Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 101

Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan

Mirang lifted her fingernails.

“You sound like a nameless adventurer.”

She glanced at Lasen. Her eyes were asking, ‘Should we kill him?’ Lasen silently shook his head. Mirang looked perplexed but soon turned away, as if she didn’t care anymore.

Lasen asked,

“Rozalin. What shall we do?”

The ‘Awakening Opportunity’ of ‘The Joker’ character. And the offer from ‘Leidione,’ the God of Cunning. Its implications were simple. Rozalin just needed to be guided a bit by her side to handle the situation herself.

‘After all, I know what Leidione wants.’

She hoped to see Rozalin use her own wisdom and resourcefulness to actively figure out and resolve the predicament. The only problem was that Rozalin lacked the ‘Heaven’s Eye’ and was failing to realize it.

“Are you asking me?”

“Yes. You.”


Until now, Lasen had handled things himself, but suddenly, he was asking for her opinion. Rozalin felt a slight irritation.

“You’re testing me?”

“No. It’s just that I want your opinion.”

Lasen expected her response. Leidione would likely be watching.

‘How will you assess this situation?’

Rozalin grimaced slightly.

“Even I couldn’t detect that adventurer’s presence. To think that he emerged from the shadows. He must be a powerful being, considering I couldn’t sense him at all.”

“That’s right.”

“When that man appeared, even that powerful being reacted urgently.”

“Reacted urgently?”

“He had been maintaining his invisibility well, but he suddenly started moving after revealing himself. If it wasn’t urgent, he would’ve handled the situation remaining invisible or not shown himself at all.”

Lasen nodded. Rozalin was assessing the situation quite accurately.

“What about that guy?”

The explorer who introduced himself as Duran. If an explorer had walked, there should be footprints, but there weren’t any.

“Well, he seems to be something different from beings like us.”

Duran smiled amiably, rubbing his hands together in a plot-worthy manner.

“I’m a good person.”

“First, tell us why you approached us.”

“I was diligently investigating the Shadow Wastelands when I found traces of people and came closer. I was hoping to get some information.”

“What information?”

“An ancient book containing sorcery.”

“Ah. You were looking for an old book.”

Rozalin’s eyes narrowed.

“We’ve been searching for it for quite some time.”

“Is that so? What a coincidence!”

“How long have you been looking for the ancient book?”

“I’ve been on it for about a week.”

“I see.”

Rozalin nodded, feeling Lasen gathering strength.

“Then you are my enemy.”

Rozalin bent her knees and leaped forward like an arrow. Her fist swung with fierce destructive power.


Her punch ripped through the air.

Duran stumbled and fell on his backside.

“Why, why are you doing this!”

“Getting rid of a rival over the same treasure is convenient.”

“But what’s your logic! I’m an innocent adventurer with no guilt!”

“Guilty or not isn’t the matter.”

Blue energy surged around Rozalin.

“It’s important that I want to kill you.”

Rozalin lunged at Duran again, moving quickly and smoothly, exerting little strength to minimize energy consumption, showing the fastest movement.


Her punch hit Duran’s previous position.


The parched ground cracked.

Duran grumbled,

“Damn it. You’re an obstinate girl, impervious to reason.”

“A nameless adventurer avoids a punch powered by a 3-star combat technique. Is this possible?”

“Of course, adventurers are masters of evasion.”

“Is that so?”

Rozalin smiled. It was right that they were specialists in survival and adventure, but not right now.

“You’ve been on an expedition for days, but there’s hardly any dirt on your shoes.”


“You’re deftly changing the position of your hands, planning to scatter poison from within your clothes.”

“Did you know about that?”

“No. I had no idea.”

Lasen laughed out loud inadvertently. Rozalin was the smartest Granth in plain tactics he had seen.

Lasen was aware of the subtle hand movements, but he didn’t know there was poison inside. Duran was hooked by Rozalin’s casual remark.

‘Not bad.’

Rozalin said.

“Additionally, I don’t feel any signs of life peculiar to humans.”

She felt it differently from how Lasen used the Heaven’s Eye. Lasen saw Duran’s body as hollow, whereas Rozalin sensed that there was no vitality, and something otherworldly filled the space.

Rozalin continued,

“An inorganic entity, hostile and not of this world, revealing itself at the timing of an artificial dungeon’s opening while being aware of an unpublicized ancient book.”


“Perhaps you’re a guardian of the ancient book.”

Rozalin charged at Duran, from whom purple energy rose. All his clothing turned to dust and vanished.


An explosion sounded when Rozalin’s and Duran’s fists collided.

Rozalin took three steps back.

Duran took two steps back.

Her power seemed slightly insufficient.

“Quite impressive, indeed. Yes, I am a guardian in reality. I protect the ancient book.”

Purple smoke rose. The guardian wore a human face but a body of purple energy. Lasen recognized its identity.

‘The Purple Ghost.’

It was a specter seen several times in the novels. With Rozalin’s pure power, it might be hard for her to defeat the Purple Ghost completely.

A 3-star martial artist shouldn’t fail to hunt such an entity, but it would still require bracing for serious injuries. Of course, with Mirang and Lasen himself here, it should be easy to subdue it.

It seemed Rozalin was already aware of the Purple Ghost.

“Purple Ghost.”

The Purple Ghost Duran responded,

“My real name is the Purple Ghost?”


“Regardless of what the name is, it doesn’t matter. The moment you sought the ancient book, you are fated to die.”

Rozalin and the Purple Ghost began their battle. Lasen stopped Mirang from interfering,

“Let’s just watch for a moment.”


“Do the movements of the Purple Ghost seem familiar?”


