Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 117

Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan

Chapter 117 of “The Youngest Son of the Magic Family”

Rosalyn rubbed her eyes wearily.

It wasn’t long after Lasen had relieved himself against a tree that three members of the ‘Mountain Keeper Tribe’ appeared. This was a tribe that lived in the mountains, separated from modern civilization, known for their disdain for the use of tools of any kind.

They were about 170cm tall, but what was peculiar about them was the thick fur that covered their bodies, so dense it resembled underbrush. From a distance, they appeared as green, rolling balls of moss.

The trio of Mountain Keepers approached the tree, sniffing loudly before beginning to rub their bodies against it in a bizarre ritual.

“What is this scent?” one of them questioned.

“A truly fatal fragrance,” another observed.

“This scent I claim for myself. All others, step aside!” The third tribe member plucked a handful of fur from his body and blew through it. Rosalyn could not comprehend what they were doing and turned to Lasen for answers.

“What are they doing?”

“They’re trying to monopolize the smell so it doesn’t spread any further. It’s a special ability of the Mountain Keeper Tribe.”

“Did you read about this in a library too?”

Lasen nodded in affirmation.

“There are many books with diverse stories in libraries. It’s just that we don’t usually look for them.”


“Although it’s not in textbooks, this kind of information is often found in various unofficial historical records and storybooks.”

Of course, no, he knew these facts as the creator, the author. Rosalyn didn’t inquire any further.

[The character ‘The Rook’ admires Lasen Mayten’s extensive knowledge.]

No longer skeptical about plausibility, everything turned favorable for Lasen with the name change and revision of the character’s scenario direction. Lasen’s mood improved, feeling like he had solved another puzzle, learning one more way to handle plausibility issues.

With his spirits slightly lifted, Lasen announced, “The Mountain Keeper Tribe is approaching.”

Arriving in order of size – small, medium, and large – the three Mountain Keepers walked over. They appeared to be green clumps of moss trudging forward. They bobbed their noses, sniffing their way until they reached Lasen, and one asked, “Are you our fragrant friend?”

“What are you referring to?”

“The owner of this exquisite scent. I’ve never encountered such a potent aroma before.”

Rosalyn observed the three Mountain Keepers. The smallest looked young, almost her age, one seemed to be in their mid-twenties, and another appeared to be at least fifty.

Lasen nodded.

“I was in too much of a hurry and got caught.”

The smallest of the tribe inquired, “Could you provide more?”

“Are you asking for more urine?” Lasen asked, perplexed.

“No! Just put it in this bottle.”

One of the Mountain Keepers produced a bottle from within their fur. Rosalyn was dumbfounded by the preposterous request. The thought of filling a bottle with urine was repulsive.

Unperturbed, Lasen continued, “Why do you need this?”

“It seems like it could serve as a powerful territorial marker. The competition has been fierce lately.”

They marked their territory with urine. The pungence served to their advantage—the scent lasted longer, securing the territory as their own during its duration.

Lasen shook his head.

“No, I refuse to provide it.”

“Why not?”

“I’m not interested in trading with you.”

Lasen then turned to the largest Mountain Keeper.

“What is your age?”

“I am 56 years old.”

“Have you ever climbed the Folding Screen Rock?”

“The Folding Screen Rock is as familiar to me as my front yard.”

Mountain Keepers’ age was usually indicative of their skills. Generally, the older they were, the more skilled, which made for a peculiar characteristic of this tribe.

“If you could guide us, that would be appreciated.”

“My services come at a high price. Can you afford my rate? I’m not like these kids. Your bodily fluids won’t do. My urine scent is strong enough.”

“How much?”

“I charge by the hour. It’s three million gran an hour.”

The expressions of the smaller Mountain Keepers hardened. They sighed heavily, conceding to the elder’s assertion.

“Anyway, the adults always go overboard. A bit of compromise wouldn’t hurt anyone, would it?”

“That’s what I’m saying.”

Accepting defeat, the duo returned to the forest, taking one last whiff of the scent along the way. Their exit was as swift as their arrival. Lasen secretly smiled to himself.

