Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 134

Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan

Chapter 134 of “The Youngest Son of a Magic Noble Family”

‘A Wind Moist with Humidity.’

But it wasn’t just simple humidity. There was a sinister presence, a foreboding and dark mood. It felt as though shadows were creeping and slithering in.

‘It’s condensed death energy.’

I had already encountered the dark mage Charles outside. Compared to Charles’ energy that I felt earlier, which was a 10, the dark magic energy I sense now seems to exceed 100.

“Kashin, do you feel it?”


Kashin’s voice was tense. Lasen looked around.


Somehow it had seemed too easy. It shouldn’t be this simple. It’s energy potent enough to make Kashin, the protagonist of this world, nervous.

A voice was heard.


It was an unpleasant voice, metallic in nature, remarkably husky as if the speaker had a sore throat.

“I originally wanted to turn Albaleca into a doll. Such a beautiful child. She had the perfect eyes to become a doll.”

It became clear who owned the voice.


Charles showed up again. Lasen recalled various settings. There was only one that came to mind at this moment.


A Lich.

A kind of black magic where a dark mage kills his own body and then revives it.

A Lich does not age. Since it has no life, it lives for an eternity, as long as the ‘Magic Crystal’ that supplies life does not get destroyed. However, to keep supplying ‘death energy’ to the Magic Crystal, it needs to absorb the life force by killing living beings.

As time passes, human emotions gradually get dulled, and one starts to lose their ego.

‘Eventually, it becomes nothing but a monstrous shell.’

But it takes quite a long time to get to that point. Even in the shortest case, it takes more than ten years. That’s how Cha Seongmin set it.

Lasen said,

“Did you purposely let us kill you?”

“That’s right. Hehehe.”

He seemed to understand the reason for the discrepancy between the original content and the current reality.

‘In the original story, that guy didn’t show himself.’

Even in the original, Charles died. And he would have become a Lich. After becoming a Lich, he did not reveal himself. Charles must have been hiding.

It seemed that he had no desire to turn Kashin or Dupont into dolls. That’s why Kashin could easily acquire the layout of this place. Now everything was clear as day.

“Did you become a lich to turn us into dolls?”

“That’s correct. Especially you.”

Charles emerged from the darkness, his figure draped in a black robe, an ominous black aura undulating around him.


The sound of someone wetting their lips echoed.

“Originally, I wanted to possess Albaleca.”

From within the shadow of the black robe hood, a red glow emanated. Red eyes gleamed maliciously.

According to Cha Seongmin’s setup, he was a ‘Red-grade’ Lich, and to counter him, one needed at least a swordsman or martial artist of 6 stars or higher, or a mage of the 6th circle or above.

“But I changed my mind. Your eyes are prettier.”

This was the reason for the change from the original content.

“You, Lasen Mayten. I will definitely add you to my collection.”


Lasen whispered softly,

“Find the Magic Crystal.”

If it was Kashin, he could find it by any means. This world was one made for Kashin, and everything flowed according to his will. Kashin was indeed the true protagonist of this world.

“What about you?”

“I’ll deal with that guy.”

Lasen judged that by actively using transcendent magic and martial arts, he might not be able to fully contend with him, but he could at least stall for time. Charles seemed quite relaxed, confident in his perfect victory.

Lasen tensed up. The energy seeping out from Charles was no small feat.

‘He’s strong.’

Powerful. But compared to Iveliana Persha, he didn’t seem like much. Strangely enough, excitement overtook fear. It was odd.

“Lasen Mayten. The youngest son of a magic noble family. Are you prepared to become my collection?”

“I won’t go down without a fight.”

“What the hell. Flail about. I’ll turn you into a doll at the very moment you fear the most. Hehehe. I would love to capture that expression.”

How beautiful would that be? A terrified pretty boy turned into a doll. Ideally, it would be great if he could also weep, but Charles had given up on that.

