Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 109

Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan

Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan Chapter 109

Magic House’s Youngest Son Episode 109

Cheonan continued to pass on information.

[You have completed the 3rd Circle.]

Cha Seong-min had set the rule that ‘more circles mean leveling up in the game’; it’s not merely about having more mana or purer mana, but it also elevates one’s overall stats. This time was no exception, but with an additional element.

[Your understanding of ‘Great Magic of the Great Sage Alberto – Practical Basics’ has greatly increased.]

[You have acquired the transcending 1st Circle magic ‘Interaction’ from ‘Great Magic of the Great Sage Alberto’.]

Even with Cheonan’s help, understanding the complexities of ‘Da-al-wi’ seemed stagnant. However, as the Circle rose, comprehension soared, enabling the acquisition of the 1st Circle magic ‘Interaction’.


It wasn’t a name of any existing magic. Of course, even now, new spells were being created and disappearing, with many being renamed after their creators or given names preferred by them.

Yet, ‘Interaction’ was unheard of.

‘It seems unrelated to elemental properties.’

[The transcending 1st Circle magic ‘Interaction’ can be linked with 1st Circle element magic.]

The 1st Circle attribute magic that Rason was mastering was the Nordic ice magic ‘Ice Crystallization.’ In other words, ‘Interaction’ could be linked with ‘Ice Crystallization,’ suggesting it was a synergistic spell.

‘Let’s try it.’

It’s said that seeing is believing, so Rason decided to try it.

‘Wow, this is difficult.’

Magic is inherently an academic discipline that requires countless mental calculations. One must have a brain as powerful as a supercomputer to wield advanced magic, a setting Cha Seong-min had established himself.

1st Circle ice magic Ice Crystallization.

Transcending 1st Circle magic Interaction.

Using the two spells in tandem meant operating both simultaneously.

Using them together was not only difficult but also risky.

If either flow of magic tangled even slightly, it could cause issues within the body.

If the heart took a shock, the Circle might even explode. Such high-level academic magic also poses great risks to humans.

Amidst this, Rason felt an odd sensation.

‘My heart’s pounding.’

It was as if he’d found his true calling, filled with a strange confidence.

Underpinning this trust was one of Rason’s abilities, ‘Two Eyes.’

The ‘Two Eyes’ given by Lieuten, the god of guile, aided in manipulating dual spells.

[Utilizing 1st Circle ice magic ‘Ice Crystallization’.]

[1st Circle transcending magic ‘Interaction’ is applied.]

Rason invoked the incantation for Nordian 1st Circle ice magic. Ice Crystallization.

“Ice Crystallization.”

Instantly, he felt mana being sucked out from his entire body. Hamton stepped back in shock.

“Ah, Your Grace!”

Heila grabbed Hamton’s neck and flung him backward. Rason gasped for air.

“Haah… Haah…”

Before his very eyes stood a colossal ice structure, at least five meters tall. Had it penetrated a human body, instant death would have been certain. Even without motion, its potency rivaled the 4th Circle offensive ice spell ‘Ice Spear.’

With no words, Heila approached ‘Ice Crystallization.’ Originally, the significance of the spell was in creating ‘cold crystals.’ It wasn’t inherently a highly useful magic but one used to experience cold drinks when desired, a study spell to familiarize oneself with ice magic.

‘But the cold I feel… exceeds a mere study spell.’

Lightly touching the Ice Crystallization, a tingling sensation ran up her wrist to the spine. It felt like her entire body would freeze even though it was only momentary.

‘Its destructive power is similar to the 4th Circle offensive ice magic ‘Ice Spear’, while this cold is akin to the 3rd Circle ‘Ice Wind’.’

Heila inquired.

“Your Grace. The spell you used. Wasn’t it certainly Ice Crystallization?”

After panting for a while, Rason managed to recover his strength and replied.


“To my knowledge, Ice Crystallization is a 1st Circle ice magic. It’s also more of a learning spell designed to give the caster a feel for ice magic rather than an offensive spell.”


Rason too was astonished. It felt like a dream. But it wasn’t one. ‘Ice Crystallization’ was still visible, emitting coldness ahead, though now it felt more like a five-meter ice wall than a ‘crystallization.’

“I still can’t control mana properly. It went berserk on its own.”

Thanks to the Holy Grail assisting with mana control consumption, Rason was spared from depleting all his energy. It seemed that a lot of practice and focus was required.

“I understand.”

Heila continued in a monotone.

“Please make diligent progress.”

Outwardly, she simply gave advice, but inside she felt a great tremble.

‘Silently clandestine’ – she had witnessed Decatra’s magic on several occasions. Decatra was almost revered as a sage of magic.

Heila was among the few who knew of Decatra’s childhood.

‘Even his 1st Circle magic at that age wasn’t as powerful as this.’

Although it was raw power inadequately controlled, unleashing such might with the 1st Circle was incredible.

At the very least, Rason had a formidable weapon capable of delivering fatal blows to his foes.

Heila approached closer.

“Excuse me for a moment. I must check on Your Grace’s condition.”


Heila slipped her hand into Rason’s shirt.

