Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 119

Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan

Chapter 119: The Youngest Son of the Magic Family

The bifurcated rock screen was a landmark. Halfway up the path ascending above it, a living entity suddenly appeared.

Clad in black armor and a helmet that concealed its entire form was a humanoid entity. The pupils visible within the helmet glowed red, and red light seemed to seep from its eyes.


Lasen knew what this creature was.

‘The Ink Armor Knight.’

The Ink Armor Knight (墨甲騎士).

One of the guardians personally designed by the author Cha Seong-min.

‘Thankfully, there’s no Ink Armor Horse (墨甲馬).’

Ink Armor Knights are divided into two types.

One is a walking guardian, and the other a mounted guardian. For convenience, Cha Seong-min had classified them as infantry and cavalry.

A cavalry Ink Armor Knight could take on seven infantry Ink Armor Knights at the same time.

‘Was it seven, or six?’

He couldn’t recall the exact number, but he remembered the cavalry was much stronger.

In this sense, an infantry Ink Armor Knight appearing wasn’t the worst situation.

The problem is that even infantry-type Ink Armor Knights are by no means weak, and this Ink Armor Knight was oozing murderous intent.

‘A 5-star martial artist or a 4th-circle magician would be needed to face it properly.’

Currently, Rosalyn has just stepped into the rank of a 4-star martial artist, and Lasen is a 3rd-circle magician. Even if he could unleash the power of the 4th circle through the great magic of the Arch-Sage Alberto, facing the Ink Armor Knight would not be easy.

Rosalyn asked,

“Lasen, what is that?”

“Ink Armor Knight.”

“Did you read about it in the library too?”

“It’s a rather common guardian.”

Rosalyn concentrated her fighting energy.

“Created by mages?”

“By ancient mages, yes. They can’t be made anymore nowadays.”


“The method of creating them has been lost. But anyway, such guardians are common.”

“The murderous intent it’s exuding is no joke. How do we fight it?”

“You just defend.”


“Physical attacks won’t work. That Ink Armor can block most of them.”

Rosalyn frowned.

“If we apply force beyond the martial technique that blocks physical attacks, we could crush it. That is the direction Grandel pursues.”

“That’s correct, but you’re currently too weak.”

The intention wasn’t to insult Rosalyn. It was simply the truth, and she knew it too, so she didn’t take offense. Lasen continued to explain.

“It can only be destroyed with force rating 5 stars and above.”

“So, you’ll attack? Can you with your abilities?”

The Ink Armor Knight drew its large ink sword.

Thud. Thud.

It began to walk towards Lasen and Rosalyn. Its movements were not particularly fast but were surprisingly natural—a sign of it being a high-level guardian. Common guardians moved stiffly, and this became more pronounced with the passage of time. Lasen had to be even more on guard.

“Although it has high physical defense, the armor is relatively weak against magic. That’s how I’ll attack.”

“I’ll draw its attention.”

“Correct. Fortunately, it uses a sword but isn’t an exceptional swordsman.”

“That’s because it was made by magicians.”

Had there been an ancient magician capable of handling both sword and magic, perhaps they would have created guardians with excellent swordsmanship.

However, such high-level guardians were rare. Even if their magic was remarkable, almost none of them had strong swordsmanship.

“Alright, leave drawing attention and defending to me.”

Rosalyn would defend, Lasen would attack. The two divided their roles. The battle commenced.

* * *

Rosalyn was panting heavily.

“Ha! Ha!”

The battle was in a lull. She applied ice-element magic combined with martial arts techniques to face the Ink Armor Knight, but it proved unexpectedly powerful. If it also had superior swordsmanship, they both might have died there.

“When will we break through its armor? Is it that solid?”

Lasen also caught his breath. Having created some distance, the Ink Armor Knight was once again walking towards them sword in hand.

Lasen grimaced.

“The attacks really aren’t working.”

While Rosalyn drew its attention, Lasen continually attacked the Ink Armor Knight without distracting it from her, but the attacks weren’t effective. The defensive martial technique of the Ink Armor was impressively robust.

“Damn it. My master said only to take it off in a dire situation.”

Lasen removed his robe, then the ‘Black Garb’ he wore underneath it.


The Black Garb fell to the ground with a sound.

“Hey. Are you telling me that’s the Black Garb?”


“You’ve been wearing the Black Garb all this time?”

Rosalyn almost forgot about the Ink Armor Knight in her astonishment. It was a kind of binding garment she was intimately familiar with.

‘Considering the falling speed and sound… That looks like it’s 300kg.’

He had been moving around wearing a 300kg Black Garb. Shocked beyond belief, Rosalyn thought,

‘He was always wearing it…’

She hadn’t even noticed. Lasen’s everyday life itself was training. He felt lighter now without the Black Garb.

‘We need to finish this quickly.’

The Black Garb.

It wasn’t just a heavy garment. Magner hadn’t given it to Lasen for no reason or just to torture him. It was because Lasen’s internal power was too strong, and the Black Garb was deliberately worn for that reason.

[But, always wear the Black Garb.]

This garment was reinforced with Grandel familial martial techniques that limited the wearer’s martial energy and strength. It was intentionally worn so Lasen wouldn’t damage his own body due to the overpowering strength.

Lasen had long realized this fact. That’s why he didn’t want to take it off unless necessary, but now he had no choice.

‘There’s no way back.’

The guardian’s movements weren’t fast, but there was no escape—the way was blocked by an invisible wall.

He felt a surge of strength, lightness in his body.

‘I have to control the power well.’