Lasen said,

“Where have you hidden the Magic Crystal that supplies you with death energy?”

“What will you do if I tell you?”

“I’ll destroy it.”

Charles burst into laughter. Ha ha ha!

“I like your honesty.”

Dark energy rose like wisps of smoke. Splitting into several whiplike strands, it lunged at Lasen. Rudia kindled flames. In an instant, the surroundings burst into light, drastically brightening.

The dark space was dyed red.

“She’s my contractor. Don’t touch her.”

Suddenly, even Lasen felt a chill. It was similar to what he had felt before. Rudia looked like a singular small eye. That eye bore a dreadful energy.

‘Eye of Annihilation!’

Lasen remembered reading about such a concept.

[Character ‘Rudia’s ‘Eye of Annihilation(魔滅眼)’ has he))):


And the Eye of Annihilation began to demonstrate its true worth. Wherever Rudia’s gaze fell, invariably intense black flames ignited.


It instantly incinerated the whips Charles had extended.

Rudia muttered an indecipherable magical incantation, not like any common spell chant. It seemed like a chorus of voices. At a glance, it sounded as if many demons were whispering.

Charles flinched.

“What is this bizarre incantation?”

Lasen couldn’t fully grasp the situation either. However, Rudia’s ‘Eye of Annihilation’ was eroding and extinguishing Charles’ mana.

“Rudia will protect Lasen.”

Rudia’s eyes turned a deep blood-red, and from them flowed a terrifying killing intent.

“I was weak, so I couldn’t protect my father.”

Although Rudia was a much less accomplished magician than Charles, she was absorbing mana with mana. Rudia’s flame-attributed mana engulfed Charles’ dark mana.

“Now I won’t be weak anymore.”

Charles panicked. He was losing the mana battle to this little girl. That was impossible.



Rudia’s flames devoured Charles’ dark mana, drawing closer to him.


When Charles was confusedly waving his arms, Rudia collapsed with a thud! Lasen quickly held her up.

‘Luckily, she’s still breathing.’

She seemed to have momentarily lost consciousness. Her underlying potential and strength were far superior to Rudia’s, but it seemed due to her lack of accomplishment. She had not yet matured and her body could not maintain the Eye of Annihilation.

Charles, who had been taken aback, laughed as if it were absurd.

“Little kids. What did you just do?”

“Don’t you see? Fought mana with mana. Bloody idiot.”

It might have been a little mean, but Lasen used a swear word and launched a surprise attack. Lasen used all of his available skills.

[Attribute. ‘Flow Slowly’ has been applied.]

He slowed down the surrounding time and…

[1st Circle transcendental magic ‘Interaction’ has been applied.]

After maximizing his abilities through the 1st circle transcendental magic, he protected his body with the intricacies of martial arts and activated the martial arts magic ‘Strength’. His target was Charles’ shinbone. It was the easiest to approach and the quickest to surprise attack. Lasen, in a low stance, whipped his leg out like a lash.


The sound of aluminum hitting aluminum resounded.

Lasen had shattered Charles’ right leg.

He didn’t stop there but used martial arts technique Man Gyo from the martial art lineage, Tootangka, to destroy Charles’ left knee. Charles was flustered but didn’t seem to be in pain.

“Amazing. I didn’t expect you to show such movements.”

Hehehe, his laughter deepened.

“Even more, I want you. A magician with such physical prowess. How beautiful is that!”

Ha ha ha! Charles’ laughter grew louder.

“Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!!! Beau! Ti! Ful!!!”

He screamed wildly. His desire to possess Lasen seemed to soar to its peak. Lasen approached and crushed Charles’ neck. Charles crumbled to the ground, still laughing hehehe.

“You know that this way you can’t kill me, right?”

“I know.”

Physical methods like these couldn’t kill him. He would keep regenerating indefinitely. Lasen never intended to kill Charles on his own anyway.

Lasen said,

“But it buys us time. It will take time to reconstruct your body.”

