Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 107

Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan

Chapter 107 of “The Youngest Son of the Magic Noble Family”

A man clad in ivory-colored priestly vestments. Heira quietly looked up at the man.

He was strikingly handsome, a man whose beauty could compete for the top ranks even in the Holen Empire, known for its beautiful people.

‘He could rival our young master….’

Heira shook her head. She almost thought of him as “our young master.” While Lasen has indeed shown many great aspects, it was not to that extent yet.

Nevertheless, the man was incredibly handsome. In most cases, the beauty of a person’s appearance and the level of their sacred power were proportional.

‘That man’s name was… Eron Zahas, was it?’

Heira had most of the information about prominent figures from various nations memorized. Holen didn’t have “nobility” as such, but they had a privileged class similar to nobles. They were called the family of priests, though people commonly referred to them as nobility for convenience. “Zahas” was a surname that could only be carried by the nobility of the sacred Holen Empire.

Eron Zahas.

A member of the family of priests. A Zahas inheriting the bloodline. Heira knew quite a few key individuals among the Zahas.

‘This year, he is 31 years old. A man with outstanding sacred power who is highly likely to become the head of the Central Tower.’

In other words, he was akin to the second most important figure in this city.

Heira observed the scene quietly. Why was Lasen circling this place, and why had the second-in-command of the sub-city suddenly shown up?

“Who are you?”

“Lasen Mayton. A practitioner of the magical arts.”

“A mage, I see.”

Eron Zahas smiled. The relationship between clerics and mages wasn’t typically very cordial.

Clerics didn’t view magic as a ‘sin’ per se, but they did consider it as a ‘scholarship not of the righteous path’ – an ‘impure power’ used almost as if it were their own exclusive power.

This was because they believed that the power they wielded came from borrowing God’s power, not from human strength.

However, just judging by Eron Zahas’ demeanor, one wouldn’t be able to guess that a cleric might slightly dislike mages.

Lasen asked intentionally.

“Then who might you be?”

“My name is Eron Zahas. A priest of the Central Tower.”

Eron Zahas asked.

“Why have you been circling this place for seven days?”

“Once every seven minutes. I received a revelation to circle this place for seven days.”

“A revelation?”

“Yes, a revelation.”

“That’s unusual. Ordinary folk don’t believe in revelations… How fascinating.”

Eron Zahas’ eyes crinkled with a smile. Lasen knew why Eron Zahas was smiling. It was to hide his confusion.

For Eron Zahas didn’t believe in the existence of God.

Not believing in God thus meant not believing in revelations. Yet here comes a mage who has received a revelation and performed the seven-round arrangement that only the Zahas would know; no wonder he was unnerved.

‘Later on, you will eventually grow disillusioned with the path of priesthood, forsake your priestly duties, and become a merchant, transforming into a giant of commerce.’

That’s to say, he would become one of the world’s controlling magnates, a very significant figure who would turn the tides of this world.

“If you are a Mayton… Could it be that you are the Mayton I know of?”

“Yes, the seventh son of the Maytons. Lasen Mayton.”

“I am well aware of the Mayton’s formidable intelligence network.”

Eron doesn’t believe in revelations. It seemed that he suspected Mayton knew this hidden truth through their intelligence network. It didn’t matter to Lasen either way.

“By doing this, it has been said that the esteemed but not-so-priestly priest of the Central Tower will grant my request.”

Eron flinched.

“There are no non-priestly priests in this Tower. Only the true followers of the Lord offer prayers here.”

“My apologies if that was disrespectful. I only conveyed what I had heard through the revelation.”

Lasen replied naturally, and Eron could find no further fault.

What could he do if the revelation said so? Indeed, there was a ‘Zahas decree’ which necessitated that any request of the person performing this arrangement must be fulfilled. It had never been publicly disclosed and historically had only been enacted twice.

Moreover, only a descendant of Zahas had ever carried it out.

Eron was perplexed.

‘Is it truly a revelation?’

Looking at Lasen Mayton’s demeanor, it didn’t seem like a lie. Lasen continued speaking naturally.

“The being referred to itself as the Creator.”

“Is that so? What did this being say?”

Lasen stepped closer. He looked around and whispered softly.

“When I met him, I was told that my mana would be amplified. My speculation is, perhaps Sir Eron is practicing mana or studying magic.”

Of course, it wasn’t speculation. It was part of the setting established by Cha Sung-min, created and defined by the Creator himself.

However, for Eron, Lasen’s words were like a thunderbolt. Outrageous assertions were flowing from the mouth of a mage about information that was supposed to be unknown to any but himself.

Eron’s face stiffened. Lasen smiled broadly and continued.

“Please relax your face. Someone might think I’m making threats.”

“Is it really a revelation?”

“If it were not a revelation, how else would I know all this?”

“Follow me.”

Eron led the way. The third floor of the Central Tower. They headed to Eron Zahas’ office.

* * *

Eron Zahas’ office.

Perhaps because it belonged to a cleric, it was rather spartan. There was one large picture frame, an old desk, and chairs. There was also a sofa for hosting guests, but that was it.

Lasen chuckled.

“What might that thing that looks like a secret passage behind that painting be?”


It wasn’t because Lasen was exceptional or due to Cha Sung-min’s meticulous setup.

There was a subtle flow of mana that anyone who could sense mana – not necessarily a superior mage – could notice.

‘It seems detectable even by someone with good observational skills without mana.’

Brazen. It’s not a big issue for common priests to study or dabble in magic – just a minor thing that might earn them a scolding.

