Why I Quit Being the Demon King Chapter 85

Why I Quit Being the Demon King

Passing through the Land of Giants (1)

“Is it confirmed that it’s a double-digit number? Couldn’t the investigation device have malfunctioned?”

“Then how would you explain someone over 14 years of age surpassing G-rank?”

“That’s true.”

“Heroes with double-digit numbers are special. We will persuade him to join and raise him as a knight of Lion’s Castle.”

“Hmm… But isn’t he growing fast enough already? I heard he was just a contracted worker not long ago.”

“That’s right. His abilities are blossoming now that he is receiving appropriate support.”

“Then the ones with him now, they aren’t ordinary either, are they?”

“That’s true.”

“Wouldn’t it be difficult to extract him? If it were the zeroth generation, we could just receive an oracle and designate him as the last one, but there’s no justification for that now.”

Cadenza’s expression hardened.

“Oh, have I struck a nerve?”

“The gods will surely place him where he is meant to be.”

Oridon let Cadenza’s words fall on deaf ears as he looked around.

Zeke van Hollebiche, the one who survived the dreadful curse of Sadimus.

He was undoubtedly an interesting being.

“Alright, Scorpion Seat Oridon will also assist you. Aren’t you pleased to have the friendship of Cadenza from Libra Seat?”

“I refuse.”

“You cannot refuse a refusal.”

Cadenza sighed again.

“I wonder why Holy Court sent you here.”

“Ha, I’ll take that as a compliment.”

Zeke’s wake-up time was nearing 8 AM.

He had no luxury of waking up early to prepare. His lessons in swordsmanship and magic with Scartull often lasted past 3 AM.

He quickly washed and prepared, arriving at the store around 8:30 AM to clean.

Keeping busy in the morning, Deus would stumble out around 10 or 11 AM.

Of course, he never worked. He annoyed people over trivial matters and quickly left to drink tea.

Meanwhile, Zeke spent lunchtime eating simple rice balls, and soon attended the grueling magic lessons of Sadimus.

“Today’s lesson is ordered to focus on impactful magic… Dark Nova. It’s a spell that causes an explosion of darkness, sending out razor-sharp fragments.”

“Yes, sir!”

“Normally, we’d be teaching dark magic basics slowly from the ground up. Learning just the addition and subtraction of mana would already take a full year.”

“Can I learn the difficult aspects without the basics?”

“Hmm, if your pureblood percentage is indeed over 10 percent, you might. Pureblood percentage is essentially the concentration of combat techniques passed down through a hero’s bloodline. It means 10 percent of all combat techniques the first hero learned are lingering in your blood.”

“Ten percent seems rather ambiguous.”

“To inherit one-tenth of the countless combat techniques amassed over a lifetime by one who defeated the Demon Lord without any effort and you find it vague?”


“The special thing about the last one is that they’ve faced the Demon Lord. Heroes grow faster near the Demon Lord because the challenge is greater, inspiring more determination to overcome the hardships.”

“I see.”

“It is known that only when you surpass 10 percent pureblood can you access all the hero’s combat techniques. At 9 percent, you’d miss a technique or two, usually the hero’s ultimate enlightenment. It’s common sense in the world of heroes that a 9 percent pureblood hero will never match a 10 percent one.”

Musing silently, Zeke received further explanation from Sadimus.

“You’re the heir to an incredible legacy.”

“Ha, there must be some mistake.”

“Perhaps. A two-digit pureblood percentage has never been seen in the fourth generation, not once in 666 centuries.”

“Is that so?”

“Anyhow, you’ll be able to learn. Try forming a mana ring.”


While Zeke underwent an 18-hour marathon of training, the Demon Lord Deus idealized the very definition of loafing around.

“Just seeing that face is enough to become tedious.”

“Even though you say that, you’ve become accustomed to tea with me, haven’t you?”

To Eulyum’s words, Deus snorted.

But his remark wasn’t entirely wrong.

Somehow it had become natural, and around this time, he would have usually gone to summon Eulyum.

Maybe he had done so because there were no suitable companions to be found.

Wearing a human mask, only superficial conversations were possible.

As a Demon Lord, Eulyum was the only one he could truly talk to.

“Bored again?”

“Is that how I look? I’m bored, please entertain me, Master.”

“Master? Anyway, it’s true I have nothing to do.”

“Has there been no progress since your last trip to the demon realm?”

“Yes. The brat Alex has concealed his tracks and is hiding beyond my reach.”

“Even the Demon Lord cannot do anything about a demon of the Seven Dukes hiding?”

“That applies to you as well, doesn’t it? Your subordinates have even established their own kingdom.”

“You ruthlessly strike where it hurts. You’re too aggressive. We both know you’re strong enough without that.”

“Should the Demon Lord be mild? Only when something is destroyed or exploded do I feel relief.”

“Well, there’s that but…”

“Instead of just watching from across the river, why don’t you come up with something useful? Alex and Darosh, those two went into hiding. It’s not like it’s a crisis for the world, is it?”

“Is it?”

“Who knows what they’ll get up to. Like when your people spread poison and made mad dragons.”

