Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 125

Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan

Chapter 125: The Youngest Son of the Magic Family

Rudia cocked her head in confusion.

“Why here? Why this place?”

Kashin fell silent for a moment, seeming to find it difficult to speak. Lasen responded on his behalf.

“This place is one of the territories ruled by the Drug King.”

“Drug King? I thought it was under the authority of the Seid territory.”

“Externally, it’s known to be governed by Seid, yes. But…”

“Enough, Lasen. It’s Seid’s dirty laundry, so as someone of Seid’s blood, I should explain.”

Lasen nodded, and Kashin continued. The place in question was under the control of the Drug King ‘Henker.’ It was a gathering point for drug addicts and various criminals, as well as a city of pleasure and entertainment.

Having heard Kashin’s explanation, Rudia nodded in understanding.

“Ah, so it’s akin to an unprotected area?”

The Seid family, if they so wished, could conquer the place and strengthen their control. But they chose not to.

To dominate the area would require the Seid family to shed blood, and the gains to be had in comparison to the blood spilled would be meager. They thus left it be.

Therefore, it became a no man’s land untouched by the order of the noble houses. In this place, the word of the Drug King ‘Henker’ held more sway than the commands or power of the top three noble families.

Kashin muttered,

“Still, it’s a dangerous place to be in.”

Lasen agreed about the danger, which prompted him to ask,

“Do you have a good plan, Kashin?”

“Bringing Swordsmen from Seid doesn’t seem like the right choice.”


“If we’re bringing the main house’s Swordsmen, it would need to be a big operation. That could be seen as a declaration of war against Henker. Regardless of our intentions, they may feel their lives are threatened.”

Lasen nodded solemnly. There was a point in those words. How can one maintain composure with a wild beast before them? The logic was the same.

Rudia suggested,

“How about sending Henker a letter? Just tell him we’ll be visiting, so don’t mess with us.”

Lasen shook his head.

“The heir of a Magic Noble House partnering up with the heir of a Sword Arts Noble House to trek to the [Northern Basin]? Our families’ honor would not allow it, nor our pride.”

Indeed, Lasen would disregard such pride if there were a safe option, but Kashin was different. For Kashin, principle and pride mattered. He truly was a character fitting for a novel’s protagonist.

Kashin spoke up,

“We can’t bow our heads to the Drug King Henker.”

“Why does sending a letter mean bowing our heads? That seems like a good idea.”

“It would be asking for permission to pass.”

The heir to the Swordsmanship family couldn’t quite accept that. Lasen nodded; everything Kashin said was valid.

‘Certainly… not an ordinary 14-year-old.’

Lasen, the author who created this world, could see further than ordinary people, yet Kashin was different. Kashin was a 14-year-old boy living in this world.

What was I doing at 14 years old? Surely, he is not your average 14-year-old. He is gradually becoming the protagonist of the novel.

Kashin added,

“I think it would be okay to just walk boldly in through the main gate and then leave. No need to give advance notice.”

“We’ll just say it’s because of a request from the ‘Witch of Fire’ [Perisha].”


The two heirs chose a direct approach. They would not hide anything and would be open about everything.

Lasen said,

“And besides, law enforcement there is surprisingly robust. It’s highly unlikely that anything will happen as long as we don’t cause a disturbance.”


“Though it’s known as a lawless area outside noble influence, an external force is firmly in control there.”

There exists a law, perhaps more ruthless and brutal than the law of the noble families.

“A den of criminals and drug addicts. How could such a society function without stringent governance? Hasn’t the [Northern Basin] been around for quite a while?”

“From what I know, it’s been more than 30 years.”

“To maintain that society for over 30 years means there is a firm authority and their own order.”

Kashin smiled slightly.

“You’re right.”

Lasen’s party set their course. They headed towards the city of pleasure ‘Sodium’ located in ‘The Northern Basin,’ surrounded by the ‘Northern Mountain Range.’

* * *

A hazy room filled with smoke. There were various scents, due to the burning of a plant known as ‘Five Fragrance Grass,’ which gave off five different smells upon ignition.

It was a mood-enhancer and also a highly addictive drug that sometimes caused hallucinations.

Through the white smoke, a woman was visible. She wore a black dress with red embroidery and sat with crossed legs on a black chair, looking down at a kneeling man.

“The quality of the Five Fragrance Grass is diminishing.”

“My apologies.”

“What was the name of the cultivator?”

“A farmer named Kuro. He’s been supplying us with the Five Fragrance Grass for the past seven years.”

The man chewed on some of the grass, grimacing.

“Bring me his head.”


The kneeling man could not disobey. Here, the woman’s word was law. She ruled this place. Her name was Henker, the name of the Drug Queen of the north.

Henker spat out the grass. The farmer, tampering with fertilizer.

“He should have been satisfied with just enough.”

Some minor illegal tricks were tolerated, but this was excessive. The quality had declined too much. While minor illegal acts were overlooked up to a point, crossing the line meant death without exception.

It wasn’t long before the man returned with a severed head.

“I’ve brought the head.”

Henker, still sitting with crossed legs, glanced at the severed head and commented,

“You killed him too comfortably.”

The cut was too clean.