But for someone in line to become the head of the Central Tower to study magic, that’s a different story. A common priest might be excused, but the head of the Central Tower cannot. It would raise doubts about their faith.

Lasen remarked,

“Though they say priests embrace each other with unconditional love, that seems to be the truth.”

“All priests are sisters, brothers, and siblings to one another.”

“It’s curious that this secret space, which is just a concentrated look away, hasn’t been exposed till now.”

“It’s likely that the sisters and brothers who are aware of the space know about it.”

They know of the space, but seem to disregard what occurs within.

“That inside, is there a [Kudo]?”

Eron startled.

“I’ve never spoken of Kudo out loud, not even once.”

At this point, it couldn’t be attributed to Mayton’s intelligence anymore.

How would this prince know a name he never uttered aloud?

‘Is it truly a revelation?’

There is no God. Sacred power is nothing more than a strength humans possess. Eron Zahas, who had held this belief, wavered. Information that could only come from God was flowing forth.

It was akin to a miracle. Kudo was merely one of several pseudonyms, without an official name yet.

Lasen shifted the topic.

“That Kudo will surely elevate my second circle to a third, correct?”


“Who would have guessed that sacred power could conjure up such a potion?”

In the future, Eron Zahas would invent this ‘Kudo’ and make a fortune with it. ‘Kudo’ grants a first circle to those without, a second to those with one, and lifts a second circle to a third.

‘It can’t go beyond that, but…’

Magic, being a very advanced academia, can only be learned by a chosen few. Without talent, one can’t even attempt it. Yet ‘Kudo’ can make non-circle bearers into first circle mages.

It gives the bare minimum of talent and stepping stone.

‘The proliferation of mages under the third circle will bolster the Maytons’ standing.’

Ultimately, ruling this world means gaining the favor of its people.

‘As lower-tier mages are mass-produced, the Maytons’ influence will grow.’

This came to be known as the ‘Mage Era’ in the novel, and the very cleric before him was the main actor opening the Mage Era.

“If you give me a Kudo, I will keep it confidential. Whether you choose the path of magic or continue in faithful devotion is your choice.”

Right now, Eron was in shock. He had believed there was no God, yet suddenly a receiver of revelations appeared, divulging information known to no one but himself.

“It’s none of my business. I swear on the honor of the Maytons to keep your secret.”

Nonetheless, it was best to make sure to secure what he could.

“If you decide to do something with [Kudo], seek the seventh son of the Maytons. He will be of help to you.”

The figure standing before him would grow into a great continental merchant, even if left alone. It didn’t harm to establish a connection with such a person and offer him support. Lasen added one more point.

“Whatever you choose, God will not resent you. Being a priest is not the only correct way to believe in God.”

Eron momentarily zoned out.

A chill ran down his spine. Lasen’s words weren’t so eloquent or shockingly unexpected. Rather, there seemed to be a power within them. If there were light in language, this might have been the sensation.

‘What is this?’

It felt as if he had encountered something sacred. Lasen’s heavenly eye interpreted something new.

[‘The Creator’s’ implicit revelation and will takes hold in the character ‘Eron Zahas’.]

Tears welled up in Eron Zahas’ eyes. He was filled with an indescribable sense of fulfillment. A once-dim path now appeared clearly in sight.

“Within three years, I’ll seek out the Maytons.”

That was sudden for Lasen. Unexpectedly so.

“I’ll give you one Kudo.”

* * *

Lasen indeed received the Kudo. But something he hadn’t anticipated arose. He had been too overconfident, his own creation having led him into trouble.

‘It’s not the finished product yet?’

It’s dangerous because it’s not the final product. However, he couldn’t just not try because of the risk. The appointed time agreed upon with his father was approaching. There were about three hours left.

Eron Zahas warned,

[There might be side effects. It might take about three more years to come to the final product.]

[What kind of side effects?]

[The unrefined enhancer could potentially destroy the mana circle.]

That would be a complete disaster. Darn it. He hadn’t anticipated that it wasn’t the finished product yet. That was a mistake.

“Heira, how much time is left until the time granted by father?”

“About three hours remain.”

Decartra would never forgive sullying his own name, not even if the culprit were his child. No, especially not his child. Surviving after deceiving the head of a household was nigh impossible.



The Holy Grail, now accustomed to the name Song-song, replied.

[I think I’ll need your help after all.]

[I saw everything too. Hee-hee. Looks like I might be able to help you, brother.]

However, there was a slight issue.

[I can absorb and purify that Kudo thing in your place and then amplify your mana, but you know.]

Lasen felt intuitively what the problem was.

[It won’t make it in 3 hours?]

[Yeah. It’s going to be a close call.]

He had to admit it. He had been too complacent, and now he was paying the price. If he had just one more hour, he would have been quite comfortable.

[What to do? Shall we start now, brother?]

[We have to.]

Lasen started to run. Time was extremely tight. Even if he started right away, it might not be enough, but he had to ensure the board was as perfect as possible before beginning.

[Brother! I told you 3 hours is cutting it close! Even if we start now, it’s late!]

Without responding, Lasen sprinted towards an open courtyard. Once he reached the deserted area, he sat down cross-legged.

‘It begins.’

He consumed the Kudo. There were no immediate reactions. He concentrated on his mana technique. The Holy Grail absorbed and purified the Kudo in his stead.

Three hours passed.

‘Please, just 5 more minutes.’

Then a voice came. It was precisely to the second. It was Decartra’s voice.

“An unkept promise is worse than no promise at all.”

Murderous intent radiated. Lasen, eyes still closed, couldn’t open them.

“The price for deceiving me is steep. You shall rue your own words.”

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