Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 120

Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan

Chapter 120: The Last Born of the Magic Noble Family

Alberto was a genius. A genius that even the author hadn’t envisioned. He was someone who had seen far into the future, preparing arrangements with Kirtel, intentionally sealing his own magic arts, and waiting for his successor.

Matching the taste of such a genius was always a tricky task. Even now, the difficulty seemed to heighten in securing his arrangements.

‘The Byungpung Rock has split…’

If such a massive rock had split, there surely had to be other effects.

Whether groundwater spurted out, the surrounding trees fell, birds took flight, or animals fled, there had to be some sort of change. But there was none. Only the Byungpung Rock had split cleanly in two without any other impact.

‘That doesn’t make sense.’

Byungpung Rock had never split before.

‘This space is a fake one.’

It’s false. After a set amount of time, it becomes an inescapable illusion. That’s why nothing in reality had been affected.

“What, what are you doing!”

“For now, just run.”

Rosaline ran without understanding why. Although she was younger and physically slower than Lasen, she kept pace without falling behind.

In the distance, they could sense a transparent barrier. A kind of magical boundary that had prevented their escape during the fight with the armored knight.

‘Should we break it?’

Lasen felt an urgency. He didn’t know how much time they had left; it was all a matter of instinct now. They had to escape as fast as possible.

“Rosaline. Can you feel that barrier there?”

“Yeah. It seems incredibly sturdy.”

“Too much even for four-star strength?”

Right now, Lasen wasn’t in his normal state either. He couldn’t muster all his strength to break the barrier.

Then, Lasen had a thought.

‘Could it be?’

Turning around, he saw the distant Thunder Dragon Stone. It was sending out yellow sparks. Despite the distance, he felt the powerful aura of thunder energy.

‘Why am I so anxious?’

This fake space with a time limit, he had intuited it. Probably his hunch wasn’t wrong; the space itself kept applying pressure.

‘Alberto, you cursed genius old man!’

Letting go of Rosaline’s hand, Lasen spoke.

“Rosaline, if by chance the barrier goes down, just leave.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Just do it! Understand?”

Lasen released Rosaline’s wrist and dashed again towards the Thunder Dragon Stone.

‘Alberto must’ve realized that while I’m working out numerous thoughts in my head, I’m calculating the arrangements of this place.’

A great sage could have done it.

‘So in this space itself, he set a kind of hint to quickly escape.’

Like the ‘Thunder Dragon Stone’ being a trap, as if you should leave this space quickly without getting greedy for the stone. But it wasn’t.

‘It’s twisted once more.’

You actually need to obtain the Thunder Dragon Stone. It seemed like a trap, but it was not.

What Alberto set up was different. Lasen ran towards the stone.

[Intermediate Magic Arts. Using ‘Body (身)’ technique.]

He learned body techniques from Magnero and sublimated it into magic arts. He ran swiftly.

‘Whether I obtain the Thunder Dragon Stone or not.’

It seemed like a gate-check to see if a person with an analytical mind could see through a double trap.

[Calm down, bro. Your mana is surging.]

[You’re not yourself right now.]

Lasen slowed down a little. The Thunder Dragon Stone was becoming hazy. Only then did the interpretation in his heavenly eyes catch on. It seemed as if Alberto was speaking to him.

[Those who cannot attain the treasure before them do not deserve the future.]

The Thunder Dragon Stone became faint.

‘Damn it!’

But Lasen stretched out his hand as the stone was right in front of him. Another interpretation followed.

[If one without the right seeks the treasure, they will surely die.]

As his hand touched the blurring Thunder Dragon Stone, Lasen screamed.


It felt like his whole body was being consumed by fire. It felt different from the flame mana. The thunderous mana scorched through Lasen’s body and nerves in an instant, as if vaporizing him. It was a horrific pain.

The Holy Grail shouted.

[Bro! Get a hold of yourself!]

With the Holy Grail absorbing the surging thunder mana, it aided Lasen. His heart, his circle, began to rotate fiercely. Swelling as if about to explode, Lasen struggled to retain his consciousness.

‘If I lose consciousness… the circle will explode.’

And that would mean death.

‘I must not…’

Lose consciousness. He had to keep it at any cost.

‘If I lose…’

He lost consciousness.

* * *

“…Come to.”

In an instant, Lasen’s eyes snapped open. Rosaline was slapping his cheek. His face was swollen as if it had been hit many times.

“Snap out of it!”

“That’s, that’s enough.”

His cheek hurt. It wasn’t just pain; it felt like it was going to burst. He could still feel the pain.

Slowly regaining consciousness, Lasen asked.

“…Where is this?”

“Where else would it be? In front of Byungpung Rock,” said Rosaline, casually recounting what had happened. When Lasen had grabbed the Thunder Dragon Stone, the transparent barrier had opened, and Rosaline had immediately run out.

“I really thought a lot whether to rescue you or escape.”

Rosaline didn’t make excuses.

“If it was the old me, I’d have run to something like that.”

That’s right. That’s what a martial artist naturally would do.

A comrade is in a crisis, you can’t just leave them in another dimension. But she chose differently this time. She trusted and followed Lasen’s words.

“When I escaped, your body floated in mid-air. As if someone had thrown you powerfully, you were flung away.”

“You caught it?”

“Yeah. I tried to catch it and I think I broke a rib.”

