Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 102

Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan

As Rasen entered the shadowy space, he instantly discerned that it was not an ‘artificial dungeon’ but a simple trap designed to bind anyone inside for a certain amount of time unable to escape. Ludy was amused, marveling at her immobility. The clear truth was that this place posed no real threat to Rasen and his party. After Heyra asked whether they should assist Rosalyn outside, Rasen decided against it. They all wondered what sort of outcome the God of Trickery, Raidione, was hoping to see.

Upon entry, Rasen realized that a ‘classic tome’ did not exist here after all; if the tome was to be preserved fully intact, it would require magical temperature and humidity controls, which were absent. This space was merely a trap, nothing more. Mirang’s tail twitched, finding it fascinating that they could see the little one, referring to Rosalyn, so clearly.

Rasen, too, was surprised. Observing Rosalyn’s actions was like watching a movie unfold with every detail visible and audibly clear. That realization solidified another thought in Rasen’s mind – this was not a simple trap. Basic traps don’t incorporate such complex magic. Seeing across spaces required Sight Magic, which was not particularly difficult in itself. However, combining both Binding Magic and Sight Magic would substantially increase the complexity.

It was puzzling that there were traces of such complex magic in a place requested by the Grandel family patriarch. Rasen further contemplated how this related to the Shadow Wilderness, an area not fully conquered by humans and lacking significant resources, making it unattractive for potential exploitation. Yet, it was peculiar given that Mayton’s expedition teams have been dispatched there over the years, valuing resources and land as the three great noble houses did.

This pattern of complexity and absence of apparent resources signaled that Mayton’s expedition knowingly ignored the magic trap present. Why would they ignore it if there was no perceived value or nothing to gain? Rasen considered that there might have been an intentional reason, possibly a directive from the Mayton family head, Decatra.

Amidst Rasen’s contemplations, Mirang questioned what Rasen’s course of action would be given the situation, reminding him of a voice that offered a stark choice: enter and save others at the cost of your body or don’t and potentially achieve a sudden surge in power, a choice which solely rested on him. Rasen recognized that this was a trick, likely an illusion generated by the trap to Rosalyn.

Reaffirming his belief that the Mayton family was involved, Rasen concluded that there had probably been an agreement between the Grandel and Mayton family heads. Observing the trapped space’s sophisticated magic suggested a high-level magician at work, indicating a Grandel or elder-level power behind the design.

With the curious case of time flowing differently within the trap than outside, Rasen definitively knew his father’s influence was at play here. As time passed, Rosalyn opted to enter the trap in response to an eerie prophecy by the Purple Wraith, declaring she would repay her life’s debt as an eternal benefactor.

Laughter and banter filled the trapped space, with no perceivable threat in sight. Rasen suggested meditation, likely considering the area’s unusually friendly mana seemingly inviting healing magic.

As Rosalyn awakened her strength following her profound meditation, guided by whatever force supported her actions, the cryptic power known as The Joker emerged. Rasen realized that Rosalyn’s promise of awakening and newfound strength was only the superficial purpose. The real intention was to present Rasen with a “Black Jar,” a baffling gift from Raidione, the God of Trickery, wrapped in a cunning context befitting its giver.

The truth dawned on Rasen that the grandeur of misdirection and intrigue culminated not in Rosalyn’s awakening but in the approval and subsequent reward for his insight, earning pleasure from the divine presence of Raidione whose obscure intentions now unfurled like the opening petals of a nocturnal bloom.

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