Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 103

Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan

Chapter 103 of “The Youngest Son of the Magic Family”

The special privileges of the Creator manifested. The so-called special privileges of the Creator meant being able to see Cha Sung-min’s “Original Setting Collection,” read the settings of the underworld, and even add “one line” on top of that.

Rasen gained more insight into ‘Raidione, the God of Cunning and Tricks.’

[‘Raidione, the God of Cunning and Tricks’ is a relatively young god born 30,000 years ago, between Ate, the God of Wisdom, and Lane, the trickster fairy.]

This was newly discovered information.

‘I mean, seriously.’

The world Cha Sung-min created was not this complex. 30,000 years ago? He had not crafted such a story.

The author is human, and to imagine and write about something from 30,000 years ago, Cha Sung-min’s imagination was too weak.

‘But is that considered young?’

So, among gods, 30,000 years is considered a young age. He scanned the setting collection further.

[Younger gods usually tend to intervene more actively in the human world. They are full of curiosity and often take quite an interest in humans.]

The reasoning was almost absurd.

[These gods have no natural predators and live through an eternity of time. They are born with personalities similar to humans, but as time passes, their personalities nearly vanish, and they become ‘bored beings.’ Hence, they always need to find new playthings. Humans have always been an attractive subject of entertainment, simply because there is no species as unpredictable, diverse in emotions, and changeable as humans.]

Gods have everything.

They have nothing to do. So, they just live. That time is eternal. Based on the settings of this world, it seemed that way.

‘So, they’re essentially just bored?’

There might be more to it, but as far as I can tell for now, gods are bored. They enjoy meddling in the human world to relieve their boredom.

However, there seem to be some restrictions that prevent them from intervening too aggressively.

This was evident from Raidione, who craftily gave me the ‘Black Jar.’ If direct intervention was possible, she might have started by giving the ‘Black Jar.’

[The gods who have lived for an eternity usually choose to vanish themselves. They don’t have a set lifespan, but it typically takes around 300,000 years for them to disappear.]

In Rasen’s view, these beings are so well-off, they could explode from fullness.

They can’t bear the boredom, so they vanish themselves after 300,000 years. For Rasen, who is strenuously trying to surpass the demonic age of 17, this was a shocking revelation.

However, on some level, he understood. A life lived just drifting along without any goals can indeed be tiresome.

A hundred years might be enjoyable. But what if it becomes a thousand years, or ten thousand?

‘I think I get the setting of these gods.’

The setting related to gods was not created by Cha Sung-min. This means the ‘world’ for some reason has produced the configuration of ‘gods’ on its own. There was a need for gods.

[‘Raidione, the God of Cunning and Tricks,’ has taken a great interest in the character Rasen Mayton. He wanted to intervene more directly because ___ ___ ____.]

This time, the ‘one line addition’ was pretty easy. The setting collection almost gave away the answer.

Because the young god Raidione was bored and, compared to the adult gods, was looking for more active ‘fun diversions.’

Rasen was a character fit to alleviate Raidione’s boredom.

Rasen did not think too hard about it. The answer was already there.

[Because Raidione found great amusement in the way Rasen Mayton lived his life.]

Suddenly, Rasen heard a ringing in his ears.

[That’s right. Your life is interesting.]

[I really like it.]

Multiple voices spoke to him.

[I want to take you.]

It wasn’t just one person speaking; it sounded like a whisper from many people of different ages and genders.

Rasen felt dizzy. It was as if all the blood was draining from his body. Not just blood, but it felt like everything was being sucked out in a grotesque and horrifying way.

‘Something is wrong.’

It didn’t seem like it was as simple as he thought. His mind went fuzzy.

In the midst of that haziness, Rasen tried to remain conscious. He felt a lot being taken from his body, and something new entering it. Rasen had an intuition.

A new soul wants to snatch my body away. He felt like he was losing control over his body. It felt like my arm wasn’t mine, and my leg didn’t feel like mine.

‘Raidione wants to take over my body.’

Raidione was indeed demonstrating behavior befitting ‘the God of Cunning and Tricks.’

Cunning and trickery (權謀術數).

In the dictionary sense, it means ‘the strategy of using all means and methods, such as power, intrigue, slander, etc., without regard for kindness or morality to achieve an objective.’

In other words, the juvenile god Raidione seemed to want to deceive Rasen and seize the body of the character Rasen Mayton.

The nature of Raidione was neither ‘evil’ nor ‘good.’ It was simply acting for its own amusement.

[Because Raidione found great amusement in the way Rasen Mayton lived his life.]

It wasn’t very clear, but it seemed that this sentence became the driving force for ‘Raidione.’ A sort of ‘shield’ that prevented direct intervention seemed to have been broken by this sentence.

‘I’ve been used.’

I was caught off guard. Somehow, it all seemed too easy.

‘Let’s keep our minds sharp.’

I raised my fighting spirit. The spirit didn’t move properly. Although slight, I wrung it out.

I directed that energy to my head. If not properly controlled, fighting spirit is a destructive force that can damage the body. I exploded that energy near my brain.


The fighting spirit that destroys muscles. The brain is also a muscle. There was an impact on the brain. I experienced a physical pain I had never felt before, a terrifying sensation of being shattered. But thanks to that pain, I was able to regain consciousness.

I remembered.

[The plausibility has been quite elaborately corrected.]

[The power of the ‘One-time Eraser’ does not disappear.]

The One-time Eraser power. I had not used it yet. I decided to use it now. Just after regaining a moment of clarity, I used the ‘One-time Eraser’ power.

[You use the ‘One-time Eraser’ power.]

Just once.

