Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 130

Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan

Magic Family’s Youngest Son: Episode 130

Henker opened his pocket dimension, and Rasen watched the scene with interest.

It was astounding that Henker could handle a pocket dimension so freely. Given that pocket dimensions were the exclusive domain of wizards, and Henker’s status as a wizard was not known, this fact was striking.

‘Could he be more than just a simple drug kingpin?’

Rasen suddenly got the feeling that Henker wasn’t just the leader who controlled the ‘Northern Great Basin’. He had come to trust his own intuition and judgement somewhat. And they were telling him that Henker was no ordinary drug kingpin.

Rasen interpreted it as a Tianyan.

‘Is that… Molphine Grass?’

What Henker pulled out of the pocket dimension was a herb called ‘Molphine Grass’, which was used to make cigarettes. When lit like tobacco, it had a tremendously powerful analgesic effect and was classified as a drug because of its strong addictive properties. Even if someone’s limbs were severed, they wouldn’t feel the pain due to its potent effect. However, it was equally addictive, and if a certain amount was smoked, it could even cause hallucinations.

‘The three great families designated it as a drug, almost cutting off its supply, I believe.’

Rasen smirked.

“Are you giving the drugs banned by the second great family to the children of the second great family?”

“Though it’s classified as a drug, its analgesic effect is unmatched.”

“This is a crime, you know.”

“Wouldn’t it be bad to have as a backup?”

Henker’s eyes narrowed. Her lips moved very slightly. Looking closely, it seemed like she was saying ‘Won’t it be needed?’

‘Even if I accept, that upright, justice-seeking protagonist surely will refuse.’

Kashin Saeid, the original protagonist, cannot tolerate injustice. No, he will not tolerate it. It is clearly illegal, and it is not in the nature of Karshia, archmaster of the modern swordsmanship family, to receive a gift defined as ‘illegal’.


However, he remained silent. Normally, he would announce that he must dispose of such things here and now for disarraying the order and laws of the world. That would’ve been the correct response.

Eventually, Rasen asked.

“Kashin, what do you think?”

“I think we must confiscate and destroy it.”

As expected, it was just like him. But then Kashin continued.

“However, it seems you have some thoughts on the matter, so I was waiting to hear what you have to say.”


Kashin seemed to have developed some sort of flexibility, contrary to his righteous character. Whether that was good or bad, there was no way to determine, but for Rasen it wasn’t a bad situation.

“I think the drug kingpin has an ulterior motive for gratuitously giving these gifts here, to the great families’ heirs.”

Henker let out a sly grin. If this were her usual self, she would have licked her lips, but now she just smiled brightly and stomped her feet playfully.

“Rasen brother, you’re so smart, I like it.”

That smile was so bright and cute that Rasen was almost horrified. Cheerfully, Henker continued.

“And one more thing!”

She raised her index finger to signify ‘one’. One more. It seemed like there was an additional gift.

“I’ll guide you myself to [Charles’s Pastry Workshop].”

“Is that necessary?”

“Yes. Brothers, listen well. My name is now Sylvia. Get used to my name, too.”

Rasen realized something.

“You mean to say the people here don’t know Henker and Sylvia are the same person?”

“Yes, only a few of my loyal subordinates and some tight-lipped individuals know. Here, I’m the mascot and the cute doll, Sylvia.”

While cackling with laughter, Henker — to those who knew her true form — was terrifying. It was horrifying that the drug kingpin of the Northern Great Basin could say, ‘I’m the mascot here, hehe!’ with a laugh.

“Why then does the cute mascot, Sylvia, want to guide us?”

“Charles’s Pastry Workshop is dangerous. The owner is a particularly cunning individual. Luckily, he knows my true identity.”

“So you’re saying it’s so dangerous that only if you personally go along, our safety can be guaranteed?”


“It’s odd since there are hardly any places here beyond your command and influence.”

It seemed like she was asking why, if she could simply issue a command to ensure their safety, she was insisting on personally guiding them.

