Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 124

Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan

Episode 124: The Youngest Son of the Magic Noble Family

“Is the place by chance called the [Cloud Confectionery Workshop]?”

In an instant, Perseha’s body flinched.

“How did you know, my brother?”

“I came across the information by chance.”

“By chance?”

Perseha smiled slyly.

“You say it was by chance.”

I didn’t ask any further.

“Do you also know what kind of place it is?”

“I’m not exactly sure.”

I knew it definitely wasn’t like the other dungeons. Because it wasn’t a space created by individuals unknown to Rasen, such as Alberto or Kirtel. Instead, it’s an artificial dungeon devised out of the limited capabilities of the author Cha Sung-min.

I knew how to conquer it, what had to be done there.

‘However, I hadn’t set [Hatchery Nest] to be there.’

Originally, it was the place where the protagonist, Kashin Seid, would later obtain the ‘Moonshadow,’ a material for creating his legendary sword ‘Manwol(萬月).’

“Fine. It doesn’t matter how you acquired the information. Just bring me the hatchery nest.”

“I’m sorry, Sister.”

“What for?”

“I need the hatchery nest as well.”

Suddenly, Perseha’s mana pressured Rasen. He felt like he was suffocating, as if burning to death. Undoubtedly, the intensity befitting a powerful fire mage.

“So. You refuse to hand it over?”

“Yes. It’s true that the information you’ve given has been helpful to me.”

Perseha’s eyes narrowed.

‘Look at that?’

She was applying more pressure than the last time they spoke. Yet he was withstanding it better than she expected, even speaking with composure.

‘He should be nearly fainting by now if he was as strong as I anticipated.’

But he was maintaining a more stable condition than she had thought.

‘He’s become much stronger than I estimated, hasn’t he?’

She didn’t know exactly what was happening to her brother, but his growth rate was beyond imagination.

Perseha’s ‘estimation’ itself was based on the presumption that ‘Rasen is a remarkable genius.’ The rate at which Rasen was growing could render even extraordinary geniuses ordinary by comparison.

“However, that’s not the information I wanted. You brought it up on your own, Sister.”

“So you’ll take the whole information and run? Do you know what that’s called in professional terms? It’s called hit and run. I hate hit-and-runners the most in the world.”

Perseha whispered into Rasen’s ear.

“I’d like to kill you.”

Rasen honestly felt scared. He noticed that she was emitting much more intensity than before. As much as he himself had grown, Perseha’s presence felt increasingly menacing. The more you know, the more you see. Perseha seemed more formidable now than before.

Rasen threw his trump card.

“You might want to kill me, but you won’t be able to.”

He spoke with emphasis.

“The Thunder Dragon Stone is mine, and I will possess the hatchery nest.”

* * *

Perseha returned to her room. She sat cross-legged at the round table. Moments ago, she was emitting a murderous aura in Rasen’s room, but now she was seemingly in a not-so-bad mood.

“That’s the Meiton for you.”

Her shadow, Sandor, served her warm buckwheat tea.

“Did something happen with the Seventh Son?”

“Something did.”

Perseha seemed quite pleased as she spilled the beans on what had transpired. Sandor too was surprised; it wasn’t common for Perseha to share details so freely.

“He didn’t bend his will in the end. I pressured him to the brink of fainting.”

“How intense was it?”

“He must have felt like he was being executed by fire.”

“If Perseha-nim mentions that, it must truly have been torturous.”

Indeed, great mental fortitude. Sandor continued,

“But did you really give him the information for the request?”

“Of course not.”

She swirled the cup with the buckwheat tea. Warm buckwheat tea. Perseha liked it. She took a sip, feeling a warmth spread through her body.

“Do you think I’m a fool?”

“I thought so.”

In the end, Perseha conveyed ‘information’ in the form of a ‘request.’

“If the Seventh Son had succumbed to the pressure and accepted Perseha-nim’s offer… you would have been greatly disappointed.”

“Well. It wasn’t too bad.”

Perseha’s eyes became serious.

“He might become my competitor. In the distant future.”

“That can’t be. The difference in years and rank is too great.”

“I thought the same. But he’s growing much faster than my precise estimations.”

She took another sip of the tea, feeling even better.

“The growth of a sibling. Good. The stronger they are, the more satisfying it is to beat them, right?”

“That’s correct.”

Sandor didn’t fully agree with Perseha.

No matter how unexpectedly talented Rasen Meiton turned out to be, Perseha was no less exceptional. Or rather, all of the Meiton are like that. They are born geniuses of magic.

No matter how much Rasen might struggle, the ‘order’ won’t change.

‘It’s like the difference between Lady Ibella and Perseha-nim.’

Between Perseha and Rasen, there already existed an insurmountable gulf. That was Sandor’s perspective. Nonetheless, for Perseha to acknowledge him to that extent also counted as impressive.

‘Has that wastrel Rasen grown so much?’

It would be a lie to say he wasn’t surprised. Perseha spoke again.

“Where do you think he got the information from?”

“Would you like me to find out?”

“Forget it.”

Perseha waved her hand dismissively.

“It’s obvious, isn’t it? Father must have told him.”

“The head of the family?”

“Am I mistaken to think that Father seems to be favoring the youngest?”

“Those are words that ill suit our lord.”

Perseha took the final sip. Now, not a single drop of tea was left in the cup.

“I thought it was because of her. Now, it doesn’t seem to be the case. Father knows far more than I do, looking from a higher place, further into the distance.”


“From Rasen, what kind of future does Father see?”