You can erase the contents of the setting collection.

Rasen erased the one line of setting he had filled in earlier. Instantly, all pain disappeared as if by magic.

My head throbbed, but since the wrung-out fighting spirit was so minute, it didn’t seem to have done much damage.

[The elementary martial arts spell ‘Self-Recovery’ automatically applies.]

The elementary martial arts spell ‘Self-Recovery’ was aiding the healing of my body. It seemed there would be no major issues with recovery. Now was not the time to focus on recovery.

It didn’t look like there was much time left. Raidione was lying in wait for an opportunity, and the duration of the gray-tinted world was coming to an end.

‘This world is not…the original world.’

This was a new space, slightly diverging from the original world, that allowed the creation of the setting collection.

If the proper conditions were not met and time was passed idly in here, this place would eventually shatter. If this place shatters, Rasen Mayton, who exists within, will also shatter. He will be deleted from this world.

No one taught him, but Rasen intuited it. Instinctively.

Rasen quickly supplemented the contents of the setting collection.

[Because Raidione found great amusement in observing from afar and supporting ‘Rasen’s self-growth,’ which is why he feels joy.]

The world returned to normal. Rasen Mayton was not robbed of his body.

* * *

Rosalyn’s voice reached him.

“What are you thinking so hard about?”

“Nothing, nothing at all.”

Rasen’s mind was a bit chaotic. For now, he decided to head back to the Grandel House. All along the way back, he thought over and over.

‘Did Raidione truly want to take my body?’

Raidione, the God of Cunning and Tricks.

Was this god, neither good nor evil, truly wanting to seize his body?

He checked the ‘Black Jar’ that was in the subspace. He interpreted the Black Jar once more with his Providence Eye.

The interpretation was really long.

[The Black Jar]

Hephaso, the God of Blacksmithing, poured his effort into creating a jar that could contain ‘everything’ in the world.

But containing ‘everything’ was an impossible task. Hephaso devoted 300,000 years to crafting jars and encountered countless failures. The jars could not hold everything and always broke.

However, there were parts that did not always shatter, and Hephaso gathered these fragments to create the ‘Black Jar.’

The ‘Black Jar’ is stronger and has a higher retention capacity than any other jar in existence. Hephaso, although failing to contain ‘everything,’ rejoiced at being able to confine the most ferocious divine power within it, thus, he dissolved himself and imprisoned his own divine power in the Black Jar.

Ages passed, and even after all of Hephaso’s divine power had vanished, the ‘Black Jar’ did not break.

Through his own demise, Hephaso proved the greatness of the Black Jar. The newly born God of Blacksmithing, ‘Hephaist,’ inheriting Hephaso’s will, presented the relic ‘Black Jar’ of the ancient times to Ate, the God of Wisdom, who then gifted it to her child ‘Raidione.’

More time passed, and even though the divine power and mystique stored within the ‘Black Jar’ have disappeared, its strong durability still remains.

‘Wow… needless to say, it’s complicated and long.’

If I were a reader, I would have skipped such explanations and settings. But Rasen, being a character, had no choice but to read in detail.

In summary, the Black Jar was made by the past god Hephaso, and almost all of its proper functions have faded, only to be gifted to the young god Raidione. That was about it.

‘Why did he give this to me?’

Was it a meaningless gift? Probably not. The God of Cunning and Tricks is smart. Even the Creator, Cha Sung-min, should be quite nervous in its presence, given how cunning this young god is.

There must be a reason it was given, a hidden intention that needs to be understood. It’s not a fight between good and evil but a fight for personal gain. Having caught Raidione’s eye, I feel like I need to go through with it.

But it was strange. Somehow, this non-fight felt delightfully enjoyable. This feeling, experiencing it several times, being a character directly creating the world – that’s a sense of vibrancy I never felt when I was an author.

The day before arriving at Grandel House.

A new fact occurred to Rasen Mayton.

‘Wait a minute.’

The Black Jar.

I thought there was nothing more to understand about this, but maybe there was another clue.

‘Black Jar. Black Jar. Black Jar.’

I had forgotten. There was definitely a character related to the ‘Black Jar.’

It was a character who was often called by a nickname rather than a real name.

The character’s nickname was quite childish, which caused divisions among readers. He was known as ‘Prince Shovel,’ who subdued his opponents with the special ability of the ‘Black Shovel.’

Prince Shovel Ralphone.

He was one of the companions of the protagonist Kashin Seyd. In his encounter with Kashin Seyd, Prince Shovel Ralphone had said:

[If you help me find the pair to my black shovel, I’ll become a companion.]

It was a line Cha Sung-min had written thoughtlessly. He wanted to include a unique character who used a black shovel, and just any reason for him to become a companion of Kashin Seyd.

Thus, the absurd setting of finding ‘the shovel’s pair’ was added.

In fact, it was ambiguous to even call it a setting. During the novel’s progression, the plot never showed Ralphone looking for the shovel. Thinking about it now, I was embarrassingly neglectful in maintaining plausibility.

If the ‘Black Shovel’ is an artifact that pairs with the ‘Black Jar,’ there must be a relationship between the two.

‘I need to find Ralphone.’

Arriving at Grandel House, I immediately sought out the head of the family, Belatudo. It was time to check. How was such a setup prepared, what sort of deal did my father, Decatra, make with them?

‘Strangely… it keeps being fun.’

It felt like unraveling the secrets of the world one by one. But there was an unexpected person in Belatudo’s room.


The heads of both the Grandel martial family and the Mayton magic family were together. In the world Cha Sung-min created.

This was an event that had never once occurred in Cha Sung-min’s described world.

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