‘Their abilities seem legitimate.’

The other Mountain Keepers had given up cleanly, accepting the outrageous fee without dispute.

The elderly Mountain Keeper seemed quite influential in the tribe, which was exactly what Lasen had hoped for.

Rosalyn tensed up. Despite being the only daughter of the powerful grand martial arts house Grandael, she knew that three million gran per hour was excessive. She was about to intervene when Lasen stepped forward.

“That’s a steep rate,” Lasen remarked, equating it to three million won if converted to Korean currency. The idea of paying three million won per hour for guidance up a mountain was preposterous.

It seemed like a costly affair, but Lasen was exhilarated.

‘A big fish, indeed.’

Mountain Keepers didn’t take their guiding fees lightly.

They charged what they deemed fair, and none of the other Mountain Keepers objected, implying that this particular individual had the skills to justify an astronomical rate.

Others might find the price too steep and look for cheaper options, but for Lasen, skill was paramount, not money.

“If you think it’s too expensive, you don’t have to hire me. If there’s no job, I’ll leave.”

Lasen shrugged.

“If your urine scent had been as potent as mine, the young tribe members wouldn’t have been so desperate.”

“You’re not wrong; it was quite the fragrant display.”

“How does this sound then?” whispered Lasen, stepping forward. “What if I could teach you a method to create such a scent?”

“Such a method exists?”

“What if it does?”

Contemplating the offer, the Mountain Keeper finally agreed, “Alright, I’ll guide you if you teach me that method.”

In time, that method would become known to the world.

More precisely, the secluded ‘Mountain Keeper Tribe’ would learn it from humans, although the when and where weren’t determined. However, in the middle of the story, the Mountain Keepers would amplify their urine scent with this method.

Rosalyn was left speechless.

‘To think that it wouldn’t be such a rare technique among the poison masters…’

It was a potion with a proper name, after all. Thus, information was both money and power. Rosalyn hadn’t expected to leverage such an expensive expert so easily. For a moment, Lasen seemed somewhat frightening.

Lasen inquired, “Has there been any change around Folding Screen Rock lately?”

“A change? Yes.”

The Mountain Keeper pointed to the sky.

“Look up there.”

“Up in the sky?”

The clouds were visible in the clear sky, but nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

“Higher up. There’s an eagle circling, can’t you see?”

“I can’t see it.”

The sharp eyesight of the Mountain Keepers seemed to be true to the rumors. They claimed there was a bald eagle hidden behind the clouds.

“It wasn’t always that big. It used to be just a regular bald eagle.”

The species was more animal than monster, usually posing no threat to humans.

“But recently, it has grown massive and started preying on our tribe.”

“Bald eagles don’t usually hunt humans.”

Morphing into a monster suggested some external influence.

“The location might possibly be a developing dungeon. It’s dangerous, so we haven’t approached it closely.”

“Our goal is that very place.”

“Are you adventurers?”

“Not just any adventurers. Anyway, we need to inspect that dungeon. Can you guide us?”

“Guiding to the Folding Screen Rock is not a problem, right?”

“That’s correct. Take us there.”

“Okay, I’ll guide you. But be cautious. It hunts from the sky and could swoop down on you at any moment.”

“Will it attack us all the way to the Folding Screen Rock?”

“That’s a possibility. Many of our tribe have fallen victim to it.”

The Mountain Keeper, well-versed in the area’s geography, having been attacked, implied that the unseen ‘bald eagle’ must be incredibly special.

Lasen decided to postpone climbing to the Folding Screen Rock.

“We’ll return a week later. It’s best we meet here again.”

* * *

A week later, Lasen prepared to ascend the Folding Screen Rock. For now, he and Rosalyn moved to a lodge where Hampton had already secured a spot.

“Why have you postponed it for a week?” Rosalyn inquired.

“Because there’s no time limit, right?”

There was no set deadline to adhere to, which meant they needed to make preparations.

“This is part of the arrangements made by your father and the head of house Grandael. They kept it a secret in the Shadow Wasteland, but now we both are well aware of it.”