“Next time, make sure they suffer more.”


“And something else.”

Henker smirked with a teasing smile.

“I’ve received a letter from the Witch of Fire.”

One of the candidates for the successor of Mayton, the 3rd Princess Perisha had sent a letter. The young duo she hired was on their way here.

“3rd Princess Perisha, you say?”

“Yes. Don’t worry too much. As great as Perisha may be, this is Seid territory, and her power is limited here. “


“The problem is why she sent me this letter.”

The letter only mentioned that the two boys were heading here; it contained no other instructions, neither ensuring their safety nor subjecting them to tests.

“Dave, I generally trust your judgment.”

“Thank you, master.”

“Why do you think Perisha bothered to send this letter?”

Henker sneered as she laughed.

“Does it mean ‘handle it as you see fit’?”

Dave twitched nervously. Henker seemed to be slightly offended, but Dave did not sugarcoat the truth.

“That’s the interpretation. And surely, Perisha knew you would interpret it this way.”

“So she’s openly provoking me.”

Henker’s smile deepened.

“It’s as if she wants me, the offended, to kill those two brats.”

“What do you intend to do?”

“That’s what I want your opinion on. What do you think?”

“I believe we should treat them with utmost hospitality.”

“Hospitality? And why is that?”

“Although the identity of one is unknown, the other is definitely one of the Mayton heirs, a fourteen-year-old boy. Why would he visit the city of pleasure? The three noble houses care profoundly about their public image. Moreover, Lasen Mayton has always been infamous for his debauchery.”

Henker nodded.

“So, you recommend treating them well.”

“A fourteen-year-old heir of noble descent exploring the Northern Basin. Socially burying him is better than physically killing him, in my judgment. How it will look to outsiders is something you are well aware of. If Mayton reacts with anger, it will be towards their reckless 7th Prince, not us who showered him with hospitality.”

Providing such a reception is not unfavorable. They would treat the noble heir in their own way. Mayton cannot express anger; if they do, it would be directed not at the Northern Basin but at the 7th Prince.

“And if he becomes crazy over the drugs, it would be even better for us.”

“That’s correct.”

Henker propped her chin as she sat deep in thought.

“But who could the other one be?”

“If Perisha intended for us to kill or harm them, it’s likely the heir of the Swordsmanship family.”

“Kashin Seid? The genius of Seid?”

“Yes. If such an incident happened, Mayton could resolve their issue without lifting a finger. An enraged Seid will annihilate us.”

“Perisha is quite sly, isn’t she?”

“Perisha is not the type to play such mind games.”

“So there must be a reason she’s compelled to?”

Dave nodded.

“It’s not certain yet, but Seid and Mayton might clash.”

“Oh? Go on.”

“I’m not sure. Just take it with a grain of salt.”

“Let’s hear it.”

Dave shared the information he had gathered thus far.

“……If it triggers a war between Seid and Mayton…”

“That war would last at least a decade. Typically, swordsmanship is slightly more favorable than magic, but since the swordsmen have to cross the Black Sea…”

“The support of a successor can change the future.”

“So Perisha wanted us to kill those kids?”

Henker deeply inhaled the smoke from the Five Fragrance Grass. It was the strong hallucinogenic drug that, however, sharpened Henker’s mind.

“If Lasen had died here, we’d have a justification too.”

It was not that Mayton plotted to kill Kashin; they also lost a successor candidate, a tragic accident. They would have a reason to say this.

Henker pondered something and stood up.

“Hmm. A political issue.”

The burgundy dress slipped slightly, showing her pale shoulders.

“This will be interesting.”

* * *

Lasen’s party easily reached the ‘Northern Mountain Range.’ It was a massive range that horizontally bisected the central and northern parts of the Betia continent.

Kashin said,

“We’ll need to camp out from here.”

They began to ascend the rugged Northern Mountain Range while camping. The terrain was harsh and without clear trails, but it wasn’t too physically challenging.

Three days passed. They faced occasional attacks from wild animals, but no significant events occurred.

“In about two more days, we should reach the trail leading to the Northern Basin. It’s the only path from the central continent.”

Another day went by, and that night the stars shone unusually bright. They lit a campfire, and Kashin took a seat.

After a while, Kashin asked solemnly,

“Lasen, is there any conflict between the Mayton and Seid families?”


Lasen jolted at the question.

‘Could it be?’

Based on the progression of the novel, it seemed possible the Seid family was gradually learning about ‘that incident.’ Although it appeared to be unfolding faster than anticipated.

“Yes. Lately, father has shown subtle hostility when discussing the Mayton family.”

“Do you have no idea what it’s about?”

“It’s not entirely clear. I’ll tell you when I’m sure.”

Lasen felt Kashin’s gaze.

‘Kashin knows I flinched.’

Then lies were not an option. Once trust is broken, it cannot be rebuilt.

Lasen sighed.

“Phew. It’s difficult to begin because things aren’t yet clear.”

If one must speak the truth eventually and the facts will come to light, perhaps it is better to speak now. The preemptively beaten dog fares better; it’s preferable to surrender than be captured.

‘I need to have Kashin on my side at least.’

Like a true author. Lasen decided to unravel the situation.

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