Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 129

Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan

Hanker delivered an astonishing answer.

“Do you understand the word ‘bullgu’?”


It seemed familiar to Rasen. It took him a moment to recognize what ‘bullgu’ meant.

“It means you’re lying every time you open your mouth.”


Rasen was truly flabbergasted. Now it clicked. That was a term he had heard a few times on Earth.

“It’s a phrase my old friend liked to use. ‘Bullgu’.”

“……An old friend?”

“Yes, one who taught me many strange terms.”


“Anyway, lies are quite interesting. Normally, liars would have their tongues cut off, but I find you quite endearing. Plus, you have a cute face.”

Hanker grinned lightly, flicking his tongue across his red lips.

“I won’t ask how much you know about [Charles’s Cookie Workshop], nor what. It’s more fun not to know. But the thing is.”

Hanker looked around.

“How will you prove there’s an agent of Persha here?”

Although he described it as ‘bullgu’, it seemed Hanker was actually interested in hearing Rasen’s logic. Rasen responded.

“Do I really need to prove it? Whether you believe it or not is your freedom.”

“There’s no agent of Persha here. I assure you.”

“If you were so certain, you wouldn’t have suggested proof.”

“This illusory array took a lot of effort to design. There’s no one else in here except for you and me. Outsiders are thoroughly isolated.”

“I didn’t say they were in here.”

Rasen chuckled deliberately.

“Don’t underestimate the capabilities of Mayton. Although the illusory array itself is a product of magic, Mayton is the master of it. Even if you can’t infiltrate this intricately made array, you can certainly take a look from a distance.”

“If that were the case, I would’ve sensed it.”

“The Drug King’s perception abilities aren’t that sharp then.”

“Is that so?”

Hanker overflowed with confidence. Indeed, he did not believe Rasen’s words. But still, there was some reason within them.

‘And that little fellow. Doesn’t seem to back down, does he?’

It was almost convincing enough to think everything Rasen said was the truth.

“Rasen Mayton. The seventh son of Mayton. How about we make a bet?”

“What kind?”

“Let’s assume, as you say, there are some incredible agents of Persha that can see into this place from the outside.”

That’s when Rasen realized. Hanker continued to refer to Persha simply as ‘Persha’, as if in disdain.

‘He’s confident there’s no agent of Persha.’

Deceiving Hanker with mere words was impossible. He truly was a seasoned Drug King.

“If that’s true, I might tell you about the path to life as well? If the mages you speak of are so exceptional.”

“There’s a possibility.”

“Then try to break out. From this illusory array. Then I’ll believe everything you say. Like I said before, I won’t even ask what you know about Charles’s Cookie Workshop.”

Rasen grasped yet another point.

‘He was exceptionally sensitive about Charles’s Cookie Workshop.’

Hanker was 100 percent confident there was no one else here. Which is why he openly disclosed confidential information. ‘Charles’s Cookie Workshop’ was not an ordinary bakery. That much was clear. If he suspected they were being watched, such an attitude would not have been exhibited.

Hanker continued.

“But if 24 hours pass without escaping.”

“Then we’ll die here. Devoured by the illusory array.”


He wagged his index finger from left to right.

“But even I would be troubled if you really died here. Especially since it’s Mayton.”


“So if you can’t escape within 24 hours, I’ll save you. Then it’s my victory.”

He jabbed Rasen’s cheek with his index finger.

“Do you want to become my subordinate? I’ve taken quite a liking to you.”

* * *

“Is this the illusory array?” Ludia scratched her head.

In truth, Ludia couldn’t really tell the difference between the dining hall on the first floor and this place. That’s how finely crafted the magic array was. Those without the heavenly eye would find it hard to discriminate.

“How do you escape the illusory array?”

“You need to find the path to life. There are various routes within the array.”

An array must contain at least one path to life. The fewer the paths and more intricate they are to locate, the more difficult the array is to set up.

“The most complex arrays are those where the location of the path to life changes moment by moment.”

Only a mage skilled in handling a ‘circle’ of at least seven and investing over a year and 500 million grans can craft such an array. Rasen hadn’t expected an illusory array of this caliber at the Drug King’s headquarters. It exceeded all his expectations.

“It seems this array is of the highest grade,” Ludia mused.

Kashin nodded in agreement.

“We’ve studied extensively on array breaking. Even within Seyd, we haven’t encountered such an intricately designed illusion.”

Arrays crafted for practice have their limits. Even Seyd’s practical arrays, however elaborate, are subject to these constraints. For Kashin, who has experienced such arrays thousands of times, this illusory array’s rank felt incredibly high.

Rasen agreed.

“An array of this caliber isn’t easily found even within Mayton.”

“It’s strange that an array this difficult would be set up here,” Kashin mused.


Kashin asked,

“How do you plan to find the path to life?”

“It looks difficult with our current abilities.”

