Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 126

Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan

Chapter 126 of “The Youngest Son of the Magic Fame”

“Phew. It’s difficult to mention since it’s not yet certain.”

As a writer, it was a method Lasen was all too familiar with.

“It seems we also have some issues related to Seyd.”

“Can you tell me what the problem is?”

“I’m similar to you. Maybe I know even less. Father hasn’t told me. But it seems there is certainly an issue.”

There was an issue indeed.

A long time ago, Seyd’s first son was killed by Decatra.

It wasn’t intentional, and Decatra didn’t even know the first son of Seyd was there.

The first son of Seyd himself didn’t know he was Seyd’s son as ‘Lerdain’, his mother, hid the fact of his father’s existence until the end.

‘Young Karsia left to complete the swordsmanship of the Seyd family through closed-door training…’

During that time, Lerdain, the woman who had shared love with Karsia, contracted a disease known as ‘Blue Spot’.

Sensing her impending death, Lerdain left without waiting for Karsia and raised their son.

Karsia didn’t know he had a son. That son was the first son of Seyd, killed by Decatra. At that time, Decatra didn’t know he was the Seyd first son either.

‘Anyway, after discovering Lerdain’s will, Karsia learns of the existence of his son.’

Lerdain left a will. She revealed the existence of her son in that will.

She left a final letter asking for her son to be taken care of if they should meet him after her death.

Of course, she didn’t think that letter would actually reach Karsia. It was more like a letter she left for herself at her last moment.

However, by a strange turn of events, Karsia finds Lerdain’s body, and mourns her death by fasting for three days after discovering his first love as a corpse.

‘That’s why Karsin is not the first son but the second.’

There is a genuine first son. Karsin is not displeased by this. The Seyd family continues to search for the first son. They haven’t found him yet. This is the current situation.

‘By now, Karsia would have realized something. That the first son is already dead.’

And as time passes, eventually he will learn that the first son was killed by Mayton. Someday, that is.

‘And then, Seyd will formally demand an apology from Mayton.’

That’s a story for the future. Mayton won’t bend. Decatra dismissed it with the words, “I only did what I had to.”

Despite regretting the death of Seyd’s first son, he says he did what he had to. That became the starting point for Seyd declaring war on Mayton.

‘There were one or two chances to stop the war along the way…’

The war between Seyd and Mayton is the ‘main story’ of this world. This world exists with the restorative force that wants to follow the original story. Whether we should disrupt the ‘main story’ or not has yet to be decided.

Karsin said,

“Lasen? What suddenly got into you?”

“Ah, my bad.”

Lasen met Karsin’s eyes.

“Karsin. Honestly, I don’t know what’s going on either. I just know it’s related to Father and connected to Seyd. You and the lord of Seyd must feel the same, right?”

“That’s right.”

“Then we just have to do our best in our given roles.”

The night was unusually starry. Dozens of shooting stars fell.

“If some conflict arises between Mayton and Seyd, and we have to resolve it, then we must give our best.”

Conversation comes first. Cha Sung-min, who has lived his life in 21st century South Korea as an ordinary citizen(?), has been taught and lived by this principle.

“Dialogues first.”

“I think so too.”

“But not all of the world’s matters can be settled through dialogue.”

If that were the case, why would there be wars and conflicts in the world? There are situations where we inevitably clash. No. There are many issues that can’t be resolved just by talking.

“After dialogue, magic will prove itself through magic, the sword through the sword.”

Lasen said,

“To speak bluntly, it should never happen, but if a war breaks out between Mayton and Seyd…”

“It won’t come to that.”

“Mayton and Seyd have waged wars numerous times throughout history. If it weren’t for the Black Sea between them, there might have been much more bloodshed. Don’t entertain idealistic thoughts. We need to face reality. We are the heirs of our respective families.”

Of course, Lasen didn’t want a war. He’d rather flee and live off the sweetness than fight. But the protagonist didn’t act like this.

“If that day comes, I’ll do my best to become the staff of Mayton.”

“And you?”

He asked Karsin, allowing him to answer for himself. Karsin already had his answer decided.

“I will become the sword of Seyd.”

“Right. That’s what we should do.”

Lasen sat down, looking up at the night sky.

“Let’s preserve our honor.”

With a glance, he looked at Karsin, who was reciting Lasen’s words to himself. The phrase about preserving honor had stirred something in Karsin’s heart.

Lasen added,

“With honor. Just do your best.”

Karsin sat down next to Lasen.

Lasen was right. It wasn’t a problem to worry about now.

Neither Lasen nor his father knew exactly. They would find out over time. When the issues became clear with time, acting then wouldn’t be too late.

“It’s pointless to worry in advance.”

“That’s right. We just have to do our best.”

Karsin smiled. His mind felt lighter after listening to Lasen. Everything seemed clear.

