Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 111

Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan

Chapter 111: The Youngest Son of the Magic Family

“Shall we catch the real one now?”

Lasen moved swiftly. Though he only mastered basic martial magic, with the use of ‘Attribute Utilization,’ Lasen could move at a speed unattainable by ordinary people, his movements both quick and precise.


He caught someone by the scruff of the neck.

The figure was neither terrible nor impressive, donning a silver armor and wielding a fairly decent sword. On the silver armor was the ‘Mark of Wind and Stars,’ a symbol that also signified a free mercenary.

“Free mercenary?”

“Let, let me go!”

Compared to Lasen, the mercenary’s skills were pitiful.

The mercenary pushed Lasen back and swung his sword, but Lasen could clearly see its trajectory. This was Lasen, who had fought more than 400 bouts with Kashin.

Having read even Kashin’s swordplay occasionally, missing the strikes of a free mercenary of this level was out of the question.

With a simple twist of his body, Lasen easily dodged the sword and drove his fist into the mercenary’s abdomen.


The silver armor was no help. It crumpled. Bile surged up the throat. He vomited multiple times.

It seemed difficult for him to breathe. All that from a single punch.

As Lasen approached, the mercenary stumbled backwards.


“A free mercenary, huh.”

Lasen smirked.

“Don’t move. Or I’ll kill you right now.”


At that moment, the mercenary felt as if the world had frozen. Although Lasen appeared to be in his late teens, the aura he emitted was certainly not that of a teenager.

He had seen the Mercenary King from a distance before, and the pressure was similar. That’s what the mercenary felt.

‘I’ve never heard of such a monster.’

Lasen spoke.

“It’s strange. Even though they only have a grudge against Mirang, they never touch our party.”

Something was off. They were not intelligent. Frenzied, they wouldn’t discern friend from foe. But curiously, Rosalyn, himself, and Hampton were never attacked. It suggests artificial manipulation.

“It seems like some magic effect has been implemented.”


Lasen read the mercenary’s expression. The man seemed oblivious.

“Really, who could the [real] one be?”

This mercenary wasn’t it. Just a tail. Lasen pressed his foot on the mercenary’s chest and pulled out a small stone from a leather pouch at his waist.

“This seems to be a magical conduit.”

He felt the flow of mana. It seemed to bind and control the Lizardmen.

“Do you. Did you know who you were attacking when you ambushed the party?”

“I, I, I didn’t know! Really, I didn’t.”

Of course, he didn’t know. Had he known, he would not have attacked with the Lizardmen. The man was being used.

“A moth to a flame, attacked just for the promise of plentiful coin.”

Fools like this exist in abundance in the world. It is because of fools like these that the ‘real’ ones exist as well. Surely, the ‘real’ ones wouldn’t have left any traces.

Difficult to gather evidence for the suspected factions.


A group using magical conduits. Did they really want to kill Mirang? No, that wasn’t the real intention. Happening upon Mirang killing the ‘mother’ of the Lizardmen, they utilized the rage-filled Lizardmen.

‘They wanted to figure us out.’

The pretext was set. They didn’t lay a finger on either Rosalyn or himself.

Through exact and specific targeting, they attacked only Mirang. It’s not strange for the Lizardmen, harboring vengeance, to seek retribution. It isn’t something that would warrant the attention of Grandel.

Lasen chuckled, then said,

“One of the information groups, perhaps.”

They want to grasp the information. Prominent information groups likely have gathered some intel about Lasen already. At least they would’ve realized he’s no longer the scoundrel of the past.

“[Voice of the Night] might be a possibility.”

Among the many factions, ‘Voice of the Night’ probably knew more about him.

In the meantime, Rosalyn followed. After the Lizardmen died, and the mercenary was subdued by Lasen, their cohesion weakened.

Mirang could now more easily handle the Lizardmen. This allowed Rosalyn a bit more mental leeway.

Rosalyn could infer why Lasen was rambling on to himself.

‘Someone is listening beyond this mercenary.’

Right now, Lasen wasn’t speaking to the mercenary. He was speaking to some ‘force’ connected to the mercenary. Rosalyn couldn’t take her eyes off Lasen. If she saw one step ahead, Lasen seemed to see ten. No, perhaps even further than that.

It felt like he was observing the whole situation as a third party.

“It seems the information group used Mirang as bait to attack us, wanting to see our response.”

If that’s the case, then he’ll comply.

The first application of the Tutankha Martial Magic Technique. He used Man Gyo.


The mercenary’s shoulders were crushed. Likely never to recover. Both shoulders. Utterly destroyed.

“This is a warning.”

Lasen continued without losing composure.

“If you want to know about me, come find me directly. If you deceive us like this again, I’ll find you and wipe out your entire line.”

Overcome by pain, the mercenary fainted.

