Why I Quit Being the Demon King Chapter 88

Why I Quit Being the Demon King

Crossing the Land of Giants (4)

“Why would you go there, is there something to see?”

“For the heroes, Seonghwangcheong is like the headquarters of the world.”

“How long will you be staying?”

“Looks like about a month.”

“What were their names again?”

“The girl is Signy, and the boy is Regin.”

Yulgeum added from the side.

“You ask quickly.”

“Is that so? Well, I’m not going to meddle in their lives anyway…”

“Both consider Lord Deus a benefactor. They’re studying hard and aiming to become great heroes to help Lord Deus.”

“The exploitation ends with you. I’m the one who paid the salary. Whatever you do with that money, that’s your doing, so don’t affiliate it with me.”

“You’re getting shy again.”

At Zeke’s words, Deus hardened his expression slightly.


“I’ll be back then!”

Zeke dashed off with a beaming smile, climbing the ridge.

Sadimus followed him like a ghost, and this time the butler Skatul also took off with his right wing unfolded.

A party of a hero, a black magician, and a magical warrior.

Three versus 20 giants!

But the power overflowed on Zeke’s side.

Darkness fell, and lightning tore through the earth.

Zeke’s sturdy shield fended off the enemy’s attacks like an indestructible fortress.

His strength wasn’t simply explained by good equipment; there was something more.

Sadimus called it courage. Despite the giant’s crushing force that made you tilt your head back to look up, Zeke did not retreat.

Instead, he counterattacked, detonating magic and drawing attention.

While Sadimus’ terrifying magic ravaged the enemy, Zeke attacked even more vigorously.

In the gaps between Sadimus and Zeke, Skatul moved like a shadow.

There were many blind spots in the darkness Sadimus created.

Like a dense forest, Skatul the fairy used his invisibility to conceal himself.

By the time the giant sensed his presence, the blade was already at his lifeline.

The giants tumbling down from the watchtower were cleared away in a mere ten minutes.

Escape was impossible.

Deus disposed of their corpses in one go.

“Take what you need, discard what you don’t.”

The party decided to move their camp to the watchtower and spend the night.

The watchtower erected by the giants was like a camping tent for humans.

But to humans, it seemed closer to a castle.

The hastily constructed pillars were like 4-meter-tall trees.

The most enormous of the skins of beasts sewn together as tent cloth, had a breadth of 20 meters.

The watchtower was shielded from the rough wind blowing from the mountain to the sea, making the interior quite cozy.

Apart from a slightly foul smell, they barely felt the discomfort of a makeshift camp.

“How much is all this worth?”

“Seems like a little over half a gold coin.”

“A tidy sum.”

Looking at the remnants of the giants organized by Skatul, Deus was visibly pleased.

“If each party of two could earn half a gold coin, then just clearing twenty groups would amount to 10 gold coins. That seems doable.”

Yulgeum interrupted Deus’ calculations.

“Do it yourself, then. Look at young Zeke.”

Zeke was currently dozing off, sitting by the campfire.

“The soup’s going to burn.”

“Are you more concerned about the soup than the pitiful sight in front of you?”

“I’ve cast a healing spell on him, right? That means all his injuries are healed. He’ll recover his stamina after a good night’s sleep. He’s 14; if his finger gets cut, it’ll regrow.”

“That’s not true! At least fight alongside me from tomorrow. Attacking the watchtower would have sent word to the Mountain Giants by now.”

“It’s just a giant. They’re not even a nation, at most just a tribe of a thousand or two, right?”

“What if a thousand of them decide to attack all at once?”

“I guess I’ll earn 100 gold coins.”

“You really are…!”

Yulgeum was just about to express his anger when the ground shook.

It was a minute tremor, but everyone there felt it.

Similar to an earthquake, Zeke also woke up startled.

“Huh? What!”

“The soup’s burning.”


Zeke quickly stirred the soup from the bottom of the pot.

“What was that?”

“An earthquake, I suppose.”


“Yeah, don’t they happen rarely here?”

Responding to Deus’ comment, Yulgeum replied.

“Earthquakes are extremely rare on the Horsey continent. To feel it from such a distance, it must’ve been a big one.”

“Where’s the epicenter?”

Yulgeum began to jot something down, calculating in response to Deus’ question.

“It’s about… 700 kilometers to the southwest? Somewhere in the central Horsey mountain range? It won’t be too far from Seonghwangcheong.”


Zeke looked at Yulgeum with a concerned face.

“Yes. Oh, Zeke’s siblings are at Seonghwangcheong, right?”


“They’ll be fine. Seonghwangcheong’s buildings are massive stone constructions. They won’t suffer damage from an ordinary earthquake.”

“That’s reassuring, right?”

“Should we head towards Seonghwangcheong if you’re worried?”

“No, I have a duty to fulfill right now.”

Though his words seemed fine, his expression betrayed his concern.

“What’s the shortest distance from here to Seonghwangcheong?”

