Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 136

Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan

Magic Family Youngest Son Episode 136

Henker hastily moved and then opened her mouth.


At her command, the falling hatchery and Brain Dragon Stone halted in place. Henker, with her large forepaws, gently supported the hatchery and the Brain Dragon Stone and flapped her wings.

Once Henker had ascended to her original position, she glared at Lasen.

Henker had transformed into a woman with red hair and a sensual figure. It seemed more convenient to carry the hatchery and the Brain Dragon Stone in human form, to ensure they were not damaged.

“What is this about?”

“I wanted to see how important this is to you.”

“So, you resort to these antics?”

“I can see that it’s extremely important to you, given that you moved your body before using magic.”

“I will kill you if you play around with the Brain Dragon Stone again.”

“And I also understand that you cannot kill me right now.”

Lasen grinned. The Brain Dragon Stone was important to Henker, and she could not kill him.

“The Brain Dragon Stone must be significant because the Brain Dragon is asleep inside. You want to awake the Brain Dragon, that’s why you brought me here. Why else would an omnipotent dragon do such troublesome work? It means you can’t wake it up on your own.”

While conversing with Decatra, Lasen’s courage grew considerably.

A sudden curiosity struck him. Who would win if his father and a dragon fought? Despite knowing it was a ludicrous thought, he felt like Decatra would win.

“So, you can’t kill me. Because I need to wake the Brain Dragon.”


Henker stormed in frustration before taking a deep breath and shrugging her shoulders, acknowledging everything Lasen had said.

“You’re right. I do want to hatch the Brain Dragon Stone.”

“As you can see, the Brain Dragon Stone isn’t that important to me. It’s just an option for me.”

To hatch the Brain Dragon? He wasn’t sure what the ramifications would be, but it was clear that the existence of the Brain Dragon would not determine Lasen’s life or death.

“You want to hatch the Brain Dragon, and I don’t need to. So, what’s left between us?”

“You sure talk well for a kid.”

Henker heaved a deep sigh. She wondered what kind of upbringing made such a child so slick with words.

Henker surrendered.

“Alright. What do you want?”

“I want a deal that I can accept.”

“So, what do you want?”

“What can a dragon offer me?”

He was really asking out of ignorance. He truly didn’t know. After a pensive expression, Henker responded.

“Will this suffice?”

A space opened above Lasen’s head, and a necklace fell out.

“What’s this?”

“The Tear of a Dragon.”

“And what is that?”

“When you’re in a crisis, call out my name to the Tear of a Dragon. I might be able to save you.”

It was like having an extra life. Lasen curled his lips. It was an unexpected windfall.

“So, I just call for Henker?”

“Henker is an alias. My real name is Fayser. I’m a Hwaryong, a Fire Dragon.”

Without further information about the dragon, he couldn’t discern what ‘Fayser’ meant. Nonetheless, he now knew Henker’s real name was Fayser.

“Alright. The deal is made. So, what do I do now?”

Just then, a crescent moon appeared. It was quite bright.

“Place the Brain Dragon Stone in the hatchery. Let it bask in the moonlight.”

Lasen obediently did as instructed.

As Henker began whispering an unintelligible language, the moonlight miraculously converged into one spot like a convex lens focusing light.

Meanwhile, Henker continued murmuring strange words, as if casting a spell.


There was a reaction from the Brain Dragon Stone. It began to shake.


The surface of the Brain Dragon Stone started to fracture.

Crack crack-

The cracks continued to spread.

‘Something… popped out.’

A lizard-like creature emerged, unfurled its unripe wings, and floated into the air. Electricity danced around the lizard-like creature’s body, reminiscent of a young dragon.


The small dragon burped.

Lasen screamed involuntarily.


[The basic martial magic ‘Self Defense’ activates.]

[The basic martial magic ‘Self Recovery’ automatically applies.]

It was a basic martial magic, not an intermediate one. Although weaker than the intermediate level, basic martial magic activates faster.

The voice of the Holy Grail was also heard.