“Is it easier to find an answer without knowing the problem or with knowing it?”

“Obviously, it’s easier if you know the problem.”

“But if it’s easier, it might not be fair. The heads of the Grandael and our father must have drastically increased the difficulty. The bald eagle is proof of that.”

It was no simple task to climb to the Folding Screen Rock, and even with an expert guide charging three million gran per hour, it was still risky. Therefore, preparation was needed.

“To avoid the creature’s attacks, it seems we might have to kill it.”

“Is there a way to do that?”

“Yes. With Northran 2nd circle ice magic. Ice Arrow. Climbing to the Folding Screen Rock without distance attack magic seems impossible.”

Perhaps Decatra wanted to test Lasen’s ‘ranged attack ability.’

“Can you kill a monster with an ice arrow?”

“If they wish to test ranged magic, I must respond to that test accordingly.”

“But Ice Arrow is only a 2nd circle spell.”

A spell of up to the 2nd circle is considered auxiliary. Regardless of the renowned Northran ice magic, it seems improbable to hunt a monster using a spell from the 2nd circle.

“There’s always a way.”

One week passed, and in the meantime, Lasen had translated the ‘Northran Beginner’s Book of Ice Magic’ through Cheonan and mastered the 2nd circle ‘Ice Arrow’ spell.

At the entrance to Mount Serk.

True to the agreement, a member of the Mountain Keeper Tribe appeared, clutching a wooden staff.

“Let’s begin the guide.”

The ascent through the forest began. About three hours passed. The excellent guide avoided any risks, and they arrived at a relatively flat area with rocks scattered around.

“This is where attacks are most prevalent.”

Lasen looked up at the sky. If the skilled Mountain Keeper mentioned frequent attacks, then they were nearly certain to occur. Anticipating an assault, he mustered his energy. Rosalyn grew tense as well.

‘I trust Lasen, but…’

It seemed preposterous to think a 2nd circle spell could take down a monster.

‘Surely he must have another plan in mind.’

The Lasen that Rosalyn saw was full of secrets, with a vast amount of knowledge in his head. Undoubtedly, he had concocted some bizarre strategy. She decided to watch and wait, but no attack came.

Lasen declared, “We’ll wait here until it attacks.”

The Mountain Keeper wedged themselves into a crevice between rocks.

“That’s fine by me. I’m just here to guide.”

Time passed. Then, a ‘presence of murderous intent’ was caught by Lasen’s Cheonan. The killing intent from the bald eagle targeted them directly.


The creature approached far quicker than expected. Suddenly, a large shadow formed on the ground. It was enormous, roughly 7 meters in size. The bald eagle set its sights on Lasen as prey. Lasen felt it unmistakably.

‘Just a bit closer.’

The beast rapidly approached. While it was incredibly fast, Lasen did not panic.

The character’s attribute, ‘Slow Flow,’ was applied, delaying the bald eagle’s advancement while Lasen continued to gather energy.

He then cast the 2nd circle ice magic spell ‘Ice Arrow’ enhanced by the 1st circle transcendent magic ‘Interaction.’

Rosalyn watched with full skepticism evident in her gaze.

An arrow materialized in Lasen’s right hand and flew forth. A chilling cold swept the surroundings as the arrow pierced through the bald eagle’s head.

Without a cry, the bald eagle plummeted to the ground.


The ground shook and dust billowed. The bald eagle seemed to perish too effortlessly, especially for a creature that recently turned monstrous and preyed on several Mountain Keepers.

The cadaver shrank rapidly from its 7-meter stature to a mere meter in size.

Rosalyn, still on edge, questioned, “Wasn’t that too easy?”

If Decatra truly intended to test Lasen’s ‘ranged combat abilities,’ then it was unlikely they would employ such a feeble monster. The situation was puzzling, and Lasen couldn’t help but feel the same.

‘What’s going on?’

The corpse of the bald eagle began decaying instantly, emitting a foul stench. A realization flashed through Lasen’s mind.

‘Could it be?’

The ‘bald eagle’ might have been an illusion after all.

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