Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 110

Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan

Chapter 110 of “The Youngest Son of a Magic Master House”

Yellow Reed Field.

A place where reeds grow densely.

Although part of Grindel’s domain, this spot was largely ignored due to the thick reeds.

Without a sense of direction or a compass, it would be difficult to navigate, so travelers only crossed using the ‘path’ provided by Grindel.

Amongst the reeds, blue-skinned beastfolk emerged. They held crude but long spears, which they thrust straight ahead.

Rasen protected Hampton by pushing aside the spearhead, while Mirang snatched another spear and tossed it afar.

Rosalyn crouched slightly and surveyed the surroundings.

“What’s this?”

Rosalyn had sensed others nearby but hadn’t expected an ambush.

Although poorly managed, this was Grindel territory, and attacking Grindel’s bloodline here would be suicide. They had been complacent.

Rasen examined the beastfolk that penetrated through the reeds.

‘Blue skin. Eyes like a lizard.’

These ‘lizard folk’ were also classified as beastfolk, or sometimes as monsters by others.

Regardless of appearance, to earn the label of a race, ‘sufficient intelligence and civilization for interaction with humans’ was necessary.

Some locals referred to them as lizardfolk, while others called them lizardmen.

‘There are intelligent ones among them, living in separate communities…’

These seemed degenerated, closer to monsters than lizardfolk. The Heavenly Eye confirmed it.


The eye that interprets the world identified them as ‘lizardman’. Their eyes gleamed, and tongues flickered.

“Kill… human.”

They didn’t so much speak as mutter a few intelligible words. Rasen noticed a peculiarity.

“Rosalyn, relax your stance. Subdue your spirit. Rudia, you too.”



The lizardmen didn’t target Rosalyn or Rasen but Mirang. In the midst of the reeds, a larger lizardman, one and a half times bigger, appeared.

Its spear was well-crafted, made by a human blacksmith.

[Ad Lizardman]

‘Ad’ was a modifier coined by Cha Sung-min. Derived from ‘Advanced’, it indicated a more developed or enhanced form of monster.

‘Monsters with the ‘Ad’ prefix have higher physical abilities and intelligence.’

‘This one is the leader.’

‘Ad Lizardman’ declared,

“Tiger. I will kill you.”


Mirang looked at the lizardman with scorn, revealing sharp claws.

“If you can kill me, then try.”


More lizardmen appeared from the brush. Rasen frowned slightly.

‘Too many of them.’

If this many lizardmen surfaced, it was highly probable that martial artists would reinforce them. It would be a battle against time. Then, Rosalyn spoke.

“Rasen. You don’t think our family will send support, do you?”

“They will, of course.”

“They won’t.”

“What do you mean?”

“I promised my father. Even if I faced death, I’d overcome it myself.”

“You made such a promise with Grindel’s head?”

Amidst this, lizardmen charged at Mirang. Hampton clung behind Rasen, suppressing a scream. Fortunately, or unfortunately, the lizardmen weren’t much interested in Rasen and his group—only in killing Mirang.

“Yeah. I wouldn’t surpass you if I grew up sheltered.”

Rosalyn was sincere, seen through the Heavenly Eye.

‘Rasen was surprised too.’

‘Such an indulgent father leaving his daughter to grow on her own? It was uncertain if he’d stay put, but for now, they excluded martial artist support.’

Rasen asked Mirang.

“Why are these guys after you?”

Mirang wasn’t much fatigued, having already sliced open two lizardmen with her claws.

“I killed their mother.”

“Their mother? Why?”

She went out on an errand and ended up killing their ‘mother.’


Mirang swung her claws, severing another lizardman’s shoulder. Her cutting power was superior to renowned swords.

“Weak ones die. That’s the law of nature.”


“The one was weak and thus died.”

Mirang’s words weren’t wrong. The Gold Tiger clan naturally despised the weak.

“Why do weak ones need a reason to die?”

Mirang snarled, battle continuing.

“Don’t bother watching. I’ll kill them all. Stay out of it.”

The fight lasted over 30 minutes, and Mirang was drenched in blood—lizardman blood, for she had shed none herself. She was overwhelmingly stronger, but their numbers were still overwhelming.

The sheer number of lurking lizardmen in the reed field was hard to gauge.

Rasen bit his lip.

‘We should abandon Mirang and escape.’

It would be the safest choice. They showed no interest in Rasen’s group.

‘The weak dying is the natural law.’

This world wasn’t a fairytale where heroes sacrifice for the public and defeat the demon king.

There was a hero, but that hero wasn’t Rasen.

‘Strangely… I can’t ignore it.’

Rasen watched Mirang, who could have run away. She was faster than the lizardmen.

‘But she’s not planning to run.’

She still had the upper hand, observing the situation.

