Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 100

Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan

Chapter 100: The Youngest Son of the Magic Family

“Are they planning to get married?”

Lasen did not think that this question came out of nowhere. It was not just Mirang acting on her own.

‘There must have been some groundwork by Belatudo.’

Lasen was uncertain about the intent behind spreading such frivolous rumors, but it was clear that Mirang had heard something from Belatudo’s information network or from Belatudo itself.

Rosalyn’s expression tensed.

“That’s ridiculous. There seems to be a huge misunderstanding.”

“Misunderstanding? About what?”

“I don’t even see that guy as a man, let alone a potential mate.”

Ludia yawned and asked,

“Then, Lasen, do you want to marry me?”

“… “

Lasen, who had the ability of ‘Heavenly Eyes,’ could read Ludia’s true intentions. Ludia had little interest in love or marriage between men and women. It was just because she is a contractor of fire and they were close friends. If they had to spend their lifetime together, she thought it might not be so bad.

Mirang’s eyes narrowed.

“To be clear, Lasen is my male.”

While Lasen could vaguely grasp Mirang’s feelings, he was not as accurate as Ludia because Mirang currently held more power than Ludia.


Love was far from what Mirang felt in her heart.

She was filled with an intense greed, and Lasen felt he had some understanding of what that might be.

“Anyway, it seems I’ll have to carry Lasen’s child.”

Lasen’s body twitched. He looked down at the hind leg of a shapuran wild boar on the ground. Oh. Now that he thought about it, shapuran wild boar meat is said to be an excellent source of vitality.

Lasen sighed.

“I’m only fifteen.”

“And I’m six.”

Ah, that’s right. Mirang is six years old. He had momentarily forgotten that the Kinfolk and humans had such different growth rates.

“How old do I have to be to be an adult by human standards?”


That was the rule here. Once you turned twenty, you had the right to become an independent adult.

Of course, no one from the Mayten family had declared independence yet. Everyone was eyeing the position of Mayten’s successor.

In truth, there was no real reason to leave the Mayten family, one of the world’s strongest clans, at least for anyone born of the Mayten bloodline.

Mirang’s lips curled into a smile.

“Then I just need to wait five years. By then I shall conceive your child and bear the mightiest warrior.”

“If you conceive my child, the mightiest warrior will be born?”

“That’s what they say.”

It seemed the misinformation(?) spread by Belatudo was about this.

‘What are they thinking?’

Nevertheless, with five years left, Lasen decided not to think too far ahead.

The immediate concern was two years from now. In the original story, his neck would have been severed in two years. Considering his destined death in two years, contemplating five years into the future seemed overly extravagant.

“Anyway, it’s nice to meet you all. We need to head to the Shadow Wasteland.”

“I’ll lead the way. I’ve passed by that area.”

Mirang took the lead. Despite the strange happening, travelling with Mirang wasn’t a bad thing.

Mirang had grown tremendously over the past year and was a Kinfolk who had survived a battle with the Mercenary King. She was certainly going to be a big help.

Lasen, Rosalyn, Ludia, and Mirang—this party of four moved toward the Shadow Wasteland.

Mirang’s tail was swaying gently, happy to see Lasen again after a long time.

* * *

The Shadow Wasteland was a desolate area located in the western part of the Betia continent. There were no significant towns or villages nearby, which made it an abandoned place.

Hence, no teleportation gates were active and the closest port city, ‘Veronua,’ could only be reached through a teleportation gate after a ten-day walk.

While walking through an unnamed forest path, Rosalyn muttered,

“I heard only unnamed adventurers occasionally visit this wasteland. They say the Betia continent is covered with a dense network of teleportation gates, but it seems not.”

“It’s not like Mayten is overflowing with manpower and resources.”

Although humans ruled the continent, that control spanned barely 30 percent.

That 30 percent represented the protected areas, leaving 70 percent as unprotected zones. Even maintaining the protected zones as they were required more manpower and resources than were available.

