Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 105

Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan

Magic’s Distinguished Family’s Youngest Son, Episode 105

“It seems Father will task Rosalyn with a certain request this time.”

Lasen had grasped that fact. Decatra nodded his head in agreement.


While saying this, he surreptitiously glanced at Bellatudo, who was clearly very conscious of him and actually seemed quite pleased.

Decatra’s expression was brighter than usual. It was as if he was urging, “Go on, tell me more.”

“There must be something that corresponds with the Shadow Wraith, and perhaps I can acquire an arrangement equal to what Rosalyn has obtained.”

“An interesting conjecture.”

He didn’t say it was wrong. Lasen continued speaking.

“Just as Rosalyn gained power, I believe I can acquire mana. My current achievement is the 2nd Circle, and I have yet to break through the wall of the 3rd Circle.”

Though he grew faster than anyone up until the 2nd Circle, he had still not reached the 3rd.

It’s usually from the 3rd Circle that one starts to be called a ‘mage’. Only from the 3rd Circle can Elemental mages truly wield offensive, defensive, or auxiliary magic.

That’s why the beginning of a mage’s journey is often referred to as the 3rd Circle. It was because of having reached the 3rd Circle that even the sixth son, Carlton Mayten, who was far inferior in overall sense and skill, was able to attack and pressure Lasen a little.

Decatra glanced at Bellatudo once more. Bellatudo, as though disgusted, shook his head incessantly.

“Decatra, whatever are you trying to say?”

“What did I say?”

“Your eyes speak volumes, do they not?”

“It must be your imagination.”

Bellatudo laughed heartily.

That competitive spirit of his has been the same since childhood. Bellatudo sighed deeply and then asked Lasen,

“Let’s say such an advantageous arrangement will be made for you. But it doesn’t strike me that you’d explain all this at length without good reason. What’s the main point?”

“I wish to postpone that arrangement for a while.”

“But isn’t Father’s request directed towards Rosalyn, not you?”

The choice rested with Rosalyn.

“Because Rosalyn is my friend. Perhaps she’ll agree to a small favor, right?”

Rosalyn wanted to retort ‘who says we’re friends!’ but refrained. It wouldn’t look good to insist they weren’t friends in this situation.

Bellatudo gave a small shrug and pressed further,

“Why do you want to postpone it? If your words are true, you’d be itching to gain such power immediately, wouldn’t you?”

“It’s because I am on the verge of reaching the 3rd Circle.”

Those words caused Decatra’s expression to harden a bit.

“The 3rd Circle?”

Swiftly, the atmosphere in the room turned heavy.

Decatra realized it.

Lasen was still far from reaching the 3rd Circle. Over the past year, neither the quantity nor the quality of Lasen’s mana had increased significantly. This meant he hadn’t devoted much time to cultivating his mana techniques.

Although he didn’t intend to delve into it, claiming to be on the verge of the 3rd Circle was a lie. It was fine for a son to boast, but outright lying was an entirely different issue.

Lasen did not react to the tension in the air.


He was not cowed. Having conversed with Decatra several times, he was now accustomed to their exchanges.

If one has done nothing wrong, one should be confident. Decatra wanted just that. Even if there was a mistake, one should still be confident.

Of course, if he couldn’t convince Decatra, it would be a big problem, but if he did, a certain reward would surely follow.

Bellatudo did not interfere. He simply watched the exchange between father and son with keen interest.

“In your opinion, Father, I may still be lacking.”

“It is a grave offense for a Mayten to lie before the chief of the Mayten family, especially in front of members from other families.”

“Then I must prove my words are not a lie.”

“How much time do you need? You’ve claimed it’s imminent.”

“Give me two weeks.”

“You can reach the 3rd Circle within two weeks?”

“I will prove it to be so.”

Decatra yielded his intensity. Two weeks. Such a short span of time. It was impossible by normal means to advance within just two weeks.

“Once a Mayten speaks, one must uphold one’s word.”

“Of course. I shall not disappoint.”

The conversation ended there.

* * *

In the corridor’s end, unable to contain her curiosity any longer, Rosalyn asked,

“Are you out of your mind?”

“In what way?”

“What will you do if you can’t reach the 3rd Circle within two weeks?”

“Then I suppose I’ll die.”

Rosalyn scowled,

“Don’t speak of death so lightly.”

“It’s not like I’m eager to die, do I look like someone possessed by such a wish in your eyes?”

“Not exactly, but…”

The Lasen that Rosalyn knew was living a life more intense than anyone. Born with a natural disadvantage, he always tried his best to overcome and excel in everything he did.

Such a person would never wish for death.

“And if I die, wouldn’t that be to your benefit?”


“You don’t like me, do you?”

Rosalyn coughed dryly,

“If anyone’s going to kill you, it’ll be me.”

“So you don’t want me dead, after all?”

“I don’t care if you live or die, just that if anyone’s going to do it, it’d be me.”

Rosalyn’s neck turned slightly red. Thinking about Lasen potentially being purged made her chest tighten. They say hate is born from love; the thought of him dying was unpleasant.

“And being executed by Father would be horrendous. It’s unsettling to see a living being you were once acquainted with turned into an object.”

“You have such a way with words.”

Lasen chuckled lightly; he could read Rosalyn’s heart. Though she might deny it, her emotions clearly showed worry. He might not have fully washed away his childhood wounds, but this was considerable progress-an inkling of human fondness.

Lasen waved his hand,

“Anyway. See you in two weeks.”

