Why I Quit Being the Demon King Chapter 82

Why I Quit Being the Demon King

Struggling Against the Walking Dead (3)

Midnight descended.

It was not the deepest part of the night, yet unquestionably it was the hour when the sun was the farthest away.

For the dead, the sun was a curse.

So, naturally, midnight was a blessing for them.

The tomb’s door opened.

A blue light, like fog, spread across the floor, and a chilling wind wrapped around the graveyard.

Under the weight of the undead, Zeke lifted his head and glanced in that direction.

A figure in a mage’s robe was floating towards the altar.

Though a novice, even Zeke could feel his formidable magical power.

The beautiful sorceress with whom he had adventured not so long ago…

She, too, wielded strong magic, yet it paled in comparison to Sadimus, the one before him.

Sadimus took his throne made of bones.

All the undead bowed down before him.

—Our king! The master of liches!

—Revere him! Rise and rule us once again!

Sadimus appeared as a gaunt man in his forties, the same as when he encountered death.

Wearing a uniform with wide sleeves, his hair was slicked completely back, and three strands of white hair stood out like patterns from his forehead. As he spoke, a blue light shined from his mouth.

“I am a magnificent being. Humans, elves, dwarves, and demons will all bow before me.”

—Great king! You shall rule the world!

Sadimus peered down and asked,

“Is the offering ready?”

“Yes, master. Unsatisfied with a Grade B hero, we have prepared a Grade A one for you.”

“If you were more capable, we could have procured the blood of an even stronger hero.”

“We apologize. It is due to our insufficiency.”

Without a word, Sadimus’s gaze fell upon Zeke and Lexia, who lay prostrate beneath the altar.

“It can’t be helped. Cursed be the Zodiac Knights. Only when I unfetter my power will the world welcome its new king.”

Sadimus stretched his hand towards Zeke’s head.

His claws, like talons, flickered with azure light, as if ready to shatter the skull and extract the marrow.

Zeke looked directly into his eyes.

It seemed more pathetic to turn away at the last moment.

Even if he were to die here, he didn’t want a pitiful end.

Sadimus saw Zeke looking back unafraid.

In such a dire situation, there was no fear in his eyes.

“Aren’t you… afraid of me?”


“Why not? I am the king of liches. ‘Tis only right for the living to fear me.”

Zeke could not help but laugh at the question because of Deus.

Just the thought of those eyes made the world seem less frightening—not even the Lich King Sadimus could invoke fear in Zeke.

But Zeke couldn’t voice these thoughts—he just kept a smile on his sealed lips.

Then, another being answered the Lich King’s question.

Why he was here—it felt like a dream to Zeke.

It was Deus.

“What’s there to be scared of? You look like nothing more than a local thug.”

From the very first word, the outright derision was apparent.

“What is this? A complete trash heap. And what is this supposed source of magical power? This damned woman.”

“Why me?”

“You’re the one who said that just around here we might find a perfect gift for Zeke or the butler.”

“Arc lich would be sufficient, what else could I want?”

“At least a dragon.”

“I seem to have stumbled upon introducing you to a dragon.”

“When compared.”

“If we must compare, this arc lich seems stronger than an ordinary dragon.”

“Doesn’t seem that way to me.”

“Have you been deceived all your life?”

Out of the darkness, emerged a man and a woman.

Deus and Yulgeum.

After parting ways with the demon realm and defeating a band of thieves, Deus remembered he had no gift while returning to Jorix Castle.

Having been away from home for so long, Deus thought it might be a good idea to have a present in tow when he found this place.

The undead sprawled at Sadimus’s feet trembled with rage.

“Master! We shall strike down this insolent mortal and deliver unto him a wretched death!”

Sadimus nodded with a heavy gaze.

“Kill them. Make it miserable.”


The undead swarmed towards Deus and Yulgeum.

Hundreds of malevolent corpses tried to surround them.

What a futile struggle it was.

Deus told Yulgeum,

“Clean up that side.”

“I don’t want to.”

“It was your idea to come here.”

“Then consider it repaying a favor for me.”

“You’re stingy. Haven’t you heard of service?”

Having no other choice, Deus stepped forward.

He simply swung his hand from right to left.

Yet that was enough. A shadow fell over the moon.

As if touched by darkness, the undead’s bodies exploded.

Bone fragments scattered everywhere as the explosions followed one another like chain reactions. Within moments, what had been hundreds of undead were reduced to dust, leaving barely half a dozen intact.

Deus looked back at them and laughed,

“I went a bit easy for fear of accidentally blowing up that arc lich and a few of the other trash survived.”

Then he called out,


“Yes, Lord Deus?”

“Get up. Time to tidy up.”


Zeke sprang to his feet energetically but realized he had no weapon.