In truth, Dekatra hadn’t revealed anything. However, Perseha misunderstood it that way. She mumbled to herself, looking at the empty cup.

“The possibility that Father is favoring Rasen… doesn’t annoy me.”

* * *

Rasen wrote a letter.

[To my dear friend, Kashin Seid,]

The initially possessed Rasen, who wanted to avoid entanglement with the protagonist and live comfortably, no longer existed.

If escape is not an option, enjoy it instead. It’s much more advantageous for survival to build a solid relationship of trust with the hero protagonist. That was Rasen’s judgment, and he was putting it into action.

The content of the letter was straightforward.

[Would you like to join me on an expedition to an artificial dungeon called ‘Cloud Confectionery Workshop’?]

Kashin would not refuse this offer.

Kashin was just that kind of guy. With a protagonist-like disposition. He would not ignore a friend’s request and would devote his all to helping.

* * *

Two days later.

The letter reached Kashin Seid. While he was honing his sword skills in the training grounds, the letter was delivered. Normally not distracted by anything during his training, Kashin took interest in Rasen’s letter.

The knight who had delivered the letter was bemused.

‘I knew Rasen and the young lord were close but… to halt sword training for it.’

Especially since Kashin had been performing the basic swordsmanship fourth form. Breaking focus and interrupting sword moves are things that Kashin irrationally hates, yet he showed such a reaction to Rasen’s letter.

“The contents are intriguing. Hand me the towel.”

Kashin wiped the sweat from his brow and immediately sought out his father. Carcia laughed heartily in the great hall.

“What brings you to your father when you have been consumed by swordsmanship?”

“A letter arrived from Rasen.”

At once, Carcia’s body twitched, a slightly different reaction than usual.

“Why is that?”

“Nothing. Tell me, what did your friend send?”

“He wishes for me to join him on an expedition to an artificial dungeon called [Cloud Confectionery Workshop], along with another friend of mine, Rudia.”

Kashin summarized the contents of the letter. Having heard him, Carcia asked,

“Even if I dissuade you, you’ll go, won’t you?”

“I see no reason for you to dissuade me, Father.”

Carcia nodded his head. There was neither a reason nor any justification to deter him. Carcia tapped the seat beside him lightly.

“Son. Would you mind sitting beside me for a moment?”


Kashin walked over and sat down next to Carcia.

“What if, merely hypothetically, it’s a trap arranged by the Meiton Family? Do not forget, we’ve always been in competition with the Meiton. Competition isn’t always beautiful. It’s often ugly and filthy.”

“I understand what you mean, Father. However, I can’t see it being a trap by the Meiton.”

“That place has an age restriction, so no support from the head house is plausible. Suppose Rudia and Rasen conspire to kill you there. What would you do?”

Kashin closed his eyes for a moment and then answered.

“I will not forgive Rasen and Rudia for betraying our trust.”

“Do you mean you won’t be swayed by sentiment?”

“Kindness returned twice-fold. Enemies revenged ten-fold. That’s how I shall live.”

“That’s good to hear.”

Kashin inhaled deeply. He had more to say.

“Besides, you have insulted my friend, Father.”


“If nothing untoward happens there, please offer your apology.”

Carcia fell into silence for a moment before bursting into hearty laughter.

“You’re right about that. I shall do so.”

Carcia also acknowledged this. Yet, he had something else he wanted to say.

“I don’t personally believe Rasen Meiton would lure you into a trap.”


“I have confidence in Rasen Meiton personally, but not in the Meiton Family.”

“What do you mean?”

Kashin sensed a hint of hostility from his father. Carcia seldom lets negative emotions show, an unusual circumstance.

“Nothing is certain yet, so I will hold off on commenting. One thing is clear, though, you’re not blinded by recognition. If one day we have to become hostile towards the Meiton Family, you’ll have to be the sword of Seid to slice through Meiton.”

“Of course. When just reasons and grounds arise, I will not hesitate to become the sword of Seid.”

Their conversation ended there.

Carcia permitted Kashin’s departure to the ‘Cloud Confectionery Workshop’ expedition. Some retainers objected. It’s a place where only the young can enter. Being Meitons adept at magic, they might have set some form of trap. Despite their objections, Carcia did not listen.

“My son trusts the boy. Thus, I too must trust.”

“We might soon find ourselves at war with the Meiton Family.”

“Don’t jump to conclusions. Nothing is certain yet. My eldest son… is still missing.”

* * *

A few days later.

Rasen crossed the Black Sea, arriving in the continent of Betia, within Seid’s territory.

Rudia greeted him with a brilliant smile.

“That guy. He’s become even handsomer, hasn’t he? Pretty much on par with Rasen?”

She approached Kashin.

“Do you also have dumplings aboard?”

Kashin now stood taller than Rudia. He too smiled brightly.

“Long time no see, Rasen. I heard you were on pilgrimage. Thanks for inviting me to the [Cloud Confectionery Workshop] expedition.”

“No big deal.”

In the original work, it was an area Kashin would clear on his own. With no need for guidance, Rasen merely suggested they go together as a safety measure. This would make it much safer.

Kashin asked,

“Where’s the location of Cloud Confectionery Workshop?”

Rasen pulled out a map. He pointed to a spot.



A look of bafflement swept over Kashin’s face.

“Is there really an artificial dungeon there? And one related to the Thunder Dragon Stone?”

It seemed Kashin found it hard to believe. Rudia cocked her head in curiosity.

“Why? What’s the issue with here?”

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