Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 132

Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan

In the 132nd episode of the magical family’s youngest son:

The implicit revelation and will of the ‘Creator’ descends upon the significant character ‘Kasim Said’. Kasim Said, the incarnation of Haldex, became known through an interpretation from the previous episode. A change occurred in Haldex’s incarnation.

[Haldex’s incarnation breaks through a wall by the implicit revelation and will of the Creator.] Suddenly, the world was painted grey. The only ones with color were Lasen and Kasim. Aside from them, the world stood still.

‘It has never been like this, except when triggering the privilege of the Creator.’

In the ashy-colored world, Kasim sat cross-legged. He closed his eyes. Time passed. Lasen didn’t have much to do, just watching over Kasim.

On the other hand, Kasim, eyes closed, recalled some memories from the past.

– No. You can’t do it.

– Know your place.

Ronso, his fencing instructor currently in charge of Kasim, would always say that. Renowned amongst many knights as a top swordsman who had reached the exalted realm of nine stars, he was deeply cherished by Kasim’s father, Karcia, partly out of respect since Ronso had lost his sight. At merely 16 years of age, Ronso rose from despair to become a nine-star swordsman, and for this, Karcia respected him.

Ronso constantly heaped biting criticism on Kasim.

– Focus on what you can do at your current level.

– Trying to perform feats difficult even at the four-star level while barely at three stars?

– Greed for the unattainable is worse than no ambition at all.

Kasim understood why his father appointed Ronso as his master. Everyone else would tread lightly around him, but not Ronso.

He spoke his mind completely. That’s why Karcia liked him. Every time Ronso scolded him, Kasim gritted his teeth – to prove that he can be better, that he will grow. This, too, was what Karcia had aimed for.

Stand tall against harsh words and criticism. Even endure degrading remarks. They shall be the foundation of your growth. Such thoughts lay at the foundation.

‘I can do it.’

Kasim thought so always. However, being human, his self-esteem would be chipped away every time he faced Ronso’s harsh words.

Kasim was just 14 years old, at an age of rich sensitivity.

‘Can I really do it?’

Sometimes, such doubts arose. Ronso, as if sensing that, would intensify his scathing comments, seemingly trying to kill Kasim with words. But today, an odd confidence had surged within him.

‘I can do it!’

He felt he could slice through scents. Even if they belonged to the four-star realm, even if they were impossible at the three-star level. His confidence blossomed without basis.

‘No. There is a basis.’

Opening his eyes, Kasim saw Lasen before him.

He hadn’t even noticed the greyness of the world, only Lasen was in his eyes.

‘Lasen said I could do it.’

Lasen always spoke true. A friend who became a bolster whenever at his side. A genius above geniuses. A confidant with whom he could share everything. That friend said he could do it. It was great consolation and strength for Kasim.

“I can do it.”

Life returned to Kasim’s eyes.

[Kasim Said, the incarnation of Haldex, enters the ‘True (真) three-star’ realm.]

Lasen was skeptical of this celestial interpretation. Swordsmen and martial artists defined their accomplishments by ‘stars’, each star signifying a new ability or level of strength.

However, in the midpoint of the work and afterward, realms like ‘True one-star’ or ‘True two-star’ started to appear. Char Seong-min, the author, introduced the ‘True’ prefix to highlight the protagonist’s extraordinary nature.

‘Why is the concept of ‘True’ showing up already?’

It was too soon. According to Char Seong-min’s settings, ‘True three-star’ was not just any three-star—it was comparable to the fifth star, two levels higher.

‘In the original work, it starts from [True five-star].’

Yet, the concept of ‘True’ had arisen much earlier in the story. Measured in the timeline of the work, it was almost three years ahead.

“Thanks, for saying I could do it.”

“What. You were going to do it anyway. I just confirmed what you could already do.”

“No, I’ve been feeling less confident lately.”


It’s alright. Have confidence. This world is for you. Within a munchkin novel. The munchkin novel exists for its munchkin protagonist. When the protagonist talked about losing confidence, a preposterous claim, Lasen replied nonchalantly.

“It’s good that it helped.”

“I think I can do it.”

Before long, the world had returned to normal. Henker looked at the two with interest.


The ashy world hadn’t existed for Henker. Only a second, not even a full second, had passed. Yet Kasim now exuded a different air.

‘Could it be?’

A bead of cold sweat ran down Henker’s back.

‘Did he grow in that moment?’

Kasim swung his sword. To cut the unseen, the scent. Swordsmen could slice scents to erase them. Kasim succeeded in doing so.

The scent began to disappear.

At the same time, thud──an earthquake occurred. Not far ahead, a black entrance emerged. The celestial eye interpreted the entrance.