Mirang watched the Purple Ghost and realized,

“That guy uses martial arts?”

It was indeed Granth’s martial arts. Partly resembling Rozalin’s movements, but her innate physique was superior.

After all, Granth’s martial arts were designed to befit the ‘human’ body. However, the Purple Ghost seemed to wield higher combat strength.

‘Rozalin knows about the Purple Ghost.’

If so, she would know what to do next. Lasen decided to wait a bit longer.

When the battle was heated enough, Rozalin shouted irritably,

“What are you doing! Go inside and find the book.”

She had been waiting for that.

“Got it.”

Lasen and Mirang darted quickly. The Purple Ghost noticed, tried to block Lasen, but it was impossible—Rozalin was in the way.

“Where are you going? Your opponent is me.”

“I have to protect the book.”

“I know.”

Purple Ghost is born with one mission. When the mission disappears, so does the Purple Ghost.

“I’ll have to kill you for real if you don’t move, you obstinate girl.”

“Were you not trying to kill me just now?”

Rozalin felt blood boiling. A tremendous sparring partner had arrived.

She recognized that the Purple Ghost used martial arts. When confronting it, she could see what part was lacking.

“Why did you approach us?”

“Don’t try to delay with excuses.”

The Purple Ghost struggled to break through to the dark space inside.

But Rozalin was persistent. She grabbed the Purple Ghost’s waist and flung it far behind. The Purple Ghost crashed to the ground.

“It seems like you approached us with the intent of backstabbing.”

Rozalin shook her head,

‘Did Lasen not notice what I did?’

In retrospect, Lasen’s behavior was odd, even pushing the battle onto her.

‘Lasen must know something more.’

Perhaps her father had given special orders. Clearly sending this to us means Dad knows about the situation.

‘Then Father will also become fully aware of this situation.’

Despite being a doting dad, he’s still one head of the Granth seeking a successor. Rozalin thought this was an arrangement and a test by the head of the Granth family.

“The moment the book is obtained, you will disappear.”

The mission will disappear, after all. The Purple Ghost’s body slumped. No more fighting spirit could be felt, as if life itself was given up.

“Why do you live your life?”

“I was born, so I do.”

Rozalin had not thought deeply. She lives hard because she was born. She doesn’t want to die. Since she isn’t dying anyway, it’s better to live hard. That was her perspective.

“Why should I live?”

The Purple Ghost’s body wavered. It seemed to realize that it would soon perish.

“You said you live to protect the book.”

“That’s right. But what should I do if the book disappears?”

The Purple Ghost naturally disappears when its ‘mission’ of thought is gone. Rozalin asked,

“What do you want to do?”


The Purple Ghost paused. It never occurred to it what it desired.

“I haven’t thought about it.”

Protecting the book. That was the only thought. Born for it, lived for it.

“Why do you want to protect the book?”

“That’s because I was born to protect it.”

“Then keep protecting it.”

“The book seems about to pass to your friend.”

“Even so, you must respect the reason of your life.”

The ancient book hasn’t yet been perfectly transferred. The Purple Ghost is still alive. What Lasen was doing inside was unknown, but the book was still in there.

“Isn’t dying while fulfilling your mission a happy thing?”

The mission disappears because it vanishes.

Disappearing while fighting to protect the mission.

An evident difference exists. The Purple Ghost nodded,

“Now that I think about it, that might not be a bad ending.”

Fighting as hard as possible and dying trying to protect the mission seemed like an acceptable conclusion.

“I will show you my real power.”

The purple energy started surging more prominently. For a very brief moment, Rozalin felt the strength of a 5-star combatant.


Typically, amongst martial artists, a difference of 2-star energy means defeat in one-on-one combat. That was exactly the case now.

The Purple Ghost asked,

“If protecting the book is my mission, is stopping me yours?”

“That’s right. It’s the easiest way to kill you.”

“I see. Each of us in our place, doing our best.”


What looked to be a complex fight ended much more simply than expected.

“I hope you don’t lose that mindset in the future.”


The blooming purple energy began to dissipate like smoke. The 5-star strength faded to 4-star, 3-star, 2-star, 1-star, gradually weakening.


A purple light burst out.

“My mission is not to protect the book.”

The Purple Ghost dissipated bit by bit,

“My mission was to awaken a rightful descendant of the Granth.”


The disintegrating purple smoke covered Rozalin. The purple energy was absorbed by her body, not hostile energy. She felt her strength rising.

“I’m glad I could fulfill my mission.”

The voice faded,

Suddenly, the Purple Ghost was gone. Rozalin felt her combat power expanding rapidly as the Ghost’s energy was absorbed.

Her 3-star strength boiled over, seemingly enough to shatter the 4-star barrier.

‘The book… was there never one to begin with?’

The Purple Ghost. It wasn’t protecting any book. The Purple Ghost itself was the arrangement there. But the artificial dungeon exists separately.

‘Then that’s a trap?’

Rozalin coughed up blood.

She needed to meditate; otherwise, the suddenly amplified strength could destroy her organs and muscles. Rozalin had to choose.

To enter what seemed like a trap in the black space or recover right here.

That’s when a faint voice came,

“Although they have fulfilled their mission, they will have to pay the price. As rules are fair.”

A vision appeared. Lasen was surrounded by black shadows, Hey lying on the ground bleeding, and Mirang’s tail was severed.

Lasen was panting hard, blood streaming down his forearm. It was an extremely dangerous sight.

The final voice came,

“If you enter, they can survive. But your body will be destroyed. Conversely, if you don’t go in, they will die. Instead, you will instantly gain the strength of a 4-star. Perhaps even 5-star if you’re lucky. The choice is yours.”

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