There was a method to go from the 2nd to the 3rd Circle, crafted by the author Cha Seong-Min himself.

It couldn’t be used to go any higher than the 3rd Circle. Only once. From 1 to 2. Or from 2 to 3. It was possible to rise once this way.

Before acquiring Decatra’s arrangement, he deduced it would be more advantageous to use this method first.

“I’ll return as a 3rd Circle mage.”

* * *

Once back in his room, Lasen immediately packed his bags. Mirang had disappeared somewhere, having said she had business to attend to and would return in a few days. He could not afford to wait.

Hampton, who had been resting for a while, hurried to his feet and began bustling about.

“Sir! What shall I do?”

“You’ll go to the Kannew region of the Holy Empire Holen for approximately two weeks.”


Hampton was aware of Kannew. The Holy Empire Holen had grown around one Central Capital-officially named the Central Capital but commonly referred to as the downtown-and seven suburban capitals. Kannew was one of those seven, a planned city cultivated with a focus on culture and the arts.

“Understood, sir. I will prepare accordingly.”

“And the Transport Gates?”

While examining a map, Hampton responded,

“There is no direct gate to Kannew. However, the journey should not be difficult.”

Right then, Heira suddenly appeared from the ceiling.

“But why do you seek to visit Kannew?”

“Will you report back to Father?”

“Is it a matter that requires reporting?”

“I have informed Father already. I need to achieve the 3rd Circle within two weeks.”


“And if I fail, I shall face purging, right?”

Heira almost fell from the ceiling, her composure shaken.

“Is that conceivable?”

“That’s why we need to get moving. I’ve told you the result, but I’d rather not disclose the process.”


That settled the discussion. Heira would certainly report back, but she would convey Lasen’s word: ‘Lord Lasen prefers not to disclose the process.’ To that, Decatra would likely respond that the process is unnecessary. To him, the result was more important than the process.

At 4 am before dawn,

“Uh… uh…” As she awoke groggily, Ludia rubbed her tousled red hair. Her half-open eyes indicated she was still in dire need of sleep.

“It’s too early. I’m sleepy. So sleepy.”

For Ludia, 4 am was not a time for waking but for deep sleep. Lasen chuckled,

“The early bird catches the worm.”

“The early bird is just more tired.”

Half-dead, Ludia was dragged along by Hampton, barely able to walk.

As Lasen’s party departed, Bellatudo watched from the mansion’s rooftop.

“Decatra. Do you really think it’s possible?”

When none of his children were around, Bellatudo’s tone became more relaxed.

A return to the speech of their earliest years slipped out. Interestingly, Decatra did the same. In public, they were supreme rulers of the world, but they were also friends in their own right.

“Under normal circumstances, it would be impossible.”

“But you sent him anyway?”

“He must prove his words are not a lie.”

“And what if he fails? Will you truly kill him? He’s still your son.”

“If he fails, then I must kill him. For the crime of mocking the patriarch.”

Bellatudo narrowed his eyes and gave Decatra a sideways glance, then let out a chuckle,

“You believe it’s possible, that’s it.”


“Anyway, you still talk quite savagely.”

By now, Lasen and his group had disappeared from sight. They had left through the main gate. Bellatudo asked,

“Do you still dream of conquering the world? Do you still wish to make everyone kneel?”


“Let’s leave it. You’ve lived for nothing but that anyway. It’s strange for me to ask again now.”

Neither spoke, but they knew each other well. If they ever clashed over interests or dominion, their current friendship would be irrelevant. Then it would no longer be friends Decatra and Bellatudo but Patriarch Decatra and Patriarch Bellatudo at odds.

Bellatudo said,

“Do you know what?”


“We’ve both become too rich to wager our lives in battle.”

It wasn’t the case in their youth. They could have gambled everything in those days.

“I’ve gained Rosalyn, and you’ve gained seven children. I think that’s sufficient for me.”

“Sounds like talk from someone who’s grown weak.”

Bellatudo and Decatra lapsed into silence again. After a long pause, Bellatudo spoke,

“In our generation, will there come a day when we wage a war risking our lives?”

“Do not speak of such weakness. We were born for that very purpose. The time is just not ripe yet.”

Bellatudo knew Decatra was being truthful.

There was no war as of now, but if one were to erupt, Decatra would attack Grandel without holding back.

It had always been so since childhood. Decatra was crafted that way. Bellatudo did not attempt to change his ways.

“I don’t intend to attack Mayten first. But if Mayten strikes, I will obliterate them with all my power.”

“Good. That’s exactly what I expected.”

Decatra grinned. Yes, that’s precisely how a friend should be.

“What about it, though? Seems like Seyd’s intelligence network has dug deep, even to your doorstep. Is that okay?”

“Of course.”

“While we’ll maintain neutrality publicly, we might have to condemn you someday.”

“You do your part, and I’ll do mine.”

“That’s right.”

Bellatudo sensed that the eve of a tempest was upon them. A great storm was likely to break out in the not-too-distant future. Coming from the Swordsmanship Distinguished Family, he could sense ‘the smell of that day.’

The newly risen sun scattered all darkness and illuminated the world.

Bellatudo looked up at the clear sky.

‘The storm will surely come.’

* * *

Meanwhile, Lasen’s party arrived in the Holy Empire Holen.

Their current location was on the outskirts of the Holy Empire Holen.

From here, just three more Transport Gate trips would bring them to the suburban capital, Kannew. There was no hitch thus far. If everything went according to plan, it would take about six hours to reach Kannew.

However, a minor problem had arisen at this point.

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