[Charles’s Cloud Candy Workshop.]

Author Char Seong-min had revealed an arrangement for the protagonist.

* * *

Henker left the ‘Northern Basin’ on her way.

“That doesn’t make any sense.”

Her stride was swift, known as the ‘Drug King’, but her movements were more than that moniker suggested. From the image of a young child to one with red, voluptuous hair, then again to a plain woman with long black hair.

‘It’s been a long time in this form.’

Few knew of this guise, one being Karcia. The head of the Said household.

“I’ve decided to meet with Karcia. Today’s events were way too nonsensical.”

She found the Said household and was immediately led to the family head’s room.


“Been a while, Henker.”

Karcia offered a light smile.

“No. Phantom Emperor, it’s been a while since you’ve come to see me in that form. Has it been 10 years already?”

“I won’t beat around the bush. Why did you send your precious son to my lands?”

Surprisingly, the Drug King Henker conversed informally with the Said family head Karcia. Their relationship seemed quite old.

“Why? Did something happen?”

“It did.”

Henker shared how Kasim had grown tremendously in less than a second. Karcia nodded.

“It’s the influence of a good friend, I suppose.”

“Lasen Mayton?”

“Indeed. That young man has a unique kind of power.”

“Your son seems to rely a lot on Lasen. But a jump of more than two levels so suddenly? Doesn’t make sense.”

Karcia shook his head.

“It wouldn’t have in the past. But Henker, you know as well as I, growth at a certain level happens stepwise, right?”

“But your son isn’t at the stage for such growth. He’s too young, his achievements too low. Normally speaking. To have such sudden growth, one would need drugs, dangerous ones with dire side effects.”

Karcia kept shaking his head.

“If Lasen Mayton hadn’t been there, I might have thought the same. However, Lasen was there.”

“What’s the big deal about him that you keep mentioning him? Maybe your son took illegal drugs.”

“To hear the Drug King herself accuse someone of illegal drug use seems a bit ironic, doesn’t it?”

“I’m not joking. Don’t provoke me. I could get serious.”

Karcia, unperturbed, continued.

“Will you get angry? Can you strike me?”

“I could victimize your son. After all, he’s on my lands.”

“I’m sure you wouldn’t.”

“Why not?”

“Because I trust the once most precious comrade, the Phantom Emperor, who doesn’t lie.”

“You still know how to sweet talk.”

Henker grimaced, but it didn’t seem she felt too badly about it. Instead of wanting to believe Kasim had used drugs, she had come to Karcia to affirm her suspicion about Lasen’s unique ability. Karcia had given confidence to her thoughts.

‘Sure enough, there was something special about Lasen.’

She then vanished, using warp so naturally even within the jurisdiction of the Said house. No one knew Henker had used warp.

* * *

[Charles’s Cloud Candy Workshop.]

Charles’s blood.

Marilyn Mail.

The swordsmanship that slices scents.

Only when these three elements merged could Charles’s Cloud Candy Workshop be created. As an author, Char Seong-min devised the workshop to spoon-feed the protagonist, but in this world, such conveniences did not come easily.

‘This man-made dungeon is created by combining three key elements.’

The author’s purpose in its creation might have been the protagonist’s growth, but Charles had a different desire – to fulfill a ‘long-cherished wish’.

His cousin Albleca’s transformation into a doll. Convinced Albleca would one day arrive here, Charles seemed to have prepared for such a time.

‘Charles knew well he couldn’t transform Albleca using his own power.’


‘Ultimately, when Albleca killed him. It was then this arrangement unfolded. A trap to catch Albleca.’

It meant this place was a trap, and Charles was confirmedly insane. Not hiding his name or running far but instead using his own life to pursue Albleca to the end.

‘Indeed, this world is mad.’

The deeper one infiltrates, the more madmen spring forth. While it is necessary to strive, there seems a need to learn when to shield oneself aptly.

‘But something’s odd.’

Strange points existed. Albleca was a sorceress, known by the alias ‘Black Rose’. Naturally, she was not a swordsman.

‘Why make it so that only cutting scents with swordsmanship activates this place?’

If Albleca arrived and didn’t know swordsmanship, what then? The diligent efforts, even risking life to create this ‘Charles’s Cloud Candy Workshop’, would be useless. It was then that it dawned.

‘Insufficient causality…!’

There was a lack of causality. Predictably,

[‘You have actively perceived the Lack of Causality.’]

[A chance to fill a ‘Piece of the Lack of Causality’ is provided.]

It was fortunate. Before entering there, detecting the insufficient causality. Without seeing this incomplete space’s lacking causality and blindly trusting its strategy could have been disastrous.

Soon after, the celestial interpretation continued.

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