Therefore, there was no need—and no reason—to construct and maintain a teleportation gate to the Shadow Wasteland.

Guided by Mirang, Lasen and his companions reached the Shadow Wasteland without much trouble.

Shadow Wasteland.

A long-abandoned place, the land was covered with dull-looking earth and gravel. Though there were cacti with sharp thorns, no other signs of life could be seen.

Viewing the wasteland, Lasen thought to himself,

‘A land of death.’

It was noon.

Although the sunlight was pouring down, the Shadow Wasteland was eerily dark. Rosalyn seemed somewhat amazed.

“The soil of Shadow Wasteland absorbs some of the light, making it significantly darker than other places.”

The boundaries were clearly defined, like a neat cut between light and dark areas. Lasen used his ‘Heavenly Eyes’ to survey the wasteland.

[Current Location: Shadow Wasteland]

[Feature: A habitat for shadow wraiths]

Invisible to the naked eye but visible through the ‘Heavenly Eyes.’

‘Shadow wraiths exist within the shadows of the cacti.’

Shadow wraiths were not particularly dangerous creatures in themselves.

They lived parasitically within the shadows of others, and without special eyes or extraordinary observation skills, it was impossible to notice the shadow wraiths.

‘Wraiths that live parasitically within others’ shadows.’

They could only survive where shadows existed and fed on those shadows. In theory, if a wraith consumed all of a shadow, its physical host would die, though such a case had never occurred because the shadow would dissipate before the wraith could finish.

Ludia shuddered.

“But, those cacti… I have a bad feeling about them. Can I blow them away?”

“Go ahead.”

There was no reason to object. A fireball materialized in Ludia’s hand and incinerated the cacti. As the cacti burned and their shadows disappeared, so did the shadow wraiths.

Mirang moved forward.

“A grimoire is said to be here, you say?”

“According to Grandel’s head.”

Mirang knew of the shadow wraiths but did not concern herself with them.

To her, it was akin to a few flies buzzing around—not worth her attention. She began to sniff around the ground like a dog, on all fours, smelling the earth.

“The smell is repulsive. It smells of rotting corpses.”

Using his ‘Heavenly Eyes,’ Lasen tried to see if there was anything he could detect that might help Rosalyn find the ‘grimoire.’

The Shadow Wasteland was vast. Even moving in a straight line would take three full days to exit.

There seemed to be no significant findings.

If Belatudo had sent their beloved only daughter here, there must be something of interest. On the third day, Lasen felt that he had found a clue.

“At midnight. Shadow wraiths are most active around that time.”

They were infesting even the smallest of shadows. Even the shadows of pebbles formed by moonlight were home to shadow wraiths. Shadows formed by the campfire, and those cast by Lasen and his companions all contained shadow wraiths.


Lasen concluded that shadow wraiths were most vigorous around this hour.

He observed the shadow wraiths at midnight. Ludia tilted her head.

“Can you see them?”


“I can’t see anything.”

“You’ll see them when your circle is higher.”

“I’m already at the third circle.”

“When you’re higher than that.”

“But you’re only second circle.”

“I can still see them.”

“Why is that?”

“Just because.”

“Oh, I see.”

Ludia was easily persuaded. Another day passed. Lasen once more observed the shadow wraiths and made a realization.

“Even though they seem to move randomly, their movements have a certain direction.”

Overall, it appeared that way. Despite seeming disorderly, viewed from a larger perspective, they moved in one particular direction. Lasen caught onto that direction.

Mirang rose to her feet.

“Which way?”

“That way.”

They had explored it during the day. Mirang headed in that direction. After crawling on the ground for a while, Mirang stopped at one spot.

“Here. The stench of rot is overwhelming?”

From the outside, there seemed to be nothing out of the ordinary. However, Lasen’s ‘Heavenly Eyes’ saw something different.

‘The aura of the shadow wraiths is amplified.’

A dark hole appeared to him.

