Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 135

Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan

**Chapter 135 of the Magic House’s Youngest Son**

Two seconds.

A duration that could be considered long or short, depending on perspective. But ‘two seconds’ was not a period of time that was equitable for everyone.

“The two seconds you’re thinking of. The two seconds I’m thinking of are different.”

Utilizing Rasen’s unique power, ‘Flowing Slowly,’ the passage of time for Charles and Rasen could diverge. This created an opportunity for Rasen to exploit, even if it was just for an instant. He decided to use that fleeting moment.

Rasen’s hands moved quickly, opening a subspace and pulling out the ‘Black Jar.’


A voice could be heard, but Rasen was quicker. He placed the magic stone into the ‘Black Jar.’

The Black Jar: an artifact crafted by the god of smithing, Hephaestus, intent on containing everything in the world. It held within it the divine power of Hephaestus.

In an instant, Charles’s body collapsed.

“Y-you, damn…!”

While falling, he reached out his hand. A faint vibration emanated from within the jar, reminiscent of a ringing cell phone.

Charles grasped Rasen’s ankle. That was the end. The lich known as Charles turned to ashes and disappeared.

Kashin asked,

“What is that? It seemed like there was a massive explosion inside?”

“It’s a magic artifact. It absorbed the explosion of the magic stone.”

“Is that even possible?”


The entire space began to tremble. It was difficult to maintain one’s footing. Rudia, lacking in physical prowess, fell on her bottom. She used her magic to levitate and prevent further falls.

Kashin said,

“We need to find an exit. The space is collapsing.”

“There’s probably no exit made.”

Apparently, no exits existed. It seemed the plan was to turn Albleca into a puppet and bury her deep underground.

Kashin bit her lip.

“Then, we’ll have to break through the space itself to escape.”

There wasn’t much time. Kashin drew her sword, gazing into the void.

“I’ll take care of it.”

Rasen nodded. She unleashed one of the secret sword techniques of the Seid house, ‘True Cutting Sword.’ It was known to shatter all arrays and traps and create new spaces.

‘She’s mastered it already?’

Ultimately, Kashin succeeded in tearing open the space. Seeing the sweat pouring down like rain, it was clear she had pushed herself hard.

The artificial dungeon they were in was connected to ‘Charles’s Confectionery Workshop.’ They carved out this space and opened a way to the confectionery workshop.

“We need to hurry. It won’t stay open long.”

Rasen admired Kashin’s extraordinary ability, carrying Rudia and dashing forward. The three of them managed to escape. They didn’t obtain the nest they sought, nor did Kashin receive the arrangements she was due, but at least their lives were spared.


But the Black Jar spat something out.

‘What’s going on?’

Cracks began to form on the Black Jar. It was not shattered, but it clearly wasn’t intact. Something popped out of the jar.

‘It’s the basket that held that magic stone before.’

[A faint divine power remaining in the ‘Black Jar’ awakens the true essence of the basket.]

Rasen was able to discern the name of the basket.

[Nesting Ground]

It looked like a nest, haphazardly made from dirt and straw. Rasen decided to place the Nesting Ground into his subspace for now.

A voice called out to them.

“You guys. How are you here? Did you really escape from that place? By yourselves?”

It was Henker, the Narcotics King.

* * *

Henker approached rapidly, still in the form of a silver-haired girl. She looked back and forth at the group and then opened her mouth wide in surprise.

“Did you really kill Charles?”


That implied Henker knew that Charles would become a ‘lich.’ Rasen asked something else.

“Where have you been?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Your shoes are covered in that black soil. That’s not from around here. You’ve been up north, beyond the Great Basin. Your nape is dripping sweat, which means you’ve been running at full speed, right?”

“The kid’s too sharp for his own good.”

Henker didn’t provide an answer but asked again.

“So, have you actually killed Charles?”

“Yes, we have. Isn’t that what you desired?”

“I did, but I didn’t think you’d really succeed.”

“Then what was your plan?”

Rasen sensed there were many secrets hidden within Henker. She was not just a woman in control of the northern Great Basin. There was something more.

“Did you plan to destroy the artificial dungeon and save us?”

“Hey. It wasn’t out of affection for you guys.”

Henker did not deny it. Rasen narrowed his eyes.

“That means, Narcotics King. You have the power to destroy artificial dungeons.”

Indeed, Henker wasn’t even desperate. She must have calculated the timing, planning to destroy the dungeon at just the right moment. It seemed like she had everything under control.

Rasen continued,

“You know what happens when artificial dungeons are destroyed from the outside.”

If an external force destroys an artificial dungeon, usually, everyone inside perishes because there’s no escape.

“But it doesn’t seem like you want us dead.”


“In that case, the Narcotics King I imagined must have much greater abilities. The illusionary array, the mastery of transformation magic, your current composure speaks volumes.”

“Well, take it as a compliment.”

Henker walked up steadily, grabbing Kashin’s wrist. Kashin frowned.

“What are you doing?”

“Just checking something.”

Rasen shuddered. There were things he had considered early on when he first possessed this body.

The maid hides her power.

Siblings hide their power.

And now, it seemed the Narcotics King was also hiding her strength.

‘Kashin was about to strike her down.’

