Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 121

Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan

Magician’s Family Youngest Son, Episode 121

Lacen flinched for a moment.

‘A covert but ferocious energy?’

It was then, Rosalyn stepped forward.

“You. State your rank and name.”


Lacen flinched again and looked at Heira. Heira is ‘silent and covert.’ A formidable assassin who ranks among the strongest in the world, and a monster presumably the confidant of his father.

“My name is Heira. I serve as the shadow to Lord Lacen Maiten.”

In fact, Rosalyn also knew of Heira’s name and his role as Lacen’s shadow. But she deliberately asked again. Asking for his name and rank meant she was inquiring not as a person, Rosalyn, but as the Grand Duchess Rosalyn.

Heira responded politely.

“If you are to serve as a shadow for Lacen, act in a manner befitting a shadow.”


Lacen wanted to intervene. This guy is an assassin, an incredibly dangerous one at that. But Rosalyn continued.

“If you were truly that dangerous, would you be standing idly like this right now?”


“If it’s not particularly dangerous, you drew your dangerous dagger without your master’s permission. Is that right?”

“…I apologize.”

Lacen was at a loss for words. In truth, he had been going a bit easy on Heira. He was used to Heira’s methods and, frankly, had no intention of provoking him too much.

‘When I think about it, Rosalyn has a point.’

So, he did not interfere.

‘I have been too lenient indeed.’

It was not an urgent situation, yet Heira had drawn his weapon without permission. Moreover, his target was Lacen—or more precisely, Lacen’s pocket dimension. It was a misstep.

“Rosalyn, it’s fine.”

“No, it’s not fine. You and I…”

Rosalyn bit her lip lightly. Though she had changed her opinion about Lacen, it seemed she was still not used to it.

“We’re friends.”

She uttered the word ‘friends’ with difficulty. Nonetheless, it was a significant development.

“Your act of disregard towards me, now, is an act of disregard towards me as your friend.”


Another valid point. If one were to look strictly at hierarchies, Rosalyn and Lacen were peers, both heirs to noble families. A subordinate disregarding a peer in the hierarchy is a matter the blade can correct—it was perfectly normal in this world.

Heira readily admitted his mistake.

“I was short-sighted.”

He stored the dagger back in his cloak.

“I apologize for my disgraceful conduct. I will also apologize to the young master. From now on, I will be more weighted in my actions.”

Lacen cleared his throat with a slight cough. Correcting principles and order was a good thing. Looking at this, he could feel that Rosalyn truly was the heir to a noble family. Both her attitude and content in speech befitted that of a noble heir. Not just like any child, it seemed she was not just that.

“Rosalyn. You’re completely right.”

Rosalyn spoke with a displeased expression.

“Sometimes you are exceedingly determined, yet at other times too indulgent. It’s strange.”

“I admit that I have been too soft. And I admit again, you are right.”

However, logical correctness doesn’t always translate to righteousness.

“But Heira isn’t just my shadow; he is also someone I trust.”

Honestly, Lacen did not want to fall out with Heira. Anyone who knew Heira’s true identity would feel the same.

“Trust? Okay, let’s assume that’s true. Even if the master trusts, it doesn’t give the right to act rudely.”

“I look at the intent behind the actions.”

Lacen smiled lightly. He had no intention of unsettling Rosalyn nor of upsetting Heira. He intended to win over both of their hearts.

“Of course, the action itself might have been slightly rude. You’re absolutely right. But the reason Heira acted that way, wasn’t because of any disrespect towards me. I know it wasn’t like that, so I didn’t reprimand him.”

Both Rosalyn and Heira fell silent.

‘Lacen, that guy.’

Rosalyn thought that she might have misunderstood him.

‘He just let it slide?’

Although not completely convinced, she wasn’t entirely disputing it either.

As for Heira, he was a bit shocked.

Actually, he already knew his behavior had been somewhat rude.

Heira wanted Lacen to grow stronger and indeed Decatra had ordered so. A touch of rudeness was inevitable in the process.

Lacen hadn’t really made a fuss over it. Heira had never reflected on it deeply.

‘Now that I think about it… it was strange.’

Heira’s view of Lacen was of someone meticulous. Someone who could envision the future, with the power to draw people in, possessing calmness and wisdom beyond his years. Yet, with Heira, he had been particularly indulgent.

Lacen’s words echoed in his mind.

“I look at the intent behind the actions.”

“So, I didn’t reprimand because I know there’s no disrespect meant in the actions.”

So, Lacen had let him be.


That one word powerfully knocked on the door of Heira’s heart.

Rosalyn spoke gruffly.

“Anyway, I get your point. I thought perhaps you were so lenient towards Heira because…”

She stopped. Perhaps there were personal feelings involved. She suspected as much but did not say it. It wasn’t her place to interfere with that.

Lacen tilted his head.

“Because what?”

“I thought maybe you were being a pushover to your people. A ruler carries the heavy, sad burden of being stricter towards those close to them.”

