Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 131

Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan

Episode 131: The Youngest Son of the Magic Family

Carrying the surname ‘Limion’ was not something Rasen had set up. The name ‘Limion’ only appeared in the story in relation to the explanation about the Black Rose, Albleca.

Even the word ‘Limion’, Rasen had only recalled it because he heard it directly; otherwise, he would have forgotten it. There were numerous characters in the novel and the surname ‘Limion’ itself played no significant role—at least not in the world as directly described by author Cha Sungmin.

Black Rose Albleca Limion.

Owner of the Cloud Confectionery Workshop, Charles Limion.

There must be a connection between the two. Rasen said.

“It’s as if they want us to kill Charles.”

“Oh, was it that obvious?”

Charles’s face reddened.

“You’re making a fuss for nothing. Henker. Have you forgotten our promise?”

“I haven’t forgotten. That’s why I’m not killing you, even though you disgust me.”

“Don’t forget that I am not killing you either.”

“Oh, how scary.”

While Charles and Henker engaged in a non-argumentative argument, Rasen and Kashin both acquired information in their separate ways. Kashin had interpreted the misdeeds of ‘Charles Limion.’

Like Rasen’s heavenly eye, Kashin’s could interpret characters. Meanwhile, Rasen intensively delved into the relationship with ‘Albleca.’



Separated, the two clues brought nothing to mind, but linked together, they suggested an inference. The heavenly eye operates like that. It focused and thought about the two connections. Eventually, the heavenly eye read some facts.

[Charles tricked Albleca into becoming a puppet.]

[Albleca’s puppetization failed. Charles, the mother of Albleca and his own sister Aloa, was murdered, and he fled to the Northern Basin.]

A strange point arose.

‘He’s hiding, but still uses his real face and name?’

At that point, another fact dawned.

‘Then this is a trap.’

A trap set to lure the Black Rose Albleca. And another fact became clear—Charles was an exceedingly insane deviant.

It seemed he tried to kidnap his niece Albleca; when her mother discovered the plot, he murdered his own sister who was Albleca’s mother and fled.

‘He really is a maniac,’ thought Rasen.

“Looks like this place is Charles’s hideout, judging by the flow of mana. Seems like he’s prepared some kind of trap. Not meant for us, though. Did he commit a crime and run away?”

Kashin replied instead.

“Seems like he committed some big crimes.”

“Crime? Yes.”

Charles chuckled.

“The crime is that I failed to obtain the child I truly wanted.”

“Who’s that child?”

Surely it wasn’t his niece Albleca.

“Hmm. You expect me to tell you so you can catch them?”

“I’d rather not know. Anyway, the name [Limion] keeps being involved in bad dealings.”

Charles’s eyes narrowed.

“Do you know another Limion?”

“I do.”


“I encountered the April White Wolves.”

Charles seemed ignorant about the ‘April White Wolves.’

“April White Wolves?”

“They exist.”

Rasen recalled one fact revealed by the martial artists that the April White Wolves had an incredibly developed sense of smell, seemingly pursuing something.

Now it starts to make sense why the Black Rose Albleca had cursed the April White Wolves—what were they pursuing?

“The black magician Albleca created magical beasts with keen senses, always in pursuit of something.”


Charles listened with interest.


“It so happens that the Albleca has the Limion surname. Over there is Charles Limion, and here is Albleca Limion. A fascinating coincidence indeed. Albleca. Who might she be chasing?”

Henker sat in a chair, amusedly watching the situation unfold. Rasen continued.

“Henker, it seems he wishes for us to kill you.”

Charles appeared flustered for a moment but soon regained his composure.

“Must be. That vile woman. Since she can’t kill me herself, she seems to be dragging you in.”

“But conversely, it seems like you also wish to do something to us.”

“Capture you for a handsome ransom, then. A mad black mage living here has kidnapped you. I will rescue you, so pay me. Quite a simple deal, isn’t it?”

Rasen chuckled.

“Do you think such a deal would work on the Meiton family?”

“If it works, great. If not, well. Things will work out somehow.”

“Things working out somehow isn’t the outcome—it seems this place is destined for destruction alongside me.”

Henker shrugged.

“That wouldn’t be bad either. Junkies. This world is filled with all kinds of trash that come here because they wish to die but lack the courage. Then, they indulge themselves in drugs and manage to scrape by.”

Kashin stepped forward.

“Regardless, I cannot forgive that magician.”


“The numerous evils he has committed are visible to my eyes.”

“It’s fascinating, really. Does that show to the people of the Seid family? I’ve never seen such sight.”

Kashin didn’t continue.

Rasen felt a twinge of envy. To be able to utter such words so casually to enemies. Kashin was different. Proud. He hides nothing. He is allowed to. Because this world is made for Kashin Seid, the protagonist. The world itself revolves around Kashin. Kashin is allowed to.

Charles chuckled.

“Alright. Shall I stretch my muscles a bit?”

* * *

Kashin Seid was much stronger than expected. Rasen was taken aback.

‘This crazy guy.’