Lasen sat cross-legged. Although Rosaline said her ribs were broken, her own condition seemed far more serious.


Strangely, his condition wasn’t bad.

[Songyi, what’s happening?]

[I don’t know. The thunderous mana that was tormenting you has been absorbed into my body. It seems like there wasn’t only thunder mana in the Thunder Dragon Stone.]

Lasen scanned his entire body with his heavenly eyes.

‘It’s like someone intentionally healed me.’

What surrounded the Thunder Dragon Stone was a strong thunderous mana, but once all the thunder mana had been absorbed, what remained seemed to be mana with healing properties. Lasen recalled the last interpretation seen by his heavenly eyes.

[Those without the right who covet the treasure will surely die.]

It seemed to mean that without the Holy Grail to absorb mana…

‘You’d die?’

On the altar of Tutankhamun, Kirtel’s Thunderbolt had a formidable 9-circle power. And it was Alberto who had fought Kirtel day and night for a week. If Alberto had activated the thunder mana, there probably wouldn’t be many people in the world who could survive that.


Lasen lied on the floor. The Byungpung Rock was intact.

‘This madman oldie.’

Alberto and Kirtel had spoken of their successors colliding in the future. On the surface, they were surely enemies. But only seemingly, in reality, they weren’t.

‘Because the Holy Grail was Kirtel’s plan.’

Had he not grabbed the Thunder Dragon Stone, the barrier would not have opened, and when the stone disappeared, both Lasen and Rosaline would have failed to escape.

On the other hand, to obtain the Thunder Dragon Stone required the Holy Grail. How many could safely claim the stone without the Holy Grail?

Especially if it’s bound by Alberto’s magic.

‘In the end, only Kirtel’s successor could’ve gotten the Thunder Dragon Stone.’

Alberto had set up just such an arrangement. It was fortunate for Lasen. He learned one more truth. It seems that Alberto and Kirtel originally wanted to raise a ‘joint successor’. And that plan was now being continued by Lasen.

Rosaline asked.

“Is this the test that the head of the Meiton family prepared? To give you the Thunder Dragon Stone?”

“Not sure.”

Lasen honestly didn’t know.

“Either way, the fact that the white-headed eagle has grown is evident, and normally this would mean a dungeon nearby has been activated. But the place we entered was an illusion, and the real Byungpung Rock is still there.”

“Can there be many sorcerers who can create such a delicate fake space?”

In other words, was the space they had visited created by Decatra? At this, Lasen felt another oddity.

‘Did father know… about Alberto or Kirtel?’

If not, how could he have sent him here? Father treated martial arts as a half-baked discipline. And Alberto was originally a master of martial arts.

If father knew about Alberto, he wouldn’t have treated martial arts like that.

‘I should ask.’

Lasen said.

“For now, we should explore Byungpung Rock. To see if there really is a dungeon.”

They stayed for about three days and explored Byungpung Rock, but found no clues. In the end, Lasen gave up on the search. There was nothing more to gain.

“Let’s go down.”

They would need the help of the mountain guardian clan to descend. This time, they really had to call the ‘mountain guardian clan’.

At that moment, Rosaline spoke, slightly embarrassed.

“I want to try.”

“You want to?”

It’s not a method Rosaline preferred. But she decided to go ahead.

“You can’t live in this world only with flashy and cool methods.”

“That’s true.”

Lasen did not object. With this, Rosaline also grew further. She emulated Lasen’s actions and used the Marthu potion to amplify the scent, and this called one from the mountain guardian clan.

Rosaline was inwardly amazed.

‘I really succeeded.’

How did one think of such a method? It’s not even in textbooks. The more she saw, the more Rosaline thought Lasen was a miraculous guy.

The hairy mountain guardian clan spoke up.

“The safest path is 500,000 grands! A less safe but quicker route is 700,000 grands! An unsafe path is 100,000 grands!”

“The most expensive route.”

When being guided by the mountain guardian clan, it’s best to choose the most expensive path. That is if you have plenty of money. Luckily, Lasen was the youngest of the world’s three major noble families, and he had plenty of wealth.

After two more days, they descended Mt. Serk. After paying 700,000 grands, Lasen and Rosaline met with Hampton, who was waiting.

“Your Highness!”

Hampton greeted Lasen and Rosaline with a delighted face.

“Have a drink of this! It’s a tonic! Really good for your body!”

Despite not enjoying the taste, out of gratitude for Hampton, Lasen couldn’t refuse it.


He nearly vomited. Hampton’s care was much appreciated, but Lasen thought he would have to decline such tonics in the future, when Hampton produced a letter from his chest.

“Return to the Meiton family estate. He says there’s urgent business.”

“Urgent business?”

Had there been anything worthy of the term ‘urgent’ spoken by Decatra? At least nothing involving the character Lasen Meiton had happened. That’s what Lasen believed.

‘Is this related to the Byungpung Rock arrangements?’

Somehow, he felt certain of it.

At that moment, someone popped out from Lasen’s shadow. He wasn’t too surprised. Heira was the only one capable of delivering his father’s letter to Hampton.

“Your Highness.”


Heira pulled out a sharp dagger. Her eyes were fiercer than the dagger itself.

“Something in your void space… is wriggling. It’s very subtle and covert, but it carries a fierce energy.”

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