Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 133

Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan

Continuing with Cheonan’s interpretation.

[Charles’s Cloud Confectionery was a trap and artificial dungeon created by the dark sorcerer Charles to lure his nephew, Albleca. Even at the cost of his own death, Charles wanted Albleca to be turned into a doll.]

Rasen’s guess was correct.

[To open this trap, the help of a swordsman was absolutely necessary. The reason why the artificial dungeon could only be activated with the aid of a swordsman ___ ___ ____.]

As Rasen thought, it was necessary to fill in this insufficient plausibility. He pondered how to fill this gap.

‘Albleca was proficient in swordsmanship, he’s a magic swordsman. This way….’

However, Albleca never once handled a sword in the work, not even in his last moments when he was killed by Kashin.

‘That won’t work.’

It could collapse other plausibilities instead. Then what to do?

‘I don’t have much time.’

He needed to quickly fill in the plausibility. He picked up the pen. He decided not to go too far afield. He wrote in simple and intuitive content.

[The artificial dungeon was created because Albleca had an excellent swordsman companion.]

This should not clash with other settings. It was plausible to have a swordsman companion. But the world wasn’t so accommodating. The interpretation continued.

[The reason was that Albleca had an excellent swordsman as a companion.]

[The swordsman’s name was ___ _____.]

He would have let it go in the past, but now a bit more specific setting was needed. Rasen unwittingly frowned.

‘What is this?’

He needed to fill in the name of the swordsman. Twice in a row. He was being tested by the world. Could he just put in any name? Obviously, that wouldn’t work.

‘This won’t do either.’

The swordsman had to be competent enough for the dark sorcerer Albleca to consider as a companion and for Charles, who had set the trap to catch Albleca, to keep in mind.


A small crack appeared in the ash-colored world. Hairline fractures began to appear in the sky.


The difficulty was escalating.

This damned world demanded a lot from its creator. To put it more accurately, it was not so much demanding a lot, but rather the obvious. The world as described by an author, and the world lived in as a character.

The two worlds were different. As an author, it was okay to be a bit sloppy. The world wouldn’t collapse just because the work was lacking, but now it was reality.

‘Who, who is it?’

He thought. Who would be appropriate? A character whose name was sufficiently known, or one whose name would become known later, and who had plausible circumstances to be a companion of the dark sorcerer Albleca.

‘I don’t know.’


More fractures appeared in the sky. The world was collapsing. Rasen’s chest tightened. When the world was hit, the creator, Rasen, experienced a profound shock.

‘Whom should I choose?’

He became anxious. He couldn’t think clearly no matter how hard he tried. The ash-colored world began to darken. If the black devoured all the grey, this world would end.

‘Let’s think this through, Cha Seongmin!’

He was now paying the price for the looseness he had as an author. Rasen picked up the pen. No name came to mind. But on reflection, it might not be necessary to insert a name. It was simple. He started filling in the blanks.

[The swordsman’s name was not known, but Charles was aware of his existence.]

Just the facts. If he wrote only the facts, there would be no problems with the plausibility of the world. He already knew the outcome. He fitted the process to that outcome. He didn’t secure ‘more’ concrete plausibility, but he also didn’t destroy the existing plausibility with that line. Whether the world would accept it or not was the key.


It was a somewhat conservative and clever approach, but he saw no other way. The darkening of the world ceased.

[Insufficient plausibility has been partially secured.]

Thankfully, the world accepted this much. Cold sweat ran down Rasen’s back. It seemed the difficulty was increasing. Or was it just his imagination?

[By securing ‘insufficient plausibility’, the creator’s privilege ‘One More Line’ has been created.]

[The power of ‘One More Line’ will last for 10 seconds.]

Rasen finally relaxed. He already knew well what was in ‘Charles’s Cloud Confectionery’. So he added a line within the bounds of not hurting plausibility.

[Although Charles’s Cloud Confectionery was a trap set to hunt Albleca and was a dangerous trap for magicians or swordsmen, it was relatively easier for physical fighters.]

After all, in the original, this place was conquered by Kashin Seid and his companions. In the original story, Kashin tackled this place with the hybrid of the Giant tribe, Dupont, who possessed incredible physical strength and power.

Dupont, although a hybrid of the Giant tribe known for their brute strength, was not a traditional ‘physical fighter’. Since it wasn’t in the original content, the setting could bring significant benefits to Rasen, who was actually practicing physical fighting, without harming plausibility.

Rasen looked around.

‘A dense fog.’

This was not natural fog. He could smell a faint scent. It was like the smell of incense.

The fog was so thick that he couldn’t see Kashin’s face, even from close beside him. Rudia seemed uncomfortable with the scent.

“Shall I burn all this fog?”


“Tch. I thought I had a chance to shine.”

Kashin also spoke up.

“Should I cut through the fog?”

Kashin’s confidence had increased. He even cut through the scent. He believed he could slice through this fog, which had gathered so much smell that it had turned into smoke.


“Then what?”

“This is an artificial dungeon that activates with the help of a swordsman. There would be countermeasures against swordsmen.”

Kashin nodded. He already knew that fact.

“I just thought I’ve become stronger than those countermeasures.”


In fact, Rasen couldn’t refute him. Kashin might be able to do it. Unlike himself, who needed to consider and calculate so much, Kashin was just Kashin. Kashin could resolve any situation simply by being himself. Still, Rasen preferred to seek a safer and more efficient course.