* * *

Lacen agreed to part ways with Rosalyn here.

“Since your father has summoned you, let’s part ways here. I’ll wait for the martial artists before returning to the main house.”

Rosalyn went up to the fourth-floor room of the inn to rest. Lacen asked.

“By covert and ferocious energy, do you mean this?”

Lacen produced the ‘Thunder Dragon Stone’. The Heavens’ interpretation was captured.

[Thunder Dragon Stone]

[Characteristic: Life can be felt]

A characteristic not seen at the Rock-and-Fan Cliffs appeared, an added characteristic: ‘Life can be felt.’

“That’s correct. I sense a dangerous energy.”

“The energy of thunder?”


He felt vindicated by Heira’s confirmation.

“You’re right. However, it should not be dangerous.”

“It feels like a dormant volcano that could erupt at any moment. It will certainly pose a threat to the young master.”

“Bearing that threat is part of my capacity.”


Heira was momentarily at a loss for words, staring at Lacen.

‘He reminds me of the young family head.’

Lately, Heira frequently felt this when looking at Lacen. The young Decatra. He kept seeing that figure. The notorious Lacen Maiten of the past.

Meanwhile, Lacen had his own confidence. This was an arrangement prepared by the Great Sage Alberto for his successors. Only available to those who have passed several tests and have earned Kiritel’s arrangement for a true heir.

‘He wouldn’t simply confer something dangerous.’

Surely, there would be great benefit. If the ‘Thunder Dragon Stone’ really contained a thunder dragon, imagine if a ‘thunder dragon’ actually popped out from there.

‘A real dragon wouldn’t emerge, right?’

In the swordsmanship family Said’s world, dragons had never revealed themselves. Like Kiritel, they exist in legend, only bobbing up and down in the mouths of a few people.

Heira nodded.


“Understanding your sense of ominousness. The power of thunder attributes is indeed fierce, even difficult for magicians to handle.”

So fierce they’re said to be the hardest to deal with among all elements.

It’s said to be the spirit that devours magicians. Despite its difficulty, its effect isn’t overwhelmingly superior. It’s the most violent and powerful energy, but not to the extent that it overwhelms other elements.

In other words, it’s an element with a terrible cost-efficiency.

“That’s why it’s intriguing.”

What on earth did Alberto do? That eccentric old man who calls himself a great sage must have done something. That was exciting.


This feeling he often had. The process of creating a work within a work.

The process of completing a narrative as Lacen Maiten felt enjoyable. As a very young child. That excitement when he first started writing for fun was palpably felt.

Lacen spoke.

“Let’s return to the main house.”

Decatra implied there was an urgent matter. They decided to have a discussion.

* * *

Lacen returned to the Maiten family. The family that once felt frightening and antagonistic now seemed quite familiar. He felt as though he truly became a ‘Maiten.’

‘Don’t let your guard down.’

Even though he became comfortable and the situation was much better than in the original story, it was no time to relax.

This world always attempts to return to its original state. He was determined to overcome that nature and live well. A single moment of complacency could lead to tragedy.

Knock knock.

Lacen knocked. The door opened on its own. Decatra was standing, looking out the window.

“Seventh son. I, Lacen Maiten, pay my respects.”

“You’ve not been summoned as a prince.”

Decatra turned around. Looking at him, Lacen felt like he was facing a calm sea. Peaceful, yet harboring elemental power, the supreme wizard could raise a tsunami to wipe clean the earth at any provocation. The mage spoke.

“Call me father.”

Now he was not Prince Lacen, but the youngest Lacen. It was also an acknowledgment of him as a son.

“Understood, father.”

“I called for you.”

“I am aware.”

Here the important thing was ‘I’ and ‘you.’ Father Decatra pointed out he summoned the youngest Lacen. It seemed an insignificant conversation, yet it was laden with many implications.

“I am aware. You have called for me, father.”

This time Lacen asked.

“If you’ve summoned me as a son, may I ask the first question?”

Not as a family head, but as a father who called. It wasn’t strange for a son to ask questions of his father.

Decatra smiled thinly.

“You know my mind well.”

That’s why he made the extra effort to call him ‘father.’ It meant he could ask his question first. Lacen interpreted that meaning deftly, and he posed his question.

“Father, did you already know what I would obtain from Rock-and-Fan Cliffs?”

“Are you asking if I designed that place?”


Decatra responded with another question instead of an answer.

“So what do you think then? Who do you think designed that location?”


“If you’ve asked that, you must suspect someone else designed it, not me.”

Decatra’s eyes narrowed.

“I am curious. What did you see there, what did you feel, and what judgment did you make that led you to such an idea? Only one person in the world knows the secret of that place, after all.”

It wasn’t just a fatherly gaze. Indeed. One mustn’t let down their guard for even a moment in this world. The opposition is not only a father but ‘the mage of the heavens’ as named by the world. A slip of the tongue could spell disaster, this thought crossed his mind.

Lacen’s heart began to race.

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