Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 112

Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan

Chapter 112 of “The Youngest Son of the Magic Family”

“Do you, by any chance, know about [April White Wolves] too?” Hampton tilted his head curiously. ‘April White Wolves? What is that?’ Involuntarily, he looked towards Lasen, who responded with a light laugh, “Why? Is there a problem if I know?”

“We’ve only identified them recently ourselves.”

April White Wolves (四月白狼). A pack of white wolves that began appearing two years ago in the northwestern regions, as per the standards of the Grandel family. Exceptionally intelligent, they were much more agile and powerful than regular wolves.

These creatures were meticulous too, hunting in packs while sparing humans in protected areas.

Lydia cocked her head, “What is the April White Wolves? Sounds complicated. Is it something delicious?”

Lasen explained, “A type of magical beast in the form of a wolf that is only sighted in April. You’re the ones who named them April White Wolves.”

“It’s not an official name; we temporarily coined it within our family. How did you come to know about it?”

“I saw it in the library.”

“No way!”

They were first discovered two years ago, appearing only in April. To investigate, Grandle dispatched fighters who lost the beasts’ tracks as soon as April ended.

From what the fighters learned, the April White Wolves had a highly developed sense of smell and seemed to be pursuing something.

“There’s no way information about the April White Wolves is in the library.”

With a smirk, Lasen retorted, “If I say I saw it in the library, you’ll just have to believe me.”

“How can I believe when you lie?”

Grandle’s only daughter, known as ‘the Joker’, was still biting at the bait. Following the will of the crafty god Lydione, she decided to educate Rosalyn further.

“Rosalyn, I consider you a friend. But we are also competitors.”

Rosalyn lost her words for a moment, though aware that Lasen was a competitor, she hadn’t truly felt it until now. The tension had slipped away with time spent together.

“Do competitors have to reveal all their secrets to each other? Do you call that fair competition?”

“We consider that fair competition. We should compete openly, showing everything to each other. That’s what Grandle believes, which is why your father openly played you as a card.”

Lasen’s smile deepened. How cleverly spoken.

“So, competitions are not so beautiful after all. Even you’ve been hiding the existence of the April White Wolves, right?”

“That’s because we didn’t have a complete understanding of them.”

“Fine. We are friends but also competitors. Is there anything more cowardly than trying to learn a competitor’s secret without any cost? Would Casin have acted as you are?”

Rosalyn was struck silent. Lasen’s words made sense.

‘Casin would have surely done so.’

Finally conceding, Rosalyn said, “Alright, I will uncover your secrets in my own way.”

“That’s appropriate.”

Rosalyn clenched her fist.

“Thank you for reminding me that you are a competitor.”

Lasen was pleased with her words; it was fitting for the successor of a martial artist.

For Lasen, and even for Cha Sung-min, who created the character of Rosalyn, it felt wholly satisfying. It was a delightful and fun feeling, as if the character had finally found its place. “Very well,” Lasen glanced at Hampton.

“Hampton, what happens if you boil Sea Calming Herb in April Spring Water?”

“When you boil the Sea Calming Herb at precisely 82 degrees Celsius with high-purity refined salt, it transforms into a new blue substance. It doesn’t have a name yet, but I’d like to call it [Lasen Potion].”

In truth, it was not ‘Lasen Potion.’ This potion was one conjured by Popona, a legendary alchemist. Known as the Empress of Potions, this female magician worked alongside Casin Seid, the protagonist of the Seid Sword-Masters family.

Lasen suggested, “How about Hampton Potion instead?”

*Please note that this translation is a work of fiction, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. The translation maintains the integrity of the original Korean context while adapting it for English readership. Any liberties taken with proper nouns such as names have been done to preserve their exotic aesthetic without causing confusion.*

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