Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 116

Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan

**Chapter 116: The Youngest Son of the Magic Family**

Rasen realized what ‘Rook’ meant.


The rook is one of the pieces in chess. It is generally considered more valuable than knights or bishops but less valuable than the queen.

It can move forwards, backwards, and to either side, up to a maximum of 15 squares in a single move, and along with the queen, it is known as a ‘major piece’.

‘Like the queen… it’s a piece that can checkmate alone with the king.’

The word ‘rook’ had appeared.

‘If Rosalyn is the Rook…’

Other things could be inferred.

‘Does it mean there could be a Queen and King too?’

This was a very new interpretation for Rasen.

Of course, he couldn’t be certain that this ‘Rook’ referred to the chess piece. It might have some other meaning unique to this world.

But Rasen felt an odd certainty that the ‘Rook’ here was the same as in chess, much like a creator’s intuition.

“Anyway. I will certainly keep your secret.”


“And I’ve decided to open up to you a little more. I feel somewhat apologetic.”


“Because of that memory from our childhood, I said I’d forgive you but I never truly did. But now, it’s for real. There will be no more bringing up the past, and your feelings will not be swayed by that matter in the future.”

It was already an incident from seven years ago. Rosalyn decided to completely forget it.

“I manipulated you by not forgiving you after seven years, so let’s call it even now.”

Rosalyn’s face turned a tad red. Rasen didn’t mind Rosalyn’s change. This world had given the alias ‘Rook’ to her. A Rook is a very powerful piece when utilized with the Queen.

Rasen smiled lightly.

“It’s nice of you to say that.”

“Nice my foot.”

Rosalyn frowned slightly. The situation was somewhat unfamiliar to her. Having this kind of conversation with Rasen was a first for her, making it all the more strange.

“Anyway, to the Byungpung Rock. Let’s hurry. I’m curious about the arrangement that the Master of Meiten has prepared.”

Rosalyn took the lead and began walking. Especially today, her steps were quick.

* * *

The martial artists had indeed cleared the way. Excluding peculiar species like the ‘April White Wolf’, they had not encountered any significant beasts in the unprotected areas.

Byungpung Rock.

A massive rock located in the Serk Mountains.

Named because the rock spreads out like a screen, it was a colossal rocky cliff stretching 7,000 meters wide. What was astonishing was that this cliff was made up of a single rock and was recorded as the largest rock in the world.

Rasen said,

“Hempton. Go rest in the nearest protected area.”

“Yes, I understand.”

Hempton wanted to follow, but he couldn’t because Decatra had said so. Only Rosalyn and Rasen could enter. Hempton had no choice but to obey.

Hempton bowed.

“There’s a small city about 2.2 km to the south. I will stay at an inn near the fountain in its center. Please return safely.”


Hempton handed Rasen something.

“This is an antidote for paralysis poison. Mix with water at a 2:1 ratio…”

“And this is medicine to brighten your vision in case of sensory system toxins…”

“This is a potion made from melted Martura grass, which enhances specific scents you wish to amplify…”

“And this is…”

Hempton was fumblingly handing over one thing after another to Rasen, who in reality could not remember all of them.

“That’s enough.”

Though he had placed what he’d already received into his void space, he refused the rest.

“From all these, tell me just one thing you really want to give me.”

“That, that is…”

After thinking for a long time, Hempton offered something. It was a faded ring.

“What’s this? It doesn’t seem like an antidote.”

“It’s an heirloom from my grandmother.”


“It’s a ring embedded with her powerful wish to protect from all poisons.”

The ring had no magical devices to speak of, and Hempton knew that as well. Rasen accepted the ring.


After taking the ring, he sent Hempton off to the city. Rosalyn asked,

“Is it okay to take that? It’s an heirloom of his grandmother.”

“I have to accept it to ease Hempton’s mind.”

The truth was, Hempton didn’t expect Rasen to understand everything while giving him numerous medicaments.

“Hempton just wanted to do his best for me.”

“So you took Hempton’s precious item?”


Rosalyn looked at Rasen,

“I can never quite figure you out.”


“Whether you’re a warm-hearted guy or a coldly calculating one, I can’t tell. Sometimes you seem like a machine from a magical civilization, and other times you overflow with humanity.”

“That’s my charm, isn’t it?”

As Rasen chuckled, Rosalyn scowled,

“Charm, my foot.”

Internally, though, she couldn’t help but agree. For Rosalyn, Rasen was a mountain to conquer, her closest rival, and a strangely attractive friend.

Rosalyn steered the conversation.

“To climb Byungpung Rock, we have to ascend Serk Mountain.”

“I know.”

“Serk Mountain has a rough terrain, and numerous illusions and magical traps are spread across, which can’t just be climbed without caution, you know?”

That was the feature of Serk Mountain. Rasen nodded in agreement. A vast and large mountain. The huge Byungpung Rock was even made to look like a mere stone given the expanse of the mountain. Rasen viewed it with his celestial eyes.

[Serk Mountain]

As always, it was called Serk Mountain. Looking up at Byungpung Rock from the top.

[Byungpung Rock]

Then Rasen felt a strange sensation from Byungpung Rock.


For a brief moment, some characters seemed to flit across Byungpung Rock. It was too brief to read, but certainly, some characters had appeared and then disappeared.

