Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan chapter 10

Episode 10: The Youngest Son of the Magic Name Family

Rasen peeled the wrappers off of chocolates.

‘What difference could there be?’

The most expensive was 300,000 gran for one, the cheapest was 100,000 gran. There was a difference of about 200,000 gran between them.


He tasted them.

Cheonan shared information with Rasen again.

[You have consumed a small amount of mana.]

Expensive ones. Cheap ones. He savored each as he ate, trying to decipher the difference. He actively utilized Cheonan.

[You have consumed a small amount of mana.]

After eating a considerable amount of chocolate, Rasen finally succeeded in his interpretation.


There was one particular chocolate that absorbed a lot of mana. It was the bitterest in taste. These were the most expensive ones.

‘Sure enough, you get what you pay for.’

Whether it’s Korea or this world, the more expensive, the better. Back in Korea, it was only a lack of money, but here, money was plentiful. Good. Very good.

He wanted to keep living this life. When again would he indulge in the luxury of spending 20 million won on chocolate?

He also tried the hard candies bought from Ludon Confectionery.

‘Of course.’

It was impossible to precisely define ‘what it was.’ However, the bitterest chocolate and the hard candies from Ludon Confectionery seemed to contain a common ingredient.

‘I don’t know what it is.’

But he could find out. Because the magical name family has power and authority.

‘All I need to know is the ingredient.’

If he knew that, he could consume mana much more easily. He touched the magic crystal ball.

“Hampton, bring the baker from Ludon Confectionery here.”

Thirty minutes later.

Rasen felt the power of authority once again.

‘Power. So damn good.’

The baker, Gadon, appeared within just thirty minutes.

That was only possible if he had traveled through a teleportation gate covering the shortest distance immediately after Hampton had moved at Rasen’s command. Gadon probably came rushing here as soon as he heard Hampton’s words, abandoning his main job entirely.

Gadon swallowed hard.


He was trembling. The notorious scoundrel of the magical name family had summoned him.

‘Did something improper get into the candies?’

That scoundrel, who had even beaten up the six-year-old only daughter of the martial arts name family. If he could do that to the only daughter of the martial arts name family, he might just quietly kill an insignificant person like Gadon. His heart raced. Cold sweat ran down his face.

‘Please…! Let it be nothing. Please.’

Of all people, it had to be the scoundrel Rasen Mayten. What rotten luck.

Then Rasen Mayten spoke.

“What did you put in the hard candies?”

In fact, Rasen Mayten was a little uncomfortable too. Just a glance, and one could tell that the baker was in his forties—definitely older than Cha Sungmin by at least a decade. Nevertheless, Rasen had no intention of choosing the hard way over the easy one. This was the straightforward path.

“Th-that is…”

Gadon was scared. How could he not be, when asked what was in them?

“Tell me everything, without leaving anything out.”

“Apologies. My mistake was…”

“Not that, the recipe.”

“Ah, ah! The recipe!”

Gadon spewed out the recipe for the hard candies. It wasn’t exactly top-secret information, and even if it were, it would be far preferable to meeting his death over it.

Sugar from the Dorothy region.

Two tablespoons of Millennial Grass powder.

Corn syrup.

Gadon listed all the ingredients and the process for making the hard candies.

“Is that everything?”

“Yes, yes! That is all there is, I assure you.”

Rasen Mayten’s mood improved. In his hand, he held ‘Berden Mountain chocolate,’ and now he had confirmed that it contained ‘Millennial Grass.’

‘Millennial Grass.’

Eating it allows one to absorb mana. Rasen opened a subspace pocket. Even without training, his prodigal talent from the Mayten family made it easy to cast magic to open subspace.


Rasen threw a coin to Gadon. Gadon’s eyes widened.

‘Is, is this… a gold gran?’

It was worth a staggering one million gran. Gadon couldn’t refuse. Refusal was frightening. He was simply grateful to accept what was given, and if nothing came his way, he would just leave without fuss.

Suddenly, a blunt voice came through.

“Not enough?”

“No, no! It’s more than enough!”

Gadon was sincere. The recipe wasn’t a secret. It was already widely known. One million gran for it was extravagant, but it was a delightful and appreciated extravagance. He’d welcome this kind of spending any day.

“What are you doing? You can go.”

“Th-th-thank you!”

When summoned, he had thought it was the end for him, yet he ended up with a gold gran.

‘What a windfall!’

Gadon bowed deeply.

“Please continue to favor Ludon Confectionery in the future!”

Rasen waved his hand dismissively, as if annoyed.

Gadon was filled with warmth. Maybe the rumors about this troublemaker were exaggerated. After all, rumors have a way of being distorted.

‘A troublemaker who spends lavishly is a good troublemaker, right.’

Gadon returned with a happy heart.

Rasen also felt good in his own way. In reality, he had just forcefully summoned a working man and blackmailed him into revealing his recipe. Yet the man happily grinned and thanked him. That was a genuine expression of joy from the baker.

No matter how you slice it.

‘The position of a troublemaker. It’s nice, isn’t it…?’

Rasen ordered Hampton to gather a lot of Millennial Grass. Hampton, without objection, immediately carried out the instruction.

Hampton was pleased.

‘This, combined with the Decennial and Centennial Grass, can create a paralysis poison. Of course, the young master must be aware of this for issuing such an order.’

In his role as a poisoner, he felt excited to be able to serve the young master like this. Though Rasen did not order it, Hampton planned to prepare a large batch of paralysis poison.