– Ouch, that’s hot.

Lasen had the sense that if it hadn’t been for the martial magic and the power of the Holy Grail, he would have died from electric shock.


A wizard, nearly killed by a burp from a creature just born. It was frightening enough that a maid hid her power, and now even a burp concealed such strength.

Lasen could see it. Henker was feeling regretful.

“You regret it, don’t you?”

“What? No.”

“Be honest. You knew the dragon would burp, didn’t you?”

“I had no idea.”

No, the dragon certainly knew. It knew it would burp, and that burp would be a threat to humans. Henker seemed to have been hoping that Lasen would die.

‘Even if I didn’t die…’

What if he had lost consciousness from the shock?

‘No matter how tough my body is, I couldn’t have avoided a fatal fall.’

Separate from that incident, the dragon whelp grew rapidly. The size of the once palm-sized dragon suddenly reached that of a small dog. It grew incredibly fast.

Henker continued to speak.

“Brain Dragons are incredibly rare.”


“And they are also necessary dragons for this world, different from others.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“You don’t need to know that. Just be aware of it.”


“In any case, take good care of it. Dragons grow in stages. It’ll take about 100 years to reach the next growth stage, so you might not see it.”

“Take care of it?”

The voice of the Brain Dragon reached him, transmitted directly to his mind.

– It’s an honor to be raised by you, Master!

* * *

Lasen returned to the house of the silver-haired girl Sylvia. Kashin, with his sword drawn, was waiting. Upon seeing Lasen, Kashin dropped his sword and rushed towards him.


“Uh, uh, hey. Wait a minute. Can you back off a bit?”

“I was worried.”

Kashin was apparently worried. He glared at Sylvia.

“Did you do something to Lasen?”

“Do something? He’s the one who did something to me.”

“Lasen did?”

“He stole something precious of mine. Blackmailed me while doing it.”

Sylvia smiled broadly. Lasen sighed. He couldn’t fathom the true intentions of that dragon, nor Henker’s, and even less the whelp slowly descending from the sky.

– Master. I’m hungry.

However, the dragon did not want to eat human food.

– Master. I’m hungry.

It threatened with a murderous voice, yet there was actual menace sensed. It was hungry and wanted to be fed, but what should he provide? Henker chuckled and advised.

“The Brain Dragon grows by consuming lightning. Feed it lightning.”

“Why should I?”

“Oh, I forgot to mention one thing.”


“It’ll take 300 years for the Brain Dragon to reach adulthood. You’re the first guardian. If it dies before you, you’ll die.”


“Why? Because I’ll kill you.”

“Why, though!”

Lasen felt wronged. It was unclear what was good about awakening a Brain Dragon, why he should earnestly care for it, while it leered ominously with hunger.

“That’s the fate of the one who hatched the dragon stone. Accept it.”

Sylvia kindly patted Lasen’s back, though it didn’t offer much consolation.

That night, someone visited Sylvia’s house. No footsteps were heard, nobody knew of his entry, except Sylvia, who welcomed this person. Sitting in a chair, Sylvia spoke with an air of cunning.

“The Brain Dragon has awakened.”

“The owner of the Brain Dragon… is it Lasen Meiton?”

“That’s right. The son of your dear friend.”

“I’m aware that a human is needed to hatch a dragon. Isn’t it typical for that human to be killed off?”

“Usually, yes.”

Sylvia grinned slyly.

“But that kid Lasen. He took a burp from a dragon and came out fine. Do you understand what that means?”

“What does it mean?”

“It means he’s qualified to be the guardian of the dragon. Well, if I didn’t like him, I would have killed him myself.”

“Lasen is to your liking?”

“Yes. An interesting lad with something mystical in his heart. It reminded me of an old friend I once had a long time ago, so I left him be.”

“An old friend from long ago?”

“Yes, fools.”

Sylvia stood up, approaching the head of the Karshia family, Seid.

“Do you know when a Brain Dragon is supposed to hatch?”

