Why I Quit Being the Demon King Chapter 86

Why I Quit Being the Demon King

Chapter 20. Passing the Land of Giants (2)

That fool Zeke was currently being summoned to the lord of Zorik’s estate. The title of Count Mondanu von Zorik, the lord of Zorik’s Castle, was that of an earl. He was the master of a large demesne and also of tens of thousands of vassals. Gellon, the location of Zorik’s Castle, was a vast country at the eastern edge of the Horsche continent, always prosperous with its wide plains and numerous lakes. Although there were many countries on the Horsche continent, there was no war between them—only the occasional disturbances caused by monsters and bandits.

“Zeke Van Holibiche.”

“Yes, my lord.”

“I’ve been hearing much about your recent exploits.”

The terrace of the palace’s spire where the lord had welcomed Zeke was prepared with a round table bearing refreshments. Four musicians played a soft tune, and several notable individuals of the castle were in attendance—a social gathering of the castle. Zeke had been invited to an assembly of nobles, the likes of which even his ancestors had not attended.

“Investigators from the Sun Emperor’s Hall have been singing your praises as well.”

“Those are kind words, my lord. I believe they favor me so generously out of sympathy, as I live alone without my parents.”

As Zeke said this, he glanced around at the others. They were all dignitaries of Zorik’s Castle, such as the head of a trading company or a baron who commanded a knight’s order, and Kanadin, the head of the Holyoak family. Until not long ago, he would not have imagined sitting among these people, having only done odd jobs in their shops or served as a squire to one of their knights.

“The Sun Emperor’s investigator is currently in Forbes Village due to the undead you fought.”

Following the lord, Kanadin of the Holyoak family spoke, “It seems you and my daughter had a fierce battle together. Lexia thinks very highly of you.”

“Thanks to senior Lexia, I just barely made it back alive,” replied Zeke, to which Kanadin responded with a wry smile.

“I had no idea such an outbreak of undead would occur within our domain. Those damned corpses are always a nuisance. Hence, I keep telling them to adhere strictly to the funeral rites, but those fools…”

Upon Earl Mondanu’s remark, the captain of the knights chimed in, “I shall issue a new decree. Any funerals that do not comply with the Sun Emperor’s Hall’s procedures will be deemed illegal and punished accordingly.”

“That’s the way to do it. How can people sleep peacefully at night with corpses walking around?” the lord said and then turned to Zeke. “But tell me, Zeke, who would you say has been the greatest help to you in reaching this point of development?”

Before Zeke could answer, Kanadin spoke up, “Surely it is you, my lord. None of us living in Zorik’s Castle could survive a moment without your lordship’s grace.”

Zeke quickly added, “Just as Kanadin said, I would not have survived a single day without your care, my lord.”

“I’m glad to know that. Now, I have a task for you… Would you investigate the walls of Evils Wall, the fortress of the wicked?”

Zeke looked at Kanadin with a startled expression, who pretended not to notice and remained impassive.

“The fortress of the wicked… you mean, the place to the north?”

“Yes. As you know, that place was originally the northern boundary of our Kingdom of Gellon. It was the perfect barrier and the last bastion against the giants of Horschesthine, but fell to the giants about 500 years ago after a war. Recently, the ruler of Gellon has decided to reclaim Evils Wall. Thus, they’ve commanded Zorik’s Castle, the nearest estate, to assess the situation.”

“That’s the task you’re giving me?”

“That’s right. Of course, I won’t ask you to do it alone. Here’s 10 gold coins to hire the necessary people and gather supplies. Create a proper map and investigate how the enemies are positioned. If you carry out the mission faithfully, an additional 10 gold coins, along with a royal coffer, will be your reward.”

The sum of 20 gold coins was certainly not insignificant—it was the amount a high-ranking official in a place like Zorik’s Castle would have to work two years to earn. Plus, it was a command from the lord; the polite tone didn’t change the fact that refusal was not an option.

“I understand. I will do my best to accomplish the task you’ve entrusted to me.”

The tea party continued for another hour after Zeke’s new mission was assigned, with many stories exchanged. Some were interested in Zeke and his guardian Deus, but the conversation eventually shifted to incomprehensible court politics for Zeke.

After the meeting dispersed, only Earl Mondanu and Kanadin von Holyoak remained on the now-empty terrace. Mondanu sipped his tea and spat it out onto the ground, for it had grown too cold.

Watching the tea spill, Kanadin shared a glance with his friend, “It’s neither worth swallowing nor throwing away.”

“Indeed so,” agreed Mondanu.

“Is it too burdensome to keep him?”

“Had it been last year, it might have been possible, but he has grown too much now. His aptitude as a warrior surpasses that of my own daughter.”