“Thanks. I feel cleansed.”

“It’s nothing. I just repeated what you already knew, through my words.”

“Thank you, Lasen. I’m glad you’re Lasen Mayton, my friend.”

At that moment, a new interpretation caught Lasen’s third eye.

[The Incarnation of Haldeks. A significant emotional shift has begun in the key character ‘Karsin Seyd’.]

Suddenly, Lasen had to doubt his own eyes.


He recalled the setting guide. Many settings that were put in as filler material and never used were not all at the forefront of his memory, but the name ‘Haldeks’ was clearly remembered.

‘The god of annihilation?’

The god who destroys everything and wipes out life forms is ‘Haldeks’. It is also expressed as ‘the god of nothingness’. Of course, this god is never mentioned within the novels, just set up in the setting guide.

Lasen found himself at a loss for words.

‘There’s the god of tricks and ordeals, the god of fire… how could there not be a god of annihilation?’

He looked back at Karsin.

‘It’s marked as a key character, not just any character.’

The celestial wizard. The pioneer of settings. The Joker. The Look. So far, all the leading and supporting characters were marked as ‘characters’, even Lasen himself was interpreted as ‘character Lasen Mayton’. But now Karsin Seyd is marked as a ‘key character’. Karsin Seyd is certainly a special character.

‘And an incarnation, no less.’

Incarnation (化身).

Does it mean the God of Annihilation has descended to earth in a human flesh? It could only be interpreted as so.


The reason was not hard to guess. Why would the god of annihilation descend through an incarnate body? To annihilate this world. A simple story.

‘This is maddening.’

But there was something else, a non-adaptable interpretation.

[The incarnation of Haldeks begins to rely emotionally on ‘Lasen Mayton’.]

The god of annihilation.

That incarnate being began to rely on Lasen himself.

* * *

After that particularly starry night, with the countless shooting stars, dawn came.

Dew heavily soaked the blades of grass. Moisture dampened the ground. Lasen’s party rose early from their resting spot. It was still dark.

Ludia sat dozing off in her seat. Wonderously, a flame in the shape of [zzZ] floated above Ludia’s head.

Lasen remarked,

“There was no attack last night, either.”


Karsin sat cross-legged without any mess, his gaze on the campfire.

Ludia’s magic kept the fire burning all night, still blazing strong.

“It’s strange that there are no attacks despite leaving traces and scents everywhere, right?”

“Yes. At least once, bandits should have attacked.”

Monsters may instinctively fear the powerful, but bandits, unable to sense prowess, would have attacked once. Especially when they see three seemingly weak kids traveling the mountain roads.

Furthermore, they’re inexperienced adventurers, shouting ‘I’m here!’ with their reckless campfires. And also, looking rich—Lasen and his party looked quite princely—yet with not a single assault?

It’s nearly impossible.

“It seems someone from the [Northern Basin] is paying attention.”

“The Drug King?”

“Who else could it be?”

“But our side of Seyd didn’t leak any information.”

Lasen nodded. He had a guess.

“Feels like Lady Persha let something slip, somehow.”

“The third lady? Why?”

“Who knows? She’s so unique; I can’t fathom her intentions.”

Suddenly, someone emerged from the bushes.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

A clapping sound was heard.

“Well done on that insight. You’re correct.”

A young man stepped out. He appeared to be in his early 30s. His aura was ordinary, but the individuals accompanying him, all wearing masks, were not to be taken lightly.

Karsin stepped forward.

“Who are you? Remove your masks and reveal your identities.”

Lasen felt an immense sense of security. Wasn’t this the protagonist of the novel? The protagonist can overcome any hardship and trial. They existed in a world with ‘protagonist protection,’ after all.

The man bowed and spoke,

“My apologies. This is our way. But I promise you, we will bring no harm to the two lords.”

“Your way?”

“Yes. We are the loyal guard unit directly under the command of Lord Henker of the [Northern Basin], and their identities are strictly confidential. Please, understand, lords.”

Lasen picked up on a detail.

‘He just said lords?’

Normally, people call Karsin ‘Seyd’s second lord’. But here, he just said lords, which means he doesn’t fully know Karsin’s identity. It seemed that Lady Persha hadn’t shared all the information.

‘What are you aiming for?’

The man continued.

“May I introduce myself formally. My name is Dave, honoured to lead the [Northern Basin].”

Lasen stood beside Karsin.

“Fine. I’ll accept the need for your entourage’s discretion and their masks can stay on.”


Suddenly, a twitch crossed the man’s brow, but he quickly smiled warmly.

“Thank you for your understanding, Lord Lasen.”

A smirk edged onto Lasen Mayton’s lips. Now he had been precisely addressed as Lasen. He was certain that Persha knew exactly who he was.

Lasen declared,

“However, those not among your entourage should remove their masks. Or, I could start cutting fingers.”

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