“I don’t know. Dragons have too many secrets.”

“I’ll tell you.”

She stood before Karshia, looking up at him.

“The world periodically destroys itself, obliterating everything and starting anew. This phenomenon is known as the ‘Haldecks Effect’. It’s believed to involve the god of desolation, Haldecks. It’s a divine realm, even I don’t fully understand.”


“However, the world doesn’t just watch its demise. There’s a will to cause its end, and a will to protect it too.”


“Exactly. Just like humans. A human can feel several emotions at once. Love and hate. Contradictory emotions.”

Sylvia smirked.

“The Brain Dragon is the product of the will to protect the world. That’s why it’s so rare, perhaps born once every tens of thousands of years. Now, do you understand?”

“The threat of world annihilation looms, and in response, a counterforce in the form of the Brain Dragon has chosen Lasen as its guardian.”

“Right. Interesting, isn’t it? Can humans truly handle the Brain Dragon?”

Sylvia seemed amused, and Karshia noticed.

“You seem to be enjoying this.”

“The best period in the life of a dragon. I sense something special in Lasen Meiton. I don’t know what it is yet, but it seems to have a big influence on your son. But the most interesting thing is that I can feel a faint divine power in him, even if he isn’t aware of it yet.”

“…Divine power?”

“Moreover, he also possesses a relic. Anyway, he’s worth observing.”

Sylvia patted Karshia’s shoulder.

“Karshia. It seems a destiny has chosen your son. Humans would call it a ‘fortunate encounter’.”

Sylvia thought she knew why Kashin had grown so suddenly. The faint divine power emanating from Lasen Meiton was proof.

Although minuscule, divine power is divine power. This force must have led to a reaction in Kashin Seid, amplifying his latent potential and talent.

“Ah, and now I’m going to abandon this place and take some rest. I’m tired after using so much power to hatch the Brain Dragon.”

“Is this our goodbye?”

“Who knows? I’m planning to sleep for at least 100 years. Maybe we could meet once in that time?”

“Planning to sleep 100 years but still expecting to meet me?”

“Yes. I gave your son my tears.”

“I see.”

Karshia asked no further.

“Farewell then, Fayser, if today is our last.”

“May you live to see me again in 100 years.”

Sylvia’s body began to float.

“By the way, have you found your first son?”


Karshia fell silent for a moment before answering.

“He’s likely dead.”

“The culprit?”

“Meiton household is suspected. But nothing’s certain.”

Sylvia smiled gently.

“Try not to fight in the Dragon Mountains if you can? I’m going to sleep there.”

“I’ll do my best.”

Karshia understood Henker’s words. She would sleep in the Dragon Mountains, so if ever a day comes when important assistance is needed, he should come to the mountains and seek her out. It was Fayser’s way of showing consideration.

Fayser’s form began to blur.

“Take care of the Northern Basin for me. There are many without a place to go there.”

Three days later,

Kashin returned to the Seid household, Lasen to the Meiton. Lasen was almost driven to the brink of neurosis.

– Master. I’m hungry!

– Master. Bring me food!

– Master. Grant me the honor of feeding me!

The Brain Dragon’s voice hammered in his mind, making sleep impossible.

“What exactly do you want to eat?”

– I don’t know that myself. Provide it, Master!

– Food! Give it to me! Master!

At wit’s end, Lasen had to surrender. Not knowing what to give the Brain Dragon, he sought out Decatra’s room.

The insight about the Brain Dragon Stone and the hatchery had come from Decatra. He made an appointment with his father under the pretense of delivering a report on the acquisition of the ‘Brain Dragon’.


Decatra was quick to notice. Upon seeing Lasen’s condition, he realized.

“By the look on your face, it seems you need my help for something.”

“Yes. I need your help.”

But then, something unexpected happened.

– I am a kind dragon, Master.

Quietly poised on Lasen’s shoulder, the Brain Dragon didn’t say a word, as if to assert there wasn’t a dragon more well-behaved and benevolent than it in the world.

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