Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 122

Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan

In the 122nd episode of “The Youngest Son of the Magic House,” Rasen is curious about what Decatra saw and felt, and the judgments he made to arrive at his thoughts. Decatra is known to be the only person in the world who knows the secrets of that place. Although Rasen’s heart beats fervently, he keeps a cool head during the conversation, aware he must speak in a manner befitting Decatra.

“The secrets of that place are known only to one person,” Rasen challenges, implying Decatra himself holds that knowledge. Decatra smiles wryly at Rasen’s suggestion that there may be more than one person privy to the secrets. The conversation shifts towards whether the Lord Meyton alone is privy to particular secrets.

Decatra offers no answer, simply waiting with narrowed eyes for Rasen to speak. Rasen decides to be frank, risking potential offense to Decatra, but he sees no other choice. After all, failing to engage properly might result in an early death at seventeen. In a world known for its resilience, he must create an event powerful enough to alter reality within the bounds of plausibility.

Decatra replies that he finds Rasen’s attitude less than ideal, though he doesn’t outright reject Rasen as his son. Their dialogue addresses the secrecy surrounding their family’s magic and history. Rasen reveals he knows secrets that even Decatra seems unaware of, suggesting Decatra is out of the loop regarding the true intricacies of their family’s legacy. The object Rasen obtained from that secret place is a Thunder Dragon Stone, a legendary artifact believed to contain a sealed thunder dragon—a revelation that surprises even Decatra.

After their exchange, Decatra acknowledges Rasen’s ownership of the Thunder Dragon Stone, understanding his son’s tactic of ensuring it would remain with him rather than be claimed by his siblings. Decatra, although finding Rasen’s methods unappealing, accepts that the stone belongs to his son.

Decatra later contemplates the words of a late prophet, Grey, whose legacy included dire predictions for the Meyton family. He draws connections between Grey’s prophecies and the unusual occurrences surrounding Rasen, particularly his assertion of being visited in a dream by a mystical figure tied to their family’s past. As such, Decatra considers the possibility that his son might be the key to altering the fate he’s worked to prevent.

In the concluding moments, Rasen, now comfortably back in the Autumn Annex—a testament to the wealth and magic prowess of House Meyton—ponders his father’s reaction to the conversation. He senses that despite his careful avoidance of mentioning “Kaisa Meyton” by name, something in his words struck a chord with Decatra.

Interrupting his reflections, Rasen’s sister, Persha, a one-armed sorceress, comes to him with a request. Despite Rasen’s reminder of his ritual pilgrimage and inability to entertain her, Persha’s light-hearted and daring demeanor suggests she believes there’s more to their exchange that might lead to an intriguing proposition.

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