When Deus casually asked, Zeke quickly dismissed the idea.

“It’s really okay.”

At the same time, Skatul spoke.

“Passing through Evils Wall and crossing the northern plains is the quickest way. However, that’s the territory of the giants and comes with its dangers.”

“That settled, we’ll take care of it. Let’s eat and set off immediately.”

Once Deus decided, who could object?

After replenishing their energy with the hearty soup, the party promptly headed towards Evils Wall to the west.

Evils Wall began to appear in the distance.

Originally, this land was known as the Ground End Fortress.

Between the coastline and the mountain range’s cliffs, a mere few meters wide gorge was fortified with a solid wall.

The last land of humans and the first land of giants.

That’s Ground End.

500 years ago, humans faced a devastating defeat in the war against the giants.

The fortress built by humans had ironically become a wall, aiding the giants instead.

Evils Wall’s grand entrance was replaced with a hefty tree trunk gate crafted by the giants.

For humans to attack the giant’s realm, they first had to breach this wooden barrier.

As the enormous wall came into sight, Deus stood up.

“Butler, maintain full speed.”

“Yes, Master.”

Skatul cracked the whip on the carriage. Clinging to the jolting carriage, Zeke glanced at Deus.

His hand began to gather a damp darkness.

The remaining distance to the gate was only about 100 meters.

Given the carriage’s speed, in 2-3 seconds they would crash into the wall and become a bloody pulp.

Exactly then, a black storm erupted from Deus’ hand.

The gate and the surrounding wall were pulverized into dust for tens of meters in every direction.

Not a speck of the wooden wreckage was left behind. The giants who were on lookout at the wall had disappeared without trace.

The impregnable fortress which stood for 500 years, with countless blood spilt, was now effortlessly breached by a single carriage and one person.

The carriage continued its relentless advance.

The path made by the giants’ footsteps was as smooth as the human trade routes, adequately flat for the carriage to speed on.

They encountered giants from time to time, but Sadimus’ magic struck them down in a single blow.

Regretting the lost revenue more than anything, their acceleration did not falter once.

As dawn approached, the group faced a massive river obstruction.

Flowing from a great distance, they could already hear the violent sound of rapids scouring the valley.

“It’s the Tigris River!”

Skatul shouted from the driver’s seat.

“What’s that?”

“We’ve escaped the giant’s territory. Crossing that river means no more giants will follow us.”

“Then let’s cross.”

“With the carriage?”

“It’s impossible. The deeper parts of the river are 20 meters deep. Even the giants can’t cross and have been unable to advance further.”

“No choice then. Sadimus.”


“This adventure’s earnings are a bust.”


Seated in the servant’s sect, Sadimus cocked his head at Deus’ unexpected remark.

“Always requires a lot of hand-holding, our hero.”

Mumbling complaints, Deus regarded Sadimus again.

“You’re confident in your magical powers, right?”

“Not something to boast about in front of you, Master.”

“Can you make a 20-meter giant?”


“Since we have the materials.”

The carriage’s roof rack was loaded with the bones of about thirty giants that had been harvested and gathered.

Mostly thigh bones, and putting them together at best, would only yield a pair of legs about 20 meters long, but it would suffice.

“Try attaching legs to the carriage.”

“I’ll give it a try.”

“If it falls and gets swept away by the current, you’re already dead, but in any case, you’re dead to me.”

Sadimus firmed his face.

The lunatic’s method of killing the dead aroused a bit of curiosity, but he had no intention to test it.

Reaching the riverbank, the carriage halted.

Sadimus turned around to look back.

A few giants from a nearby village had spotted the carriage and were giving chase.

The missing joint bones could be supplemented from there.

Sadimus reached out, snatching their frail lives and extracting bones from the corpses.

With the thigh bones on hand and new joints, he began to construct giant legs.

Meanwhile, Skatul released the horses’ reins and pushed them into the water.

Thanks to a spell that made them forget their fear, the horses bravely swam across the river, reaching the other bank first.

The 20-meter legs posed a formidable challenge even for Sadimus.

Taking about five minutes, he crafted myriad spells to create the giant’s legs and prepare the carriage.

Zeke was simply amazed by Sadimus’ magic.

Where else could one witness such incredible magic?

The carriage walked into the river on its own.

The carriage swayed in the powerful current of the Tigris River, but the legs of the giant successfully crossed it fully.

At the last moment, the legs tilted about to fall into the water, and half of the carriage plunged in.

The bones of the giant were shattered and swept away by the current, and Sadimus summoned his last magic to push the carriage to shallower waters.

Skatul summoned the horses that had already crossed. With the horses’ help, both magicians managed to push the carriage back up the riverbank.

A collective sigh escaped the group.

Dozens of giants had gathered on the opposite bank of the river.

They threw rocks in attempt, but the breadth of the river spanned a kilometer.

As strong as giants might be, the thrown rocks only traveled about a hundred meters.

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