“You’re not wrong, but since I’m leading here, please do as you’re told.”

“Alright, I got it.”

Leaders are necessary in dungeon raids. If there’s no designated leader, the entire raid goes astray. Diverse opinions and perspectives are just elaborate ideals in a dungeon raid. There needs to be one leader to guide the party, even if it’s just two.

Rasen said, “The fog itself isn’t too toxic.”

“That’s true.”

Rudia nodded.

“It just smells strange.”

Suddenly, Rasen felt something odd.

‘Wait a minute?’

He remembered something that Dupont had said in the original work.

[It’s a dangerous fog. I already feel nauseous.]

It was a fresh realization.

‘Unlike us, who feel nothing at all.’

He couldn’t remember exactly, but he thought Dupont was in his early 20s at that time.

While it may be difficult to consider Dupont as one of Kashin’s closest companions, he does later become a renowned half-blood of the Giant tribe. Considering their ages, it seemed unlikely for them to be this strong. They were much stronger than common sense would allow.

Anyway, it wasn’t dangerous at all. They walked through the fog, and a wall appeared. They felt around the wall but there was nothing to be found.

“Let’s go the other way.”

This space was shaped like a rectangle. To put it another way, there were four walls. One of the four sides. There, framed pictures should hang.

Four framed pictures.

They had to find them.

It wasn’t difficult. The voice of the Holy Grail came through.

-Hmm. This fog is strange, isn’t it?

-What is it?

-The mana of dark sorcerers. You know what it’s called, right?

The mana dark sorcerers handle is different from regular mages. Transcendental attributes don’t include the mana of dark sorcerers. Dark sorcerers’ mana is also known by another name: ‘death qi.’

In the setting, ‘death qi’ was not just another type of mana. It was a unique energy that only dark sorcerers used.

-Death qi (死氣).

-Right. I feel like it’s being absorbed.

-That’s why it’s not very dangerous for us. We don’t have death qi.

-Yes. It seems to affect death qi and inner strength.

Since swordsmen train their inner strength, if the trap was designed with swordsmen in mind, it would affect their inner energy too. However, simply because Kashin was such a genius, an incredibly overpowered character, he remained unaffected. Suddenly thinking about it, Kashin seemed to be a really terrifying guy.

They found frames hanging on the wall.

The same person was depicted in all of them. Red Rudolph nose. A long, stretched mouth on both sides. It was a man who could not be called handsome, but as Rasen’s party moved, the eyes in the picture moved with them.

‘Somewhere among the walls. There is a brick that opens a secret storeroom.’

He needs to find that brick, pull out four different rolled tobacco products from the secret storeroom, put them in the mouths in the pictures, and light them. If matched correctly, the frame rotates, revealing a new passage.

Rasen said, “The arrangement of the bricks is suspicious. Check the bricks for me. I can also sense a faint flow of mana.”

“Got it.”


Kashin and Rudia spread out to examine the bricks. Meanwhile, Rasen had to look for something else. Something different from the original novel.

‘[Incubation Nest] was not in the original.’

Kashin would clear this place on his own anyway. For Rasen, the ‘Incubation Nest’ was critical. He pondered where and how to find this Incubation Nest.

Kashin shouted.

“I found it!”

Rasen was astonished.


How could a swordsman, not an explorer, find it so quickly? Indeed, Kashin could be considered the cheat key within the work. When Kashin pressed the brick, one side of the wall rotated, revealing a small storeroom, and inside were hexagonal boxes. During that time, a few arrows flew towards Kashin, but he evaded them with ease.

A voice was heard.

[Do not touch the treasure.]

[He who touches the treasure will never open his eyes again.]

Kashin neatly stacked the four hexagonal boxes. He easily dismissed the voice’s warning.

‘Now the [Black Priest] is about to appear.’

The Black Priest, an ethereal monster with a strong resistance to ‘black magic,’ was naturally the bane of dark sorcerers. Called a ‘black priest’ because it devours dark sorcerers, it was a ghost.

However, the Black Priest was no match for Rudia. The monster was quite vulnerable to fire-based magic.

Rudia giggled.

“Easy, isn’t it?”

Indeed, it was easy. That’s why Rasen felt it was strange.

‘Yeah. It’s too easy.’

No matter how much he knew the tactics. Even if this place was aimed at dark sorcerers. Nevertheless, it was too easy.

‘Such an easy trap for Albleca? Even if the fog, drawing in the death qi of dark sorcerers, was devised, this is still too insufficient. It doesn’t make sense.’

It didn’t make sense. Something was being overlooked. Rasen opened the hexagonal boxes. According to the original, they were described like this.

[Each hexagonal box contained herbs named after the emotions of joy (희), anger (노), sorrow (애), and pleasure (락), along with papers for rolling them into round shapes. Dupont, a half-blood of the Giant tribe, was already aware of these herbs and placed them into the mouths of the framed pictures and lit them. Then a new door opened, and there was a treasure storeroom inside.]

At that time, it was lightly described from the protagonist’s perspective and then the ‘Cloud Confectionery of Charles’ ended.

‘But it can’t be that simple.’

He was missing something. The Drug King Henker also flinched when he heard about ‘Cloud Confectionery’. That meant Henker knew something, too.

‘Something’s weird.’

That strangeness, he needed to notice it. A sense of foreboding suddenly rushed in. Wind began to blow from somewhere. In this sealed space.

It was a damp wind, laden with moisture.

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