* * *

The Annex of Leaves.

Noah, the mage who managed this training annex, had become very busy lately. People from the main house were coming down frequently.

“Yes. Exactly as I told you.”

Many people sought to discern the exact nature of the Seventh Prince’s actions. So, Noah simply told the truth. The Seventh Prince is definitely a troublemaker, yet, he carries the bloodline of the Mayten family. Therefore, Noah communicated without inserting any personal emotion—any slip up due to emotion could lead to uncontrollable consequences.

Noah mentioned only two facts.

[‘He blew up the mushroom monsters using martial magic.’]

[‘He overcame the side effects of martial magic with a healing spell called “Into the Arms of Mana.”‘]

He stated just these two facts.

Soon after, Noah learned why people from the main house were so active.

‘Insane. He beat up the Sixth Prince?’

It was like a repeat of the previous year. Back then, he pummeled the only daughter of the Grandel martial arts family, and now, he was said to have attacked his own brother.

‘So that’s why they were so active.’

Capturing the black mushroom monster didn’t seem to be the main focus. While investigating how he had managed to beat the Sixth Prince, they must have also learned about the black mushroom monster.

He discussed this issue with the healing mage Baruru, who resided on the second floor.

“Yeah. I heard the Sixth Prince was knocked unconscious.”

“Isn’t Sixth Prince’s specialty water elemental magic?”


“Water elements are known for their defensive capabilities.”


Noah eventually came to a conclusion.

“Did he experience mana turbulence?”

The moment before manifesting magic is the most dangerous. If shocked at that moment, mana can explode within the body. This is known as ‘mana turbulence.’ For an eleven-year-old mage, it is extremely perilous.

Healing mage Baruru lowered his voice.

“That’s why people from the main house keep coming down.”


“At first, they thought it was mana turbulence.”

He glanced around. Lowering his voice further, he continued.

“But it might not have been that.”

“Then what?”

“He just got beaten up.”

“But knocked unconscious? I heard he even coughed up blood.”

“That’s why the main house is moving! Without mana turbulence, a pure show of martial magic incapacitated a water element magician to that extent. A nine-year-old who hasn’t even undergone the ten-year ceremony.”


“Just think. He beat him up even before the mana activation took place.”

How fast did he have to be to do that?

Mages, in general, are not that quick. They compensate for speed with mobility spells like ‘warp’ or ‘blink,’ but a nine-year-old mage can’t use them.

“He really went in with clear intent. Premeditated.”

Noah shivered.

“That must be it.”

Never get on the wrong side of a troublemaker.

“I had no idea he had that level of skill.”

“That’s what I’m saying. Maybe he wasn’t just a simple troublemaker after all.”

“But martial magic grows quickly at first, yet has a clear limit, right?”


It’s easily learned and grows quickly, but it has a clear ceiling. One cannot become stronger beyond a certain level. It cannot surpass the Grandel martial arts family. Additionally, if martial magic is the primary focus, it becomes a hindrance in operating other elemental magics. Thus, it’s an abandoned discipline that nobody studies.

“And yet he knows this all too well. But he still took that risky move. What could the reason be?”

“Maybe it’s just childish impulsiveness.”

“Perhaps, but I keep thinking it might be something else.”

“Don’t you think you’re reading too much into it?”

“It’s better to be cautious. You never know with people, so stay on your guard.”

“Naturally. The upcoming decennial celebration should be quite a sight to see.”

At the same time.

Rasen Mayten chewed on a fruit of the Millennial Grass.

[You have consumed a small amount of mana.]


It provides mana but is low in calories.

‘I shouldn’t eat too much at a time in case of side effects.’

There’s no rush. Rasen’s goal isn’t to be the first but rather third. His aim is to fulfill a reasonable existence until he can become independent at twenty. Therefore, proceeding safely and slowly is the right approach.

He focused on ‘Cheonan.’

[You have successfully ‘assimilated’ a small amount of mana.]

[A small amount of mana has moved to your heart.]

[‘The Ring of the Heart’ becomes slightly sturdier.]

It worked again.

All over his body, within these jiggling layers of fat, ‘mana’ was coagulating. For nearly ten years, the mana within the Berden Mountain chocolate he had been eating had dissolved in his ‘fat.’ And when that mana gathered at the heart, it generated heat and energy, burning away the calories from the fat. In the process, mana was condensed, and a slimming effect occurred.

‘If I increase the mana, Cheonan’s usage time will also increase.’

This allowed learning mental arts from the library.

‘With mental arts, I could use mana much more efficiently.’

And potentially grow much faster than now.

Five days passed.

Once enough mana accumulated, Rasen read—or rather, deciphered through Cheonan—’Elementary Magic: An Introductory Guide’ borrowed from the library. And Rasen was indeed successful.

‘I’ve done it.’

[You have fully deciphered the content of ‘Elementary Magic: An Introductory Guide’.]

[‘Cheonan’ has perfectly absorbed the contents of ‘Elementary Magic: An Introductory Guide’.]

He had simply read a book, and yet he had absorbed all of its content. At the same time, a new message appeared.

‘Huh? What’s this now?’

[A provision from the great sage Alberto has been created.]

[Hidden pages are revealed.]

At that moment, hanging upside down from the ceiling, Hera witnessed it all. Currently, even as Rasen was using Cheonan, he couldn’t see Hera’s figure.

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