“Rosalyn. Break that.”


“That mana stone.”

As if entranced, Rosalyn moved. She thrust her fist.


The mana stone shattered.

* * *

With the Lizardmen either fled or dead, the situation was settled. Exhausted, Mirang slumped down. Lasen and his party decided to rest for a bit in the reed field.

Rosalyn asked,

“Wasn’t that a bit too extreme? That guy was just being used.”

“No. He accepted money to kill Mirang.”


“If Mirang was weak and we hadn’t helped out, she may have been killed.”

“However, in the end, Mirang wasn’t that weak. It seems to me the guy was deceived by false information.”

“The authenticity of the information isn’t what’s important. What matters is, that guy was willing to kill for money.”

Money for murder. That was the mercenary’s intent to begin with. It was only because of their superior power that he couldn’t succeed.

“As you felt, the information group wanted to gauge us. But if I left him alone after uncovering everything, what would happen?”


“If I’m considered a weakling with no resolve by Meyton standards.”

“Surely… they can’t be that calculating.”

“Don’t forget. Every action we take is a measure of judgment.”

“Why does such a judgment matter?”

“We’re heirs of the three great houses. Such judgments accumulate to establish leadership. What kind of leader does the public want?”

Seventy percent of humanity struggles to survive in unprotected areas. The people of this world wish for a powerful, decisive hero to save humanity.

They desire a strong leader with both charisma and might. The heirs of the three great houses must show that image.

“Remember it well. We can’t just act on our feelings alone. Before being an individual, we’re an heir. One action dictates a hundred judgments.”

It’s now a pilgrimage period. It’s time to prepare as magicians, bit by bit making themselves known to the world. There are things to be done at every age, and Lasen was acutely aware of that.

After pondering for a while, Rosalyn narrowed her eyes.

“Lasen. When you told me to break the mana stone at the end…”


Lasen grinned widely.

“I showed that I am the commanding decision-maker, leading you.”

One action dictates a hundred judgments. Lasen’s order for Rosalyn to break the mana stone, which he could have easily destroyed himself, was a display conveying who had the upper hand and who made the decisions, to the ‘information group’.

Rosalyn was more bewildered than angry, feeling like she had been tricked while wide awake. Lasen’s laugh was slightly irritating, but not entirely unwelcome. Despite being slightly disgusted with herself for not completely detesting his laughter—Rosalyn understood Lasen wasn’t an enemy, which somehow was a relief, yet it sparked a competitive drive.

‘I’ve completely lost the first round.’

It was undoubtedly a defeat. Though she resented her father for putting her to the test, she also understood—she was no longer just the spoiled only child of Grandel but its heir. It’s natural for a household leader to test an heir, and it was time to accept that, like Lasen did.

‘I must be fully alert.’

Reaching the destination and obtaining the provisions isn’t all there is. She decided to view the entire journey as a continuous test. Resolved to show a better side from the second round on, Mirang eventually woke from her sleep.

Lasen and his group headed to ‘Maltan,’ the destination per Decatra’s request.

Hampton appeared slightly scared.

“We have to pass through plenty of unprotected areas, Your Highness.”

The teleportation gates weren’t fully operational either. The journey itself was somewhat risky.

“Don’t worry. Did you pack everything I told you to?”

“Of, of course, Your Highness.”

Hampton had already gathered plenty of ‘Saewolcho (April Grass)’ and ‘Haeunser (Sea Silver Water)’ on Lasen’s orders.

“Let’s go.”

Three days passed. They arrived at the first unprotected area. On the map, it was labeled ‘Gar,’ but it wasn’t a particularly notable name. Generally, ‘unprotected area’ meant a region not properly managed.

Gar was a desolate plain. Hampton stuck close to Lasen, walking right behind him.

“Yo, Your Highness. Won’t there be an ambush?”

“There’s nothing around.”

No signs of life could be detected. It seemed devoid of people and beasts.

“Your Highness. But, really, there’s nothing?”

Only stones, wind, and weeds were visible.

“Nothing at all. The martial artists said they’d cleared a path.”

For a while, there should be no beasts. However, there was a slight problem.

“There must have been many beasts living here, I guess.”

“What, what?”

“You see traces on the dirt floor. Marks from slithering. Likely serpentine. Then, the prey of such serpentine beasts would have existed as well. Yet, there are no signs of martial artists’ extermination.”

The absence of beasts was true, but it wasn’t the doing of martial artists. Therein lied the implication of another presence. Lasen knew the reason.

“Hampton. What’s today’s date?”

“April 13th, Your Highness.”

“Then, shouldn’t you know the reason? The pack of white wolves that appear like the wind and disappear like fog.”

Rosalyn interjected,

“You couldn’t possibly know about [Sawol Baeklang], could you?”

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