“That’s true. But Charles’s Pastry Workshop is one such place. The owner is quite eccentric.”


“He has one very nasty habit. Have you ever heard of Charles Limion?”

The name Charles was common. You could ask around on the street, and a few might bear the name. However, the last name ‘Limion’ was not common.

Kashin reacted to the surname ‘Limion’.


Rasen also recalled the last name ‘Limion’. He couldn’t remember at first, but now he recollected.

‘Wasn’t ‘Limion’ the surname of the Black Rose, Albleca?’

In the story, Albleca, one of the powerful adversaries of Kashin Saeid, cursed Seowolbaekrang in the Levadon region. The Black Rose, Albleca’s surname was ‘Limion’.

“As expected, you know? He has a particularly foul hobby, and I think it’s better if I go myself.”

* * *

Sylvia (Henker) truly was the mascot of the Northern Great Basin.

Passers-by gave her cute treats like candies and chocolates. The people passing by didn’t seem like criminals or drug dealers. The surface was similar to an ordinary village. Sylvia, hiding her identity as the drug kingpin, walked around smiling brightly.

Rasen asked.

“What’s your official position?”

“Hmm, the next ruler.”

“Daughter of Henker?”

“Externally, yes.”

“Why pretend to have a non-existent daughter?”

“You don’t need to know.”

Henker pretended to be the daughter. It was definitely not normal.

“We just need to go here. It’ll take about five minutes by foot.”

They navigated through winding alleys. Smoke wafted out through the windows here and there as they passed by the alleyways.

A mix of various scents was dense enough to give one a headache. Despite it being broad daylight, moans mixed with coquetry could be heard everywhere. It gave the impression of a back alley where people who were enslaved to their primal desires and drugs congregated.

Kashin walked on, his face furrowed in disgust.

‘Why would my father leave such a place alone?’

That question was answered by Sylvia.

“Is this a first for our noble prince of the Saeid family?”


“Why do you think Saeid keeps us on the loose?”

Kashin had an instinct. Father sent him here, and that carried a hidden intention. He wouldn’t just show him this depraved place for no reason, merely for the sake of accompanying Rasen.

Henker continued.

“It is necessary to have a place here for such depraved humans to gather and live. Even if Saeid’s family claims to be the light, there must be darkness where there is light.”


Kashin was coming to understand. He was born as the heir of the ruling family, and he had seen and thought a lot more than other 14-year-olds. The world is not all light. Light has darkness beside it. Not everyone can live life beautifully.

“Light does not allow darkness to be by its side. Hence, those who are part of the darkness gather here. Those who have nowhere to go. Those who have given up their human dignity.”


“Ironically, when such scum gather together, the society runs somewhat smoothly. Well, it’s not sane. But from the perspective of those who belong to the light, whatever it may be, those in the darkness live their lives well. However, when light and darkness mix, the light drives away the darkness.”

“Are you saying we’re the light, and you’re the darkness?”

“It’s not exactly that. More like a principle.”

Rasen understood what Henker was saying, and so did Kashin.

Henker’s point was one. If Saeid didn’t want to create a ‘Harlem’s House’ in their own territory, they used ‘Northern Great Basin’ to gather those without any place to go.

From the standpoint of light, they created and maintained this darkness to their own satisfaction. Because they hated the way darkness crept up to the light.

Rasen glanced at Kashin. Kashin seemed to be deep in thought, as if he had realized something.

Rasen realized too.

‘The reason the Carcia family leader sent Kashin here is… To study the world.’

The world isn’t made of light alone. There’s light, and there’s darkness. He’s seen enough light, so it’s time to see the darkness too. To experience it firsthand.

“It’s funny, the swordsman’s prince seems lost in thought. Our Rasen brother, though, is rather calm about it all. As if he’s always known this kind of scene. Have you been here before?”

“For the first time.”

“You’re too calm for a first-timer. Be honest. Did you lie about your age, brother?”