Deus had found the weapons dropped by the undead and threw them toward Zeke—it was Lexia’s sword and shield.

Zeke grabbed the sword and shield.

At the same moment, Yulgeum’s blessing filled him—a spell of the dragon god, the Golden Dragon. All his wounds healed instantly.

Zeke charged at the undead with a boosted morale, his shout reverberating.

The lich Kelstum was also there, but with Deus’s arrival, there was nothing to fear.

He swung his sword with all his might.

Meanwhile, Deus slightly tilted his head as he watched Zeke’s swordplay.

“Huh, could he always fight like that?”

“He’s shed a layer of skin so to speak.”

“Are my eyes deceiving me?”

“No. Having a good teacher certainly helps.”

Pride washed over Deus’s face as Yulgeum chuckled.

“Why are you acting so proud?”

“I’m the one who brought him his teacher.”

“It was just dumb luck.”

“It’s all because of my influence. Look at today. By fate, we’re here just as Zeke is in danger, and I happen to save him. It’s destiny.”

Yulgeum’s face hardened for a moment at Deus’s boastfulness.

The word ‘destiny’ suddenly weighed on his mind.

“The blessing of angels and the trials of the divine.”


“Nothing… just that it sounds like a must for any hero, right?”


“The last stand is ultimately an entity imbued fully with the divine’s breath.”

Deus watched Zeke, saying this.

Zeke was not the last stand, he was a fourth generational hero.

Nonetheless, to see him so favored, one had to conclude the gods were quite unfair.

Was his difference in receiving the Devil’s blessing instead of an angel’s?

Deus then walked past the battling Zeke and undead, straight towards Arc Lich Sadimus.

“Local thug.”

“I am Sadimus. The most magnificent being across the realms of humans, elves, underland, and purgatory.”

“On what basis?”

“The magical power that flows within me is unmatched by any demon king.”

“Add one more fool to the bunch.”

“It’s a pity that I am tied to this earth. Otherwise, the world would have knelt before me long ago.”

“Can you back up that talk?”

“Just shut up and wait a moment.”

Deus dove straight into the tomb.

He reemerged in barely 10 seconds.

As Deus stepped out of the tomb once more, a massive vortex surged from the tomb to the sky.

Contrary to the fearsome spectacle that seemed to engulf everything around it, not even a strand of clothing was disturbed.

The vortex was a pure manifestation of magical power, visible yet intangible, swirling upwards like a phantom from another dimension.

At the eye of the magical storm, in Deus’s upturned hand, was a small chest.

Sadimus watched Deus with disbelief penciled across his face, unable to avert his eyes from the small chest in his hand.

Within it was the heart of Arc Lich Sadimus—his heart.

“Give that to me!”

“How much will you pay?”

“What? Did you not promise just now to release my seal?”

“I don’t recall saying I’d do it for free. Otherwise, I’ll just return this back to where it belongs.”

“Ah, no! What do you want in exchange?”

“Riding the convenience of a lich is rare, isn’t it?”

“Are you daring to insult me?”

“How about this—if you lose to me, you follow my conditions, alright?”

“You’ll return my heart to me now?”


“Then I consent. It wouldn’t hurt to teach pride its lesson.”

“Shall we get your signature here then?”

Deus flipped his palm, and a paper appeared.

“It’s a kind of slave contract, bound by unbreakable magic.”

“If I win, what will you give me?”

“That over there.”

Deus pointed at Zeke.

“He was originally my offering.”

“Not anymore, right? By the way, he’s over 10 percent pureblood. Don’t you need the blood of a hero?”

Sadimus was taken aback, looking anew at Zeke.

A two-digit purity rating was comparable to that of the last stand.

The hero who had been with him was also of a mid-11 percent purity, the highest among the previous fifth generation.

“To get his blood, I must take your life!”

“If you’ve understood, let’s begin.”

Deus opened the chest with the lich’s heart.

The crimson gem rose up into the sky and vanished into the magical storm.

The heart, even more splendidly crystallized, was drawn into Sadimus’s body.

Sadimus’s power surged.

Even Yulgeum, who was attending to Zeke and Lexia, glanced away, wondering what could be happening.

Of course, her reaction was, “Oh boy, that idiot is starting again.”

“Kahaha! My power amplifies! Fear me! Tremble! For a new demon king has ascended in this world, every living breath must now kneel before me!”

Even the undead he commanded shuddered in fear, stealing glances at Sadimus.

Sadimus sneered at the reaction of his creatures and looked with disdain at the man before him.

Still standing unwavering. He must have been shocked.

To see his bounded self…

Merely a fraction of a great entity making haughty remarks.

And now, he must be filled with regret.

Was it a shred of dignity that stopped him from begging for his life?

Casually, Sadimus raised his hand, pressing down on Deus.

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