Sweat made the cloth cling and stick. Undeterred, she almost kneaded as she pushed her palm against his chest. Her hand made contact with Rason’s chest.


With an inexplicable ‘hmm,’ Heila withdrew her hand.


“You’re perfectly fine.”

“Sounds like you find that unusual.”

“Not at all. I’m relieved that Your Grace is fine. However, refrain from using that magic for now. A blade you can’t handle is prone to cut its wielder.”

That night.

Heila penned a letter. It was addressed to Decatra, the family head.

[Your Grace has wielded a power beyond his capacity, yet his physiology withstood it. An incredulous strength was overcome by an even more inconceivable physicality.

As previously reported, the 7th Prince’s body possesses a durability beyond imagination. It should have been normal for his heart to be injured, yet it’s fine. Normal for the Circle to show signs of damage, yet there’s none.

I will continue to observe and report.]

She put a period to her correspondence.

With a whistle, a small hawk descended from the sky. After tying the letter to its leg, she sent it off. Then, she gazed up at the night sky.

‘I left one thing unnoted, and for that, I am sorry.’

She hadn’t mentioned the fact that 1st Circle magic had produced the might equivalent to the 4th Circle. The stars in the night sky seemed to glitter unusually bright.

‘It seems that my fortune… will change.’

Just as ‘he,’ who had passed away, had predicted.

* * *

While returning to the Grandel family to reunite with Rosalyn, the Holy Grail spoke encouragingly.

[Brother, I think I can help.]


[If I do, will you praise me?]

[Let’s see how you do first.]

[Will you pat me on the head?]

Lately, the Holy Grail was fixated on the act of being ‘patted.’ The reason was that being patted(?) by Heila felt really soothing, joyful, and warm.

The Holy Grail cheekily said.

[But compared to your hand, brother, I prefer Heila’s touch.]

[Don’t bother helping then.]

It wasn’t like he could tell Heila to ‘touch my chest a bit,’ right? Putting aside that it could be seen as sexual harassment, it could be life-threatening. She’s a deadly assassin, bold enough to brandish a sword even at her father Decatra. Rason wasn’t prepared to gamble his life just for praise.

[I’ll help, I will!]

The Holy Grail’s proposal, though, did not seem bad to Rason.

[So you mean you’d act like a faucet, right?]

[Yes! Exactly.]

This world was rich with modern facilities driven by magic, including waterworks. Sophisticated restrooms were available with faucets that could adjust the water pressure.

[So, when you use those senile old men’s magic, just plug the outlet for anything above the 2nd Circle. Then you won’t drain all your power at once.]

Rason had yet to master the so-called transcendent magic called ‘Interaction.’ The Holy Grail suggested actively regulating the mana quantity.

[But someday, you’ll have to do it yourself. I might manage till the 3rd Circle, maybe the 4th, but anything beyond that is too much for me, too.]

The Holy Grail was right. It just needed to serve as a guide. That was good enough. It’s easier when someone helps with even trivial matters amidst a hectic life. Managing mana output, in particular, could be an excellent offer.

‘With the Holy Grail’s assistance while getting the hang of it… I should be able to control it myself later on.’

He had drawn 4th Circle power with the 1st Circle. Although it resulted in the total depletion of mana and exhaustion, what could he achieve if properly harnessed? Perhaps in the distant future or perhaps uncertainly, what could happen if he used 7th or 8th Circle magic?

‘Let’s not think too far ahead.’

The future seemed too distant. He was barely taking baby steps. The Holy Grail muttered to itself.

[Those two senile old men… I thought they were spouting nonsense.]

Rason, lost in thought, didn’t hear what the Holy Grail said. Upon arrival at the Grandel household, he found Mirang had returned from his errands, and Rosalyn was all prepared to leave.

Rosalyn, wearing tight leather gear made from refined ‘Silverhorn’ leather, appeared a tad more earnest. This gear, lauded among martial artists as the premium suit for important missions or when facing peril, had its reputation.

Rosalyn spoke.

“This time it’s my request. Make sure you assist me properly.”


The previous time Grandel’s Lord had requested Rason’s help. This time, Methone’s Lord had asked Rosalyn for assistance.

Mirang boasted.

“Pfft. Such petty request. With my help, it’ll be nothing.”

Rudia seemed excited about another outing. She simply loved adventures and outings like trips to a playground.

Heila added.

“I will not accompany you on this mission.”


“I must fulfill another directive from our Lord.”

It conveyed that Decatra had intentionally excluded Heila.

“Are you off to be punished?”

“Not at all.”

Rason didn’t probe further. She followed orders, and punishment for attacking her father had to come, though it would be minor given Decatra’s mercy. She merely needed to accept responsibility.

He peered into Heila’s eyes.

“I’ll grow strong enough that you won’t need to face any consequences.”


Heila bowed respectfully, and beneath her dropped gaze, a faint smile graced her lips.

Rason’s group departed, heading towards their ultimate mission location, ‘Screen Rock.’

Roughly two hours into the journey, while still within Grandel’s domain, in the ‘Yellow Reed Fields,’ they were ambushed.

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