Though they had become close friends, he had not realized Kashin was this strong. He had become stronger than when they were competing in martial arts. The renowned Seid family had various sword techniques, and among those used in martial arts, ‘basic swordsmanship’ was prevalent. The technique that was just used is one of the ‘killing swords.’

Seid Killing Sword Secret Technique.

First Form.

Water-Probing Swallow.

A fierce killing technique developed by the Seid family, not utilized unless absolutely necessary. Rasen swallowed. He couldn’t see the path of the sword.

Rasen himself had grown incredibly, but Kashin seemed to have progressed even beyond that. A world for Kashin. Kashin’s world. In this world, Kashin indeed was the protagonist. Moreover, Kashin possessed several abilities directly set by the creator, Cha Sungmin.

Seid Killing Sword Secret Technique.

Second Form.

Song of the Sword.

The sword that Kashin held hummed resonantly. A sympathetic vibration occurred.

The killing sword is the bane of magic. It was the ability that allowed Kashin to eventually subdue the Meiton family in their centuries-long standoff and ascend to the apex of the world.

The killing sword was it. Capable of severing magic. Kashin had an enormous talent and capability in its use.

Ultimately, in less than 10 minutes, Charles’s head was severed from his body. As a result, Kashin sustained a severe injury to the neck, but it was not life-threatening.

Henker seemed astonished as well.

“Did Charles’s head really come off?”

Kashin glared at Henker.

“King of drugs, do not cross the line. I do not see such evil in you yet.”

Kashin’s gaze turned toward Rasen. It was quite different from when he was glaring at Henker.

If the look toward Henker was a cold winter gust, the gaze upon Rasen was like a warm spring breeze. He looked at Henker again with the spirit of a protagonist.

“Your grand schemes are the only reason I am not holding you accountable.”

And one more thing. Father, too, had left this place alone, existing in darkness, without questioning. The ruler here.

“You’d think they were not from a noble family. Okay. I understand. Just don’t cross the line. And let’s speak truthfully. If your father left me alone, how could you kill me? Would you disrespect the tacit approval of your father?”

“My father always supports and encourages my actions. He believes in me, a noble man.”

“Well, it seems likely. I did not expect that with just such trivial damage, you—or rather Kashin—would sever Charles’s head. In fact, I was about to secretly intervene.”

Rasen focused less on their conversation and more on the current situation.

‘This is different from the original.’

When Charles dies, his blood should seep into the ground, and as mist rises from the blood-soaked land, ‘Charles’s Cloud Confectionery Workshop’ would turn into a dungeon. But there doesn’t seem to be any sign of that.

‘There’s definitely something here.’

But the trigger condition wasn’t fulfilled correctly.

‘What’s different?’

The blood had long since seeped in. The blood was red. Then, a thought crossed his mind.

“Henker, can I ask you something?”

“What is it?”

“Did Charles use drugs?”

“Well, that’s a matter of personal privacy; looking at the blood color, it doesn’t seem too serious. Smells a bit like analgesic.”

“Is there a drug that turns blood green?”

“There is.”

“What is it?”

“Why? Interested? It’s great for pain relief.”

Rasen recalled a fact. The ‘morphin herb’ that Henker had given earlier, a drug classified as an herb, was said to be great for pain relief.

‘Could it be that?’

Considering the situation, it seems likely. In the original story, it was expressed this way:

[Kashin Seid sliced through the stench emanating from the green puddle of blood. Thus, the hidden ‘Charles’s Cloud Confectionery Workshop’ was created.]

He decided to artificially fulfill that condition. From the spatial pouch, he retrieved the morphin herb. Henker added another piece of information.

“If you melt it with fire, it becomes a droplet-shaped liquid that is highly effective.”

Rasen offered the herb.

“Ludia, can you melt this lightly?”

“Got it.”

A flame sprouted from Ludia’s fingertips, melting the morphin herb into liquid. Strangely, it took on the shape of droplets.

Rasen sprinkled the droplet-shaped ‘morphin herb’ onto the pool of blood. At that moment, a foul stench rose. Wisps of mist rose with the smell. Rasen felt dizzy.

He called for Kashin.



“Can you slice through scent?”

Kashin’s body twitched.



“That’s… not yet…”

But something about Kashin’s attitude was off. Could it be that he still hadn’t reached that level?

The realm of slicing through scent. In the Seid family, it’s referred to as ‘the realm of cutting fragrance,’ and for the Seid’s bloodline, it’s possible from the 4-star level. Kashin was assumed to be at least 4-star.

There was no time left. This place needed to be activated. Here, Kashin would acquire the arrangements for himself, and Rasen would gain the ‘Hatchery Nest.’

Rasen grabbed Kashin’s shoulder.


Their eyes met.

“You can do it.”

Rasen had seen Kashin’s realm with his own eyes. Kashin could do it. No, he had to succeed. Then the same alert that occurred during the ‘Eron Zahass’ incident of the Holy Empire followed.

[‘The Creator’s’ implicit revelation and will infuses the protagonist ‘Kashin Seid.’]

It was the same up to this point, but what followed was different.

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