‘Do lizardmen act in groups?’

While lizardmen were configured in the story, detailed settings weren’t developed. Just typical fantasy world monsters without extensive description.

Yet, no group behavior like this had ever occurred. They weren’t highly intelligent.

‘Hiding and waiting in the brush for us…’

Ambush by low-intelligence lizardmen was odd. Rasen focused on the Heavenly Eye, sensing something hidden. He struggled to interpret the situation.

“Rosalyn. Rudia. Cover me.”

“What? Why should I?”

“I’ll cover you! With fire magic!”

“Just keep me safe. I need to concentrate.”

Rasen closed his eyes. Begrudgingly, Rosalyn stepped closer to him.

“Who’d cover you if you ask?”

She cautiously raised her combat energy, preparing for unexpected dangers.

* * *

Rasen’s Heavenly Eye began to decipher the hidden aspects. It drained mana to reveal the unseen. The three rings engraved in his heart spun furiously.

[Brother. I’ll control the output!]

Thanks to Rosalyn’s protection and the Chalice’s aid, Rasen could focus entirely on the Heavenly Eye. He saw the ‘deciphered value’ of Mirang’s situation.

[Mirang once picked up a human girl and raised her.]

Although it manifested as text, it became a reality, approaching like an illusion. He saw everything vividly.

[Mirang didn’t quite grasp how frail humans could be.]

Having never raised one, it was even less clear to her. Frailer than expected. She had thought the child would naturally reach maturity if left alone.

[Mirang named the girl Rumah, who was four years old.]

But Rumah was hunted by lizardmen. Mirang, unaware of human frailty, only saw Rumah being devoured by lizardmen.

[Mirang couldn’t forgive the lizardmen.]

She slaughtered all the lizardmen in the vicinity and killed the ‘Lizard Queen’ they called their ‘mother.’

Still unsatisfied, she sought more lizardmen, but they had vanished. Rasen understood the words she’d spoken.

[Weak ones die. That’s natural law.]

[It died because it was weak.]

[Why do the weak need a reason to die?]

When she said that, Mirang’s expression seemed sad. Those words might have been a self-hypnosis, not meant for the lizardmen.

The weak die; it’s natural. Rumah died for that reason. It’s not a tragedy because it’s natural.

‘If that were truly natural, she wouldn’t need to display such rage towards lizardmen.’

Mirang already knew. Dying just because one is weak isn’t natural.

Rasen opened his eyes. The lizardmen still solely targeted Mirang.

“Mirang is my friend.”

The assessment was over, and the situation was evidently strange.

Lizardmen regrouping for an attack; their intelligence wasn’t that advanced.

“Friends should fight together.”

“I don’t need your help.”

Rasen raised his combat energy instead of mana.

“May not need it, but what if I want to help?”

“Forget it. I’ll follow later. Go ahead.”

Mirang’s response was rough as she was winded. Her words meant ‘It’s risky to intervene, leave me be.’

Rasen shook his head.

“What’s to gain from a brute-force approach? Can’t outlast sheer numbers.”

Step by step, he moved. His Heavenly Eye pinpointed where the ‘Ad Lizardman’ hid amid the reeds.

“We need to kill the one directing them.”

Rasen charged. The sudden movement startled the lizardmen. Rasen nimbly dodged through them, aided by a timely wind.

[Basic Martial Art Technique – Elemental Manipulation in use.]

He maneuvered with the wind at his back.

[Intermediate Martial Art Technique ‘Body’ activated.]

Blending his knowledge from Magnar’s movements into the martial technique, he swiftly closed in on the Ad Lizardman.

The Ad Lizardman swung his spear, but Rasen had predicted that and avoided it effortlessly, closing the distance further.

The Ad Lizardman’s torso was in view.

Secret martial technique 1st form: Man-Eater.

The mauling power of ten thousand beasts, a special ability used by the later generations of the martial king, Alto.

It was unfolded by Rasen’s hands. He unleashed dormant combat energy. The Ad Lizardman screamed.


A massive bite mark formed on its chest, blood gushing. Rasen circled to its back, channeling transcendental mana.

With combat energy at the ready, July’s power coupled with Grindel’s surged from his heart.

The four intentions of Grindel, he vocalized,

“Strength fortifies mind and soul.”

[Intermediate Martial Art Technique ‘Strength’ activated.]

Utilizing the strength-enhanced body, Rasen struck a blow.

The punch hit the lizardman’s temple precisely. In an instant, the eye popped out—unable to withstand the immense pressure of Rasen’s fist.

The Ad Lizardman died instantly.

Rasen grinned.

“Shall we go after the real one now?”

He looked towards a point in the reed field. Amongst the brush, there ‘the real one’ lay.

The one bold enough to pull off such audacity in Grindel territory.

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