It was a special hole that could only be interpreted through the ‘Heavenly Eyes.’ As one approached it, the energy of the shadow wraiths grew stronger. Some of them thrashed wildly, flying out of the shadow and dissolving into nothingness.

Mirang tilted her head.

“Something’s off about this place.”

She clenched her fist and slammed it down onto the ground.


A colossal explosion erupted.

Lasen was astounded. Mirang, who had grown tremendously in a year, possessed unimaginable destructive power. As she struck the ground, dirt shot up five meters high. It was as if a massive shockwave had been hammered into the earth.

Ludia was excited.

“A big hole’s opened up!”

Ludia peeked into the hole.

“There are stairs!”

Below the Shadow Wasteland, stairways existed—clearly man-made, carved out of granite, and impossible to be natural.

‘We checked here during the day.’

There had been nothing like this before. Mirang had not caught any particular scent, and neither had Rosalyn approached. Rosalyn joined them.

“It looks like an artificial dungeon.”

A dungeon created by someone with a specific purpose. If so, might the ‘grimoire’ mentioned by Belatudo truly exist within? There was only one way to find out—by going inside.

But then,

A person burst out of Lasen’s shadow.

Rosalyn’s eyes widened with shock. Honestly, she had been shocked all along. She hadn’t felt the presence of the shadow wraiths at all, barely sensing them when she pushed her martial spirit to the limit.

But Lasen displayed far greater observational skills, showing an exceptional ‘eye.’ Lasen remained calm, steadily leading toward their goal. Hence, Lasen became the natural leader of their party, and no one found this odd. To Rosalyn, this was leadership, and Lasen undoubtedly had the makings of a great leader—a stark contrast from the Lasen she knew a few years back, the infamous Mayten troublemaker.

Rosalyn had been internally marveling at Lasen for days, but she was more shocked now than ever.

‘That person is…!’

It was Heira.

‘Has she been hiding this whole time? I didn’t sense her at all?’

Heira was immediately recognized as Lasen’s power. It seemed that Lasen was not particularly surprised, almost as if he knew Heira had been hiding.

Rosalyn clenched her fist. Every time she saw Lasen, her competitive spirit flared. She did not want to lose. This competitive desire shook Rosalyn’s heart. It was different being outside the Grandel family with Lasen. Outside, Lasen seemed to be progressing far ahead.

‘I don’t want to lose.’

Her feelings were sincere. Her perception differed entirely inside and outside of the Grandel home. What she viewed from within and from the outside provided greatly different experiences.

Lasen’s ‘Heavenly Eyes’ caught an interpretation.

[Character ‘The Joker’ begins to awaken.]

At the same time, Heira, emerging from the shadow, drew a dagger. True to the ‘silent and secretive’ part, she moved quickly and brought the blade to someone’s neck.

“Who are you?”

Lasen’s group was not the only one here. Lasen turned around to see a rather naive-looking man. He appeared to be in his mid-thirties, with a frayed appearance, but his outfit suggested he was an adventurer. Lifting his hands to show he was not hostile, the man stepped back a couple of paces.

“Ah, sor-sorry, I did not mean to intrude. My name is Duran. I’m an unnamed adventurer. I was exploring the Shadow Wasteland.”

Lasen approached the man. It was a coincidence that an adventurer showed up at this particular moment, although Lasen thought the likelihood was less than 0.00001 percent. Lasen did not consider this situation an accident.

‘Something has started.’

Lasen’s ‘Heavenly Eyes’ revealed the truth. Where there should have been feet inside the man’s leather shoes, there were none, and the man’s clothes were empty.

Rosalyn walked up next to Lasen. Intriguing interpretations continued to appear in Lasen’s ‘Heavenly Eyes.’

[Character ‘The Joker’ has acquired the opportunity to awaken.]

And that was not all.

[Deity of Trickery ‘Lydione’ offers support for ‘The Joker’s’ awakening.]

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