Mountain. During that time, Shinyong sat on Evian’s shoulder and nuzzled her cheek. Evian looked at Shinyong as if she’d seen something fascinating.

“Is this a dragon?”

“It appears so.”

“It’s a much cuter creature than I expected.”

Shinyong transmitted its voice into Evian’s head.

-I am on the cute side.

-Please take care of me. Strong Human.

Evian’s eyebrows twitched slightly, and her lips quivered.

Evian’s mood had improved a bit. She actually found Shinyong adorable. But maintaining her expressionless demeanor, she continued.

“But according to the contract with the Lord, I shall dutifully assist the Young Master. It is not because of the chocolate.”

Lasen knew this was a ‘great opportunity’ his father had given him.

He was uncertain about the kind of contract between Evian and Decatra, but Evian clearly stated it was a ‘contract’.

Not an ‘order’, but a contract that implies an obligation to comply on both sides. From Decatra’s perspective, Evian was not someone who would simply follow orders; a ‘contract’ was needed to bind her.

‘My father must have offered something in exchange for making a contract….’

It’s unclear what exactly his father sacrificed, but it implies that he had to give something up as well.

To send him to the North Sea, his father attached Evian, a magician from the North Sea. During the pilgrimage, it would be difficult to use the power of Maiten, but since Evian was not from Maiten, there was no issue. She had been employed as a librarian from Maiten, but now she was no longer a librarian.

It means that having Evian’s help doesn’t violate the family law.

‘It does not violate the family law, but it is definitely a privilege.’

For a contract to be made such that Evian, who was successfully fulfilling her librarian duties, would be assigned to assist the youngest, even Decatra, who placed strict importance on the family law, must have faced some loss from this action.

The act of such privilege implies significance.

Along with Evian, he set out. She was nibbling on the chocolate. Although still expressionless, the look of happiness that Evian carried through her celestial gaze was like that of a joyful young girl.

“But… Are you sure you don’t need to change your appearance?”

“It’s fine.”

Evian wasn’t particularly surprised that Lasen was aware of her identity.

“I wasn’t in this form when I assassinated the lord in the Levadon region.”


Together with Evian, they proceeded. After passing through several teleportation gates and cities, they finally arrived near the North Sea. There were no notable events along the way.

“As you already know, sir, this is the Aurora Plains.”


Across the Aurora Plains lies the ‘Arctic’. All the seas north of the Arctic are collectively referred to as the ‘Arctic Sea’ or ‘North Sea’.

An interesting fact is that the term ‘Arctic’ does not mean it’s the ‘end’ of the north.

Beyond the North Sea, there certainly exists another continent. A continent yet unexplored by humanity, commonly referred to as the uncharted territory.

Since humanity has not yet crossed the North Sea, hence the names Arctic and North Sea came to be. Strictly speaking, it is not the Arctic, but to the current human knowledge, it is considered the Arctic.

To get there, they first had to pass through the Aurora Plains.

“We cannot build a magical teleportation gate that penetrates the plains because…”

“I know. From here, we have to travel on foot.”

A special plain where auroras are displayed 24 hours a day. Only by crossing this place can one move to the Arctic. So far, mankind has not been able to create a teleportation gate that passes through it.

“There’s another problem, though.”

“What’s that?”

A problem described by a superb magician like Evian was sure to be a significant one.

“It’s this.”

Suddenly, a burst of ‘coldness’ emanated from Evian. Something huge fell from the sky. It was a massive ice block, about 3 meters in size.


The ice shattered, revealing the corpse of a monster within it.

Upon inspection, Lasen saw the monster was called a ‘Mini Wyvern’. A flying-type magical creature, originally not observed in the Aurora Plains or the Arctic.

“Why is there a Mini Wyvern here…?”

To Lasen’s surprise, Evian revealed a fascinating answer.

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