Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 113

Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan

Chapter 113: The Youngest Son of the Magic Family

The world turned gray—a sign that the ‘Creator’s Privilege’ had manifested. Rasen waited, knowing that Cheonan would interpret this soon and there would be gaps to fill with plausibility. As expected, once the setting book opened, illusions began to form before his eyes.

“Dangerous, Rudia!”

The Temple of Fire.

It was the perilous dungeon that Cassin Seid and his party overcame in the novel. A dungeon made by the author to showcase Rudia’s prowess.

“Don’t worry, Cassin. I’ll protect you.”

The Evil Spirit Ifrit, once a mighty fire elemental but now corrupted and worshipping the power of evil, was attacking Rudia with ominous flames.


Rasen realized Rudia had decided to sacrifice herself for Cassin here. At that time, Ifrit was a powerful monster that Rudia and Cassin couldn’t handle, which led Rudia to decide to sacrifice herself in an explosive demise along with Ifrit. That was how the story originally went.

It was indeed a moment overflowing with desperation and affection. However, Rudia was to show superhuman strength here and defeat Evil Spirit Ifrit, surviving in the end.

‘People seemed to like this scene.’

The character Rudia had noticeably gained a fan following since the Temple of Fire incident. That was enough for Cha Sung-min, the author, who simply wanted the readers to enjoy his work. Yet, it was clear he had been lacking in careful consideration of plausibility.

While observing the illusion, the setting book opened.

“Rudia often exhibited superhuman strength to save her colleagues from danger.”

Not only Rudia, but Cassin and his friends, too, displayed transcendent powers to overcome crises and calamities in their heroic saga.

As authors or readers, this wasn’t unusual. It’s commonplace in a fantasy world for the main characters to use ‘unbelievable powers’ and wit to navigate through dangers.

‘But if this wasn’t a novel but reality, it would be strange.’

If that superhuman strength was available all along, it should have been used much sooner. Or there should be some kind of epiphany that leads to sudden growth.

Nevertheless, those elements must exist.

No matter how much one is prepared to die and sacrifice, a power that wasn’t there won’t suddenly appear. It’s acceptable in a fictional tale.

Usually, protagonists can survive bullets, with miracles making the bullets miss them constantly. The same concept applied to novels. But this is reality now. It’s an unreasonable event.

‘In the end, it means an external power had to have been at work.’

For author Cha Sung-min, this wasn’t a deeply considered aspect. It was only important that the protagonist and their group overcame the crisis, but the plausibility within the crisis was not his prominent concern. As an author, he had failed.

“Rudia could use such power fundamentally because ___ ___ ____.”

Rasen, as the author, pondered this. Rudia’s original actions and the history she created shed some light on the nature of the Fire God ‘Phoenix.’ It seemed that ‘Phoenix’ truly cherished and loved Rudia.

Unlike the god of deception ‘Lydeione,’ it didn’t seem necessary to resort to sly tricks.

He picked up a pen and filled in the plausibility.

“The fundamental reason was that the ‘Fire God Phoenix’ truly cherished and valued Rudia.”

The answer seemed simple. He filled in that much and thought it would suffice, but that wasn’t the end.


The gray world fractured.


Rasen felt like his head was about to burst, as if cracks were forming in his skull. The cracks that appeared in the gray world seemed to be reflected in his brain.

Nausea set in, his breath quickened, and he suffered an intense headache, as if his eyeballs were about to pop out.

“Plausibility is not sufficient.”

“As part of the plausibility is met, ‘Creator’s Privilege’ can be extended.”

“With ‘Creator’s Privilege’, one more sentence can be added.”

The difficulty seemed to be escalating. Having satisfied some plausibility was a relief; otherwise, he might have had his head literally shattered.

‘I need to add two more lines.’

His head ached unbearably.

Crack – Crick-crick –

More cracks formed in the world. If those cracks continued to grow until the world broke, this world and Rasen, who created it, would cease to exist.

Amidst the pain, Rasen gathered his concentration.

“Phoenix, finding it difficult to interfere directly with humans, was able to lend power only when Rudia resolved to bear the noble sacrifice for the ‘contractor of fire.’”

When Rudia went rampant or expended great power, it was only for the protagonist in danger. Rasen remembered this fact and added another sentence. The excruciating pain vanished cleanly.

The world returned to normal.

“Plausibility has been satisfied.”

* * *

The Fire God Phoenix wished to protect Rudia and longed for direct intervention.

However, it appeared that ‘gods’ in this realm found it challenging to intervene directly. So, ‘special conditions’ were necessary for them to be able to do so.

In Rudia’s case, there was the condition of ‘a noble sacrifice for the fire contractor.’

‘A new piece of information has been discovered.’

If that condition was satisfactorily met, Rudia could draw on transcendent power. For Rasen, it was like gaining an extra card in his hand.

However, that card would likely involve risking his own death or a threat tantamount to it.

Rasen couldn’t relax yet.

‘The threat of plausibility has ended, but the threat of Sawolbaekrang is still there.’


The ferocious white wolves were encircling them. Author Cha Sung-min knew how to deal with these special beasts that he had set up.

“Hemton. Potion.”

He created a potion from an herb called Sawolcho, which blooms in April, and Hemton handed it to him.