“More fundamentally… What should the demons do in the absence of the Demon Lord?”

“What do you mean?”

“War is coming in 20 years. The demon world must attack the human realm. But what if there’s no Demon Lord? Who will face the hero?”

“Who cares?”



“If the Demon Lord is absent, they won’t invade the human world. The demon world is focused on nurturing a new Demon Lord. It takes 80 years just to create a source of energy called the Demon Spirit, similar to your dragon hearts.”

“So there won’t be an attack from the demon world to the human realm this century?”

“I guess not? Not as long as I’m here.”

“Could the demons be anxious about that?”

“Could that anxiety lead them to play dead and hatch some plan?”

“If beings like the Seven Dukes are doing something inexplicable, perhaps there’s a significant motive?”


“Then that’s where the solution lies.”

“The solution?”

“A way to bring back Alex and Darosh.”

“How? Ah!”

“If you go back and assume the role of the Demon Lord, they will crawl out of their graves, right?”

Silent, Deus brought the teacup to his lips.

“Making a mountain out of a molehill?”

“Yes, exactly.”

“Should I abandon the Demon Spirit? Get someone else to take over as the Demon Lord?”

“Can you bear it?”


“Without the Demon Spirit, you’ll be nothing. Stronger than an average human, sure, but much weaker than the Seven Dukes?”

“I know how big my capacity is.”

“Would you really give it up?”

“Just a thought.”

“If you really intend to give it up…?”


“No, let’s stop there. It’s a meaningless hypothesis.”

“Meaningless hypothesis? That’s it!”

With renewed interest, Deus brightened up.

“Why are you suddenly so happy?”

“That’s a good idea. Wretched woman, you’ve finally been useful.”

“It’s harsh to say it’s the first time. I reckon I’ve been helpful in one way or another before.”

“Don’t dwell on the past so much.”

“So, what are you planning to do?”

“I’ll return as the Demon Lord.”


“Pretending should be enough to make them emerge.”

“Well, they would, 20 years from now when you lead the demon world army to invade Earth.”

“Ah, does it take that long?”

“Once doubt sets in, it takes much more effort to change one’s mind.”

“That seemed like a good idea.”

“Even so, seriously consider returning.”

“Does my presence here break the order?”

“En.” “O’.”

“You seem to know.”


“Why the Demon Lord exists.”

Eulyum closed her mouth.

For a long while, she stared blankly at Deus’s face.

Then, she spoke again.

“Hey, you.”


“Are you asking me the reason for your existence?”

“Does it come off that way?”

“I know of such a disease.”

“A disease?”

“Yes. Around the age of 14, children suddenly question the meaning of their existence, despond over the absurdities of the world, and feel rage against absolute authority, striving to destroy it… Come to think of it, precisely that.”

“It’s not that.”

“Our Mr. Deus has a rebellious phase.”

“Ah, this cursed woman. If you were a man, you’d have been hit by now.”

“Would you have the power? Isn’t our combat capability about the same?”


The conversation veered back to parallel lines, going round in circles.

That day, the news of the death of the Vulcan Ifrit spread throughout the demon world.

Deus leaned against the golden throne at the front of the store.

Standing before him in a black suit was a woman, Eulyum with a decorated veil over her face.

Chantryna, the queen of dreams and prostitutes.

“Aren’t you going?”

At her inquiry, Deus yawned lengthily.

“I drank too much last night, and the hangover is severe.”

“My Lord, I believe you are in this human realm for a purpose.”

“There’s no such thing. I just left the demon world because I didn’t want to be the Demon Lord anymore.”

“I don’t believe that.”

“You’re free to have faith. Just don’t ask for anything in return for it.”

“This is the third time. Three Dukes of the Underworld have already died under mysterious circumstances.”

“Weren’t you the one who killed Alex?”



“Why lodge such unfounded suspicions against me? While it’s true I was investigating him, our Seven Dukes would not kill one another, I believe.”

“Then why the investigation?”

“Since Duke Darosh died so mysteriously, I merely looked into Duke Alex, who was in the vicinity.”

“Note it down. That’s the definition of suspicion.”

“My Lord, you’ve been in the human realm too long. We demons don’t trust each other. Trust is one of the most erroneous delusions. We are of value to each other only when convenient.”

“I know.”

“So why do you blame me?”

“I’m not blaming you. Just stating my thoughts.”

“Are you angered because you think I killed Duke Alex?”

“Do I look angry?”

“If not, why do you refuse to attend the funeral of Vulcan?”

“I told you. Because of a hangover.”

“My Lord, I am disappointed.”

“You set your expectations and disappointments freely. How should I react?”

“The Seven Dukes have made significant contributions to the demon world.”

“If you have something to say, say it clearly. Do I have to attend there? By your command?”

“How dare I command…”

“Leave. Don’t provoke me.”


Chantryna looked at Deus’s face a bit more before bowing deeply and leaving.

Deus sat back, propped up by the armrest of the throne.

In a world where neither enemies nor allies are clear, he did not want to jump in and play puppet.

Only someone like Zeke would tolerate being treated like a fool and stay calm.

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