“Could you drop the ‘brother’ bit? I’m not about 170 years too young, am I?”

Henker laughed out loud.

“Perhaps the age difference might be much greater than that.”

“More than 170 years?”

“What does it matter? I look young, don’t I?”

No more answers were given to Henker’s nonsensical words. True to Henker’s word, after about 5 minutes, a shabby signboard that read ‘Charles’s Pastry Workshop’ appeared on a one-story building. The iron door was covered with a thick web of spiderwebs.

Knock-knock. Knock-knock knock. Knock-knock. Knock-knock knock.

There seemed to be a unique rhythm to the knocking.

The door opened after Henker knocked, with a creaking sound.

An old, frail, and extremely skinny man appeared. He smelled terrible, as if he hadn’t washed himself for a very long time. His hair, reaching his shoulders, was grown out haphazardly, and his chin was covered with dirty, unkempt facial hair.

“What is it, that cute look? Have you come to be my doll?”

Henker stepped inside, transitioning back to her original form. As mana swirled around, her red hair and voluptuous figure appeared, a stark contrast to Sylvia’s appearance. To say it was simply drug kingship belied the incredibly natural use of magic.

Inside, there was an unkempt yard with a few simple tables and chairs on one side.

Henker sat on a chair.

“Do not speak vile things. Drop that disgusting hobby already. Such words might get your head cut off in front of the heirs of the prestigious families.”

“Heirs of the prestigious families?”

The man glanced at Rasen and his group. Rasen felt an ominous feeling. It was as if a serpent slithered all over his body.

‘He’s a powerful one.’

Kashin seemed to feel a similar sentiment, and Rudia even trembled. It seemed Rudia felt something particularly unusual.

“Hmph, pity. Heirs of the prestigious families, huh? Do their households know they’re here?”

“Not yet, that’s why I came myself. Just in case something happens.”

“Huh. I do care for my own life too.”

“If you cared, you wouldn’t have done what you did back in Levadon?”

“Henker. Silence. Before I turn you into a doll.”

“When have I ever said—do it if you can. But be prepared to be beheaded.”

Rasen could guess. Henker was ‘informing’ them right now. Though the conversation appeared unnecessary, it was far from irrelevant.

‘What did he do in Levadon? And, dolls.’



A horrific act.

‘It seems related to the Black Rose, Albleca.’

Henker crossed her legs, sat down, and lit a cigarette. The cigarette was similar to modern-day tobacco and not illegal. The ruler of the drug sanctuary, the ‘Northern Great Basin’, smoked something that wasn’t a drug.

Charles grimaced.

“When will you give up those cheap cigarettes? There are so many wonderful things out there.”

“So? How many kids have you killed with those wonderful things?”

“Henker. Shut your mouth.”

“Why? Are you ashamed of those things now? That cannot be. Are you feeling pressure in front of the heirs of the prestigious families?”

“Do you want to pick a fight? Want to die?”

“Why? Are you going to kill me and make me a doll too? Then again, leaving me would be a waste, wouldn’t it? I’m too beautiful for that. Ah, should I have appeared as Sylvia? You prefer killing children, don’t you.”


In that moment, Henker’s eyes grew thin. Rasen and Kashin, both blessed with Tianyan, could tell. There was a tension between Henker and Charles.

‘It’s not just about posturing.’


‘The murderous intent as if they were on the brink of killing each other.’

It was tremendous murderous aura. The two were radiating killing intent towards each other. Any minor provocation, and they would act to kill each other.

‘Why go so far? Why come all the way here?’

It didn’t add up. And then Rasen understood. He grasped what Henker wanted. Why she incited Charles here. Why she exposed Charles’ misdeeds.

Rasen nodded to himself.

“I see.”

Henker didn’t bring the heirs of the great families here for no reason.

‘That’s how it must go.’

Everything Henker did was telling them. If they want to secure arrangements here, they should kill Charles, who bears the last name Limion.

And he was saying that it would be okay to kill Charles, as he was a villain worthy of death.

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