“Perhaps it’s the absorption…” Kanadin made a self-deprecating comment, “He’s not yet Zero Generation. The grade he achieves with the next generation will be the foundation for the next century. But, if the next generation yields such results, it would be difficult for the Holyoak family to establish itself as the greatest family of warriors in Zorik’s Castle.”

“Don’t be too disheartened. The young lady is also growing significantly. Perhaps she can rise to Grade G again.”

“I hope so too, but… The movements of the Sun Emperor’s Hall have been unusual. They’ve begun to pay attention to the Holibiche family. The investigator has been in the castle for months showing continuous interest in Zeke. Rumors are circulating that they might try to take him to be a Temple Knight.”

“That’s why you’ve given Zeke this task, right? If he does well, we’ll promote him to be a knight of Zorik’s Castle or, if not, we might transfer the Holibiche family to the Kingdom of Gellon.”

Sending Zeke to Evils Wall was Kanadin’s idea.

“I thought it was trivial… but fortune has come knocking next door!”

“Don’t worry. Though only gods can bestow a hero, within these walls of Zorik’s Castle, I am the king. As I am your friend, no harm will come to the Holyoak family on my watch.”

Kanadin bowed to Mondanu.

“I’m always indebted to you.”

Mondanu placed a hand on his friend’s shoulder. “Ah, petit bourgeois.”

Deus laughed at his own words, and Zeke looked puzzled. “What’s that?”

“A lesser noble. Or should I say a noble’s dog?”

“Don’t mock me. I merely responded to the lord’s summons as his vassal.”

“So, what favor have you garnered in return?”

Zeke sighed and pulled a pouch of 10 gold coins from his pocket. “Initial payment… an additional 10 gold coins as a reward upon successful completion.”

“That’s a serious offer.”

“My task is to bring back a report from Evils Wall.”

“The lord personally gave you the mission?”


“You’ve climbed the ranks.”

“It’s not that simple. Evils Wall is currently in the territory of giants.”

“The giants have territory?”

“The deep parts of Horschesthine are the land of giants. Evils Wall was a human fortress at the place where Horschesthine meets the sea. To be precise, it was a fortress.”

“They want it back, then.”


“And you’re to scout ahead.”

“That’s about the size of it.”

“Well, if you’re ordered to, you must obey.”

“Will you help?”

“If you want to go alone, then go alone.”

“Please assist me.”

Zeke bowed his head. “Fine, consider it a mission for our party. It appears to be an opportunity to raise our fame. Let’s gather everyone and set off.”

Laden with cargo, Zeke and his fellow adventurers, unlike a traditional party of warriors, knights, magicians, and healers, set off from Zorik’s Castle. Consisting of the butler Skartull, the servant Sadimus, the trader Deus, and the supposedly white mage Yulgum, none of them were particularly rushed.

They switched out the cargo for a passenger wagon. With an official mission from the lord, there was no need to ride in a mere cargo wagon. Skartull and Zeke took their places on the driver’s bench, and Sadimus stood at the servants’ seat at the back of the carriage.

The horses briskly pulled the carriage northwestward. The journey to Evils Wall would take a full five days. As they left the suburbs, Yulgum asked, “Aren’t you going to visit your family home?”


“I’ve heard some worrying news.”

“Forget it. That bastard’s probably still alive. Just why it has to be him bothers me.”

“The King of Flames and Truth?”

“The others only heard a different story from their conversation. Yes, the Io Volcano we visited belonged to him too.”

“Then… does it have something to do with meeting Sir Gyo there?”

“It must be connected. He lured the third one. Let’s leave the remaining seven be and see what they do up to their death. Just posturing to the Demon King, maybe.”

With Yulgum’s comment, their conversation ended. Over five days, the trails got rougher—the northern coast along the Horschesthine was mostly barren of settlements due to frequent giant sightings.

The fall of Evils Wall greatly impacted this. Should the Kingdom of Gellon successfully reestablish a fortress there, it would regain dozens of kilometers of coastal land stretching west from Zorik’s Castle.

The party halted on a beach still a significant distance from the fortress upon spotting a group of giants.


“Yes, Deus.”

“What should we do?”

“You’re asking me…”

“Do you want to charge in? Or shall I throw you in?”

“To that place?”

“Where there are ten giants gathered?”

“You’ve fought dragons. Someone of your caliber should handle ten giants alone.”

“I’m hardly of such caliber.”

“Fine, I’ll be generous. Take the servant with you.”


“What, is he too weak for you?”

“No way! He’s just…”

“Then off you go!”

At Deus’s command, Zeke heaved a heavy sigh and began to plod forward with Sadimus shadowing him.

After they had left, Skartull inquired, “Will we wait here?”

“It seems we must, butler.”

“Yes, my lord.”

“Fancy a cup of tea?”

“I’ll prepare it.”

With everything in order, the group set out for Evils Wall, unsure of the fate that awaited them.

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