But she didn’t manage to. That prodigious swordsman. The protagonist of the novel was easily restrained by Henker’s hand. Even Kashin appeared to be taken aback. Rasen inwardly sighed.


How much power is she hiding and to what extent?

The thought to be dead necromancer turns into a lich to pose a threat, and Henker, previously thought to be just a narcotics king, is casually capturing the protagonist. Truly, this world is mad.

Henker tilted her head in confusion.


“What is?”

“I don’t feel anything.”

“What do you mean?”

Henker took a step back and put his hands behind his back, grinning sheepishly. When taking the appearance of a young child, she often struck such a pose.

“The growth I sense in you is extraordinary. Normally, such a thing is only possible with drugs.”

Henker arrived at her own conclusion.

“But it did happen, huh? There are such humans, after all? My thinking was wrong.”

She nodded to herself.

“I’ve encountered numerous geniuses throughout my life, but you, you’re a real monster.”


Henker’s gaze turned to Rasen. Her eyes brimmed with curiosity. It seemed to her that Rasen was responsible for creating that monster, though she did not voice it.

“I’ll be watching.”

The genius that defied convention intrigued her more than Rasen, who seemed to have nurtured such talent.

“For now, I invite you to my house. Your body and mind must be tired. Rest a bit before departure.”

* * *

The group entered a small family house situated in the alleys of the northern Great Basin.

“Ta-da. Welcome to Sylvia’s house.”

It was a rather ordinary dwelling. Three rooms, one living space, unified in ivory and wooden tones – a neat and clean home.

“Stay and rest here for a few days. We can talk about the [Nesting Ground] you’ve acquired.”


Henker disappeared. Unseen in a moment, disappearing like smoke. Henker, who introduced himself as Sylvia, was found in the kitchen.

Chop. Chop. Chop.

The steady rhythm of chopping could be heard.

Rasen felt a bit confused.

‘What is going on?’

He wasn’t sure how Henker knew about the Nesting Ground. After mentioning as a pretext for a discussion, Henker avoided speaking about the Nesting Ground any further. He disappeared when it was brought up that night, the next day, and the day after that.

On the third day’s morning,

That morning, like always, Henker served the group food while donning an apron. However, Rasen didn’t quite enjoy Henker’s hospitality.

“What’s your real plan?”

“To tell you about the Nesting Ground.”

“Then get to it already.”

“When the crescent moon rises.”

Days passed, and finally, the crescent moon appeared. The time was 11 PM. Henker grasped Rasen’s wrist. Rasen didn’t shake her off. Not like it would have made a difference anyway.

“Let’s go, just the two of us.”

“Where to?”

“The highest place here.”

If it was the highest place in the northern Great Basin, it meant the ‘Central Spire.’

“Central Spire?”

“No, somewhere even higher.”

Kashin, in the midst of eating, set down her fork gently.

“If you do anything to Rasen, I swear on the name of the Seid house, I won’t forgive you.”

“Oof, scary.”

Henker smirked lightly.

“Haven’t you felt it over the last few days? You can’t touch even a hair on my head.”


Henker looked at Rasen again.

“You have the Draconic Stone, don’t you?”

“How did you know?”

“I can sense the energy of that stone very well.”

For a moment, Rasen felt Henker’s pupils narrow, like the eyes of a reptile. Though it was brief, Henker exuded a massive presence. Though she resembled a silver-haired girl on the outside, she felt like an incredibly vast being. Rasen intuited then,

‘Could it be…’

Henker grinned.

“I am a dragon.”

* * *


They are transcendent beings. They live for an extended time and have always reigned as the mightiest from the moment of birth.

Capable of living without eating or drinking, they possess the ability to wield elemental magic far more adeptly than humans from birth. While their existence had been established, they had never appeared clearly in any work. But now, a dragon revealed itself in true form.

‘It can’t be taken as a lie…’

Central Spire.

He was walking above it, towards the sky. In the air, where there were no stairs.

Rasen found himself moving similarly without his volition. His body moved of its own accord, supported by mana, with no sense of discomfort.

This level of high magic was beyond even Rasen’s imaginations.

Henker said,

“This should be high enough.”

The moon seemed closer. Looking down, the world appeared tiny. Even the spire seemed insignificant.

Clouds swept in, obscuring the world below like smoke.

The clouds hid the northern Great Basin and the skies. And there, the dragon Henker revealed itself. Rasen just stared blankly at the dragon appearing in mid-air.


So that was a dragon. His mind went blank. It’s said that when faced with a wild beast, the body freezes. But this dragon was beyond that.

A voice resonated in his head.

-Are you that surprised? Don’t tell me you’re scared just because of the appearance? That would be disappointing.

Rasen didn’t respond. He was indeed afraid. To say he wasn’t afraid would be a lie, but to admit fear would disappoint, so he kept his lips sealed. Instead, he showed another action. He took out the Nesting Ground and Draconic Stone from his pocket.

-What are you doing?

He let go of the Nesting Ground and Draconic Stone. There was something he needed to check.

-How reckless!

As the Nesting Ground and Draconic Stone plummeted, Henker, in her massive dragon form, shot downward after them. She seemed in a real hurry.

‘She looks really hasty, doesn’t she?’

A faint smile appeared on Rasen’s lips as he watched.

‘Time to take control. Henker.’

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