“What are you going to do with the time?”

Lasen knew. Charles was boasting tremendous assurance. Insensitive to pain and distinctly aware of his superior skills, he seemed all the more confident.

“Very interesting. Never thought I’d see a magician specializing in mach martial arts. It’s beautiful!”

During this time, Kashin finally found a brown basket. Inside was the Magic Crystal. Indeed, the protagonist’s searching capability was incredible. But Charles showed no sign of panic.

Chucking on the floor like a corpse, Charles said,

“Shall I tell you something fun?”

“What is it?”

“This place was originally a trap meant for my nephew.”


“If it had been my nephew, he would have found the Magic Crystal much faster than you.”

Thinking about it, that made sense. But to leave it be like this?

“You were hoping Albaleca would destroy the Magic Crystal?”

“That’s right. Hehehe. That basket is a special artifact. The moment the Magic Crystal inside is removed, precisely 5 seconds later, the imbued mana will explode. Powerful enough to eradicate everything living in this place.”

“And you’ll die with it?”

“But then the doll of Albaleca will remain.”

It seemed Charles had set the trap for a suicide pact with Albaleca, leaving behind her doll as the final arrangement. No matter how you sliced it, he wasn’t just some moderately crazy guy.

“You’re crazier than a mad dog.”

“But there was no need for me to resort to such measures against weaklings like you. Right? I will obtain you. And I will live forever.”

Lasen relaxed his body.

“Charles. Let me ask one thing.”


“If I surrender willingly to become your doll, will you spare my friends?”

“Sure, why not. You are the one I truly want.”

Lasen knew that promise was a lie. Letting Kashin live and sending him away in this condition? The Sword Noble Family would issue a pursuit. Saide, who appeared as a benefactor, was harsh toward black magicians.

There are two things that the Saide family absolutely does not tolerate; one is black magicians ravaging the world with black magic, and the other is killing or injuring their kin.

Knowing this well, Charles would eradicate all evidence by any means. In a manner called “death-cover-up” (*Killing a person to prevent secrets from leaking).

“Then before I become your doll, may I make a request? If you grant my request, I will end my life with the expression you desire.”


Charles seemed pleased, scratching his cheek with his index finger.

“Will you cry for me? I need to collect the moment of your tears.”

“If you keep your promise, I will do so.”

“Fine, what is your request?”

“As one who walks the path of magic, a kin to one who created a Lich. I want to see the Magic Crystal that produced you. With your studies in magic, surely you can understand my pure desire.”

“You mean you want to die together?”

“Not at all.”

Lasen glanced alternately at Rudia and Kashin.

“I truly love these two people.”

In truth, he was unsure if it was love. But factual relationships were not important. What mattered was that he needed to persuade the Lich.

“You saw it earlier, how Rudia acts toward me.”

Kashin bit his lip.

“Lasen! I can’t accept this! Lich! I am the inheritor of the sword’s will.”


“I will kill you and correct the laws of this land, and I will surely protect my friend Lasen!”

Kashin gathered his strength. Charles snapped his fingers with a click! and black energy rose, binding Kashin’s body.

“You guys. Quite the sticky affection, very fresh, very beautiful.”

Charles was greatly satisfied with the situation. Lasen continued emotionlessly.

“I believe you will keep our promise, Charles.”

“Then let’s do it. Promises must be kept. Come here and see for yourself.”

Driven by the thought of acquiring a perfect doll for his collection and due to the leisure of a powerful being, Charles took the basket from Kashin’s hands and showed it to Lasen.

Charles said with ease,

“I grant you precisely 2 seconds.”

“Thank you. You must guarantee my friends’ lives.”

“Fine, I will!”

Lasen’s expression was grave. It was like he was ready for the end. Kashin shouted, “No! Lasen! Never! I will never accept this!” He yelled as if his throat would tear.

Lasen thought to himself.

‘Charles. Your negligence is going to be your downfall.’

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