Kashin inquired hopefully,

“Can you find it, Kashin?”

“No, it’s not visible to me at the moment. I could try concentrating and drawing on my power; it might appear, but it would take some time.”

Rasen almost shivered.

‘I can’t even sense it at all…’

Indeed, protagonists are a breed of their own. This novel is about a munchkin character who can shatter continents, let alone the universe. The hero certainly stood out from the rest.

“It’ll be tough, though. Using it will deplete a lot from the array.”

“Of course. Eyes like yours aren’t granted to common folk.”

Kashin smiled broadly. Of course. Rasen understood and sympathized with his feelings. He was fortunate to have such a friend. They decided to hold off on Kashin fully activating the ‘heavenly eye’, as they still had 24 hours, and the illusory array itself didn’t pose an immediate threat.

“Ludia. Is there a way to disrupt this place with magic?”

“I haven’t studied arrays, you know?”

Ludia laughed, a “[?]” forming above her head. Ludia was a genius fire mage, but ironically, she was weak with theoretical aspects. She never had to study theory as a mage.

Rasen nodded, then added,

“There might be a more efficient and easier method.”

“What’s that?”

“People specialized in breaking arrays not as mages or swordsmen but through a different kind of expertise.”

“Martial artists?”

Generally, that would be the case. Martial arts destroys the array with powerful physical force. That’s the goal they pursue.

“You know I’ve dabbled in martial arts.”

“I do. But to properly use martial arts, you need to cultivate physical power. Your domain expertise is martial magic. They seem similar on the surface, but I understand the mechanics are entirely different…”

Kashin’s eyes widened.

“Could it be… Have you actually mastered physical power fully?”



“It’s been a while.”

“You mean to say, this energy is Master Mag’s physical power?”

“I did receive his teachings.”

Kashin, incredulous, blinked a few times then clapped once. He was genuinely delighted.


“What’s incredible?”

“You, my friend.”

Kashin nodded repeatedly. For a brief moment, he was taken aback that Rasen had mastered physical power, but he did not find it astonishing.

Kashin laughed and said,

“I always thought mana and physical power conflicted. But you’ve mastered both? That’s impossible, isn’t it? You’ve achieved the seemingly impossible. Incredible! There’s someone out there accomplishing the unbelievable, right?”

Kashin felt a profound sense of kinship. Another person who made the impossible possible. It was a joyous occasion. Geniuses, those above geniuses, are found. Geniuses struggle to converse with ordinary people. Their thoughts are too different; their ideas about effort and talent too divergent. That’s why Kashin always felt alone. His happiness was sincere.

“I’m glad you’re a genius.”

* * *

Rasen took off all his black garments. For a moment, he let his physical power run wild. It was a safe place. Moreover, he was in the company of two trustworthy comrades. Rasen sat cross-legged.

[Initiating ‘New Grandel Meditation Ritual’.]

[Engaging ‘Easy Mana Breathing Technique’.]

He decided to bring his physical power to its peak. In the meantime, Kashin slightly activated his heavenly eye to find the weakest part of the array. It was the spot where Hanker had stood.

He circulated mana.

[Activating intermediate martial magic ‘Strength’.]

Breaking this array would eventually come down to utilizing ‘physical power.’ He determined to use martial magic as an auxiliary to allow smooth use of his power.

The physical power pulled up through the new Grandel meditation.

The mana circulated with an ‘Easy Mana Breathing Technique.’

He focused on these two elements separately. The divine schemer, Lidionne, bestowed ‘two eyes’ which now shone with potential. Coupled with chanting Grandel’s will.

“Strength is for reinforcing body and soul.”

“Destruction is for shattering flesh and spirit.”

The intricacies of Strength. And the intricacies of Destruction, combined.

He intertwined all these intricacies and will into a single focus.

[Unleashing Tutangka’s Secret Martial Technique First Form – Man’gyo.]

With just ‘two eyes’ and instinct, Rasen accomplished a complex feat. The secret art ‘Man’gyo’ tore through the air. Rasen felt power drain away from his body, indicative of the illusory array’s demand on his strength.

‘Is it done?’

Cracks began to form in the void, like a windowpane.



The space shattered. Outside, the youthful Hanker awaited. Hanker, in the form of a silver-haired girl, clapped her hands.

“You had 24 hours, but you broke out in just 7 minutes.”

The childlike Hanker spoke gleefully,

“You really accomplished the unimaginable. I seriously can’t believe it. The little lady is quite astonished. Really. There have been few over the ages who have surprised me this much. Such astonishing brothers.”

The way you speak right now is more surprising, Drug King. Rasen wanted to say, but he refrained. Instead, he caught his breath and awaited Hanker’s words.

To everyone’s surprise, Hanker said something unexpected.

“For granting us such immense pleasure, dear brothers, let me present to you a grand gift.”

Hanker offered something.

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