Wolves as big as houses approached. It seemed as if they were slowly closing in to devour their prey.

Mirang frowned.

“What are you trying to do?”

If it had been the usual Mirang, he would have charged in, but he couldn’t this time. The numbers and momentum of the beasts were far from trivial.

“Mirang. Rosalyn. Can you get these potions on them? Whether you break it or throw it to hit them, just make sure it sticks.”

Mirang and Rosalyn nodded simultaneously. Hunting those creatures might be difficult, but this much they could manage.

“Please do so.”

Mirang and Rosalyn started moving with the potions. Mirang was fast, and Rosalyn was smooth. Mirang dashed through the Sawolbaekrang with speed, while Rosalyn moved targeting the openings with her steps.

“And Rudia.”


Rudia, sensing the gravity of the situation, had already been charging her mana in readiness.

“Aim fire magic at the Sawolbaekrang soaked with the potion. Anything’s fine as long as it’s light, fast, and has a high hit rate.”


“It’s not to kill them. Just imbue them with fire attribute mana.”

Rudia nodded too. Like the prodigy portrayed in the work, Rudia quickly grasped the intention and summoned ten small flames.

“Yes. A fire crystal would be best.”

Using one magic is already three times more difficult than using two, and using three is five times more complex than using two.

The more you add, the exponentially higher the difficulty.

Even if it were the 1st circle beginner’s magic ‘Fire Crystal,’ summoning ten at the age of 15 proved Rudia was an extraordinary genius.

Rudia pointed her finger.


Ten small flames swept out in different directions. Rasen clicked his tongue in amazement.

‘She can do that.’

She was controlling ten at once. This wasn’t the realm of mere effort. One needed innate talent to achieve that level.


The Fire Crystal touched the Sawolbaekrang, causing no damage and no changes.

Mirang’s breathing became slightly irregular.

“What are you doing now? That’s not even an attack spell.”

Fire Crystal is a first circle spell. Typically, a spell must reach the 3rd circle to be considered ‘offensive.’ That’s when the true power of a wizard shows. First circle spells are akin to supportive magic.

Rasen smiled broadly.

“Just wait and see.”


The Sawolbaekrang began to howl.

Soon, Rosalyn returned to Rasen’s side. She observed the changes occurring in the Sawolbaekrang.


They were not monsters.


They had transformed into naked humans.

There were men and women, old and youths. They knelt and thanked Rasen instead of showing any shame.

“Th-th-thank you!”

“Thank you!”

Rosalyn quickly grasped the bizarre situation.

“A curse…?”

On rare occasions, a curse transforms a human into a monster.

‘So that’s why they only appeared in April.’

Now it made sense. That’s why no matter how hard they searched in Grandel, they couldn’t find them. Cursed, they transformed into the monster Sawolbaekrang only in April.

An elderly woman, presumably their leader, approached. She wore old clothes, seemingly from out of nowhere. Rosalyn’s eyes narrowed.

‘A mage?’

She must have taken out clothes from a subspace. Looking around, all of them were now dressed. All were mages capable of manipulating ‘subspace.’

The old woman said, “Thank you for lifting the curse.”

Her eyes were brimming with tears. According to her, they were a tribe of mages living in the ‘Levadon Region.’ They weren’t of prestigious magical lineage, just mages applying magic in day-to-day life.

Rasen listened to the old woman’s words.

‘Levadon Region? I didn’t set that.’


How to revert the Sawolbaekrang to their original forms.

Cha Sung-min had certainly set these two things up. However, what happened beyond that was not stipulated. Sawolbaekrang was meant to only showcase the greatness of ‘Popona,’ the Emperor of Alchemy and a companion to Cassin Seid, and appear as extras in the story.

‘Levadon is…’

Rasen knew the region well. The Ice Witch of the Northern Sea, Ebvian, was born there. Ebvian had massacred the cruel lord of Levadon and his myriad soldiers.

Rosalyn spoke up.

“My name is Rosalyn Grandel. I’m the last of the Grandel bloodline.”

Everyone who was Sawolbaekrang, now human again, flinched visibly upon hearing Rosalyn’s identity.

The old woman responded with a trembling voice.

“It’s an honor to meet the blood of Grandel here.”

“Why have you been quiet for two years? Could you not have confessed sooner? You could have prevented other incidents.”

Suddenly, Rasen caught a new interpretation.

[The god of deception ‘Lydeione’ is very pleased.]

That alone let Rasen know that this situation might have been orchestrated by the god of deception ‘Lydeione.’ A complex god whose inner thoughts could be inscrutable.

‘Lydeione wants… the awakening of the Joker.’

If he wanted to induce the Joker’s awakening, might this situation be related somehow? Rasen considered that possibility.

The old woman spoke again, “We were afraid. If we had confessed to Grandel, they would have beheaded all of us.”

Rasen looked at Rosalyn. Although she did not show it, she was clearly shaken.

“Grandel wouldn’t do that. Grandel is…”

Rasen interrupted.

“Revere the path of evil and power.”

Rasen understood. It was clear what the character Rasen Mayten within the story had to do next. What information he needed to gather, and how to develop ‘The Joker’ further.

He continued, “Rosalyn. The governing families and the world are not as beautiful as you think.”

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