‘Those characters were definitely…’

The characters were Korean.

‘Kirter. Perhaps it’s a place related to Alberto.’

Could it be… he pondered. There was a connection that made sense.

The multitude of illusions and magic traps existing on Serk Mountain. The traps seemed intentionally placed. It could be the remnants of the battle that Alberto and Kirter fought with their lives on the line.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t make sense for so many traps to exist, filling such a huge mountain.

‘Alberto, the Forgotten Great Sage. Thinking of that, the magic traps on Serk Mountain might have simply been lost in legend.’

Rosalyn’s voice reached him.

“What are you doing? Are you listening to me?”

“Ah, yes. What were you saying?”

“We have to find the keeper tribe of the mountain. You can’t go up just like that.”

“You did your homework well.”

Rosalyn snorted as if it were obvious,

“Of course. It was a request from the Master of Meiten. Studying for a request is natural.”

“That’s true.”

Rasen found himself laughing unknowingly. To be honest, Rosalyn seemed cute. Not cute in terms of a woman, but rather like looking at a young niece.

Considering that their mental ages differed greatly, and Rasen saw Rosalyn as merely 13 years old—a primary school student by Korean standards—it was cute to see a primary school student saying ‘Look how much I studied!’ like she knew something, and Rasen, with the mind of an uncle, found it nothing but cute.

“What’s with the laughter?”

“Just because.”

“Don’t laugh. It’s annoying.”

“Why? You can’t let me laugh freely?”

“It seems like you’re scoffing.”

“It’s not scoffing. It’s just impressive.”

“That’s even more annoying.”


“Don’t apologize!”

Rosalyn seemed intent on being recognized as a ‘legitimate rival’.

As the conversation progressed, Rasen felt the urge to tease Rosalyn but restrained himself. Reaching Byungpung Rock was the priority.

“So, how are you going to find the keeper tribe?”

“The keeper tribe likes gold. They say if you hand them a sufficient bounty, they will guide you faithfully.”

“That’s true.”

The keeper tribe often appeared in such situations. They were a clan that lived nomadically at the foot of challenging mountains and guided those who wished to ascend the mountain.

Clan members had highly developed senses of smell and vision, and superior physical and muscular strength. They also had high affinity with ‘mountains.’

Categorized as humans, they were identical to humans except for their green hair and eyes.

“So, how will you find the keeper tribe?”

“They roam around the foot of the mountain. If we search there, we can encounter the keeper tribe.”

“In this vast place?”

Rasen laughed heartily.

“Even if the keeper tribe wanders, in such a vast land, how do you blindly search without knowing where and when to meet them?”

Ultimately, Rasen teased Rosalyn. He playfully wiggled his forefinger from side to side.

“You learned from books, right?”


Theoretically it was correct. To meet the keeper tribe, that method was the best known… But theory and practice are always different.

“It’s not bad learning from books. That’s the foundation.”

In this world, that’s as close to the optimum method as possible. There are no cell phones, no computers. No YouTube, no knowledge-based websites. Books are the best way of acquiring knowledge. For Rosalyn, doing her best was indeed right. It was just that from the perspective of the creator, it seemed somewhat laughable.

“Then, there is another way?”


There is a practical way people call the keeper tribe, not mentioned in textbooks.

“Their most developed sense is smell. And they respect each other’s territories.”


“Which means, they respect each other’s livelihoods. But look around. Do you see any signs or markers that indicate territories?”

“…It doesn’t seem like it.”

“Then how do they differentiate?”

Rasen approached a tree.

“It might not be in the textbooks, but their urine is notoriously potent. However, normal human noses can’t detect it.”

“How did you know that?”

“Their urine is also used in magical ingredients. Martial artists might not know, right?”

Rasen said,

“I’m going to pee here, can you turn away for a moment?”


Rosalyn turned her back.

“You could have just asked me to turn around. Why did you have to mention such a thing?”

“Isn’t it natural to fully explain my actions to my companion?”

Rosalyn was at a loss for words. Rasen’s statement was entirely correct. It was right, yet annoyingly irritating.

“So, the keeper tribe comes to find you after you pee?”

“That alone isn’t enough. My pee smell is vastly inferior to that of the keeper tribe.”


“Didn’t you hear what Hempton was saying?”

That’s when Rosalyn realized what Rasen was planning.

‘Martu Potion!’

[This potion, made from dissolved Martu grass, amplifies any specific scent. In the mountains, it’s a handy item when in distress, as it can greatly aid in signalling for help.]

Rasen grinned. He sprayed the Martu potion on the tree noticeably drenched with Rasen’s urine.

Rasen covered his nose. The amplified pee smell from the Martu potion was quite foul.

“Now, we wait. Since they excel at scent detection, they will appear shortly.”

“In such a wide area… That’s really possible? There was nothing about this in the books.”

“Of course. Who would include such vulgar methods in a book?”

Rosalyn switched her gaze between Rasen and the tree skeptically.

‘Will they really… show up?’

In this vast mountain where the tribe roams? Sniffing pee to find people? Is that really true? It wasn’t in the books? My knowledge is so different.

‘This is strange. It’s really strange.’

But then, something bizarre started to happen.

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