Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 128

Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan

Chapter 128 – The Youngest Son of the Magical Family

Lasen was almost certain that the ‘First-Class Chef’ here was none other than Henker, the so-called Drug King. After all, Henker was famous for being an exceptional cook too.

The problem, however, was his liberal use of addictive herbs and drugs as ingredients for his dishes. This time, it seemed like he hadn’t used any drugs in his cooking, which was a relief.

But when the figure finally appeared, it was not Henker. It was a very young girl. To Lasen’s eyes, she seemed extremely young.

‘Who is she?’

Her hair color was incredibly unique—an ash blonde. A young girl with short hair. She appeared to be in her early to mid-teens. She wore a white dress but no shoes. She was barefoot. Her feet were a bit dirty, as if she had been walking around a lot. Upon a closer look, her dress wasn’t clean either.

The girl spoke, “Who are the brothers here?”

Her voice was exceptionally clear.

Rudia asked, “Hey, who are you?”

Simultaneously, Lasen chuckled. “The dress and feet are dirty, but she’s got such a healthy complexion.”

Kashin laughed as well. “Such a clear voice too. Someone with her appearance would usually have a husky voice.”

Lasen and Kashin exchanged glances, smirking at each other. “You feel it too?”

“Of course.”

They both knew. Only Rudia wasn’t catching on, just perplexedly asking ‘what? what’s going on?’ Unfortunately for the girl, both Lasen and Kashin possessed the ‘Heavenly Eye,’ able to perceive the true essence.

“Brothers, why are you laughing?”

“You must have spent a lot of money to construct this fantasy formation.”

“Fantasy formation?”

Lasen didn’t answer the girl’s question and continued, “To create such a sophisticated fantasy formation in the Drug King’s base must have required significant preparation. Including the need for highly skilled magicians.”

It had to be a pre-prepared fantasy formation. To create a formation of this level would have taken a considerable amount of time and effort. This was not the magical powerhouse Mayten but rather the pleasure district of the ‘Northern Great Basin.’

“If the Drug King let such a formation be constructed without response, he’d have to give up his crown.”

Kashin continued, “Alternatively, it must be a fantasy formation built under direct orders from the Drug King himself. How much did he invest in it?”

Kashin felt an unexpected surge of excitement. Sometimes he saw things others couldn’t, and perceived what others were ignorant of. His father called it ‘exceptional insight,’ but Kashin knew better—others feared his ability.

It was like others could sense their innermost thoughts being exposed—even his mother had shown such an expression. It always made him feel shattered inside.

‘Lasen sees the same as I do!’

Those who couldn’t see it typically feared him. But Lasen did see.

This was a fantasy formation, and the girl was not real—Lasen had realized and observed this himself.

‘I’m fortunate to have met Lasen.’

Kashin was struck by the luck of having such a friend and his mood improved slightly.

“I had already known of Drug King Henker’s culinary skills, rivaling those of a first-class chef.”

A silver-haired girl—no, she wasn’t really a girl. She took the form of a girl, but she was actually Henker, the Drug King.

“Are you pleased to have seen through my illusion?”

Kashin shook his head. “I wouldn’t be that pleased over something so trivial.”

“For what then?”

Henker, as the Drug King, couldn’t understand Kashin’s heart because he had never been Kashin nor understood his struggles.

“Realizing anew the joy of seeing the same thing, of sharing the same thing.”

Henker laughed behind his hand. “Fine. Anyway, as you guessed, I am Henker.”

In an instant, Henker’s body began to change. Her hair turned red, and she grew taller. She was wearing tight leather clothes that accentuated her provocative figure.

Lasen gazed at her curiously as her body morphed effortlessly. It was like witnessing the pinnacle of polymorph magic.

Being the Drug King, it was probably not magic but rather some special ability of his clan.

“What? Is this form more to your taste, young master?”

Lasen sighed. “Instead of flaunting your illusion, tell us why you’re revealing yourself.”

Lasen had anticipated that Henker might show himself.

He hadn’t expected it through a fantasy formation, though. Although useless against those with the ‘Heavenly Eye’ like himself and Kashin, this illusion could be dangerous to most people.

“This fantasy formation. Impressive work. Do you kill people here if necessary?”

“I intended to. But it seems I couldn’t deceive young masters like you.”

Kashin grinned. “Attempting to entice us with an illusion, you should’ve spared us the superb food. It was too good for a simple inn.”

Henker laughed heartily, pleased by the compliment on his cooking. Lasen could read him like a book.

‘Could it be?’

Was curiosity the sole reason for this reveal? That seemed to be the case. Deep curiosity towards the second young master of Seid and the seventh of Mayten was evident in Henker’s eyes.

“Though really, I did put a lot of effort into this fantasy formation. In case a dangerous individual appeared, I could handle it. But it seems I was outwitted.”

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