If he used too much strength now, he could seriously injure his muscles.

‘To the second round. Let’s go.’

* * *

Ultimately, Lasen won.

Once he took off the Black Garb and drew out all his power unrestrainedly, he combined martial energy with ice-element magic using the transcendental 1st-circle spell, ‘Interaction.’

He used martial magic, reinforcing it with ice-element magic to stack magical damage.

Lasen defeated the Ink Armor Knight and didn’t stop there—he even stripped away the knight’s ink armor.

Although badly damaged, it could be restored to form a fine artifact.

It was a sight Rosalyn had never seen before.

‘Not complete martial artistry, not total magic, not even pure martial magic.’

It seemed like the Mayten family had developed an entirely new system of magic. Lasen Mayten appeared to be the first magician to apply this knowledge. Rosalyn began to understand.

‘To conceal this study, Lasen was made to act like a troublemaker.’

This explained his past behavior.

‘All the way he acted with me in the past was a well-calculated design by the Mayten family.’

The Mayten family had acted this way all along to conceal their power. Then, there must have been a reason to keep it hidden. Now, it seemed like they were ready to reveal it to the world. In other words, this study was fairly complete.

Lasen heaved for breath.

“Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha.”

His body felt like it was burning up. His muscles screamed in agony.

His leg muscles felt like they were about to rip apart. He was undergoing ‘Self-Recovery,’ which was aiding his body’s healing, but Lasen’s body was far from normal.

His finger bones had fractured in three places, and four of his ribs were cracked. Breathing was difficult, and an excruciating sensation seized him as if his eyes were about to burst with increased inner pressure.

Rosalyn was also aware of this.

“I will cast protective magic. Either meditate or employ the mana heart technique. Focus on recovering.”

“Just for a moment, please.”

This wasn’t the time to be picky about hot or cold treatments.

[Starting the ‘New Grandel Meditation Technique’.]

[Using the ‘Easy-to-Understand Mana Heart Technique’.]

Rosalyn, while maintaining her protection, focused on Lasen.

‘That guy.’

Despite resolving not to be surprised by anything at this point.

‘Is he really using the Grandel Meditation Technique and the Mana Heart Technique at the same time?’

Is that even possible?

‘If he had two brains, maybe it could work…’

Whether it made sense or not wasn’t the point. What mattered was that Lasen was managing to do both simultaneously.

In just three minutes, Lasen opened his eyes.

“Why? Focus more on recovery. There’s no danger right now.”

“It’s strange precisely because there’s no danger.”

His body wasn’t fully recovered, but it wasn’t to the point of immobility. Lasen stood up, holding his ribs.

“I think from the disguised mountain keepers, it’s all been arranged here.”

That ‘stick’ was probably the key.

“The white-headed eagle got suddenly stronger, right? Then something must have influenced it. But I don’t feel anything.”

Lasen picked up and donned the Black Garb again.

“You’re putting that on again?”

“I have to. I can’t control my martial energy well right now.”

Martial energy is a destructive force. The holy grail could help with mana control, but not with martial energy. He needed the heavy Black Garb, though burdensome, for some assistance.

“A guardian implies the presence of something to protect.”

There was another odd point.

“Usually, guardians talk while fighting to protect something.”

He hadn’t noticed during the actual battle, but upon reflection, it was odd. There had been no warning statement. Rosalyn felt the strangeness too.

“Now that you mention it, it’s odd. The path was blocked, forcing us into a fight.”

The Ink Armor Knight seemed to lack any purpose of protection; it seemed to exist just for fighting.

Whether it was an intruder or someone else, the guardian’s goal was the fight itself.

In that case, it meant the Ink Armor Knight wasn’t actually a guardian. If it did not intend to protect, it couldn’t be considered a guardian.

Lasen realized one thing.

‘Alberto’s arrangement!’

He had suspected the meddling of either Kirtel or Alberto, but now it seemed like Alberto’s doing. His arrangements were complex. Many conditions had to be satisfied and secrets detected. There were also tests beyond a certain level.

The split waterfall rock.

A guardian with nothing to protect.

A forced combat.

And in the distance ahead, something was taking shape.

Ostentatiously laid out as if to be taken. Not far away, about 100 meters off, lay a stone shaped like an egg.

‘Lightning attribute mana?’

Lightning attribute is the most dangerous and violent of energies for a person to absorb. This stone was emitting such an aura, and at the same time, it took the shape of an ‘egg’.

‘Could it be…?’

Lasen knew what it was.

‘Thunder Dragon Stone (雷龍石)?’

It was said to be a stone where a ‘Thunder Dragon’, a creature almost extinct now, was sealed.

The setting had been made, but the stone had never actually appeared in the works. It was a frivolous setting made by an irresponsible author who didn’t write diligently and played around with settings.

‘Another clue has been added.’

The split waterfall rock.

A guardian with nothing to protect.

A forced combat.

A Thunder Dragon Stone, seemingly offered for the taking.

Rosalyn spoke,

“Should we go near that stone? Its energy doesn’t seem ordinary.”

“That’s true.”

But if this place was arranged by Alberto, then taking that stone could lead to trouble.

If it were Alberto, he would have predicted that ‘Houin’ would recognize the value of the Thunder Dragon Stone. He would have also anticipated their greed.

“If that guardian was meant to protect the stone, it would have tried to do so from the start. The guardian attacked us regardless, and the stone appeared regardless of the guardian.”

Lasen continued,

“This place is a trap.”

Lasen grabbed Rosalyn’s wrist.


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